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hot hot tub

sexy mother son story that turns me on whenever i think about it
I had just gotten home from my weekend job at the supermarket. It was a Friday night, and I was tired and ready to go to bed. I went upstairs to use the bathroom and brush my teeth, and I found my mother in our giant bathtub. She had her neck leaned back against the wall, her feet sticking out over the edge, and the tops of her breasts were just visible over the bubbles. Just looking at them turned me on. I cleared my throat and she opened her eyes.

"Hi honey, how was work?" she asked me.

"It was good. Pretty slow tonight," I replied. She nodded and smiled at me.

"You look tired. Why don't you take a bath and relax?" she suggested.

"Ok I'll just wait till you get out," I said.

"Oh honey it's fine. Just climb in here with me," she said.

"Ok let me just go get my swimsuit," I told her, turning around.

"Baby, there's no reason for that. I have seen you naked before...I'm your mother!" She said. I shrugged and pulled off my shirt, my six pack glowing in the dim light of the candles my mom had lit. I don't want to brag, but I am pretty hot. I come from pretty good looking parents too. My dad, who was away for the weekend on a business trip, was 6'1" with chiseled looks and shaggy brown hair. My mother had a great body with D cups, long wavy blonde hair, and shockingly bright blue eyes. I got my fathers height and hair and my mothers blue eyes. I had a steady girlfriend and we had been going out for 6 months.

I continued taking off my clothes until I was completely naked. My mother smiled at me, not even noticing my erect cock. I climbed into the huge tub and lay back next to her.

"Now isn't this nice Josh, honey?" she asked me. I nodded. Although I tried to keep my hands to myself, I was pressed against her and my arms kept brushing against her incredible breasts.

"Today was such a long day for me. I really wish your father was here to help relieve some of my stress," she said, sighing.

"Well maybe I can hep mommy. Is there anything I can do to help?" I asked.

"Oh Josh, you are so sweet. But I don't think so. You see, usually your father relieves my stress by massaging me and I don't think you would want to do that baby," she said.

"I wouldn't mind mom. Anything to help you!" I told her. She smiled and said, "Well that would be wonderful baby, thank you! Why don't you grab some of that body wash and use it to rub on my back," she suggested. I took the body wash she pointed to and squired some between my hands. She rolled over onto her back, resting her head on the edge of the tub. I rubbed the body wash all over her back. I started at the top, massaging her neck and shoulders. I worked my way down slowly, releasing all the tension in her back muscles.

"Wow baby, you are good at this," she told me.

"Thanks mom," I replied. I continued massaging her back and arms, getting turned on every minute of it.

"Baby, don't miss any spots, honey!! I want ALL of my tension gone," She said. I blushed, not knowing if she was still talking about her back or if she was telling me to work on her butt and legs. The bubbles in the tub were starting to die down, and I could see her butt through the clear water. I edged my hands lower and lower, until my hands were right on top of her ass.

"That's right, Josh, keep working," she urged. I massaged her butt and then moved down her legs. I worked back up them, taking my time. I decided to be daring, and starting moving in between her legs. She sighed, and I took that as a sign to keep going. I pressed my palms against her inner thighs, working up towards her mound. She was shaved, and I rubbed circles around her mound, slowly but surely turning her on. She moaned and I slowly stuck my finger inside her.

"Oh baby, that feels good," my mother sighed. I smiled and took my finger out, licking it. It was already wet and sweet with her cum. I kissed up her legs under the water, going all the way up to her inner thighs. I traced kisses along her mound, then kissed each lip. I flicked her with my tongue, and she moaned in ecstasy.

"O my god baby you are so good at this," my mom said.

"Thank you mom," I replied.

"I want you inside me!" She exclaimed. she was still lying on her stomach, her butt in the air. I took my dick and flicked it against her ass, then slowly shoved it inside her ass. It was tight and warm around my dick, and I started thrusting it in and out, rocking my hips against her backside.

She shivered and moaned again, and I sped up. I thrust my dick harder and faster and harder and faster in her ass. I stopped suddenly and pulled it out.

"Don't stop baby, please!" She begged. I smiled.

"Flip over mom," I told her. She did so eagerly, and I grabbed her D cups and started to massage those, pinching her nipples between my thumb and forefinger, rubbing them against my palms. Then I stuck my dick inside her vagina. I inch it in, all nine inches. I thrust my dick in and out, harder and faster. She grinds her hips against mine, pushing my dick in deeper inside her. I thrust harder and faster, and feel her start to orgasm. Her juices start to flow out of her, and then I start to come, our juices mixing together. I pull out and kiss you passionately, massaging your breasts again with my palms.

All of sudden, my sister, Anna bursts through the door, staring at us.

"Hi honey, wanna take a bath with us?" Mom asks her. And then our two-some turned into a threesome.
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Posted 16 Mar 2013 02:18
Pretty good but I want more!!!
Posted 18 Aug 2011 06:01
very good
Posted 15 Nov 2009 11:53
Excellent! Just as a mom should be treating her son...
Posted 06 Aug 2009 12:24
finish it! part 2, part 2!
Posted 05 Aug 2009 18:35
What happens next? You didn't finish!
Posted 05 Aug 2009 08:56
Good story but I thought it was over too quick hun!

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