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Home to Sarah and Mom

I return for the holidays after starting college in Southern California.
After graduating from my desert high school, I entered a small state college on the coast. This was all well and good, but it meant that I had to leave my Mom and Sarah behind.

Sarah was now 18 in Senior class, while Mom was about 37 years old, by no means old, and still the prettiest Mom in our town.

All of my friends had always said so, and I knew it was true.

She was still 5 feet 4 inches tall, a brunette French woman, and as was true for most French women she had gained little or no weight over the years. My father had been the luckiest man alive, if he had only known it.

But his drinking while he was away on railroad runs had contributed to his early heart attack in his forties, and he had passed with little loss to his family.

Sarah and I had never liked how he treated Mom, but she had never, ever complained. She just showed her true capacity for love with Sarah and me, and the friends we brought over for special privileges.

She had always allowed me to fulfill my fantasies by never reprimanding me for peeping in on her showers, but, in fact even enjoying the attention she didn't get from my father. Then when I lost my virginity to her one night when I was 17, and on the same night Sarah at 16 lost her virginity to me, we finally realized what kind of family we were part of, and it was all good.

After all the sex that had gone on in our two bedroom bungalow in the desert we couldn't have been happier about how things had turned out.

On the night before I went away to college, as Sarah was starting Senior class as the lead cheerleader, Mom and Sarah planned a special going away present.

In the morning I would get on board the train down at the depot and go away until Christmas. That was much to long for them both to not store up some memories to reflect upon in the coming months.

First of all, Mom knew I still had my voyeurism weakness, as did Sarah, and what they did that afternoon in August, when it was over 100 degrees outside, was to decide to take a cold shower.

They smiled at me and both walked into the bathroom from the front room. They had no doubt what I would do. Of course, I went around through the kitchen to the porch, climbed up on the chair I always left there and slyly looked through the window high in the bathroom wall.

They were just starting to undress each other, taking off their teeshirts and bermuda shorts, along with the white and pink cotton panties. They both displayed their v-shaped, unshaven, hairy pussies; and then something new happened.

Mom sat down on the white toilet as if to relieve herself before getting the shower. No one does that. We all piss in the shower when the water starts flowing on our naked bodies. But she sat down.

And then, my sister Sarah spread her legs and sat in Mom's lap. With a quick look up to the window she began pissing on Mom's pussy, and Mom began smiling and moaning at the same time.

That must have lasted a minute or two, then they swapped places and this time Mom smiled up to the window and began pissing on Sarah's pussy.

This was something new, and I enjoyed it and wanted to try it sometime. When they finished, they stepped into the shower which was my unspoken cue to go into my bedroom, put down a pillow, and start jerking off as I peeped through the trustworthy keyhole looking right in the shower stall.

Even though they knew I was there, my mind pretended to be doing something illicit, just to make the jerk off feel that much better. As I always had in the past I came hard and enjoyed every second.

Then I just watched for old times sake, because I knew they were doing this for my benefit, even if they enjoyed the hell out of it too.

My train was to leave at 10:00 a.m. in the morning. I had planned to rise at about 8 and get ready. I was already packed with three suitcases. Enough to start life in a small, state college.

I awoke with my Mom sucking my cock. I started up, she put her finger to her lips, and I lay back down. She did a thorough, strong, and exciting job on her oldest child's dick, sucking me dry when I shot my spunk. Then she smiled and whispered to go back to sleep.

I looked over at the clock and it was 6 a.m. I slowly dozed off again. Next I awoke with Sarah jacking me off, making me hard. She too put her finger to her lips, and climbed up and over my torso, lowering her hair pussy onto my now hard cock.

I let her do what she wanted, because I could see she was crying while she was humping her big brother. I came, she came, we kissed and she said to go back to sleep.

The alarm went off right at 8 a.m. I arose and prepared for my new life. By 10 a.m I was boarding the passenger train with Mom and Sarah both crying and waving goodbye. I wasn't to see them again until Christmas break, the middle of December, for two weeks.

Of course we wrote, but even we knew you had to be pretty discrete in letters that passed through the postal service. And in those days, people really made few if any long distance calls. So everything was going to be new when I came for the holidays.

I did well enough at college, and from the experience gained in our desert home, I may have broken a few hearts. I know I fucked enough to ruin an A average.

When I arrived home in mid-December, Sarah and Mom were waiting for me, but there was something new.

Some dude was hanging behind Sarah with a possessive look in his eye.

And Mom was standing beside a guy that couldn't be more than 4 years older than me.

"What's up," were the first words out of my mouth.

You have to understand, I had been the sexual master in our home, and it never even occurred to me that anyone could take my place.

Both guys offered their hands and I automatically took them, even if I had my doubts about what was going on.

Sarah's friend was Gary, Mom's was Sid.

Both then said that they just wanted to greet me and would be on their way. That left me, Mom, and Sarah in a very quiet walk home, less than a mile away. Even for winter in the high desert it wasn't very cold.

When we arrived home it was time for explanations.

Sarah said, "Gary is gentle but firm in bed, and I need dick, dude, you know that. Mom's pussy licking isn't enough."

Then Mom said, "Sid just graduated from law school and in this little town he found me, a woman who can fulfill a willing man's needs, but he'll never replace your hard, charging cock or your love of peeping. He doesn't even know what that's about."

Of course, I understood. I always understood women. It was my strength. And it got me lots of pussy, which was the most important of all.

So, Mom and Sarah told me that their guys would be over again later, but now was our time.

I almost cried as Sarah and Mom started stripping right in the front room. We were going to need the whole floor for our sexual escapades. We brought in some pillows, but that was all.

I looked at them laying on the floor with their titties so perky and pretty, and their v-shaped cunts already reeking of anticipation and didn't know where to began.

I began with Mom of course. She was always my bellweather, port in the storm. And she fucked like she hadn't fucked in years.

"I missed you so much lover. Fuck me harder, oh, harder, I'm cumming and cumming."

All the while Sarah was laughing and crying as she licked my cock and Mom's pussy at the same time.

I finally pulled out of Mom, kissed her soft lips, and turned to Sarah.

"Come with me," I said. We walked into the bathroom. I placed her in the shower. I had not forgotten their sendoff earlier in the year.

I took my cock, pointing up toward the ceiling, and directed him at Sarah's pussy. I began to piss on her with a strong stream that I had saved for hours on the train, in anticipation. I sprayed her cunt, her titties, even her smiling open mouth.

Then she laughed, pulled me into the shower, made me sit on the floor and placed her cunt above me. She pissed all over me, and we both were laughing hysterically, with Mom watching in happiness for her young people.

That was my homecoming from college. Who has had a better one?

The next morning Sarah went off to school. I was off from school for a month, but she would only get two weeks, and they hadn't started yet. So she was off to see Gary and maybe give him all the details. Maybe not.

Mom had to go shopping so I was left on my own. I had a thought. We lived on a corner lot with another house just around the corner. A girl named Cindy lived there. We had known each other in school, being the same age. I wondered if she was home from college too.

I had never told my Mom or Sarah, but they weren't the only girls around there that had aroused me. Cindy had always been a secret crush. She had long, auburn hair with a beautiful figure. She had developed early and she always carried her tits high and proud. We had often trudged up the hill to school together but we never got together.

I had another secret concerning Cindy. She had been another girl I peeped at. Between our houses were two salt-cedars. They bloomed in the spring but held their odd needles all year round. And they were easy to climb.

Often, in the evenings, when we were juniors and seniors, I would sneak out the back porch and climb one of those trees, for a good reason. On the second floor of that other house was Cindy's room. For a peeper, all pussies and titties are fair game. And Cindy have a pussy and titties that wouldn't quit.

I learned to know when she would be preparing for bed and be in place in my tree with my cock sticking out of my jeans, already hard. This was a dangerous game because she had a father about twice as big as me.

But the peeping had always been good, and I shot many a wad of cum onto that salt-cedar's branches.

I thought I'd just check it out again. She might home from college.

I eased out the back door, looked around the area, not seeing anyone. I walked casually over to the tree, looked around again, then quickly climbed up about 25 feet. I was well hidden from below. There were hardly any people walking around in the middle of winter. I looked in Cindy's room. No luck. It was empty, but, on her bed was laid out a set of clothes.

This was interesting. I could wait awhile. After about 10 minutes she walked into her room with a towel around her body, and one wrapped around her auburn hair. She was, indeed, home from school.

She fluffed up her long, fluffy hair, tossed away that towel to a corner, then dropped the other towel. Wonders to behold. Cindy had completely grown up. Her legs were long and curvy, her pussy was truly red with curls, her waist was trim and soft looking, and her breasts pointed upward, with nipples that looked swollen. I loved that look for tits.

Now the preening began. She had a full mirror attached to her vanity and it was against the wall I was facing. I could she her juicy butt, and also her full body in the mirror. The best of both worlds.

I started what I had meant to do all along. I released my cock from my pants and started jerking and jacking for all I was worth. Oh, how I loved peeping. It would always be my favorite sex act. It was so fucking personal to the one doing it, and so secret.

She started admiring herself, then started pleasing herself, then crammed almost a hand up her cunt and started fist-fucking herself, all the while pinching her nipples with the other hand. She had obviously done this before. And you could see that she was cumming all over herself. It was running down her legs. She might need another shower!

In only a few minutes I was spewing spunk on the tree trunk. It was time to go home to Mom and Sarah. I had a good story to tell them.

Next time we may talk about Gary and Sid, and their entry into the family.

This story is protected by International Copyright Law, by the author, all rights reserved. If found posted anywhere other than with this note attached, it has been posted without my permission.

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Posted 02 May 2013 03:04
Good job Peter. Love the way you write your stories.
Posted 27 Jul 2012 12:01
Great. A new story line to explore. Love it. "V=5++."
Posted 03 Jul 2012 15:25
Woohoo! Great story - you write erotica incredibly well. Thanks for sharing it with us.

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