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Home Coming

Family sexual reunion
My name is Tom and I am serving in the military. Having been away on duty for the last eighteen months, my kit bag was packed and I was waiting for the troop bus to take me to the plane so I could go on leave and spend some long overdue quality time with my family.

The rest of my platoon were talking about their family, wives, girlfriends and children but I was single and going home to my parents, sisters and brother whom I had not seen since I left to go on tour.

My family and I were very close and always there for each other no matter what; we were all very open and could discuss anything. We were lucky to live in a big house on our ranch with swimming pool, Jacuzzi, gym and sauna surrounded by woodland and fields where we could all indulge in our naturist lifestyle without any worries.

Now on board the plane with the noise of the engines and all the guys chatting, I seemed in a world of my own thinking of my loved ones and our reunion.

After landing and walking through the airport doors I was greeted by my older brother, Kyle, who threw his arms around me to welcome me home. I remembered thinking how strong his arms felt and that he must have still been working out in the gym a lot. He was just over 6ft, with light brown short cropped hair, broad shoulders, a much defined 6 pack and an eight inch, thick, cut cock.

Throwing my kit back into the back of the pick up we started the hour long journey home, my brother Kyle bringing me up to date with all the news while I had been away.

As we turned into the long driveway to our ranch my smile grew. Kyle pulled over and we got out of the pick up and I took a good look around.The horses running around in the paddocks, the beautiful sky above our land, the deep lush colours of the woodland and the sound of the creek nearby brought all sorts of memories back to me when suddenly I heard my name being called…

Stacey, my twin sister, was riding up the track on her pony. As she was waving at me I couldn’t help watching her breasts bouncing up and down. Stacey was 5ft 4 and had long red hair, bright green eyes, 34D breasts with large pierced nipples, a slim waist, well rounded pert firm ass and slim legs. She got alongside us and climbed down off her pony. We threw our arms round each other kissing and squeezing each other.

Kyle said, “Come on, the rest of the family are waiting, let's go.”

Stacey climbed back into the saddle and I couldn’t help but admire that firm cute ass of hers as she made her way back along the track.

We parked in the big open barn and headed inside the house, the smell of home cooking filling my nostrils. My mother appeared from the kitchen in nothing but an apron.She was 5ft 2, with shoulder length red hair, rich hazel eyes, 36c breasts, small nipples and tight buttocks.She burst into tears as we hugged. I then felt a hand on my shoulder and a body pressed into me from behind; it was Stacey. I was now sandwiched between two very sexy women. Even if it was my mom and sister my cock started to twitch.

“Welcome home, my darling, we have all missed you so much,” said Mom.

“I have missed you all, too.”

“Mmm I can tell from the bulge.” Mom laughed as she rubbed my growing cock.

Stacey reached round and stroked my hardening cock.“Mmmmm so he has.” She smiled.

“You go shower and then join us on the patio, I’m sure your dad and Ellie will be with us soon,” Mom said.

Ellie was my youngest sister; she and dad were probably feeding the animals.

I went to my room which was exactly as I'd left it. I took my uniform off and headed into my en suite shower. As I rubbed the soapy suds all over my muscular body my cock was still hard so I began to rub my soapy hand up and down my shaft thinking of my hugs when I arrived. It didn't take long before I shot my cum against the shower screen.

I rinsed off and dried myself then headed towards the stairs to go down when I could hear noises coming from Ellie’s room. I walked over, pushed her door open to be greeted by the sight of my dad pounding his big cock in and out of Ellie from behind.

Ellie, like the rest of us, had a very toned body; her breasts were pert and firm and her pierced nipples got very big and hard. She had long wavy auburn hair and a very firm rounded ass that had a tattoo that said “take me”. Believe me we all often did as Ellie was something of a nympho and she had a very smooth tight pussy with a cute little pierced clit.

Dad was in his late 40’s, 6ft, well built with a very muscular body, a good head of brown hair which was the only hair on his body, and his cock was thick and a good 7 inches, mounted above his large heavy balls.

I walked over and climbed onto the bed to position myself in front of Ellie when my Dad patted my shoulder and welcomed me home.

Ellie looked up at me with her big deep brown eyes and licked her lips.“Let me welcome you home my way, Tom." She grinned.

No more needed to be said. I held my stiffening cock in front of Ellie’s mouth and she flicked her tongue over the bulbous head pulling my foreskin back, before taking me in her mouth and swirling her tongue all around my cock.My little sister had perfected the art of oral and deep throat from the start of her sexual awakening and never missed the opportunity to gorge herself on cock no matter whose it was or when or where. As I said she is a right little nympho.

As dad thrust deep into her very wet pussy he was pushing her deeper onto my cock and I was filling her throat. Not once have I ever known her to gag but it did make her eyes water. She pulled my cock out and looked at me saying,“Now you're good and hard, Tom, I want you and daddy to both fuck me.”

She raised herself and got Dad to lay on his back and straddled herself over him as I got behind her.I took Dad's hard cock in my hand that was wet and smooth from Ellie’s flowing wet juices, and guided him back into the waiting hot pussy.It was such a turn on to see the head of his cock push apart those neat lips and enter her. Once he was in I began to tongue fuck Ellie’s tight little ass ring and spat on it so it was lubed for my cock.

I then began to work my finger against her puckered little hole and slowly push it into her. She was now beginning to moan with pleasure and grind herself against Dad’s cock and my finger, throwing her head back and telling me to hurry and fill her arse with my cock.

Not one to disappoint I rubbed the tip of my cock against her nub. With the pre cum oozing it helped to lube her up even more as slowly I pushed into her and her sphincter opened up to accept my length.As the ridge of the head entered her she screamed out in pleasure and demanded I fuck her good and hard.

As I went in deeper I was very aware of Dad's cock in her pussy and he responded by pushing deeper into her as our balls rubbed against each other.Ellie was tossing her head around causing her hair to whip round, she was getting more and more vocal. “Fuck that’s good, two hard cocks filling me like the dirty little whore I am.”

“Yes you’re Daddy's very dirty little slut,” was Dad's response.

“Well it has been so long for me feeling your tightness I can’t last much longer,” I said.

“That’s okay, Tom, I want you and daddy to cum over my face.”

I pulled out of her arse and she lay herself on her back in the middle of her big bed as Dad and I knelt either side of her and began wanking as she rubbed her swollen clit. The sight was too much for me and I began shooting my cum over her face and in her mouth. Seconds later Dad started to jerk as his spunk joined mine on Ellie’s face and he pushed his cock into her mouth to give her some to swallow too.

“Fucking hell yeah I’m cumming, pinch and pull my nipples please,” she murmured.

I took one nipple, pinching and pulling as Dad did the same to the other. "Harder!” she screamed. As we did so her body lifted from the bed as her own orgasm ripped through her body, she then went limp falling back onto the bed.She used her hand to gather up as much of the spunk from her face and then licked it from her fingers.

The three of us cuddled for a few minutes when we heard Mom shout up stairs that lunch was ready on the patio. With that Ellie fetched a warm cloth from her bathroom and cleaned us all up and we went downstairs.

As I said before we are all naturists so never wore clothes at home unless expecting guests. As I walked out onto the patio Mom was still wearing her apron setting out the food. Kyle and Stacey were sitting at the table. As Dad, Ellie and I joined them Stacey said,“By the look on your faces I guess you randy fuckers have been shagging.”

“Well you know your little sister is insatiable and Tom’s timing was perfect,” said Dad.

“Oh, yes, that it was. I got to feel them both penetrate my horny holes mmm.” Ellie smiled and rubbed her boobs.

“Lucky bitch,” laughed Stacey.

“I second that,” said Mom who removed her apron and joined us at the table sitting between me and Kyle.

Dad was sat between his two precious daughters on the other side of the table. After eating Kyle rose to pour us all a glass of wine but it was not the only thing that rose.

“Ooh look at you showing off,” laughed Stacey.

Taking Kyle’s cock in her hand Mom said, “Leave him alone he has a cock to be proud of.”

“All the cocks in this house are to be proud of,” chuckled Ellie.

“As are the beautiful female bodies,” replied Dad who was now stroking the inner thighs of the girls.

Mom was now gliding her hand back and forth along Kyle’s cock while she was gently rubbing my swelling and my smooth balls with her other hand.She turned Kyle to face her so she could suck on him, her well manicured nails stroking my stiffening rod pulling my foreskin back to expose my swollen purple head.Using one of her fingertips she rubbed the small pre cum from my cock’s eye around the top to make it glisten.

Kyle was holding Mom's head while he fucked her mouth.I turned to sit saddled on the bench lifting Mom up facing her away from me, my hand between her legs playing with her large pussy lips and really big clit. She was so wet that when I lowered her down onto my hard cock I slid straight in.

“Mmm that feels so good baby, Mommy has missed your cock so much,” she said briefly removing her mouth from Kyle’s shaft.

I looked across the table to see Dad passionately kissing Stacey and pulling on her nipple ring, while Ellie was licking between her Stacey’s legs.“Your little girl is nice and wet for your cock now, Daddy,” she said.

Dad got up and bent Stacey over the table rubbing his cock up and down her wet slit and ass.Ellie was stroking his balls from behind while rubbing on her own clit.Dad positioned his cock against Stacey's love tube and slowly pushed his way in parting her pussy lips. As he pushed all the way Stacey pushed back against him at the same time and began moaning.

“Oh yeah, Daddy, fuck me good and hard, make me scream,” she whimpered.

Dad started to pound in and out with some vigour and now and then slapped her ass cheeks leaving a red hand mark; this just turned Stacey on even more. Ellie was on her knees behind them both trying to lick Dad's balls and ass as he fucked her sister.

Mom was now bouncing up and down on my cock, my hands reached round and began tweaking and pulling on her hard nipples. Kyle was still holding her head and deep throat fucking her, his balls hitting her chin as he did so.I cupped his balls in one hand and gently massaged them, then moved my hand further between his legs. My finger found his ass and I started to rub it and push just the tip into his tight ring.

“That looks so fucking horny from over here,” said Dad.

“I agree, Daddy, the boys and Mommy seem to be really enjoying themselves, just like you and Stacey.” As she spoke Ellie pushed one of her French polished nails into Dad's ass, this caused him to pound Stacey even harder.

“Yes, Daddy, really fuck me deep and hard,” squealed Stacey.

Kyle made Mom stand up and pushed me back on the bench and told Mom to straddle me. This she did with no hesitation and Kyle and I guided my cock back into her dripping wet pussy. She lent forward, her tits pressing into my chest as she began French kissing me.

Kyle was licking Mom's ass and parting her cheeks, making her wet for him to fuck her arse. He began pushing into her and suddenly I could feel her cunt tighten round my throbbing shaft. Through the thin tissue wall between her cunt and anus I could feel my brother's cock inching its way in till he was balls deep. That was enough to make Mom gush all over my balls and between my legs.

“Oh my fucking god, that’s so good, you really do know how to make Mommy gush, I feel so full.”

Kyle began banging in and out fast and hard while Mom ground her clit against my pubic bone.Ellie climbed up on the table and sat herself legs wide open in front of Stacey who knew what to do. She lowered her head and gently flicked her tongue over Ellie’s pierced clit and inserted two fingers into her soaking wet cunt, curling them upwards to find that G spot. She then began working her fingers back and forth while sucking the clit into her mouth.

“That’s it sis just like that make me squirt!” shouted Ellie.

She lay her head back, Mom moved slightly so she could tongue wrestle with her daughter while her sons fucked her other two holes and her husband fucked her other daughter. I could hear Dad's hands slapping hard on Stacey’s butt cheeks making her scream in pleasure.

“Mommy’s cumming again boys…mmmmmm yeah fuck my ass, Kyle, harder.”

Kyle did as he was told and was really hammering his cock in and out of Mom’s tight horny ass.Mom let out scream after scream as she tossed her head about and her body writhed out of control between me and Kyle; she was having one huge orgasm.

“I’m gonna cum watching you lot,” said Dad.

“Yes, Daddy, fill my tight little cunt with your creamy spunk,” Stacey groaned.

Her face was all wet from Ellie’s pussy juice.I saw Dad grip Stacey’s hips and could tell he was cumming the way his hips bucked. He emptied his big balls into his daughter's tight cunt as she asked. As he withdrew, Stacey’s fingers worked hard and fast on Ellie, proving to be successful as Ellie started to squirt all over her sister's face.

Kyle pulled out and Mom got off me and knelt on the floor. “Now, boys, give Mommy your cream in my mouth.”

We both stood in front of her and began jerking our cocks while Mom’s tongue would lick each of our tips in turn.I was first to let my spunk splatter onto Mom’s face and some in her mouth. She greedily sucked on my cock to drain me of every drop. Kyle then said he was close, so she opened her mouth for his seed.I could still see my own cum in her mouth as Kyle began shooting wad after wad of his hot cream. Mom did the best she could to catch every drop in her mouth, then sucked his cock clean.

Getting up, Mom moved towards her two daughters who were standing nearby watching the climax of our show. Mom then kissed each one of them in turn sharing the cum from her mouth with them. After a few moments we all hugged each other.

“Welcome home,” they all said in what seemed a well rehearsed chorus.

“Thank you all and what a home coming it was.” I smiled.

“I’ll get us all a nice glass of bubbly,” said Dad.

“Yes and while you do that, me and the girls will go shower and meet you three in the hot tub,” said Mom.

Kyle, Dad and I watched as the three beautiful ladies swayed their asses, each with a hand on each other's butt cheek, and went back inside to the shower.

* * *

Well I hope you enjoyed the first instalment. I look forward to writing the next one and posting it on here soon. Till then happy reading and wanking everyone…

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Posted 23 Mar 2014 18:14
Great story, with a homecoming like that, why leave??
Posted 15 Dec 2013 19:42
Hot story.
Posted 30 Sep 2013 15:24
What a homecoming!!! Excellent. Thanks for serving. Great story and super hot family. More please.
Posted 18 Jan 2013 19:21
That so so hot. Tell us more about this family. "V=5++++."
Posted 09 Jan 2013 01:18
Great!!!!! Wow! Looking forward to some more of ur stories!
Posted 08 Jan 2013 08:28
that was so hot loved the hot sex between each and everyone of them. can wait for more, please continue the story, i shot my cum up too my face reading your story.

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