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Home sweet home

Mandy finds the man of her dreams in the most unlikely place.

     Mandy Sykes is a beautiful 24 year old woman.  Her mother passed away while she was in nursing school leaving her dad a widower at age 44.  Mandy had several relationships and after a failed marriage, decides to move back home to be near her father.

     Ted Wilkins was working in his office when his phone rang.  Looking at the caller ID, he could see it was his daughter, Mandy.

     "Hey pumpkin.  I was just thinking about you.  I really miss you".

     "Hi, Daddy, I miss you too, but I have some great news.  I've decided to move back home to Madison.  The hospital there says they have a position for me and I'm sure I can find a nice apartment."

     "That is really some good news, Mandy.  But instead of an apartment, move back in with me.  You can have your old room back and it'd be really nice to have a woman around the house again."

     "O.K. Dad, if you're sure.  I have just about everything in order here, so I'll see you in few days."

      "Wonderful.  We're going to go out and celebrate as soon as you get settled.  Bye for now."

     "Bye Dad"

     Ted was amazed when Mandy arrived with all her things.  She had changed so much since he had last seen her.  She had large full breasts, a tiny waist, a beautiful ass and very shapely legs.  He knew he shouldn't be looking at her in that way, after all, she was his daughter, but he couldn't help himself.  His glances didn't go unnoticed by Mandy.  In fact when she saw him looking, it gave her a nice warm feeling.  Her dad had taken very good care of himself and was a very good looking man.

     "You look absolutely beautiful, Mandy.  I am so proud of my daughter."  They had finished getting Mandy settled in and Ted was fulfilling his promise of a celebration.

     "Thank you, daddy.  You look very handsome too."  They had finished dinner and were having more drinks as the waiter cleared the dishes from the table.  The band was playing some delightful music as Ted stood up and offering his hand to Mandy gestured toward the dance floor which she gladly accepted.  Ted was having trouble keeping in mind that this was his daughter, and as they were dancing very close, he began having an erection.  He moved slightly back hoping she hadn't noticed, but it was too late.

     "I'm sorry, Mandy.  It's just that you're so damn lovely."

     "It's okay, dad.  I'm excited too."  She moved in close to him deliberately swaying her hips and marveling at the delicious feeling coming over her as she felt him growing bigger and harder.  She could tell now that there was a real prize hidden in his pants.

     "I wish we were alone.  I'd take care of that problem right now!."  She whispered.

     "Oh my god, baby!"  Ted was in a full state of erection as he held her close and kissed her neck and ears.  "Let's go home, pumpkin."

     They had no sooner entered their home as their mouths seeked each others, taking turns thrusting their tongue into each others inviting mouth.  Both breathing heavily now, Mandy led the way up to the bedroom where she turned and french kissed Ted again.  She removed her evening gown as Ted took off his coat and tie.  As she turned toward him in her bra and panties, Ted thought she was the most beautiful creature he had ever seen.  Mandy watched as he removed his shirt and pants and realized that being back home with him the past few days and the wonderful time they had on their date, that he was everything she had been looking for in a man.  She gasped as he stepped out of his shorts revealing a raging 10 or 11 inch cock with a large sack of nuts hanging beneath.  Strangely, this all felt perfectly natural to the both of them.

     "Oooooooo, daddy."  She breathed as she removed her bra and panties.  Ted's cock was already in a full state of erection, but when Mandy bared her large breasts with big erect nipples and a neatly trimmed pussy, he felt like his dick got even harder.  Mandy moved close taking his hard peter in her small hand and led him to the bed.  She laid down on the bed and Ted followed finding her lips again and pushing his tongue into her hot mouth which she readily accepted.  With both hands, he cupped one of her breasts and sucked in the large nipple as she thrust her chest upward encouraging him to take more of her titty into his mouth.  Ted reluctantly pulled his lips from the beautiful breast and nipple being offered to him to explore more of Mandy's treasures.  As he kissed his way downward over her tight stomach and belly button, he was already picking up the scent from Mandy's steaming cunt which he quickly found with his mouth.

     "Ummmmmm" Mandy breathed as Ted devoured her sweet, hot pussy.  He licked and sucked her now erect clit taking it between his lips and sucking very hard.  His tongue darted back into her cunt which was  flowing freely now.  Not wanting to miss any part of his lovely daughter, Ted slid his hand beneath her knee and gently but firmly, pushed her leg toward her chest exposing her tight little ass hole which he immediately covered with his mouth and sucked and tongued it as deep as possible.  Mandy"s hips were thrusting wildly now and Ted knew he couldn't deny his big hard cock any longer.

     "Daddy, fuck your little girl!  I want your big prick in my cunt.  Fuck it hard, daddy, and fill it with your thick hot cum!  Make me cum, daddy!"  Mandy screamed as Ted's dick entered her juicy hot pussy.  Ted lowered himself on her and holding  her ass, fucked her relentlessly as she thrust her ass up meeting his every surge.

     "Oh my god, baby, you're gonna make me cum.  Darling, you're so beautiful and hot."

     "I want you to cum, daddy.  I'm ready for your hot jism.  Shoot it daddy, cum in your little girl. Slam my cunt with your huge cock! I'm going to cum too.  I'm cumming ummmmm.  Ohooooo my god, daddy."

     "Oh baby, aghhhhhhhhhhh, goooood, ooooooooo I'm cummmming"  Ted pumped wildly as he shot his cum into his daughter's beautiful pussy holding her ass tightly until the spurting finally subsided.

     They had fucked four more times as Mandy lay exhausted in her father's arms, bathing in the after glow of the most powerful orgasms she had ever experienced.  In just one night, her dad had brought out all the lust and sensations and orgasms she had been looking for since the team quarterback popped her cherry in her last year of high school.

     Home, sweet home!




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Posted 11 Aug 2010 21:49
Good story. Did it's job. Look forward to a part 2.
Posted 12 Jan 2010 08:41 certainly got me hard! Let's hear more about them....
Posted 11 Jan 2010 22:21
certainly made me wet

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