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His Sister

Older brother returns home and ends up making sister feel better
I’d come in from out of town and have been here for close to a few days now. Seeing as I’d been out of town and working there for over two years, I hadn’t realized how much had changed in that time. First, the two older siblings of mine, who are younger then I, now were either in college or living on their own. My youngest sister, Sara, now 19, was going to college locally, but she was still living at home. She’d taken over my room seeing as I had moved away. I guess I didn’t mind. I never expected to come home either.

Two days after I moved home, I saw her sitting, with a towel wrapped around her, and she was staring at the floor. Sara wasn’t moving and to be honest she wasn’t doing a thing. That made me a little curious. Was something wrong, I asked myself? I kind of shrugged my shoulders and continued on to the room, Sara’s old one as a matter of fact, and I put on some boxers and pants before heading back to the bathroom. Again I walked by her bedroom. Still she was in a towel with nothing on underneath. And again it made me wonder. What’s going on?

I went and shaved and brushed my teeth. That took all of 10 minutes but when done, I headed back to my room. I looked once again but that time I stopped in the doorway. For some reason, seeing her in her towel, wrapped around her like it was, and displaying her tanned shoulders kind of did something for me. Why, I didn’t know, but it did.

“Sara” I said “are you alright? I’ve umm walked by here a couple times and well, I kind of noticed you haven’t umm moved an inch.”

Sara’s head and body turned, slightly to look at me. Wearing nothing but my pants, she got a good look at my upper body. Seeing as I worked outdoors on a land project for the government, I will admit my upper body had developed into more then I ever expected. In other words, I looked, I suppose, real, real fine. Chiseled with bending definitions all over, her eyes kind of took a refined peek at my upper body as if to say that I was looking good. Real, real good. I smiled but she didn’t. I’m basically a bigger guy but with all the work I did outdoors all that flabbiness seemed to reshape itself a little.

In a seriously somber tone, she said “Yeah, I guess so.”

The way she said it made it seriously hard to believe as far as I was concerned. I stood nearby, wondering what to say next as I looked down upon my towel covered sister whose shoulders were left open.

Finally I said “You’re not telling me something are you?”

She turned again and looked up into my eyes. “What do you mean? Everything is fine, Geoffrey. Everything” she went on to add. “Why do you keep on asking me that?”

I stepped closer and out of nowhere noticed a fair amount of cleavage creeping up and out of the towel she had on. I kind of thought I liked the look a little. My sister’s a pretty girl and all and like all us she also was involved in track and field.

Like us, she also threw shot and discuss and like us she was quite successful at it. However something more was going on here. As I stood beside the bed she sat on, I looked down at her and her thick and shapely figure which of course was still covered by that towel.

I tried using some of my charm what little there was of course. “Come on! What’s really going on Sara?” as I put on a smile and looked deeply into her eyes. She looked away and looked back down at the floor. “Sara?” I said. “What is really bothering you?”

She looked up again. “Nothing, Geoffrey, nothing” she said to me and with that I added as if I conceded and turned to walk out. As soon as I got to the doorway I heard “I’m fat. Don’t you see that? I’m a fat girl Geoffrey!”

I quickly turned around. I was stunned. I walked right back towards her bed. Looking at my sister, I kind of knew what it felt like to be “fat.” Yes I did. I knew that being in this family meant being a little bigger, a little flabbier as you will, but being in this family also had several advantages as well.

“Listen. All of us are a little bigger then the average person” I started to say as I walked closer to her bed. “Me, your two sisters, and obviously” and I paused but then added “You too.” Then I shrugged my shoulders and added “but that doesn’t mean you’re an unattractive girl. No way. It only means you’re a little bigger, a little thicker here and there, and look at it this way. You’re a bit sexier then lots of girls I know.”

She looked at me. She wore an expression which may have said, what the fuck are you talking about? I mean me sexy? Come on now Geoffrey. I’m not what you might call sexy in any way at all. She didn’t know how to respond to what I’d said. She felt it was a biased opinion if you want to know what I think and seeing as it came from my mouth. I mean, I am her older brother and she wasn’t about to make any sort of comment except to say “What the heck are you talking about, Geoffrey?”

“What do you mean what am I talking about?” I said. I shook my head and stepped even closer as my legs practically touched the bed. I looked down at her and as I did I saw more of that cleavage of hers which admitted to me that my sister had become a full grown woman in my mind. I decided to open up some more and told her what I felt was the truth. “You want to know the truth? What I think?” We stared at one another for a few seconds before she conceded and nodded her head. “Do you really?” I asked again and again she nodded saying yes as well. “You, Sara, are one very pretty young woman, if you want to know the god’s honest truth. That’s what I think. I mean, if I was any old guy, meaning young man that is, and I was staring at you” and I smiled as I added “in that towel of course, my hormones would be screaming too many unmentionables to be named here.” I paused a moment as we looked at each other and then said “Gosh Sara, you are as sexy as they come, girl. You really are” and that’s when I let my eyes fall. To her cleavage. That’s when my mind fell a little as well. “I mean, here I am standing beside you and here I am looking at your eyes, your smile, and when it appears I see your cuter then cute cheeks too. But there’s so much more to you too.”

“What do you mean?” she asked and that’s when I sat down as our conversation and relationship began to grow. She listened to my words, wondering what I was about to tell her. “Like what Geoffrey, like what?” she said.

“Like what do you mean like what?” I knew exactly what I wanted her to hear. “Listen, if you took off that towel, which we both know won’t happen, I’d show you a few things in the mirror about you. I mean, here we are, I’m looking at you in that towel, but I also see or almost see your breasts, Sara. Or better yet, I should I say more appropriately I see your cleavage. God Sara, you do have some of the most bountiful and beautiful cleavage, I think!” and I looked at that area. She seemed to let me too. I told her a few other things such as “I’ve known you almost my whole life. No, we’ve never spent much time together, but I’ve seen you. I’ve seen you grow up, a little. And here we are. You and me and your” and I paused a second before adding “thriving, healthy and if I may say well shaped and sexually appealing figure.”

Once I told her that I looked deep into her eyes hoping she believed it because I did. “You mean that, really?” she asked as a glimmer of hope and a tad of a smile seemed to appear on her face. I told her yes, nodding and smiling as well. “Honestly? You’re not making that up? You really believe that I’m that pretty and even” and she paused a moment before adding “even sexy Geoffrey?” And I looked right at her and said yes again, smiling as well so she would begin to believe the truth.

She lunged at me and held me firmly. As she did, I heard her say “Awwww Geoffrey that is soooo sweet of you to say that” and with that she was hugging me even tighter.

However, something happened suddenly. The towel she had been wearing had started to come undone. A lot more of her breasts were able to be seen by the naked eye and when she and I parted, I naturally looked down. I didn’t know it had happened until I did either. Oh yeah, that’s right. I could see some. I saw lots more of what god gave her downstairs. For whatever reason, I found myself liking it a lot.

She saw my eyes. She looked down. Then she looked up as her hands pulled the towel back together. “Oh umm uhhh sorry” she said. “I uhhh didn’t mean that to happen.”

”No, it’s okay. I mean” but I didn’t know what to say. Yeah, okay. It’s been three long, long years since I’d had sex. Yes, I’m one of your typical American males. I do love a woman’s eyes. I do love her smile as well. I like women’s shoulders. I am sincerely in love with a woman’s breasts. There is no doubt about that at all. Also don’t forget her tummy or hips or waist and make sure you understand, I also love a woman’s ass too. So with those features and who I am a little I went on to say “No Sara, I’m sure the rest of you is well umm probably pretty special too.”

With that, she stared me in the eyes. With that said, I noticed how her hands held the towel together at the very top. With that said, I noticed how she hadn’t retied it yet either. I sure wanted to look down and see all of her body. I couldn’t tell you why but I did. I guess it’s just who and what I am and that is one horny pervert, regardless if it was my sister or not. “Listen, I know a woman’s body is” and I stopped a second to find the right words. I looked at her. “Yours Sara, is just special. I’m not sure how to explain it” I added. I mean what else can I say?”

She was looking at me with a look I didn’t quite understand. There was hope, love, and something else I wasn’t sure about. Maybe it was a question mark but I did know. God, I sure didn’t know for sure, but I sure wished I did.

“What else is sexy on me?” she said, out of no where.

“Huh?” I said. I blinked my eyes and shook my head. “What do you mean what else?”

She looked at me as if to say “Show me” or something. I don’t know so sitting in her room and on her bed and knowing there was this terrific body beneath that towel, I wondered. I thought about it a lot. I looked at her. I looked down over her body. I looked at everything from her hair, to her eyes and lips and cheeks to her shoulders and I thought about her boobs, her waistline, her tremendous hips, and her pussy and even her ass. I thought about it all. Then I stood up.

I stretched out my hand. “Come here” I told her. There was boldness in my heart. I grew hornier and hornier when I said what I did. She took my hand. “Over here” I said, and we walked to her mirror on the wall. As we did, I closed the door. With the towel still on her, I reached around her body. She wasn’t expecting that at all.

“Listen Sara” I began as I cupped her boobs. “These here, well these are your breasts.” She watched as I cupped them and didn’t do a thing but watch. She did kind of jump a little but stayed where she was at the moment. “These are your lifeblood,” I went on to say. “Men will almost always ‘die’ to get at these.” I looked into her eyes through the mirror and smiled while lightly squeezing her tits. I smiled again as I squeezed them even though her towel hung tightly and firmly off those sumptuous queens. “I have to tell you they even” and I looked at her image through the mirror “turn me on.” I felt extremely confident at that point as well as even hornier seeing as I was holding her tits in my hand. “Can you believe that?”

She hadn’t even pushed my hands away from her. Not a but. She simply watched as her arms hung down her sides. She looked at her boobs being held by hands. I absolutely loved how my sisters breasts felt in my hands. I should add that I could also feel stronger tingling beginning to erupt inside my pants. God, I could hear myself saying I wanted her. I wanted her to feel me down inside my crotch too but I let it alone. I didn’t say anything at all.

“How’s that feel? Does it feel nice?” I said while my hands remained where they were. She looked at herself and my hands on her tits and she nodded, openly as she smiled. I was happy she smiled.

As she looked at the image of us together in the mirror and my hands still cupping or better yet holding her boobs, I flippantly squeezed that soft and desirous nature of them. And out of nowhere I made a sound I never expected. I cooed and said “Mmmmmm, I like how these feel.” And then I closed my eyes.

I felt more tingling and more pangs then ever. I wanted those tits and as I heard myself say so I also heard myself say aloud that I wanted her. My eyes, as well as hers, were closed, but I heard her say “Squeeze me some more, Geoffrey, will you please?” I was shocked, sort of, and without thinking I did as she asked. God it felt awesome. While I did, more and more tingling erupted down inside my pants. Me, I was becoming hornier and hornier as a result of it all. There was a greater desire to bed my sister down and play with her body, all over. Who knew where too? Maybe I’d even truly let her know how really sexy she really is, I thought. Hell, who knows.

All of a sudden, as I plucked away at her sumptuous tits, the towel started coming off her. I kind of knew it as I squeezed and hand-loved her breasts. Unbeknownst to me, she let her towel drop to the floor. With my hands kind of on her breasts, I stopped doing what I was doing. As I stood behind her, the two of us looked at the image in the mirror. Still she hadn’t moved. I looked at her eyes. Her gaze met mine. As we stared at each other she said “Geoffrey, want to lie down with me?”

Do I? Do I, I thought. Hell, you have no idea I told myself. Now entirely naked I not only stared at her face and boobs, I stared at her belly a little, her nice looking waist, but I also looked at her wide, wide hips and I went a little further. I looked down her back and looked at that I considered a sweet and shapely young ass.

I looked into the mirror and into her eyes. “God Sara, do you have any idea, at all, how sexy, and I mean really sexy you are?” I was hungry and I know my mind was twisted, but I wanted to show her exactly what I meant. She shook her head. I took her hand and she followed. I sat down and patted the mattress and she sat as directed. Watching her nakedness sit down only drove me a little wilder. However, I didn’t expect what happened next. She laid her hand on my crotch. “Oh! God!”

At that point she looked into my eyes and said “Are you like horny?” I swallowed hard and then I nodded. “Because of me?” she added. I nodded again and again she laid her hand on my crotch, only this time she pressed down on it to feel me. “Umm, Geoffrey, are you like hard?” As I looked into her eyes I nodded, again. She kind of offered a smile once I did nod. “Uhhh Geoffrey, may I umm see it?”

I looked at her. I looked at her soft and thick but luxurious figure. She sat there, cute as a doll, and I smiled. “Sure, it’d be my pleasure.” Her smile grew but she did seem more nervous once I said yes. I undid my pants and unbuckled my belt. Once undone, I pushed them down. Her smile waned as if she couldn’t wait to see a real guys cock. I even grew a little nervous as I started pushing off my boxers.

Her eyes yielded what I’d say were surprise and stimulation unprecedented ever before. She didn’t touch it. She only stared at the erection which waited for her hands to touch it. I watched her closely as she stared. I looked at her face and then her hands. She only stared. “Would you like to feel me?” I asked. Looking at my hard cock, she nodded, but she didn’t feel it, yet. So I took her hand and I placed it on me.

Ohhhhhhhhh lord that felt great. It felt fabulous. The girl’s hand on me, on my aroused cock, and I was waiting for more. “Care to squeeze me?” I said and she nodded but didn’t squeeze it, yet. “It’s perfectly okay” I told her. “Go ahead, squeeze me, alright?” She squeezed it a little. I told her to do it again so she did and I told her again to do it some more so she squeezed me some more.

Yes, it did feel great. I smiled. She was smiling, sort of, and then I said “Want to stroke it?” Holding me, she looked up, into my eyes, and she nodded pleasurably. Then she stroked my hard cock. My eyes closed as I enjoyed how it felt. She asked if it felt good. “You have no idea how nice it feels” I said but I stopped her. I didn’t want to get ahead of the game by cumming too early.

“Here lie down. Relax” I said.

She laid down and looked up at me. I got over her, looked into her eyes, and that’s when I went into them. I leaned down over her, put my face and mouth into her boobs, and I began sucking the life out of her breasts. Her nipples went hard, instantly. She was tingling, madly as soon as I went into her boobs. Holding and sucking and also licking her boobs, she was excited as flees on a dog as her body danced all over the place. She was fun and her body was much more then that.

“God, I can’t begin to tell you how great this feels, how erotic it is to do this” I said.

“It is, really” she said. “Honestly, I turn you on, really?”

I knelt upright over her and I smiled at her. “God, you have exciting tits Sara?”

“I do, really?” she said.

I said yes and then I said “I bet all of your body’s like this.”

“Mine, really” and then she said “You honestly think so?”

“Hell,” I told her “if you weren’t my sister I’d probably even eat you out.”

“What? You mean” and she paused and started to think. “You’d eat out” and she paused a second again and then went on to say “my pussy?”

“All of you as a matter of fact” I told her.

“Would you? Would you please do that then?” she told me.

So I did. I kissed her slightly bulging tummy as I squeezed her tits. I kissed and sucked on her hips and eased my way to her hairy pussy. She never learned to shave and I’d soon show her that next but for now, I sucked and kissed her thighs, and she loved how it all felt. Lips and sucking her thighs made her coo and moan and quietly squeal. They’d tighten up and I’d push them apart. Her layers weren’t all that bad. I adored my sister’s body. It was soft and young and truly inviting and before I knew it, I was there.

I tongued her, I kissed it like mad, and I sucked the life blood out of her pussy. All the while I did, she was squealing and moving about the bed. As I did all this, she rose and fell and seemed to love being eaten out. My tongue dove deep down inside her and yes, she did taste excellent too. She was wet and swollen and she was even pulling at me to stay up inside her as I ate her out. Then I came up for air.

“Oh” she said “Why’d you uhhh stop?”

“Oh” I said in reply. “I just needed some air.”

“Oh is that because of me? Did I do something wrong?”

“God no” I said. “You’re terrific. Your body is, well it’s excellent. I mean it’s sweet and awesome all over the place. It has everything and I mean everything a guy would want. It’s a huge turn on to me too.”

She smiled and we stared at each other and then she said “So why haven’t you tried to you know fuck me?” I told her I never planned on doing that. “Would you?” she asked. “I’d sure love to feel a guy’s cock inside me to be honest.”

”You want mine inside you?”

She nodded and smiled and said “Yes Geoffrey, I would. I mean if you want to that is.”

“I will but not today” I told her. “Why don’t you do this” and I showed her.

Her mouth was on me and she was playing with it a little. Her tongue even seemed to get into the act. Before I knew it, I exploded all over my sister’s face. Before I knew it she assumed the position as she began swallowing my load. Cum dripped down and out of her mouth. I couldn’t believe it. Me and my sister, doing it, kind of? Damn, that was an awesome day, but so was the day a few days later, after she shaved, and after she felt me up and inside her cunt. She had no idea what that would feel like. Nope, she loved that memory and said she’d always, always love me forever
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