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Hot Enough?

When it's too hot to wear clothes, all kinds of things can pop up.
"Hot enough for you?"

Karla's voice made Dave look up from his computer. There was a mirror over his monitor that allowed him to see who was behind him without turning around. It was a good thing too, because he still had a hard-on from seeing Karla earlier, when she'd stopped by to ask when their parents were due home from yet another jaunt to places he couldn't pronounce. She had still been in her nightie and her nipples had been very visible under the sheer fabric. He hadn't figured out yet that she only wore things like that when the parents were gone. Now she had changed into a cut-off t-shirt and a pair of shorts with no legs at all, and very little seat.

"Supposed to hit 105 today, according to the weather site." He gestured at his screen and she came in and leaned over his shoulder, "accidentally" putting a breast on either side of his neck.

"I think I'll melt by the pool all day!" She pretended to swoon dramatically and landed on his bed, with the lower 1/3 of her breasts showing under the t-shirt.

Her eyes were closed so Dave took the chance to get a good look at her tits. His eyes ran down her taunt belly  and he saw that she was wearing a red thong under her shorts.

I'm going to cum just sitting here he thought. He was 17, one year older than Karla, but he was still a virgin. He though Karla was, but she was so good looking it would have surprised him.

"I wish it would cool off, I'm hot just laying here."

Dave reached a decision. He was dying of horny and no longer cared about anything.

"Maybe you'd be cooler without that on?"

"Without what on?" She sat up and looked at him with a strange look in her eye.

He couldn't speak, he just pointed at her top.

"You don't think I'd be cooler, you just want to see my tits. . . . Ok, here." She quickly pulled her top off and lay back down on the bed with her eyes closed. Dave saw a blush spread down to the tops of her lovely breasts, already a respectable C-cup at least. The nipples were sticking up and very pink. He moved from his chair and stood over her.

She didn't open her eyes, she just said, "You can touch them if you want."

Dave needed no more encouragement. He reached out with both hands and cupped them, moving up over the nipples, feeling them push back against his hands and spring up again as his hand moved off them. His hands moved gently, lovingly over his sister's tits, and she arched her back, pushing them into his hands.

"Do you think I'd be even cooler without my shorts?" Dave couldn't answer, but her eyes were open now and she saw him swallow hard and nod quickly.

"Unbutton them and pull them off."

He sidestepped once to reach her hip-level and had her pants undone quickly. Her hands went down to hold her panties on while he pulled her last piece of outer clothing off. "No sense rushing things," she said with a husky voice.

He pulled her shorts down her legs and off her feet and tossed them aside. She took her hands off her panties and put them under her head, telling him it was okay to take her panties down now.

He hooked a couple of fingers on each side of her undies and pulled slowly. Soon it was obvious that she had shaved whatever pubic hair she had developed. Then the top of her vagina came into view. Dave had the usual collection of porn and recognized her clitoris sticking out between the folds of her pussy. It was the first pussy he'd ever seen live and he stopped pulling when he got the panties down enough to get a good look. He took a long look, knowing he'd always remember that sight.

"If you take them the rest of the way off I can open my legs farther." Without further prompting he pulled them all the way off her. She sighed lightly and bent the far leg at the knee.

"Touch me", she commanded. His hand went to the top of her pubic mound and slid down to her clitoris. He tried to manipulate it like he's seen the guys and gals on the porn sites do it, and he must not have been doing a bad job, because she moaned and lifted her hips to meet his hand.

He moved lower on her pussy and started to probe between her labia.

"Careful there, bro, I'm still a virgin, be gentle."  

"Sure thing, sis."  His fingers were wet and slippery from the juices oozing from her, and he moved up and down to stimulate her.

"Hey! Stop! This isn't fair!"


"I'm here buck naked and you still have your shorts on."

"You know how to fix that."

She sat up, which put her head just level with his lower ribs. She hooked a hand into his waistband and pulled him to her, spreading her legs so he was between them. She unbuttoned his pants and started to unzip them.

"I'd better be careful here, wouldn't want to get anything caught in a zipper!"

She worked the zipper down slowly and his stiff cock appeared  out of his pants. She pushed the shorts down and sat for a second looking at his cock and balls. Then she cupped his balls gently.

"This is where the cum is made?"

"Well, the sperm is made there, then it mixes with the semen farther up. "

"I can feel the little tubes!"

She left the scrotum and moved to his cock. He was quite satisfied with it, seven inches long and a good six inches around. She grasp it with a hand and gave a little squeak.

"It's so hot!"

"Yeah, there's a lot of blood trapped in there right now. That's what makes it hard."

She moved up to the helmet, gently opening the small slit on the end.

"...and it comes out here." She seemed fascinated with the purple head. She leaned close to sniff it, and Dave was suddenly very glad he had showered less than an hour ago. She evidently thought it smelled okay, her tongue snaked out and licked the end of his cock.

"If you keep doing that I'm going to make a mess," he warned.

"I want to see that!"

She moved her hand up and down on his cock, telling him she'd been watching a bit of porn herself. She licked at his cock and he just couldn't stand it any more. His cum roared out and splashed against his chest.

"Oooh, that looks good!" Karla's lips moved to his chest and she lapped up the dripping juices.

"Umm, salty! They were right." He made a mental note to find out who "they" were, but later.

Karla moved back on the bed and patted it. "Lay down beside me. We'll find something to do until you 'recover', bro."

"Looks like I owe you one."

"Well, let's see what you can do, then."

His mouth went to her nearest nipple. His hand slid down her belly to her pussy. He found that uncharted channel and played around the outer part.

"They recommend that the hymen be broken with a finger rather than with the cock, it's less painful and you won't associate the first penis inside you with pain."

She looked at him and said, "David, my dear brother, take care of my cherry."

His finger probed inside her until he came to a blockage. He took a nipple in his teeth and bit down carefully. Karla gasp a bit and then he plunged through that line that marked the end of "girl" and the beginning of "women".

"Hey, that wasn't bad at all. And your finger feels wonderful in there."

He moved his finger in and out, working on her pussy. He tried to put a second finger in, but it was just too tight right now.

Karla was on the verge of a orgasm, so Dave concentrated on helping her get off.  She bucked and cried out as she came, and then lay back.

"That's the first time anybody else has ever seen me do that."

"It was great helping."

She pulled him close to her and started a deep, passionate kiss. Somewhere in it she feel something stirring on her belly. Dave's cock was coming back to life. She slid a hand down between them and grasp it.

"Make me a woman, my dear brother."

He needed no more urging. He rolled over her, putting his knees between her legs. As he lowered himself toward her she guided his cock to the opening of her vagina. He felt the velvet lips slide apart as he pushed forward and he shoved his hips forward. Quickly he was balls deep in his formerly virgin sibling.

"Don't move for a second, I want to feel this." She put her heels on his butt cheeks to keep him from withdrawing. He thought he could feel her pussy working around his cock, like she was giving him a hand job without either of him appearing to move a muscle. She saw the expression on his eyes.

"Yeah, I read about Kegels on the internet and started doing them last year. How's it feel?"

"This is my first fuck, like you, but if they all feel this way I know what all the shouting's about!"

Karla was pleased. She knew she was cute and had a good body, and now she was getting confirmation that she was a good fuck too.

Dave couldn't stand it any longer and started to move back and forth inside her. She could feel the ribbing along his cock playing with the walls of her cunt, massaging places that had never been touched before. His belly hit her clit every time he "bottomed out", smashing it delightfully. The flange on the head of his cock drug across sensitive nerves and added to the pleasure. She put her hands on his ass and helped him get the perfect speed. She was glad now that he had cum earlier, teenage boys, she'd heard, were quick off the gun the first time but could last a while before their second orgasm.

Soon they were moving as one, perfectly in time and she felt the build up to a orgasm. She'd masturbated a few times, and this was far beyond any fantasy she'd had with her hand in her own panties. The almost-electric shocks came closer together and lasted long. She was on her way. Then, as they merged into one sheet of fire consuming her lower half she bucked wantonly against his cock, wanting to take his entire body inside her if it would increase the feelings even a tiny bit. Finally she went over the top, screaming his name as her legs crossed over his ass and her arms crossed over his back. He kept up the motion for as long as he dared, but he was slightly concerned that she was going someplace she wouldn't return from. As his hips slowed she started to come down from the most powerful experience in her life.

"Wow, is that what everybody feels when they do this? No wonder some folks are obsessed with sex."

"I don't know how  you felt, but it was very nice from this side."

"Are you ready to cum again?"

"Maybe. We could find out?"

"I want to try something, pull out and lay down."

Dave suddenly knew what she was talking about hastened to comply.  She rolled over and moved in to kiss him. After a solid kiss, and some more groping of her tits by his eager hands, she slowly worked her way down his body, kissing every inch or so until she got to his navel. She found his navel and stuck her tongue into it and he jumped, drawing a grin from her.  Soon she was at his hips and staring at her first cock, still shiny with her vaginal secretions.

I'm going to suck cock,  she thought, cock still wet with my own juices. So I'm giving myself head by proxy? She giggled at the thought. Then she took his head into her mouth. The taste wasn't at all what she'd expected, hardly a taste at all. One thought floated up in the back of her mind, "If this is what all pussies taste like I don't think I'd have a problem eating one." The thought surprised her. She'd never had fantasies about women before. Just one more new thing this day.

She got down the business at hand. Sucking on his cock-head appeared to make him excited, his cock grew very hard under her hand. The words "jerking off" came to mind and she started to stroke him like she'd seen in the 'net porn.  

"A little tighter," he suggested. She adjusted and he sighed, telling her she had it right now. She concentrated on keeping suction on his cock while stroking it. It wasn't long before he was moaning and trying to follow her head with his hips. Then she felt the ripple of something passing up his shaft and suddenly she had a mouth full of cum. She swallowed quickly to avoid drowning, but kept her lip-lock on his cock-head. Finally he held her head down so she couldn't move any more and relaxed.

Karla moved up and lay down on his body, her lips going to  his. Dave tasted something salty in her mouth, his own cum. He thought to himself, "I'm the luckiest boy in the world right now." His hands went down to her ass cheeks, the ones he's secretly watch develop over the past few years and had become ever more frequently a part of his masturbatory fantasies.

"So, what now?"

"Well, I'm thinking I'm the luckiest girl in town right now. I have a sexy playmate, and he certainly won't be bragging about it at school. And when the parents are gone we can pretty much do whatever we want."

"Um, do you want me to get some condoms, so you won't, you know . . ."

"Mom took me to a doctor right after I started my periods. She said we never know when it will happen, by choice or otherwise, so being protected was important. So we can fuck all we want without any danger of me getting knocked up."

"And aren't you glad I did."

The sound of their mother's voice froze them both in place. Then they looked around to see her standing in the doorway. Naked sister slid off naked brother's belly and sat on the side of the bed. David considered trying to cover himself, but it was too late for that.

"I see you've discovered each other. I didn't know if it would happen, but I'm relieved now that is has. We can get a few things out in the open."

She walked over to the bed and sat down. She gave Karla a deep kiss accompanied by a hand on her breast. Her other hand went to Dave's cock and fondled it.

"We're going to be very open about sex in this family from now on, like it was before you two came along."

"You're not mad?" Karla couldn't keep that question in.

"Honey, it's actually a tradition in this family. Your father and I did the same thing when we were your age."

The realization that their parents were brother and sister hit Karla and David at the same time. They looked at each other and saw their future in the other's eyes.

"Now, who wants to fuck their mother?"
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Posted 07 Nov 2011 12:40
hyhhmmmmm,,,,very good!!! very imaginative!!! think i will love this series!!! a 5 of course,,,,well written,,,great descriptions!!
Posted 01 Mar 2011 12:49
Veeeeeery hot! get us another part!!
Posted 19 Nov 2009 15:28
Wonderful! So where is part II? We need it asap.... I love it!
Posted 15 Nov 2009 22:13
Excellent story, gave you a solid 5! Now I'm waiting for the sequel. Great job, Thanks, Reeb
Posted 15 Nov 2009 14:46
The kids have three cousins, paternal triplets due to IVF. Their story intertwines with this one before the summer is out.
Posted 15 Nov 2009 13:51
OMG. Now we really need a part two. Or Thre. Great story.
Posted 15 Nov 2009 10:57
Very good story! Like the tradition.

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