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House Party Debauchery

Derek and his sister Jessica have sex, Three footballers enjoy the pleasures of Anna. 16+ characters
Derek and his sister were at a party last night, held by her brother and a couple other players on the high school football team. For a bunch of sixteen, seventeen and eighteen year olds, the entire property smelled, sounded and looked like nothing a couple dozen teenagers could have caused. Music blared from an expensive stereo system on the ground floor and everywhere one glanced, there were teens kissing, groping and fucking to their heart's content.

In his parents' bedroom, two girls, naked as the day they were born who happened to be sixteen and cheerleaders, each knelt before two guys and took turns blowing their cocks. Their lips grew chapped and neither one found the strength in themselves to get the last guy, Derek to cum. He had excellent stamina and withheld from cumming throughout an almost two hour period. One of them, Jessica, also Derek's sister proceeded to slurp her lips along her brother's cock while Anna watched them.

No one knew who Jessica was and if they did, no one said a word. She enjoyed the task set in front of her and sucked enthusiastically from the bulbous head to his hanging balls. Her hand cupped the sac and gently slipped her hand backward. Derek shuddered as she pushed a saliva covered finger up his ass. She kept her nails trimmed short for this purpose and being on the squad.

Her head bobbed quicker, taking him all the way to the back of her throat. When she let up and showed the guys and Anna, he shot a load of creamy cum into her open mouth. Derek was no match for Jessica's skills. She stood and was about to leave with Anna, who now found herself laid out on their mother's bed. Donald had his head between her gaped thighs and went to work on getting her pussy wet. Brad and David watched from either side of the bed having to wait their turn.

Anna was squealing nervously as Donald parted her folds and sought her mischievous clit. He drew it out by sucking directly on its sheath, sliding his fingers in and out of her hole and playing with her puckered asshole. She went limp in their hands when Donald sat up and thrusted his cock inside her. The teen moaned underneath his burly muscled frame. Her thighs were held in the air by his shoulders and the sizable mass of not only his body but the length and girth of his prick kept Anna pretty still.

Her blond waist length hair fanned out over the pillows and bedspread. She had freckles down the small of her back and along her shoulders which Donald adorned with sloppy kisses. He had an affinity for fairer skinned women, especially Anna. Being black, the contrast of their skin tones was drastic. His baritone voice kept her from doing anything but mewling submissively. She thought his cock was fucking into her belly because it hurt to feel him bottoming out, but the pain soon softened. He eventually buried himself to the balls and painted her with his pasty seed.

Derek watched the entire scene and noticed the moment his friend withdrew. Anna's eyes rolled back in her head, feeling the pint or so of cock cream dribble out of her. Don took his place on her right once Brad took his turn. The wet warmth of her pussy came not from her arousal, but Don's potent cum. Brad tried to gain some traction inside Anna but couldn't. She was thoroughly pumped to the gills with seed, so he had another option to consider. His hand cupped her ass and around her back. The two of them exited the bedroom and went down the hall to the bathroom. He rested her upon the sink, in the hopes of draining some of Don's sperm.

She trembled in his grasp and cried a little as he pried apart the folds of her tender pussy. The glue-like stuff dripped down into the receptacle beneath her ass.

"Is it still coming out, Ann?" he whispered.

She nodded her head and shivered. Another thick glob trailed out, forming a puddle in the drain. It never broke apart and simply dribbled in one continuous white rope. He massaged her clit with his thumb and kissed her lips softly.

"I don't know why they want to fuck you so badly. Maybe its because two of the guys are black and haven't been with a white woman before. I can only guess, but I find you attractive myself. Derek's more interested in his sister, so I don't think you'll have to take him. They're probably back in his room right now."

And in his room, they were. Derek and Jessica left the bedroom and went across the house to where they shared a rather large bedroom. It is off limits for the party goers, so the two of them felt safe enough to indulge their desires with each other. Jessica had brought her clothes along in a crumpled pile from their parents room, never stopping to dress herself. Derek also had a pile of clothes which he carried. His large cock swayed back and forth in the open air, desperate for another release. They tossed their clothes in a corner and closed the bedroom door.

"Now, for the moment I've been waiting for since we started this party. My lady." He held out his hand in a gesture similar to the men in days of old when they offered a woman a dance.

She crept up to him on her tip-toes and gasped as his hands lifted her in the air. His cock inched inside of her wet gash, somehow managing to stuff itself underneath her overhanging womb. Jessica smiled smugly and wiggled her sweaty little ass. "Fuck me, big brother!" she insisted.

He withdrew and thrusted just enough to create friction. Not a second passed when Derek wished he could shoot a load inside of his sister, but their lives might end with that. Having lived a life of luxury, neither wanted to work a crappy job and barely be able to afford anything worthwhile.

The pangs of Derek's orgasm approached but he distracted himself. She cooed in his ear as the two of them rocked midair against each other. "I need to cum, sis. It hurts to hold it in," he said quietly in her ear.

Jessica ran her fingers through his hair and held him to her chest.

"Don't worry, big brother. If you need to cum, shoot it inside me. I'll just take a morning after pill later tonight."

He moved her ass up and down in long slow strokes, meeting her in the middle with his own thrusts.

"Oh yes! I feel your cock jumping! Ohh! Ohh!" she whimpered as he crammed deeply.

His warm juices splashed her insides repeatedly and triggered her suppressed climax. She siphoned his cum and bathed him in her own. He loved how she quivered whenever they came together. It made his prostate squeeze out extra seed and caused his balls to tighten in their urge to fully sate themselves.

Brad kissed Anna and tried to fit his cock inside of her. She winced as he enjoyed her well fucked slit, holding her ankles atop his shoulders. Brad's balls slapped between the cheeks of her ass and he barely could last five minutes before she collected his seed in her womb.

"I'm sorry, Anna. I couldn't pull out in time."

He seemed sincere and withdrew the second he was able to.

"It's alright, Brad." She reasoned; all she had to do was David, a Puerto Rican and black nearly four hundred pound linebacker. She watched Donald and Brad leave to rejoin the party, dressed once again.

He waited in the doorway for Anna to return.

"Do I still get my turn with you. Ann?"

She appeared reluctant to the whole thing, and her face contorted.

"I'm not up for it. Don did a number on me, and I spent the better part of a half hour draining the cum out of my hole."

"I don't need to cum inside you. That's not my thing. I was hoping you'd be able to use your mouth on me again. My girl doesn't like blowing me because she thinks its nasty." He reasoned.

"Okay. Sit on the bed and I'll help you out," she instructed him.

He followed her with his eyes as Jessica crawled on hands and knees to the edge of the bed. His cock was drawn between her lips like a magnet. She sucked his cock contentedly and teased the crown using the tip of her tongue, swirling around and around it as her head lowered further. Her nose touched his pubes and pulled up to the swollen head. It was difficult to breathe around him, but he was close to cumming. She went back down and lost herself in a forest of pubes as he started cumming hard down her throat.

He let her up and smiled with his eyes closed tight.

"Thank you, Anna. Do you, um, need a ride home or anything? I've got a truck and I'm supposed to bring back a few other girls and guys soon."

She shook her head and left the bedroom, dressing on her way to Jessica and Derek's room.

"Can I use your shower, Jess?" Anna asked through the closed door.

Derek stood and went over to open it for her. "Sure, come on in. Give a yell when you need a towel because they're in the linen cabinet out here. I'll throw one in for you."

She smiled meekly and said "thanks" as they watched her disappear.

"That was odd. Why is she showering in our room? All she did was have sex with a few guys."

"Derek? Are you serious? Don is, well endowed. Even I was scared of being around him for too long. But she had intercourse with the guy. His cock was as big as my forearm." She used her arm as a visual and held it up.

"Maybe you're right, sis. But I still never had my turn with her. You and I were distracted and came in here before I could poke her."

"Well, she's right in the other room. If you want her, go and get her big guy." Jessica smirked and gave his cock a quick tug. Her knees were pulled up to her chest, keeping their cum incubated. It gave Derek a sexy visual and the slightest view of her creampied quim.

He carefully entered the bathroom and knocked loudly. "I just have to use the bathroom!"

She quietly said, "Okay. Come in" over the rush of water flowing into the tub. Derek glanced over briefly and saw Anna bent over, waiting for the water to reach a certain level.

He lifted the seat and aimed his cock down at the bowl. "Shit, I can't pee while I'm hard." She peeked over her shoulder and beckoned him closer. Her ass balanced on the edge of the tub as her clenched fist worked over his veiny length. He stood there, unsure of what to do since she obviously knew how to jerk a guy off. Her mouth joined the rhythmic motion and wrapped around his shaft. She pushed all the way down, feeling his cock block her airway. When she withdrew herself, Derek was unable to respond. Anna sucked him down her throat until his balls rested comfortably on her chin and swallowed hard as she pulled away. A trail of seed fired into her gaped mouth, followed by another half dozen streams. He began to soften and turned around to pee.

She stood beside him and held onto his cock, aiming him toward the bowl. The rush of fluid out of his shaft made her soppingly wet.

 "Is there any chance you can get hard for me? I want you to fuck me in the ass, Derek."

He grabbed her ass and carried her to the bathtub in his arms. Anna's slender cheeks touched the warm water and felt the bulbous knob of his prick bump between them.

"I'm gonna try to stretch out your little hole. I promise I won't hurt you."

The tone he spoke in reassured her. His fingers worked a little water around the clenched bud and dipped her ass under the water's surface. He thrusted lightly between her cheeks and managed to slip the tip of his prick inside.

She frowned as he gradually rolled his hips, inching slightly more of himself up her virginal ass. Its intense heat threatened to make Derek shoot a load, but he managed to avoid doing something like that. He withdrew to just the head and again rolled his hips in small circles for about an hour until his balls rested on her tailbone.

Anna looked into his green eyes with her lively sky colored ones and sensed his cock was fucking her slowly. It was uncomfortable but it didn't hurt. She took him like a trooper and sighed as he picked up the pace. He withdrew a few minutes later and bent her over facing away from him. Her ass was in the air and his prick slipped halfway up it without trouble. Derek rolled his hips in small circles to get her used to the new sensation of being fucked in her ass. He managed to maneuver his cock as far as she could take it and cautiously thrusted shallowly. Every now and again, he probed deeper to surprise her.

Anna was in the throes of another climax and met his probing cock with her hips. "Faster! Yes! Aww! I'm about to cum!" she screamed desperately. Her clear juices spurted into the drained tub repeatedly. He cupped his hands under her and tasted the nectar. One hand stroked his withdrawn cock, effectively cleaning it off, while the other drank her juices.

She stood and carefully exited the tub. He followed close behind as Anna bent down for the towel Jessica must have thrown in and left herself vulnerable to Derek's horny cock. He buried it inside of her pussy and fucked her a little more roughly than she had grown accustomed to. There was no way he was letting her go without having fucked her freshly flushed cunt. She moaned in time with his deep thrusts and cooed happily as his hands fondled her boobs. They weren't the biggest but Derek didn't mind them being the size they were.

"You're not gonna me, are you?" she whimpered. He groaned aloud and continued to fill her cunt to the brim with his meaty pole. Anna shook her head in denial and sensed Derek's cock was twitching. He burst in several thick streams of cum, with the tip of his cock pressed somewhere mostly unreachable inside.

He took her out of the bathroom and into their bed. "Pull your legs up, like Jessica's are. I want to see my handiwork." She hesitantly pulled up both knees and parted her thighs in the slightest way. Derek noticed his new deposit and explained to Anna. "I forgot to mention, I am willing to pay you a lucrative salary to remain on the premises until our child is born. After that, it is up to you whether you stay or go. We aren't forcing you to stay, but rather insisting you do so willingly."

Jessica pawed at Anna's slit, tenderly diddling her clit between two fingers. "One of us gets to be in your company at all times to ensure the safety of our little one, until we know we can trust you."

She smiled and invited Derek to sit between her thighs. "Maybe I should get some contraception. Both Donald and Brad came in me before you. Then we can try again to ensure it is actually your seed that knocked me up."

Jessica pawed through her purse and handed Anna a bottle of water. "Go ahead. My brother will be trying every night until we're sure."

Derek and Anna grinned lewdly. "Let's start now," Anna giggled, as his cock eased back inside of her cum soaked hole.
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Damn, that was hot! Thanks for sharing it!

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