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Holidays at the Farm Part 3

It's New Years Eve. Ken and Elaine have a surprise. Elaine tries something new.
Elaine and I finished our shower together. Earlier in the afternoon, we had been part of a threesome with Elaine’s mom. Her mom was acting strangely after she caught us naked in my bed. I am staying with Elaine and her parents while on Christmas and semester break from college. We have been having sex since the summer visit to my cousin Sarah’s home. Sarah, Elaine and I shared our bodies on that summer visit and have been doing so since. Elaine loves me and I return my love to her.

What makes Elaine’s mom seem strange is the way she was acting. She was rude, crude and socially unacceptable. Her language and demeanor was that of a Boston Hooker from the ‘Combat Zone’ not the conservative farm housewife she is. Mom and dad had arrived home a day early from a trip to Boston for Christmas shopping. After she caught us together naked, she kissed me on the lips probing my mouth with her tongue and grabbing my ass tightly with her hands. Later she seduced me into as she put it ‘Fucking my brains out’. Elaine watched this totally shocked, not with me but with her mom. Elaine joined us and got off with us.

Elaine is sitting on my bed thinking about what happened today. I am beside her holding her hand with my other wrapped around her. We finished showering and are naked on my bed. I bend down and kiss her.

“I love you Elaine.” I say. “I am sorry you saw your mom and me. I do not understand what that was, but it sure was HOT!”

“Oh Ken, I love you and I understand how you feel. I feel the same way. My mom was a totally different person.” Elaine speaks softly.

“We have to get dressed love. Mom and dad are waiting for us at dinner.” I say reluctantly. “I know you want to stay down here, but we have to face them sometime, now that they know. We are sleeping together under their roof and you are their only daughter.”

Elaine slowly gets dressed. I am waiting. We trudge upstairs holding hands our heads hanging down. We sit opposite each other at the kitchen table where mom and dad wait. The meal is delicious. Mom is an excellent cook. It is quiet and subdued through dinner.

Mom clears the dinner dishes. She brings out desert and coffee for everyone. She is humming to herself, happy in her demeanor. She has to tell dad about Ken and Elaine. Her secret is safe for now. She calls her husband dad.

“Dad, we have something to tell you and you may not like it.” Elaine’s mom blurts out. “This afternoon when we arrived home, I found Ken and Elaine in bed naked. They have been sleeping together all weekend. What shall we do with them?”

“Mom, I guess it was inevitable, that this would happen. I can’t think of a better man for Elaine to choose as her first lover. Congratulations Ken you have a wonderful woman there.” Dad proudly says. “It is about time Elaine got fucked by a man. If she didn’t do it soon I would have gotten someone to do it. I would love to fuck her but I can’t. That old farm injury that I suffered just after Elaine was born rendered me incapable of getting a hard on and fucking any woman.”

Elaine and I sit dumbfounded. Now her dad is being a little crude. This is so unlike them. I look at Elaine with a questioning face. She is totally at a loss. She shrugs her shoulders. I wonder if we should tell them we have been having sex since summer. Better not.

“I screwed Ken’s brains out this afternoon, dad. He is so good. He fucks like a horse and is hung like a bull. I took his cock in my mouth and sucked him dry. I rode him like a bucking bronco at the rodeo. Elaine caught us and joined in the party.” Mom proudly boasted. “The only thing I didn’t get was fucked in the ass. I guess that will come later. I do so want to feel Ken’s monster cock sliding in and out of my ass followed by an explosion of his love juice.”

“That is wonderful mom. Was it good for you? I hope you took charge and had your way with him. Elaine, I am glad you finally got to see your mom as she really is. It has been difficult to keep this a secret around here.” Dad confessed. “We go to the Combat Zone in Boston so your mom can get men to fuck her blind. Now maybe you will allow Ken to fuck your mom once in a while. She needs it.”

Now I am wondering, what are the plans for New Years Eve? Do I need to worry? This new behavior on mom and dad’s part is confusing. I look over at Elaine. She shrugs and raises her hands palms up. Before we can get up, dad says some more.

“If Ken and you don’t mind, I would like to watch mom, Ken and you have an orgy fucking, sucking and licking. When we go out and mom fucks a guy or two, I watch. I can’t fuck but I still like to watch and feel the sex in the atmosphere. About all I can do is suck a man’s cock, eat out a woman’s pussy and take a cock in my ass. I sure would like to see mom and Elaine going at it with Ken.” Dad says excitedly.

With that Elaine and I grab our dishes and get up. We put our dishes to be washed and retreat downstairs. It is only two days until New Years Eve and now I am scared of what will happen. We have seen a whole new side to this family.

“Ken, I don’t know what to say. I’m sorry you had to hear and see that. I am so shocked I can’t put into words what to say. If I were you I would want to get away from here. I have to somehow cope with this new attitude and deal with it.” Elaine whispers. Tears are rolling down her face and she is sobbing uncontrollably. I put my arm around her to comfort her; she leans into me and hugs me tightly.

After a few minutes we stand up and take off our clothes and lay in bed. Elaine is still weeping, but not so much. My being here has helped calm her down. I caress her hair and kiss her forehead. She looks up into my eyes and whispers; “Ken, I love you. I am so happy you are here. I don’t want you to ever leave me. Please say you will be mine forever. Please make love to me now.”

I kiss her lips and whisper in her ear; “I am yours. That will never change. I am here to comfort and protect you. We just need to make it until Sarah returns. I don’t know what she can do, but it may calm things down a bit.” I am thinking it may heat up the pot that is simmering all ready.

I caress her hair moving around her head. She snuggles closer to me. I feel her hands moving on my body. She rubs my chest and moves lower. I move my hands down to cradle her face towards mine. I kiss her softly and tenderly trying to show her my love. My cock has other plans. I am getting so aroused by the movement of her hands. She is searching for me. I can see the need for loving in her eyes, the insecurity. She grabs my cock and giggles.

“Look what I got.” She chortles. “I found it and it is all mine. What can I do with it? I can move it back and forth. I can rub it up and down. I can kiss it and suck it. I wonder if the owner is around.”

“Be careful what you ask for little darling.” I retort. “You may think it is easy now but in a little bit you are going to have to do something with it.”

She gets out of my arms and moves so her lips are hovering right over my cock. She peels back the foreskin and places her tongue on the tip. A moan comes from me and her. She opens her mouth and pulls my cock in. Her tongue is wrapping around me and I can feel her throat undulating up and down my shaft. It seems that is a talent that was passed from mom. I put a hand on her head and hold her there. I am about to explode. I can feel it building. I try to take her off my cock but she holds fast. My cum spurts into her mouth and she swallows every bit of it. She sucks me dry. She lets my cock out of her mouth and crawls up to kiss me. I can taste my cum in her mouth. It is so sweet.

She has a contented look on her face. She asks, “Was that good for you? I know I never let you cum in my mouth before. I wanted to feel it. It is the most wonderful feeling. I had control of you.”

I look at her happily and say, “It was good. I really enjoyed it. I want to do it again some other time. Now I just want to caress your whole body and possess you. I want to fuck you until you scream to stop.”

Elaine perked up. She has never heard me talk like this. I am trying it out to see how it arouses her. She pulls in tighter. She grabs my head and tongue kisses me. “I love it when you talk vulgar. Say it to me again.” She moans,

“I want to grab your tits and squeeze the nipples and bite them. I want to ram my fingers into your pussy and hear you scream. I want you to beg for my cock in your pussy. I want to ram my cock into your tight ass.” I expound.

Elaine is moaning now. I can feel her heart racing. She grabs my cock and is running her hands up and down fast. “I want you. I want you!” she shouts.

I bend down and bite her nipples. She moans with pleasure. Her hips are thrusting against my leg. She is ready to fuck my cock. She is pulling my cock near her pussy. I am harder than I have ever been. I grab her tits and squeeze them hard. She moans and continues moaning. I reach a hand down to her pussy and find it dripping wet. She has spread her legs so wide her pussy is fully open.

I put two fingers inside her. She goes wild humping and thrashing about. She wants more. I push in a third. This takes her over the edge and she explodes with a loud moan and long orgasm. Juice is just pouring out of her. I have unleashed a wild animal. I don’t know if I can satisfy her. I take my thumb and coat it with her juices. I work it around her ass. I stick my thumb deep in her ass in one push. She is so happy, she squeals with delight.

While I am doing all this with my hands, we are kissing and dueling with our tongues. I take my fingers out of her pussy and bring them to her mouth. She licks and sucks them cooing. She loves the taste of her pussy juice. I reach down and coat my fingers again and repeat bringing them to her. She greedily cleans them as if she can’t get enough.

She rolls me over on my back and gets on top of me. She starts to ride me like her mom did. My hard cock is laying on my stomach pointing toward my face and her pussy lips are on either side of it. As she slides up and down on me her clit hits my tip and she twitches. She is building up to another orgasm. She rides me a little bit longer, but stops and raises herself up pulling my cock with her. She puts the tip at her love canal and slides down easily. As she rides me this way she presents her tits and says “Bite them, squeeze them, and tease them. They are so sensitive and it feels so good.”

She is pulling on my cock with the walls of her pussy and they are closing in tighter. I am feeling my balls tighten up ready to explode. She is bouncing faster now trying to get me to blow my load in her as she lets loose her flood. She moves all the way up my cock and stops. She feels me getting ready.

“Here I cum baby.” I yell. “I am going to fill up your pussy with my hot jiz.”

“I am cumming too!” she moans, She pushes down and when she hits my balls with her pussy I fill her up with my cum. She releases her juices and squirts over my stomach, my face, on the bed and her legs.

Suddenly there is another mouth slurping up the juices. It is Elaine’s mom. She watched from the stairs as we made love, playing with herself. She is naked with her tits swinging about as she moves to get as much juice as she can. She is licking off my chest, my face and my stomach. It is like she can’t get enough. She starts to lick Elaine’s pussy. Elaine gets off my cock and her mother devours it. She cleans it up as fast as she can.

“MOM!” Elaine yells. “We were having sex here. Now you have spoiled it. Would you please just leave us alone for a while?”

“I am sorry darling, but you were making so much noise I had to see what was going on.” She says. “I got so turned on I couldn’t leave. When you both came and all that juice was let loose, I didn’t want to waste any of it. Ken and you taste so good. I couldn’t resist. You two go back to what you were doing. I’ll go upstairs now.”

I am not aroused anymore and Elaine is heartbroken. What was to be for us a tender moment of re-uniting our bodies and souls, turned into just another fuck. We clean up the bed and put the sheets in the wash. We lay down feeling intruded upon and sad that we could not finish what we started. Maybe later it will happen.

Later comes but it is New Years Eve. Time to find out what mom has planned. Elaine and I have been dreading this day. Mom has been so happy since to quote her “Fucked Ken’s brains out”. She walks around the house humming and singing to herself. She is wearing her apron and housedress as always, but there is something different. I was sitting at the table having a drink of water. She was standing at the sink facing me. Suddenly she picks up her dress and flashes her hairy pussy at me. The wench is not wearing any underwear. I almost choke on my water. She chortles at that.

I can see where this is heading. I go in search of Elaine. I have to warn her about what I just witnessed. I find Elaine still in my bed. She is lying there looking just like an angel. She has thrown the covers off her body and it is totally exposed for me. I look at her hair fanned out on the pillow. Her eyes closed blocking out the world. Her lips pursed waiting for that good morning kiss. Her arms are thrown wide to catch me as I move into her. Her breasts are pointing skyward offered to my hands and lips. Her hips are flat on the bed with her legs slightly parted giving me a view of her beautiful womanhood which only I can possess. Her legs are straight out inviting me to crawl between them so she can wrap them around my body. This is the picture of my beloved in the morning.

She stirs as I approach. Her eyes open, she smiles and says “I love you. Good morning. It is a beautiful morning.”

I look down at her as I remove my clothes to join her. I tell her “I love you. Good morning. I want to hold you to me and make gentle sweet love to you.”

She wraps her arms around me and smothers my face and lips with kisses. I can feel my arousal starting and so can she. Tenderly she moves her kisses down my body focusing on getting to my aroused manhood. I am left to float in the sensations sweeping over me. She is turning her body to me presenting her womanhood for my pleasure. With subdued excitement I reach out and pull her closer. Her closely trimmed mound is glistening with her moistness. I reach out with my tongue and taste her. She tastes wonderful. There is an unhurried tempo to our movements. I gently move my tongue up and down her slit. She wriggles her hips in feeling. A little more wetness escapes. She is gently caressing my arousal with her lips. I move my lips and tongue up to her hooded friend. I gently roll back the hood revealing the awakened clit. I probe it with my tongue. This elicits moans from my lover.

We keep this slow pace bringing our arousal up slowly enjoying each other. I am nibbling at her clit and she is sucking and licking me. I move down to her now open slit and kiss her lips. I put my tongue inside her. She is warm and ready. I am ready. She releases me and moves by my side. I roll on top of her rising to put myself inside her.

I place my erect cock at her opening. I gently insert it and she moans in happiness. She says I love you. I say it back to her. I am slowly moving in and out letting the sensation increase. She is moving with me like a well oiled machine. We are getting aroused more and more. We are moving faster and faster keeping pace with each other. I can feel her womanhood pushing against my cock as it moves in and out of her. It is trying to capture and hold me there. She is ready to let her orgasm flow. I am feeling my balls constrict and the rush that comes just before I release. I pause to let things build a little more. I push back deep inside her and release all my semen. She releases all her juice and we float together.

We are moaning our pleasure of release. We stay together letting the feelings wash over us and take us on our journey of love.

Our reverie is interrupted by mom yelling from upstairs, “Are you lovebirds going to leave each other alone to come give me a hand for tonight?”

We reply moaning, “We’ll be right there mom!”

We get dressed and go upstairs to see what mom needs. She is bustling around the kitchen putting things together for food and decorations for what looks like a big party. She hands us a list of things we need to get at the supermarket and we go out to get them.

We return and the house is decorated in the great room with streamers and banners and balloons all saying “Happy New Year” All the pillows have been strategically spaced around the room and the furniture moved against the walls. The dining room table has been extended fully and dish warmers have been set up. Paper plates and napkins are set up but no utensils. Bottles of white wine are chilling and red wine is breathing. It looks like a party. There is one sign that catches my eye. It reads “Welcome to the Orgy. Leave your clothes here and grab a toga.” In my mind, I am thinking oh boy this could get really interesting. I wonder if I want to even be here. Does Elaine know about this party?

I go in search of Elaine. She is in the kitchen, preparing plates of grapes and other tidbits of fruit and vegetables. Mom is at the stove cooking finger foods. I signal Elaine that we need to talk. She excuses herself and joins me downstairs.

“Do you know what is going to happen tonight?” I ask Elaine. Not waiting for an answer, “Your mom and dad are having a Toga Party with an orgy. I know we are invited but I feel weird about this. I suspect your mom has an ulterior motive here.”

“Oh Ken, you are being paranoid. This is supposed to be a night of fun and frivolity not debauchery. They do this every year. It has become an annual event. You know for a fact that no one ever touched me. My love is too strong for you to let that happen tonight. Let’s just play along and see what pops up.”

I’m still not convinced, but Elaine says it is OK, I will go along. I am going to watch her mom like a hawk. Her dad is harmless. We sit down and eat a light dinner making small talk, but nothing about the party. I try to ask about it but am ignored. We clear away the dishes and get into our togas. Elaine and I have our underwear underneath our togas. Her mom and dad do not.

The first two couples to arrive are parents of Elaine’s school mates. The children are at home. They strip down nude and put on the togas. Three more couples show up who Elaine does not know and they strip naked and put on togas. Every couple that comes in does the same thing. Mom has locked the door and poured the wine. The party has started.

The party is pretty quiet. Everyone is enjoying the wine and picking at the fruits and cheese. Slowly the couples sit on the pillows around the room. Some of the togas have come loose exposing a breast or two. No one seems to mind. Mom turns on some music so people can dance. The mother of Elaine’s friend starts to dance by herself. She is moving around the group and the men are groping her body. She is laughing and enjoying herself. Her top has fallen down revealing two breasts with large erect nipples. One of the men not her husband has latched onto her and is sucking her now.

They fall down on some pillows and start kissing and fondling each other. He has removed her toga and she is taking his off. His cock is ramrod stiff and she is pulling on it. He goes over her in 69 position and proceeds to lick her up and down. She is moaning louder than the music. She rolls him over and mounts him. She is riding him in tune to the music. Other couples are pairing up to follow the example. None of the couples are matches with their mates. I now know what is happening. We have full blown swingers New Years Eve Party. Elaine and I watch the show. Dad is sitting cheering the men on. As one couple finishes they wait and pair off. Elaine’s dad is walking around sampling the women and the men. He is happy and dancing.

Elaine and I are getting aroused by all this fucking and decide to join in, but only with each other, no switching. As we are playing around the lights go dim, the music changes and a spotlight shines in the middle of the room. Elaine’s mom is standing there in a harem costume of a belly dancer covered in veils.

Mom starts dancing around to the music, She moves to each couple gyrates for a bit and the couple pulls off a veil. Each piece reveals that mom has nothing on underneath. She is moving around the group in a random manner. We can see the reaction of the group in the number of erections that are pointing skyward. Every man including me is hard. Elaine has her hand on my hard on. She is protecting her territory. Tradition dictates that whichever couple removes the last veil has to perform for the group in the center of the room. This performance includes mom making it a threesome. Guess where mom stops with the last veil? That’s right you guessed it right in front of Elaine and me. Now we know what the surprise was. Dad lets out a big rousing cheer.

Elaine and I look at each other. A silent question goes between us. Do we or don’t we? We each grab one of mom’s hands and our own and move to the center of the room. Let the fun begin.

Mom lies down on the new rug. She spreads her legs and her arms wide. Elaine and I take all our clothes off and get on our hands and knees on either side of mom. I grab one breast, Elaine the other. We start sucking on the nipple and rubbing all around. We pull hard on her nipples and stretch them out. Mom is moaning and her legs are thrashing with her hips moving up and down. We take our other hands and move them down to mom’s pussy. She is so wet that it is spraying out of her. I had never seen Elaine of Sarah do that. I put my hand on her slit and Elaine attacks her clit. We are assaulting her and driving her wild. I feel a hand groping for my cock which is hanging down. It grabs me and starts to pull up and down. Elaine has a look on her face that is surprise as mom is fingering her pussy.

I stick three fingers into mom. She spreads even wider. She yells one more! I put a fourth finger in her and she starts bucking like a horse. My fingers are moving in and out of her and she is squirting and spraying all around. My cock is really hard and mom has me in a vise grip. She will not let go. I look over at Elaine she nods her head. I get off her mom’s breast. Elaine lies down at her mom’s head. I roll mom over and raise her hips up so she is on her knees. I take my fingers and get them all lubed up. I line up my cock with her quivering pussy. The lips are wide open begging me to enter. As I start to enter her pussy I push two fingers in her ass. She raises her head up and howls like a she wolf. I am driving my cock in and out of her pussy and probing her ass with my fingers. Mom has her mouth buried in Elaine’s wet pussy. Elaine is moaning and screaming. She has never been so well licked. Elaine is squirting now too. I pull out of mom and remove my fingers from her ass.

I put my hand down on mom’s pussy and shove my cock in her ass. All the way in on one ram. She howls again. I pump her in and out for a little while. She is slowing down. Her pussy is drained and her ass is puckering. Her mouth is tired from servicing Elaine. We aren’t done yet. So I go to Elaine and put her on all fours. She turns to me and says she wants me in her ass. I lube up my fingers from her pussy and spread it around and in her ass. I take my hard cock and slowly penetrate her virgin ass. She takes me all in and moans enjoying it. She comes again. She wants me out of her ass and in her pussy. She wants my full load to fill her up. I have not cum yet. I am holding off.

The time is 11:55 P.M. I have five minutes to cum into the New Year. I start slowly and as each minute goes by I pick up the pace. She is keeping right up with me. She knows what I am doing. As the countdown starts the last minute I feel her pussy wrap around my cock and start pulling and holding it in. I feel the rush in my balls and my shaft. At each of the last ten seconds I thrust into her. Just as the clock strikes midnight we explode in the biggest and best orgasm we have ever achieved. I fill her up and she gushes it all out. We are spewing cum everywhere. Elaine’s mom and some of the other women are slurping up our cum. They are licking my cock and Elaine’s pussy. It is a mad free for all. Elaine and I get up off the floor and go to a corner to watch the melee.

Elaine’s dad and the other men are dancing around the women slapping their butts. The men’s cocks are hard and at the time my dad yells “Mount Up!” each man puts his cock in the woman in front of him. It doesn’t matter who it is, just join with a woman. Elaine and I are giggling at the sight. We have never seen grown adults act so juvenile before. This lasts for about 10 minutes and they all collapse on the floor. Elaine and I exit into the kitchen and go down stairs to my bed. Before we get in bed we shower together to wash off all the juices and fluids from our party upstairs.

We are tired but there is a heightened level of excitement and sexual arousal from the noise of the party. We lay in each other’s arms for a while, but succumb to our sexual arousal. We cuddle and kiss moving our lips around each other’s face and head. We nibble on ear lobes, necks and lips. Elaine feels my cock pushing at her pussy.

We continue kissing ignoring my cock and her pussy. We want more oscular stimulation trying to get aroused as much as possible without touching our sex organs. So far it is working. My cock is rock hard and Elaine is pushing juice out of her pussy lips. We are learning so much about each other’s body and sexual arousal. We become sex machines. We have a lot to show Sarah when she returns. I forgot about Sarah.

I move my lips to Elaine’s breasts and suck and bite her nipples. I pull on them as we did her moms only not as hard. She is moaning softly and enjoying all the attention. I move my hands to cradle each of her breasts so I can move between them with my lips. She tries to hold my head on one of her breasts but I break away. I move my lips in between her breasts in the cleavage there. I am kissing my way back up to her lips slowly. She is moving her head back and forth gasping and moaning. I get to her lips and she almost bites my tongue off. We kiss more savagely.

My hands are moving down her body towards her pulsating pussy. I stop at her navel and circle it playing and tickling her. Her stomach flexes in and out as my fingers move. This flexing sets up a rhythm that has her hips grinding up and down in the air. She is really turned on.

My hand finally moves over her down covered mound. She thrusts her mound up to grasp my hand. I stop and not let her have it. She moans in disappointment. I am teasing her. I smile at her and she frowns. I place my palm on her mound and move my fingers down her slit. I can feel the juice that has flowed here. She is so wet and ready for penetration. Her lips are swollen. They open easily at my touch. Her clit is standing proudly waiting to be greeted. I put two fingers on it pinching it softly. Elaine’s head is lolling back and forth. Her hips are still undulating wanting me to enter her.

I move from her clit and push a finger inside. She is so wet I enter easily and slide completely in. I add a second finger immediately. I am sliding in and out drawing more juice from her. My cock is still ramrod stiff. I pull my fingers out and put them near her mouth. She grabs them and sucks hungrily on them. I have to forcibly remove them from her mouth.

I rise over her pointing my rock hard cock at her pulsing pussy. It is gaping open waiting to suck me in. I put my tip in and Elaine pushes her hips up and pulls me all the way in. I plunge headlong all the way to her cervix. She gasps and relaxes, she has achieved her goal. Now I have to start pushing in and out to make her orgasm and my orgasm happen at the same time. I slowly move in and out oscillating as I move. This is driving her wild and she moans and screams.

After all the oscular stimulation and the earlier evening it does not take long for both of us to reach our orgasms. I feel her pussy contraction and my rush together. We both explode in a spray of sperm and gushes of juice. It lasts about 2 minutes and we collapse together side by side panting heavily.

We lay there recovering tracing each other’s faces with our fingers. Our breathing is labored but we are happy and content with each other. We survived mom’s New Years Eve bash and learned a lot about having sex and making love. We know that having sex and making love are two different things and have different meaning to the parties involved. We are wiser and happier than we ever dreamed possible.

We put our arms around each other and stare into each other’s eyes. We smile and bump foreheads. Our lips lightly touch in a kiss. All is right with our little world. The New Year has started and we enter into a better stronger relationship.

Sarah is coming home in two days. We have a lot to show and tell her. We have learned a lot about making love and having meaningless sex. We can teach her a lot and I guess I may have changed my mind about fucking her. It isn’t as bad as I felt earlier.

But that is another story. Stand by for Holidays at the Farm Part 4.

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