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Holidays at the Farm Part 4

Sarah comes home. Mom takes on Sarah. Ken decides it is OK with Sarah
Ok. The excitement of New Years Eve is over and Sarah will be back tomorrow. Elaine and I have dealt with it and moved on. We learned some things from watching the participants and will be trying them out. A few looked so interesting we may add them to our love making. Elaine and I have spent a wonderful ten days exploring each other, getting to know each other, hell, living with each other. It has been a roller coaster ride but we have managed to come out ahead.

With Sarah coming back, we think there is going to be problems. Elaine and I have become so close that we blotted out Sarah from our relationship sexually. She is my cousin and I love her dearly but we don’t know if it will ever be the same. I guess we will find out. After she comes back we will have three weeks together. I am supposed to go home but Elaine’s parents want me to stay on. Elaine really wants me to stay. If she could put me in a cell and keep me there she would. She does not want me to leave and go back to college.

The basement has become our little home, our love nest. We sleep together naked every night and have spent every waking hour together. We shower together. When we started this adventure, we had not told anyone. Mom discovered us together when she and dad came home early from a trip. Surprisingly mom and dad approved of everything that has been going on. I wonder if they know about Sarah and Elaine and me together. They certainly will hear about it.

Elaine and I slept in this morning. We want to be well rested for Sarah. I woke up with my usual hard-on. Elaine has become accustomed to giving me a blow job to resolve the problem. Today however she has resorted to some new things. But I am going to surprise her.

I lay on the bed with my cock pointed at the ceiling. Elaine is on her knees beside me looking at it giggling. She says to me, “You have a problem there. Would you like some help solving it? I can get mom down here and she’ll be ready to fix it in no time flat. What should I do?”

I look at her with scorn in my eyes. I say vehemently, “I do not want your mom down here.”

I say in a less menacing voice, “Stop teasing me and help me out here. If I don’t get relief I will be sore all day (a lie).”

Before she can answer I reach over and tug on her hair. I pull her to me and kiss her hard. As I kiss her, my hand finds her breast. I squeeze it and make her nipple pop up. She is surprised but smiling. She likes my touch. I move my other hand behind her head and keep her lips planted on mine. I keep pushing my tongue in and out of her mouth enticing her to follow.

I release her head and move my hand down to her pussy. It is warm and wet and I feel it pulsating from my earlier actions. I move my fingers around her slit probing her and am rewarded with moans and juices from her. She wants me as badly as I want her. We continue to kiss and I play with her breasts and pussy. I have learned something new. Elaine likes it when she is aggressively poked to arousal.

She gently puts her hand on my cock. She starts stroking it up and down, but she adds a new twist. Instead of up and down, she twists her hand as it moves up and down. As she twists her hand, she applies more pressure squeezing my cock harder. This adds a sensation that hits me hard. I grow harder faster with her help. The stirrings I feel are magnified. I start to raise and lower my hips to her motion.

Elaine turns putting her beautiful pussy and bum in my face. She has decided that today we work together and get each other off. I look at her pussy and it is really wet. I guess trying something new even on me hit her too. Her lips are swollen and haven’t been touched yet. I move my mouth to her pussy. With my tongue I spread her lips. I take one lip into my mouth and bite on it while I suck hard. She starts moaning and a little juice comes out at me. I lap it up. I switch to the other lip and repeat the process. She is really turned on now. Her hips are moving. I rub my tongue up and down her slit lapping up all the juice.

Her clit has emerged from under its hood and wants some attention. I move up with my lips and kiss it. I ram two fingers in Elaine’s hot quivering pussy. At the same time I bite down on her clit. A small shudder erupts from her pussy. I move my fingers in a circular motion, striking her walls and g-spot. In moving around I hit the spot but don’t linger. Her hips keep moving to capture and hold my fingers on the spot. My other hand is busy gathering some of her juice. It has moved to her bum where it spreads the juice to lubricate the entrance to her bum. Once lubricated, I ram my index finger inside not stopping until it is fully in. I can feel my other fingers in her pussy.

I put all my fingers together to rub both her bum and pussy from the inside. This makes her grind her pussy into my face. She is pushing in and out against my face. My tongue keeps hitting her clit. Every time it hits her clit she twitches. She has stopped paying attention to my cock as I have distracted her very much. She sits up on my face and lets out a loud long moan of satisfaction. Juices come gushing out of her. I am not done yet.

I still need to be satisfied. Now I take over. I roll her on her side with her bum next to my cock. We are spooning. She moves as close to me as possible. She raises one leg and moves it over my legs and down behind me. This opens a portal to her pussy for my cock to land in. I ram my cock into her love hole. She tries to get closer to capture the whole thing. I start to slide in and out thrusting forward and up at the same time. She grunts with each thrust. I am thrusting way inside her. Her pussy is really tight.

While I am fucking her, my hands are roaming around her breasts. I hold both her mounds tightly squeezing hard. Her nipples react and I grab them between my fingers. I pull on them and she throws her head back and screams. She is feeling so many sensations her body is on overload. I squeeze her breasts and nipples hard. The nipples are hard but pliant in my fingers. I push hard against her breasts and she pushes against me. We are trying to occupy the same space, merge our bodies so we are one.

Her hips are rocking. I am thrusting and caressing. She is moaning and groaning. I can feel her pussy walls contracting around my cock as I thrust. She is getting ready to explode. I quicken my pace to explode with her. Two more strokes and we explode together spraying cum on each other and screaming. We lay like that for five minutes basking in the afterglow. She rolls over and looks at me with the biggest smile.

“I loved what you did. I like it when you take charge and possess me. It makes me feel wanted and desired and worthy of your love. Stay that way.” She seductively says.

Mom walks down the stairs looks over at us and says, “Elaine, Sarah just called and she’s home. Why don’t you get dressed now that you are done and go see her? Ken can stay here shower and clean up and join you later.”

Elaine replies, “OK mom. Sounds like a plan.”

Mom goes back upstairs. Elaine gets up and walks to the shower. I join her. After we shower, while we are dressing we discuss Sarah.

“What are we going to tell Sarah about us?” Elaine asks.

“What is there to tell? She knew how we felt about each other. That won’t be a surprise. I think the bigger surprise will be the behavior of your mom and dad. Do we even tell her?” I ask Elaine.

Elaine looks over at me and says, “Let’s just take it as it comes. We can give her a little bit at a time.”

Elaine goes upstairs, heads out the door and walks to Sarah’s house. I am picking up around my room. This is where Sarah, Elaine and I will spend time together. I put my clothes in the laundry to be washed, fix the bed and put it back to be a couch. Elaine’s mom comes down carrying a basket of laundry. She sits on the couch as the laundry starts. She pats the couch wanting me to sit with her

“Thank you for a wonderful time New Years Eve. Everyone agrees it was the best bash yet. You and Elaine were the hit of the party. They want you to come next year.” She says.

Hesitantly I reply, “It was a good party. We had to get used to the scene, but once we did it was fine. Your dance was cute.”

Mom leans in closer and brushes her lips on mine. I pull back, but feel a tingle in my loins. She is moving in now and I am stuck in the corner of the couch. She has put her hand in my crotch and feels my growing arousal. I succumb to her touching. I put my hands on her breasts. She is not wearing a bra again. Her nipples are hard but still pliant. I grab them and pinch. She moans and reaches up to open her top for her breasts to be free.

She reaches up from my crotch and unbuttons and unzips my pants. My cock is standing upright poking out of my pants. I can’t get the damn thing to go down. What can I do? Mom grabs it and starts stroking it. I moan. This woman knows what she wants and goes after it. She stands up holding my cock as she removes her clothes. Reluctantly I stand up; my clothes fall to the floor. Mom kneels down and takes my cock in her mouth. She is an expert at this. I am pushing her head towards me. I can’t get enough of her mouth. My balls are tightening and I feel the oncoming rush. I explode in her mouth and she takes it all down her throat.

She stands up adjusts her clothes and says, “That was just a taste. The main course will come later. Bye for now.” She walks back upstairs humming. I am standing there with this dumb quizzical look mentally asking what just happened.

I go into the bathroom and wash my cock and put myself back together. I walk upstairs and sit at the kitchen table drinking a glass of milk with a piece of apple pie. As I finish my pie Elaine and Sarah enter the house. I greet Sarah with a hug and a kiss. Elaine kisses me. Sarah and I start downstairs. Elaine’s mom stops her and asks for her help getting things ready for dinner.

I grab Sarah and turn her around into my arms. I kiss her hard on her lips forcing my tongue into her mouth. She tries to pull back but I won’t let go. I wrap one hand around her head and hold her against my mouth. She starts to yield and her mouth opens to meet mine. Our tongues poke and prod back and forth dueling for dominance. I win and plunge my tongue deep into her mouth and start pushing in and out.

While our tongues are dueling, my hands wander over her breasts. She is not wearing a bra. I feel her swollen nipples popping out wanting to be touched and caressed. I reach down and pull her top over her head freeing her confined breasts. Her nipples are big and hard. I cover each breast with a hand. I squeeze and rub each breast hard. I grab each nipple and tug on them pulling them up and away from her breast. They yield and Sarah emits a guttural moan. She is panting now. I trace a path from her mouth down over her cheeks down her throat to the valley between her breasts nibbling and biting as I go. She is pulling off my t-shirt to get at my rippled chest.

With my mouth on her breasts I am biting her nipples. She holds my head tighter against her forcing her breast into it. My hands have moved to her butt and I squeeze and spank her through her pants. I move to her button and zipper and quickly remove her pants. She has no panties on. It looks like she was ready for my onslaught.

I grab her pussy and force her lips apart. They are soaking wet with anticipation. Her clit has popped out and wants to be touched. I plunge two fingers inside her and my thumb flicks her clit. Each time I touch her clit her hips move and her whole body twitches. She is rocking on my hand as I ram it in and out of her pussy. I am aroused but Sarah has done nothing to release me from my pants. I lay Sarah on the couch. She is crying for me to get back and continue my attack.

I pull my cock out of my pants and let them fall to the floor. I spread Sarah’s legs wide apart. Her love hole is staring up at me. I take my hard cock and ram it inside her. She grunts and screams with pleasure. I quickly start ramming in and out of her. She is raising her hips with mine matching me stroke for stroke. I am growing inside her as we go. Soon I feel her walls closing in on me. She is about to climax. I am almost there too. She climaxes before I can finish, but I keep pumping. Just as I am about to squirt inside her I pull out and squirt over her face and breasts. She looks shocked, but giggles and laps up my cum.

“Glad to see you too cousin,” she says. “That was one hell of a fuck. You were incredible! I want more like that. I have never cum so hard.”

“I aim to please or is it please to aim.” I quip.

We both start laughing as we pick up our clothes. We go into the bathroom to clean up. When we are done Elaine is waiting for us on the couch.

“I see you have greeted each other all ready.” She says. “When do I get my chance?”

“In a little bit sweetie, I was just brutally assaulted by my cousin here.” Replies Sarah.

“I know. He has been that way since New Year’s Eve. I love it.” Elaine speaks longingly.

We go upstairs and sit around the kitchen table drinking beers. Sarah and Elaine are catching up on Christmas and New Years. I am sitting listening to the chatter. Elaine’s mom pops in and joins the chatter.

“Sarah, I heard you and Ken going at it just a bit ago. How long has that been going on?” Mom asks. “It sounded really hot.”

Sarah replies. “The three of us have been lovers since early last summer. Every time Ken came here we fucked each other. It is marvelous. Elaine and I fuck at least once a week. Is there a problem with that?”

Mom replies. “I have no problem with it if you don’t. I just want to be included on some of the action. I like a good stiff one occasionally. A woman once in a while isn’t bad either.”

Sarah’s mouth falls open. She is in shock. She has never her Elaine’s mom talk this way. Elaine and I sit smiling. We look at each other and break out in deep laughter. Elaine’s mom walks over to Sarah lifts up her chin and plants a deep wet kiss right on her lips. Instinctively their arms fold around each other and the kiss seems to last forever. We hear a loud smack and pop when their mouths separate.

“Wow mom that was some kiss. I guess I have been welcomed home now?” Sarah says.

We finish our beers and sit around making plans for what we will do for the next three weeks. I know Sarah wants to make up for all the sex she missed while she was gone. I don’t know if I can handle all that attention. I will give it the old college try. Elaine is trying to temper the times. Elaine’s mom is putting in her requests. I sit there with apparently no choice in the matter. This went on for over an hour with no decision made. I am glad. At least now I’ll have some time to myself maybe.

I get up from the table put on my coat and walk out the door. I thought it would be a good idea if I went and said hello to my aunt and uncle and my other cousins. They had not seen me since Thanksgiving. I walked down to their farm and stayed with them for a few hours until dinner time catching up on the family gossip.

Meanwhile back at Elaine’s house, mom, Sarah and Elaine had gone downstairs. Mom sat on the couch next to Sarah. Elaine went into the bathroom to wash up and put some clothes of mine to be washed in the washer. While she was there mom and Sarah started kissing on the couch. Elaine turned around and watched from the doorway.

Mom and Sarah kiss each other on the lips, cheeks, eyes, ears and neck. They look like they are trying to eat each other. Their tongues are licking each other voraciously. Elaine is mesmerized watching this display. They kiss and kiss with their tongues exploring each other. Mom reaches down and practically tears Sarah’s top off. Sarah has nothing on under her shirt. Everything pops free. Mom sits back and takes in the view. She smiles and licks her lips like a child in a candy shop full of free samples. She plunges her head down between Sarah’s breasts licking. Both her hands are cradling Sarah’s breasts.

Sarah lifts her head up and moans loudly. “Yes! Yes! That’s it Play with my tits. I love it. Make them hurt. Suck on my nipples hard, pull them out.”

“Oh Sarah, you have beautiful tits.” Mom says with a mouth full of nipple. “I just love sucking on them baby.”

Mom stands up and rips off her sun dress. She is naked underneath. Sarah looks at her and sucks in a breath of amazement. She has never seen a more beautiful older woman’s body. Her tits are still pointing straight nipples hard and proud. She has a narrow waist, with wide strong hips. Her pussy is sculpted and neatly trimmed with short reddish blond hair glistening in the light, a woman worth devouring.

Not to be outdone, Sarah stands and removes the rest of her clothes. Mom sucks in her breath at the body of Sarah. Sarah’s breasts are hard with nipples pointing skyward. Her stomach is flat and hard. Her hips are wide but not even close to moms. Her mound is covered in red curls glistening with wet brought out by mom’s kisses to her breasts and face.

They reach down and pull the couch out into a bed. They fall on the bed devouring each other, lips and hands moving all over. Mom forces Sarah onto her back and quickly moves between her legs to her pussy. Wasting no time she puts two fingers in Sarah’s waiting pussy. Sarah’s hips rise up and pull the fingers in further. She is panting. Mom moves her mouth onto Sarah’s clit biting and kissing it. Sarah is bouncing now with each thrust. Suddenly she raises her hips and stops. She arches her back and she screams as she squirts across the bed to the floor a long and load orgasm. Sarah collapses to the bed shaking and moaning. Mom sits back and admires her work.

Mom looks over at Elaine and says, “Next? Do you want this too baby? I am ready come and get it.”

Elaine shakes her head no. She is standing there dumbstruck by what she just witnessed. She only had sex with Sarah because she was horny and she was reminded of Ken. She does not want to be fucked by her mom. Ken is more than enough for her. Sarah is stirring and looks up.

“That was some fuck mom. I want to do that to you right now. Are you ready?” She asks.

Mom grabs her and kisses her hard on the lips. “I want to come and squirt like that so bad. I have not had an orgasm like that in a long time. Don’t make me beg. Just jump on me and make me your slave.” She rants.

Sarah sits up and in spite of mom’s size Sarah flips her down on her back, spreads her legs and jumps right into her pussy. Mom is surprised and lets out a scream. This causes Sarah to take three fingers and ram them into mom. Mom moans very loudly. Her body shudders with a small orgasm. Sarah is kissing and biting mom’s thighs and working her way up to mom’s mound. Small squirts of juice are spraying out over Sarah’s hand. Mom is moving her hips sideways swaying to the tingling touch of Sarah’s lips.

Sarah takes mom’s clit in her mouth. Mom raises her hips to push it further into Sarah. She bites her clit. Mom moans loudly. Sarah is ramming three fingers in and out, She forces a fourth finger into mom’s swollen pussy. That pushes mom over the edge. She is now pushing her pussy hard against Sarah’s hand. She is seeking that sweet release of pleasure that will satisfy her carnal needs. Sarah keeps ramming into her and sucking the clit. Mom is bouncing up and down side to side groaning and moaning. Soon she arches her back and stops. Sarah removes her fingers as a steady squirt sprays the length of the bed and onto the floor. Mom collapses groaning, moaning and sobbing in relief.

“Oh Sarah, Oh Sarah, Thank you. That was so exquisite. I have not come like that for years. You are a goddess. I am yours, do with me what you will.” She cries out.

Sarah sits there looking down at Elaine’s mom a smile of smug satisfaction across her face. She has conquered mom. She has been satisfied and satisfied another, a true achievement in her list of conquests. Who is next?

Mom stands up rips the sheets off the bed. She uses them to wipe up her juice on the floor. She throws them in the laundry. She puts on her sun dress, kisses Elaine and Sarah. She walks over to the utility closet fills a bucket with hot water and detergent and mops the floor to clean up Sarah and her mess. Elaine and Sarah go upstairs to wait for Ken to return. Mom can be heard humming from down stairs. She sounds so contented.

Elaine is so horny from watching Sarah and her mom. She does not want to join them. She wants Ken. Elaine is anxiously watching out the window and sees Ken walking to the farm. She gets up from the chair and waits by the door planning to jump him when he walks in. Sarah is watching this with a big smile on her face.

“Can I join you and Ken when he gets here?” Sarah asks of Elaine.

“Yes, but I want him to cum inside of me first. Then we will share.” Replies Elaine.

“OK” Sarah says.

I hang up my hat, gloves, coat and boots and walk in the door. Elaine practically knocks me over throwing her arms around my neck kissing me. One would think I had been gone for weeks but it was an hour. Instead of going downstairs she leads me up to mom’s room in the attic. She wants to relive the time with her mom on our terms. I follow her up the stairs pinching her cute butt. She turns around smiling at me.

I give her a slap on her butt. She bends down and pushes it at me. I grab her and rub her butt. She stops and stands up leaning back into me with her head turned for a kiss.

“Move it along you two!” Sarah says from behind.

When we get up stairs in the room, I bend to kiss Elaine and pick her up and carry her to the bed. I stand her beside the bed and take all her clothes off roughly. She is breathing heavily moaning softly. I throw her down on the bed and let her watch as I strip naked to join her. Sarah sits in the chair watching us. We start kissing deeply. Elaine is all ready turned on I don’t have to do much. Her pussy is dripping and her nipples are jutting and hard.

I pull her by the hair to my lips. Her tongue probes my mouth before my lips part. I bite her tongue thinking she would pull it back. She doesn’t but continues to push in my mouth. My hands are on her breasts squeezing and kneading them. I push them up and sideways. Elaine moans louder. I take her nipples and pull on them making them pop out even further.

“I love it when you do that to my tits. Keep doing it please.” She whispers in my ear.

I continue squeezing and pinching her breasts and she moans continuously. I leave one hand working her breasts and move the other to her pussy. The lips protecting her slit are swollen and her clit is exposed waiting for my fingers. I rub up and down her wet slit. Her legs automatically open to have me put them inside her. I grab her clit and flick it. She jumps and screeches. A spurt of juice comes out of her slit. She is ready.

I grab some of the juice and flip her over and pull her up doggy style. I rub her juice around her butt hole. She starts to move with me as I push a finger into her. Satisfied that she is wet and ready, I take my cock and push it all the way into her butt. She grunts and screams. She wasn’t expecting that. She responds to the onslaught pushing back at me to get me further inside. I am sliding in and out. I feel my cock getting harder and ready to explode. I let go with my first cum load. She stops when she feels the hot juice inside her.

“Oh my, that was so great! It was totally unexpected and I loved it.” She moans. “Now lay down I want to suck your cock back to hard then ride you like my mom did in this bed.”

I rolled off her and lay there on my back. Elaine goes down between my legs and licks my cum soaked dick dry. She puts the tip in her mouth and starts sucking it. She is moving her hand up and down in a circular motion. I am getting hard. She lays my cock on my stomach and mounts over it. Her lips are on each side of it. She slides up and down on it smearing her juice all over it. The tip is hitting her swollen clit making her jump each time. She puts her head up and moans a long time. After coming again and spreading more juice, she lifts up and puts my cock in her pussy. She starts riding me like a rodeo bronco rider, waving her hand in the air. It does not take her long to come again. I have not exploded but that is OK.

Elaine signals Sarah to come over. Sarah gets out of the chair and in the three steps needed to get to the bed she strips naked. Elaine lies beside me with her legs spread and motions for Sarah to get down on her pussy. Sarah starts to lick Elaine tasting her cum. Sarah has her butt in the air totally exposing her pussy.

I don’t need an engraved invitation. I get on my knees behind Sarah and ram my hard cock in her wet pussy. She picks up her head from Elaine’s pussy moans and returns to licking. Each time I push into Sarah she pushes into Elaine. We continue this way until I feel Sarah’s tunnel grab my cock. She is ready to explode. I quicken my pace to explode with her. She pushes more against Elaine. Sarah explodes, I explode and Elaine explodes at the same time. There is juice flying everywhere and loud long moans of satisfaction. We collapse on top of each other panting and giggling. It was so wonderful. We had never done that before.

“Welcome Home Sarah” Elaine and I say. “It’s good to have you back.”

“I have missed this for two weeks. I don’t ever want to do that again.” Sarah exclaims.

I guess I have made up my mind about fucking Sarah. It will continue. She knows Elaine and I are an item and exclusive. What Elaine wants she gets and Sarah takes a back seat. We have to share with Elaine’s mom.

Sarah stays for dinner and has another session with Elaine’s mom with her dad watching. He even tasted Sarah’s pussy which Sarah loved.

Elaine and I retire to the basement and make love one more time together before going to sleep. We are content that Sarah is back.

The rest of my vacation is more of the same. The real fun begins when Elaine and Sarah go off to college. Guess where they got accepted? Yup, they will be with Ken in the fall. Elaine’s dad has bought a small farmhouse for the three of us to share. Does that sound interesting? Let me know in the comments.

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Posted 26 Sep 2012 09:47
It has been requested that I do a Part 5 around the return of Sarah, Elaine's mom, dad and others. So college will wait for one more part.
Posted 26 Sep 2012 09:44
Can't wait to see what the three get up to in college.
Posted 25 Sep 2012 15:15
you delivered well great content full of lust and lots of twists is there going to be another part

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