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Home Alone...1

I had never thought about him that way, but i wanted it so badly.

We were going to be left in the house alone all weekend as our mum and dad had gone away for a wedding. I never could have anticipated what was going to happen though, not in my wildest dreams...

 My brother and i got along but i' d never thought about him in that way! i' d seen him naked before of course, getting out of the shower and things and i had to admit. He did have an amazing body. The girls at school were always talking about him but i knew they were all lying. Non of them had seen Tom naked before but it never bothered me having them talking about him like that, i kind felt privileged to be his sister. He was tall, muscular with dark eye' s tanned skin and dark hair to do with it. I on the other hand was small, blonde and had dazzling blue eye' s. I only weighed 98 pounds and i knew the boys wanted a piece of me.

"Ben thinks your cute." Tom said this casually and looked up at me with intent eye' s.

"Doesn't really surprise me." i' d just got back from a friends house and had slummed out on the couch next to Tom.

"You knew? How come you never said anything?" Tom looked a little confused.

"I wasn' t interested. I mean he's good looking and all but he's not really what i want for a boyfriend." I wasn't lying. Ben was cute but he didn't interest me. Then again maybe i had higher expectations in guys, having such a great brother and everything.

"Well what guys do you like?" Tom had now turned his body towards me and i could see his muscles underneath his shirt. I drew my eye' s away from the gorgeous sight and told myself to stop thinking bout it.

"Well you know...Someone who really knows me and who i can trust." The words didn't sound too convincing, i was too busy looking at Tom's face. There was something desirable about them. What was wrong with me?! This is wrong! He's my brother! I quickly looked away and realised my skirt had risen up and you could see the edge of my panties between my legs, I looked at Tom to see he had already noticed and was looking at it with face i had never seen him use before. I stood up and quickly pulled at my skirt.

"Mum and Dad said they'd be back tomorrow night, not to late i don't think." His words almost seemed to have a hidden meaning.

"Umm...Right!" I had already began to head up the stairs and just shot a quick look at Tom before i ran up them. My head spinning! How could this be happening? Tom was only being friendly, right? i tried to make the words sound convincing in my head but it didn't seem to work. I needed to do something. Get changed! Yes, i can get changed. I headed towards my wardrobe and looked at it. There was short skirt after short skirt hanging up, i' d never realised how many i had. So i decided on a green skirt that clung to my body in the all the right places, it' actually made my ass look good. I stepped away from the mirror i was looking into and took off my top. I was skinny, i knew that, but my boobs were huge in comparison. They were perky too, my nipples were large and dark, almost like porn star boobs. I turned to the mirror again. Fantastic! I quickly grabbed a top i had slung over my chair and slipped it on. I decided against a bra, Tom wouldn't be able to resist i thought. The words were in my head before i could stop them. I wasn't trying to lure Tom! This was ridiculous. I shook my head and almost ran out of my room.

Tom was at the kitchen table. God he looked so cute, his eye' s were fierce with concentration. He looked up from the paper he was reading and a smile covered his face.

"Going out?" he looked me up and down and i could see his top lingering over my chest. I little look of surprise came over his eye' s and then he smiled back at my face.

"Um no but i was just feeling a little dirty in my school clothes. You know how it is, spending all day in them and everything..." He had already went back to his paper and i made my way down the stairs. I went straight to the kitchen and started to get food out of the cupboards.

"You dropped something." Tom had swiveled in the chair and was looking at me.

"What?" My mind was a muddle and i looked around the floor and sure enough a packet was lying on the floor. I bent straight over to pick it up. Totally aware that Tom could see up my skirt. I moved quickly back up and threw my long hair over my shoulder. Tom's face wasn't exactly shocked but i could see that his eye' s were some what pre occupied. He was thinking about me. I Don't know how long i could hold this in and so i walked over to him.

"Tom, what's your kind of girl then?" I was pulling him in.

"Well, someone younger preferably. They had to be pretty, bright." He looked up at me. "And i want to know that they love me."

"I love you Tom." The words had slipped but i meant them. He was my brother, of course i love him.

"I know you do." He smiled at me and leaned across. My top was low as i was leaned over the table but i didn't care. Our lips touched, They were soft and gorgeous, Just like i pictured. They were moist and they kept me gripped.

"You love me, don't you Tom?" I asked this the minute he had released me from the passionate kiss.

"Of course i do! Your perfect." He leaned over again and pulled me into his grasp, His tongue slipped through my lips and mingled with mine. The taste of him was incredible! so sweet. it felt like hours had passed when we stopped.

"Do you want to go upstairs?" I couldn't believe i was saying these words! I had never done this with anyone before and now i was saying them to my brother? was this as wrong as it seemed? I mean, it didn't feel wrong. It felt perfect.

"Why when i could have you here? Now." Toms hands were held onto my cheek, i couldn't help but smile. I stood up and let his other hand hold onto mine and then drop. I walked over to the couch, all the time looking into his eye' s. He was still sat down and looking at me from the other side of the room. I sat on the arm of the couch, still looking at him, and let my hands wander over my body.

"Take me Tom." He practically sprinted across the room and his hands were wrapped around my waist, his lips were kissing my neck and the whole moment seemed to last for hours, i wanted it to last for hours. My teeth sunk into my soft, pink lips and my leg rose to stroke his, my toes crawling up to his calf, my whole back bending as i let Toms hands wander from my waist to my back, i tossed my head back and let my hair fall across my face. He was pressing his erection against me and i could feel heat rising up to the surface of my skin, wave after wave of pleasure was spreading across my body. Tom's hands disappeared under my top and his face lit up, he clutched my breasts in passion yet seemed gentle at the same time. I let out a short gasp and Tom looked up at me and kissed my lips again. He slid my top off over my head to reveal my breast in all their glory. He took a nipple into his mouth a nibbled at it slightly with his perfect white teeth and the sucked them hard, drawing the blood to the surface and making it even darker, his hand was playing with my other nipple, tweaking it slightly and making me squeal. He swapped over and now his tongue was swirling around them, flicking them and moistening them with his kisses. I had my hands all over the soft skin of his back and pulled the top off him. He let go of my nipples and stood up so i could take it off. His chest was so tanned and smooth i started to kiss it. I started up at his neck then down to his shoulder and then to his chest. He stroked my hair and looked at my face. I knew what that look meant. I was inexperienced but i knew. i went down onto my knee' s and unbuttoned his jeans and pulled them down his leg, a huge bulge was underneath his tight Calvin . It looked huge but still i slid them down with no hesitation but i was shocked at what i saw. It was huge! about nine inches and thick. I looked up at him and he had a slight smugness on his face. I took it in my hand and rubbed it. His shaft had deep veins slashed over it in random places and his balls were big and tempting. I put my head closer to them and too them in my mouth. Sucking at the soft skin around them i felt them twitch and knew i was doing well.

"I want you to suck me Sophie." i looked up as soon as he said it and then looked at his huge cock that i was pumping with my right hand. It was intimidating and i wasn't sure i could take it in.

"It looks so big, can i do it?" My voice had gone higher now, as if i were much younger than i was. Tom laughed slightly but then sent me a kind smile.

"Just put your mouth over the tip of it, and then slide your mouth over the end and along the shaft." His instructions were simple but my eye' s widened. I looked at the end of it, large and dark in colour. It had some clear fluid coming out the end of it. Was it cum? I took it in my mouth and was surprised to taste a salty and bitter mix, i enjoyed it. My small mouth was struggling to fit it in but i managed. I felt good to have him filling up my wet little mouth and he was enjoying it. I started licking and swirling my tongue around his head and he started to give out little moans. i pumped with my hand and slid it hard and fast. Matching my licks to the beat i was going at, massaging his huge balls in my other hand. I wanted him to cum in my mouth. I wanted my brothers cum to fill me. His balls began to twitch and his breathing quickened. His toned stomach was beating almost. "I'm Cumming!! I'm Gonna cum!!" He said it between breaths and i think he expected me to move but i wanted it. He shot it. Right into my mouth and i felt it slide down my throat. I nearly gagged as it hit the back of my mouth but i swallowed quickly and let the salty taste rest in my throat. With each splutter of cum i savoured it.

"Did i do it well?" My voice interrupted the silence between us and Tom looked at me.

"You did very well." He smiled and i stood up to his level and put my head on his chest.

I loved him, My brother.





Hey hope you enjoyed this story. More to come but please, leave comments :) thank you xx

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Posted 18 Dec 2013 05:04
It seemed like you had a great buildup, but then just rushed into the blowjob. More suspense. You have talent so dont take this the wrong way. It just takes a bit of practice. You will get better with every story you write. Keep up the great work!
Posted 21 Aug 2013 02:42
I agree with Marlene20's comment - but please don't be disheartened; we all need encouragement! The plural of eye is EYES (not eye's). And 'I' by itself is always a capital letter. Spellcheck is a great tool. Despite the comments, this incest fan liked the scenario. Let's see some more.
Posted 12 Jan 2013 11:07
The idea is excellent; however, please improve your writing skills. Besides run-on sentences there are apostrophes where they shouldn't be and none where they should be. If you can improve the grammar, your stories will be more enjoyable. I admire you for at least trying.
Posted 30 Mar 2012 15:03
Super! Makes want to write a story about my sister and I
Posted 30 Jan 2009 21:01
Good story but shorten your paragraphs for easier reading. Please continue, what happens next? Thanks!
Posted 09 Jan 2009 10:50
I cannot believe you stopped there. Hurry with part 2.
Posted 01 Dec 2008 19:38
Posted 11 Nov 2008 09:10
that was good what happens next do the fuck eachother
Posted 09 Sep 2008 22:45
great story let your bro eat u and fuck u it will be fine and nice... telling us what happend late.
Posted 08 Sep 2008 17:28
very good i'm new to these type of stories, because i have started having thoughts about my eldest sister
Posted 06 Sep 2008 13:50
it was fantastic
Posted 04 Sep 2008 18:23
Nice story I hope you will continue with the story and the brother and sister do much more to each other
Posted 03 Sep 2008 23:28
Fuck you incest bastards
Posted 03 Sep 2008 21:55
great,what happens next
Posted 03 Sep 2008 11:40
Awesome start, keep up the good work
Posted 03 Sep 2008 11:26
Great story. The love between siblings can be so special.

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