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House of Love pt1

Once discover, life changes
Cassie Rondo moaned softly into her husband's mouth as he skinned the tight, silk panties she was wearing down over her slim, girlish hips. She had been looking forward to this since lunchtime when she began to get the familiar, unmistakable urge for sex.

It had been hell at work, trying to stop herself staring at every tight, male bulge that walked past, and her pussy had been wet and tingly all afternoon. Now a young-looking thirty-four, Cassie had always been a very highly sexed woman, even in her teens. This had of course attracted many boyfriends, but only her husband, Armando, had been able to regularly satisfy her lustful cravings. They were two peas in a pod, and sex between them had always been fast, furious and frequent.

"Are you sure the kids are asleep, Armando?" whispered Cassie, wrapping her long, slim fingers around her husband's rapidly lengthening cock.

"Yeah, don't worry honey." he replied, squeezing her breasts with one hand.

"Alex went to bed hours ago. He's got that big game tomorrow, he'll be dreaming about the big touchdown by now, babe."

Cassie pulled gently up and down on his stiff joint, rubbing her thumb up over the fat, purple head. 

"What about Cindy?" she moaned as his hands caressed her tingling flesh.

"Cindy's light was on, but you know how she always falls asleep reading. Right now honey, all I'm interested in is this hot little pussy of yours"

Opening her thighs, Cassie let his other hand have free access to her cunt and moaned loudly as his fingers cupped her sex, slipping inside the tight, juicy slit with practiced ease. Mmmmmmmm! Yeah, that feels so good!", murmured Cassie, as she hunched her slick pussy up around her husband's fingers.

"Ooooh, Armando, I need fucking so badly! Don't waste too much time, I'm already wet!" Indeed she was.. as soon as Armando's fingers entered his wife's flooded pussy, a veritable stream of warm, fragrant cunt juices bathed his hand and her fluttering vaginal muscles nibbled delightfully at his fingers.

"FUCK, baby you're hot!.... and your pussy's so wet!" Armando whispered, inserting a third stiff digit into his wife's quivering hole.

"Fuck me then! Stick it in and fuck me hard! I want your big, fat cock baby!"

Cassie rolled onto her back and spread her legs, pulling her husband's rigid prick into her seething snatch like a woman possessed.

Spurred on by Cassie's obvious desperate need, Armando wasted no more time in driving his huge cock into the tender, delicate, hungering flesh of his wife's cunt. Her long, tapered legs swept higher, capturing her husband's powerful body, her heels locked just above the crack of his ass, giving her the added leverage she needed. Armando felt the walls of his wife's pussy spread apart, molding around his invading cock like a glove as he slid easily into her, his mighty shaft impaling her hot little snatch until his balls came to rest against her pink puckered asshole.

"Arhhhhhhgghhh! fuck! Oh, God you're hot and sweet baby" he gasped, as her clinging flesh enveloped his prick.

"FUCK! OOOOOOH, DO IT! FUCK ME, BABY!" whimpered Cassie, screwing herself urgently up against him so that her clit rubbed deliciously against the shaft of his cock. Armondo braced himself with both hands and pulled out of his wife's sucking hole, only to plow back down into her tightness again with added force, thrusting in and out with all his strength.

"OH! OOHH! FUCK, YES! That's it! Throw that hot pussy up at me baby!" he grunted, ramming his thick cock into her eagerly upthrust twat. Cassie bucked her ass up off the bed in time with Armando's savage thrusts, moaning with pleasure at each deep penetration.

"Unnnnnggghhh! Ohhhhh! Fuck! Oh, baby! That's it! Yes, harder! OHHHH, YESSSSS!" she squealed. 

Both husband and wife were completely engrossed in their energetic lovemaking, oblivious to all but their own bodies in their frantic search for sexual release.

Armando had been quite wrong when he had assumed that their children were all asleep. In fact, Cindy, their youngest daughter was still wide awake. At sixteen, Cindy was the baby of the family, a slim, pretty brunette with a compact little body and tits that any fully grown woman would be proud of. She had been reading in bed, but the storyline was beginning to bore her a little so she decided to go get a midnight snack from the refrigerator.

Stepping into the corridor, Cindy began to tiptoe towards the kitchen, careful not to wake the rest of the household at this late hour. As she did so, a muffled noise caught her ear. It was coming from her parent's room down the hall, and sounded like someone was moaning in pain. Concerned that something was wrong, the young girl turned and hurried towards the source of the strange sounds.

As she moved closer, the noise became louder, until Cindy could clearly make out the sound of muted voices, voices punctuated by peculiar groans. A naughty shudder of adolescent curiosity alerted the you teenager's senses as she stopped outside her parent's bedroom. There it was again, louder this time. Cindy stepped nearer and pressed her ear against the door. "Armando...Oh God ...OooohHhhh.. Yessss Armando, Fuck me!.... Harder! ..Unngh!"

It was her mother's voice and it was obvious what they were doing. Cindy continued to listen with bated breath, letting the air seep from her lungs when she could no longer contain it. Suddenly her father's deep, throaty baritone drifted through to her from the room within. "Yes! honey, throw that gorgeous cunt to me like that and I'll fill it full of hot, thick cum!"

Cindy's heart skipped a beat and her young cunt moistened at the sound of her father's obscene suggestion. She knew what the words meant, but this was the first time she had heard them used with such profound feeling. It made her pussy crawl. Cindy's pulse began to quicken as the sounds of the salacious dialogue etched themselves permanently on her impressionable young mind. She simply had to see for herself. Kneeling before the door, Cindy peeked eagerly through the keyhole.

She gasped aloud. The sight that greeted the excited young girl's eye literally took her breath away. Her mouth became suddenly dry and her heart thumped in her chest as she gaped at the incredibly lewd scene before her. Cindy had a completely, unhampered view of the bed where her parents lay. Both were stark naked. Her mother was lying on her back in the middle of the bed with her legs raised and spread widely, her slender calves locked tightly around her husband's waist as he pumped his huge, thick organ into her quivering belly. 

Cindy gasped again as she caught sight of her father's long stiff shaft sliding in and out between her mother's widely spread lips. She could see its throbbing length glistening with her mother's juices as it moved in and out like some great piston. It looked absolutely enormous! She had seen her father's cock several times before, but it was always much smaller, never like this. She couldn't believe it! The incredible size of her fathers prick sent unexplainable shivers though her awakening pussy, as she stared at it, totally enthralled, like a tiny mouse hypnotized by a snake.

With every stroke, it withdrew until even the fat bloated tip was visible, before suddenly pumping down again into her mothers' bucking cunt. How could she take such a huge thing without it tearing her asunder? Yet, Cindy could see that her mother was obviously enjoying it immensely! The young teenager was confused... extremely excited... but equally confused. Although she wasn't sexually active yet, Cindy wasn't a virgin either. Last summer, she had let Russell Miller go all the way in the woods off Park Road on their way home from school. Russ was tall and handsome and sixteen, and Cindy had had a crush on him for some time.

When Russ had kissed her, Cindy's legs simply melted and it wasn't long before he had her pants around her ankles and his cock in her virgin cunt. It had hurt at first, but just as she was starting to enjoy it, Russ had pulled out and sprayed her belly with white, sticky cum. She'd thought Russell's cock had been big at the time, but now, looking at her father's mighty organ, she knew she'd been wrong.

Her young voluptuous body had unconsciously begun to prickle sensuously, reviving all of the excitement she took such careful precautions to hide whenever the rest of the family was around. Cindy stared through the tiny hole, and watched the muscles on the insides of her mother's lightly tanned thighs flex tightly as she thrust her ravenous cunt up to absorb the full length of her husband's blood-engorged prick.

As she stared open-mouthed, her father's glistening cock stabbed repeatedly in and out of her mother's creamy hole in rapid-fire succession, causing Cindy to whimper softly in passionate empathy. Her mother began to moan loudly, mouthing filth at her lover again.... exciting filth that Cindy's young ears wanted desperately to hear....

"Unnnhhh! Unnnhh! Fuck meee! Yes, fuck me hard you big bastard! Christ, what a cock! fuck I love your cock! Uhhhhhggggghhhh!" Spasms of erotic sensation rippled through the precocious sixteen year old as she continued to watch, glued to the incredible scene.

One of her hands drifted up to caress the plump, roundness of her young tits as she watched and listened to the provocative sounds of her parents fucking. Her other hand crept down under the waistband of her panties to the prominent mound of her pussy, and began to stroke the moist, adolescent slit. She had been masturbating since she was twelve, and knew exactly how to get the most pleasure from her horny little hole once it was aroused. First, she ran a finger between the lips of her slit to moisten it, then rubbed the liquid in and around the folds of her cunt until it was all slippery. Then she took her clit gently between two fingers and rubbed it lightly, thrilling at the delightfully lewd sensations it sent through her easily excited young cunt. Though she had experienced intercourse only the one time, it was enough to give her knowledge of the delights of sex, and she began to wish desperately that she had a boy with her now. She wanted to fuck! She wanted to feel a cock inside her again!

"Mmmmmmuhhhh! Ungggggghhhh! Ummmmmmmmmm!" moaned Cindy, probing a second stiff finger deep into her drooling pussy, trying to imitate the rigid cock she so desperately desired.

"Ooooh, Daddy!... Anybody!... ", she whispered, her wide young eyes glued to the junction of her mother's frothy, pink-lipped cunt, and her father's pistoning prick. The youngster's hips writhed and twisted as she finger-fucked herself to the rhythm of her parent's noisy coupling, moving her cunt in tight, sharp little circles as she had when Russ had jammed his stiff young prong deep into her virgin cunt for the first time.

In the heated lust of her approaching climax, Cindy closed her eyes and imagined it was her wonderful, handsome father who was fucking her tight, little-girl cunt with his big cock, instead of her own tiny fingers. In her mind's eye, she was the one bucking and mewling under his heaving body... not her mother.

The incestuous fantasy was suddenly too much for the young girl. "Oooooooh! Fuck ME Daddy! Fuck ME! Fuck Fuck Fuuuuuuuck!", she whimpered quietly as her little cunt creamed around her pumping fingers. 

Wracking spasms overtook her young body, causing Cindy to slump back onto her haunches. She pressed both hands between her slender adolescent thighs as her climax faded. Pleasurable though her orgasm was, Cindy had become so excited watching her mother and father fuck, she was far from satisfied....

She returned her eye to the keyhole, staring at her father's gleaming prick as it slammed repeatedly into her mother's hot, gaping cunt. Cindy continued to rub her throbbing clit, teasing and rubbing the swollen little bud until she once again exploded in orgasm, pumping two fingers deep up into her frothy little cunt as she jerked and bucked in adolescent ecstasy.

As the intense pleasure faded, feelings of shame and guilt replaced them and Cindy crept silently back to her room, not even waiting to watch the completion of her parents lovemaking. Safely inside her room, the young girl slipped under the bed covers and tried to fall asleep. But her mind was full of wild thoughts. It worried her that she had really been turned on by the thought of being fucked by her own father!

Was she sick or depraved or something? She didn't know, but what she did know, was that tonight had awakened something inside of her, something sensual, and she was determined to experiment some more. It was nice to masturbate, she decided, but when she remembered how her father's cock had looked, and how Russ Miller's cock had felt just before he pulled it out of her, Cindy had to know what it was like to cum like she did tonight, but this time with a big, stiff cock filling her pussy, pumping out gallons of hot, sticky cum, making her come until she fainted from sheer pleasure.

Her mother had made sure that she was on the pill as soon as she started high school, so the way was clear with no worries about getting pregnant. She needed someone, but who? All the boys she knew at school were just that, boys! Once they had fucked a girl, the whole school knew. Damn, the whole neighbourhood knew! Besides, if Russell Miller was anything to go by, it would all be over in two seconds flat anyway. She thought of her father again. No, she was dreaming, he wouldn't fuck his own daughter! It had to be someone else, someone available, someone who wouldn't blab.

She thought of her brother, Alex, who was only a year older than herself. He was always sneaking looks between her legs at her panties when she lay on the living room floor watching television or giving her a 'brotherly' pat on the ass when she came out of the shower, and his eyes nearly bugged out of his head sometimes when she wore her skimpy black bikini. He acted tough, but Cindy doubted if he'd ever had his cock inside any of the numerous, giggling girls who seemed to follow him around.

He did have a cute body though, she mused. Alex played football and she had to admit that more than once, she had admired his firm, muscular behind as he paraded around the house in those tight-fitting shorts of his. Come to think of it, the bulge in his pants reminded her of her father! 'I wonder if his cock is just as big?', she thought, surprised at her own shamelessness. A shiver of uncontrolled lust sped up and down her spine as she tried to picture his erect cock.

She remembered once when she had entered the bathroom, only to find her brother stark naked, towelling himself dry. He never locked the door and Cindy suspected that it was intentional, and he was actually hoping that Mom or herself would walk in on him. His cock was limp, but Cindy had caught enough of a glance at it to realize that when aroused, it would be quite a formidable weapon. She had quickly apologized and retreated from the room, but not before she had seen the sly smile on his face. Cindy shivered again trying to concentrate.

Then there was Toby Sheldon. He was her best friend Tracey's current boyfriend. Tracey and Toby were both sixteen and had been dating steadily for almost six months now. He was good-looking, tall and slim, and from what Tracey had boasted one night when she was a little tipsy, he was a real stud! No, she couldn't fuck her best friend's boyfriend. It wouldn't be right!

In her dream, her father loomed above her, kneeling between her widely spread thighs, holding his impossibly huge cock in both hands. Beside him stood her mother and brother, also completely naked. Alex's cock was a mirror image of his father's... long and stiff, and very, very big. Cindy groaned apologetically towards her mother as her father lunged forward and pressed the tip of his cock into her slit.

"I'm sorry Mom! I'm really sorry, but I can't help myself!", she whimpered. Her voice sounded strange and distorted. Her mother looked down at her and smiled wickedly, her face a distorted caricature of pure lust. 

"Don't worry, baby! I don't mind! I've got all I can handle right here!" she said, wrapping her fingers lovingly around her son's massive prick. Alex responded by squeezing his mother's firm, round tits and then sliding his hand down over her belly until his fingers disappeared inside her wet, hairy cunt.

"But Mom, Alex's your own son!!", cried Cindy helplessly as she watched her mother lean back and place the tip of Alex's immense cock between the open lips of her cunt.

"I know honey, but he sure can fuck, you should try him sometime!" Cindy gaped in disbelief as her mother thrust forwards, impaling herself fully on her brother's rock-hard prick. At the same time, she felt her father's impossible organ penetrate her own tight little hole. Cindy screamed as it entered her, but not in pain, because surprisingly, in her dream, it was the most pleasurable sensation she had ever felt. As the fantasy swirled and dissolved, she heard her mother screaming too, an identical replica of her own guttural cry of incestuous pleasure.

Cindy woke slowly as the sunlight streaming through her bedroom window crept down the wall and onto her closed eyelids. She yawned and stretched her limbs, recalling the blurred events of the night before and in doing so the incredible dream she'd had. It was fantastic, but she had really enjoyed it and the crotch of her panties was still wet to prove it! Then she remembered her plan, and jumped eagerly out of bed to put it into action. Throwing on a robe, Cindy made her way down the hall to the bathroom. The door was ajar, so she went straight on in, and as she turned from locking the door, a masculine voice startled her.

"Hi, Sis!" It was her brother, he'd done it again! But Cindy was determined not to be humiliated this time. Turning towards him, she smiled her most alluring smile.

"Finished with the shower, Alex?", she asked demurely.

"Yeah sure Sis, go right ahead." he replied, towelling his wet hair dry. Alex was naked, and, as usual, taking great pleasure in displaying himself in front of his younger sister. He smiled back at her, fully expecting the young girl to flee from the room at any moment. Cindy didn't move, instead she stared openly at her brother's body, taking a more than passing, sisterly interest. He was so sure of himself, she couldn't resist a little joke at his expense.

"Ooooh! I know what that is!" she cried, pointing at her brother's limp cock. "Yeah, what?", asked Alex hopefully. "It's just like a prick, only smaller!", she replied, unable to keep from laughing at the stunned look on her brother's face. He frowned for a second but then a smile crossed his handsome features as he joined in the joke. "You're right! I've been swindled!" he laughed, looking down at his flaccid organ. Feeling a little embarrassed, Alex asked his sister if she wanted him to leave while she showered.

"Only if you want too, brother dear!" she replied, sounding much bolder than she felt as she began to remove her clothes.

Now it was Alex's turn to stare, he couldn't believe his little sister was going to undress in front of him. Her nubile young breasts sprang free as she pulled off her top and Alex could only gape at her firm, ripe little tits. "fuck!", he moaned under his breath.

"Pardon! Did you say something, Alex?", she smiled.

"Nnn.. No!", he stuttered, staring uneasily at her naked flesh.

Cindy was beginning to enjoy exposing herself to her brother's lustful gaze. She watched him lick his dry, parched lips, his eyes following her fingers as they slid beneath the waistband of her panties. She had him wrapped around her little finger! If she had asked him to kiss her ass, she was sure he would have done so without even thinking. 'This is going to be easier than I ever imagined', she thought, peeling the tiny, sheer garment slowly down over her slim, tanned thighs.

Alex's eyes nearly popped out of his head as Cindy stepped out of her panties and stood completely naked before him. He could clearly see the moist, pink slit of her young pussy through the sparse covering of light blond curls. The boy began to lick his lips unconsciously. "See something you like, Alex?", Cindy laughed.

Before he could answer, she stepped into the shower cubicle and closed the door, leaving her brother panting like a puppy outside.

Cindy purposely left the shower door open a few inches so that her brother would be able to see her as she showered. She felt excitingly wicked, and suddenly realized that not only did she like sex, she also liked it when men looked at her the way Alex had just done. It turned her on more than she would have admitted, even to herself. The hot, stinging jets of water refreshed her young body as she soaped it all over, paying particular attention to her firm, pointed breasts.

Out of the corner of her eye, Cindy could see her brother looking at her through the opening, and turned slightly so that he could get a better view. Pretending not to notice that he was still there, Cindy began to spread the soapy lather down over her firm belly and between her legs. She could have sworn she heard a moan as her fingers began to rub the creamy foam along the insides of her glistening young thighs.

Alex was transfixed with wonder. He had always thought that his younger sister had a cute pair of tits, and now he was actually watching her spread soap all over them! As she moved her hands lower, he moaned softly, watching her rub her fingers gently between her legs.

'Christ! I'd love to do that for her!' he thought, moving a little closer to the door. His cock was beginning to grow of it's own accord and his right hand moved automatically to grasp the stiffening organ as he watched.

Cindy saw her brother's fingers encircle his prick and begin to move it back and forth. 'God! He's actually going to jack off!' The thought sent a deep, peculiar thrill through her pussy which was already becoming aroused by the movement of her soapy fingers.

The knowledge that her naked body had such an immediate effect on her own brother was immensely exciting and she felt a powerful surge of lust flash through her young loins. She wanted to masturbate in front of him too! Her pussy lips parted as Cindy inserted a soapy finger into her heated slit. All the time her eyes were fixed on Alex's fist-encased prick.

Moving so that she was facing the partly opened door, Cindy directed the shower nozzle so that the warm spray fell directly on her pussy mound, and leaned back against the tiled wall, slowly spreading her creamy thighs until the lips of her cunt parted and a steady stream of water invaded the hot, wet, crevice. "Ooooooooohhh!", she moaned loudly. It was a deep guttural moan, and Alex's fist began to move even faster up and down the thickening shaft of his prick as he heard his sister groan in such obvious pleasure.

He could see the dark, inner lips of her pussy now and the tiny hole beneath her clitoris, which he knew would be tight and hot. His cock was throbbing and jerking in his hand, and Alex knew that he wouldn't be able to last much longer before he creamed.

Cindy stared with admiration at her brother's cock and inserted a long slim finger into her moistening pussy. It certainly had grown a lot since she had first seen it. In fact, it was huge! Easily as big as her father's had been the night before! The sight of her brother's long, stiff cock pumping powerfully between his clenched fingers was beginning to effect the girl immensely and she became acutely aware of her swollen, gently throbbing clitoris. She ran a finger back and forth over the hard little bundle of nerves as she watched her brother working his fist up and down his stiff prick with considerably more speed.

Cindy was completely absorbed by the lascivious situation, totally turned on. She wanted him to come with her, to spurt his cum at the same time her own pussy creamed, but she had to see his face when he came. So, throwing caution to the wind, Cindy turned off the shower and with a trembling hand, slid the door open fully. Alex's initial surprise stopped his jerking hand for only a second. But as he saw the look of undisguised lust on his sister's pretty features, some of his earlier bravado returned. With an uncertain smile, he sat back against the hand basin and resumed jerking his enormous hard-on with strong, lengthy strokes. His eyes took in her young beauty which was made all the more appealing by her obvious state of sexual arousal. The nipples of her nicely rounded tits stood out like little pink strawberries against the darker aureoles, and tiny beads of water still clung to her creamy flesh.

As Alex watched breathlessly, Cindy's fingers continuously stroked and parted the small, almost, hairless lips of her pussy, delving inside only momentarily before gently massaging the hard, sensitive bud at the top of her little pink slit.

"Man, that's something to see!" muttered Alex,

"You sure do look pretty when you're all honked up like that, Cindy." "Oh, Alex, I've been so damn horny all morning!", she moaned. "Me too Sis! Just look at this!", said her brother, wiggling his fully erect cock at her.

"Ooooh, Golly! Did I do that? It looks so big!", giggled Cindy in a false, little-girl voice, pretending to be surprised.

"Cut it out, Sis! You damn well know you did. I nearly creamed when you started to play with yourself. fuck, what a turn on!"

"Well it IS big," said Cindy, "almost as big as Daddy's!"

"What! When have you ever seen Dad's cock like this?" he asked accusingly, holding the massive shaft towards her.

"Last night. He and Mom were going at it in their room and I... I sort of saw them."

"Yeah, sure! Spied on them more like it... you randy little cunt!", a conspiratorial smile crossed his handsome features as he asked the next question.

"Did you see much?... I mean... What were they actually doing, Cindy?"

"I'll tell you later. Right now I thing we've both got some urgent business to attend to before somebody catches us, don't you?", she gasped, nodding towards his momentarily forgotten dick.

"Yeah, sure! I'm with you Sis!" They both laughed at the implications of his last comment.

Cindy raised one of her legs for him so that her pussy was fully exposed. The light blond bush of pubic fluff, amazingly developed for a girl so young, curled lushly at base of her belly. She looked into his eyes, knowing that her brother would be able to stare straight into the scarlet-lipped slit running down the center of her cunt, and that the sight would arouse him all the more. Alex moved closer.

"Look at me!", she whispered, becoming totally swept up in the passion she had helped to engender between them. "Watch me making love to myself! Oooooh, do it to yourself at the same time and we'll come together!"

Alex watched as his little sister's fingers began to move up and down between the puffy, wet lips of her young gash. The sight was incredible! He had never seen a girls pussy that looked so neat, so delicious, so fucking edible, the delicate female flesh glistened wetly as she squeezed the increasingly moist folds between her fingers. The entire area was covered with the clear oil which her lusty arousal had generated. Looking up he became aware that her own gaze was directed towards his fist full of hard fuck-muscle.

"I bet this is what Dad's cock looks like when he's shoving it up Mom's cunt!", he grunted, wrapping his palm around the thick shaft and plunging his hips towards her, fucking into his hand.

Cindy felt a spasm of pleasure fire he loins as she watched her brother's graphic demonstration. "Yessss! Just like that!", she moaned, picturing her father's cock stabbing into her mother's cunt as it had last night.

The young boy saw the look on his sister's face when he mentioned their parents and decided to follow it up since it obviously turned her on something fierce.

"Yeah," he whispered stepping closer, "and I bet it really fills Mom's cunt 'til she screams!" Cindy was beside herself with pleasure as her hand moved feverishly around in her juicy cunt flesh. Her brother's words had unleashed the fantasies of her dreams and accelerated her rapid rise towards blessed relief.

Alex was in control once more. He watched his sister writhe in sexual abandon as he slowly pumped on his cock, keeping it nice and hard. He looked at her fingers slithering like snakes over her slick, red flesh as her back began to arch with pleasure.

Cindy was moaning softly, engrossed in her fantasy fuck. "Ohhhhh! Mmmmmhhhhhh! Arrhhhmmmmmm!" Emboldened by her lust, Alex moved into the stall and stood in front of her. His pulse raced as he felt the animal heat emanating from her body. He wondered how far she would let him go if he felt her up.

Still working his left hand over his rigid prick, Alex reached out tentatively with his right and cupped one of his sister's jiggling tits. She didn't seem to notice straight away, so he began to squeeze and caress the soft, firm flesh. Cindy's eyes opened slowly as she stared at her brother through a passion clouded haze. In her present condition she wouldn't have cared who was touching her.

"Ohhhhh, Yessss!", she groaned, pressing her breasts against his hand. Alex couldn't believe it! She wanted him to touch her. Christ!! This was outta' sight! He had to feel her cunt!

Reluctantly taking his hand from her luscious little breast, Alex slid it down over the curve of her belly and joined hers in Cindy's slick, heated slit. She moaned again, humping forwards. This time her hips pressed against his hand, trapping it between their bodies. Alex's cock was firmly wedged up against his little sister's belly, twitching in delight at the electrifying contact with her soft, warm flesh.

"Oh, Alex!" she whimpered, grasping hold of the throbbing organ pressing against her belly.

Alex groaned with delight as her slim fingers closed around his cock. They were so small that they didn't quite meet around the shaft's huge girth.

"Oh, Mmmmmmm yes! Sis, that feels nice!" he breathed into her ear,

"Move you fingers up and down!" Cindy did as she was instructed, although more by instinct than by command. Her brother's fingers felt good inside her cunt, even better than her own had, and she loved the way he went straight for her sensitive little nub of a clitoris.

"Yesss! Oh, fuck yes! Alex, play with my clit!" The hot young teenager was desperate now, and her brother's fingers were just what she needed. She was so close!

Her brother was nearly there too, the combination of fingering his sister's wet little cunt and having her jerk on his dick, was just too much for him. Although he ached to stick his cock into her juicy cunt, he thought better of it. That would be going too far! The forbidden taboo of incest still had a strong influence, even in his highly aroused state.

"I'mmm nnearly thhhhere, Alex", whimpered Cindy, pulling in his cock like a little demon, sliding her fingers expertly up and down the full length.

"Me too Cindy! Oh, fuck Sis! I love you!" Feeling the climactic surge mounting in his balls, Alex churned his fingers more rapidly in the girl's flooded snatch, pumping his fingers into her tight, wet hole as deeply as he could.

"Yessss! Oh,fuck me Alex! Fuck me with your fingers! Fuck me with your cock! Ooooo! Christ, I'm cummming!. Cindy bit down on her bottom lip to stop from screaming out her orgasm, as wave after wave of pure pleasure coursed through her seething twat. Alex hardly heard his sister's pleading moans as his own climax crashed down on him. His cock jerked and bucked in Cindy's hand like a crazy animal and finally, powerful jets of hot, thick love-cream began to spurt against her heaving belly.

Cindy lunged furiously against her brother's hand until the intense spasms began to fade, leaving a dull, satisfying warmth pervading her loins. She felt his hot, sticky sperm on her skin, running down between their bodies to mingle with the girl-cum in her quivering pussy.

Alex hugged his sister tightly against his muscular chest as his own orgasm faded. His cock, still surprisingly hard, nudged against the top of her cunt, Cindy's trembling fingers still wrapped tightly around its massive circumference.

Instinctively, Cindy maneuvered the tip of her brother's cock until it pressed between the lips of her pussy. The sudden, exquisite contact brought a simultaneous moan of pleasure from them both. Alex was beside himself with lust by now. Little sister or not, she obviously wanted it, and he desperately needed a fuck, otherwise he was gonna be as horny as a ten-peckered billy-goat all day long.

Alex was just about to hunch forwards and bury his cock in her inviting little cunt when a sudden knock on the door scared them both half to death.

"Come on in there! Breakfast's nearly ready!" yelled their mother

They sprang apart like two scalded cats. Alex dressed hastily and left without looking back at his sister. Cindy turned on the tap and resumed her shower, a sly smile forming on her lips as she washed her brother's semi-congealed cum off her little tanned belly.

'Things certainly wouldn't be boring around here from now on!' she thought, her wicked smile widened broadly.

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Pretty flippin' hot!

Posted 08 Dec 2012 05:26
A really well done story...congrats,,,,you are an excellent writer A 5 from me! My guess is we will get to enjoy more adventures from these two. I look forward to it.
Posted 08 Dec 2012 03:28
Interesting telling - enjoyed the dream - nice idea -
Posted 08 Dec 2012 01:00
more more more please. Here is cum all over my body. Thanks.5++++++
Posted 08 Dec 2012 00:05
Superb story - loved the way it buit and cant wait for more - was my perfect fantasy
Posted 07 Dec 2012 22:58
great story. I like her devious little mind
Posted 07 Dec 2012 22:22
wow. great story, pt 2 soon i hope
Posted 07 Dec 2012 22:02
great story keep it going

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