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How Can I Not Look?

Bobby really tried not to watch his sister masturbating.
It was hot, sweaty night that night. It's always really hot around here this time of year. Our parents were out of town, and me and my sister (at eighteen, a year younger than me) were watching TV. Even with the lights off and the air conditioning on full blast, it was like an oven in there, and we were both completely drenched in sweat, so much so our clothes were completely soaked. Finally, my sister had enough of this.

"Jesus Christ. Bobby, don't look."


Suddenly, she stood up, and took off all her clothes. I instantly looked away when her top came off, and her boobs came bouncing out.

After sitting down again, she said, "I mean it, Bobby, I better not catch you staring at my tits."

"Like I really wanna look at my sister's tits. Don't be revolting."

I tried to focus on the TV, but I could still see her out of the corner of my eye, so I shifted around in my seat, to get her out of my field of vision. That worked for a while, but then I found myself compelled to glance in her direction. I fought that urge for a while, until...


"What is it, Jess?"

"This heat's making me really horny. Like, y'ever been so horny, your legs start spazzing?"

"Jess, gross! I don't wanna know about that!"

"Well, look, could you just concentrate on the TV? I really need to play with myself right now."

"You can't do that in your room?"

"It's way too hot in there. Look, I just need to cum, then I'll be okay."

"Never mind! Just do whatcha' gotta, and leave me out of it!"

Though I wasn't looking, I could sense her opening her legs. And then the smell hit me, which I tried desperately to ignore.

"Y'all ain't gonna peek, are ya?"

"No, no, just do it."

"I mean it, don't be lookin' at my pussy!"

"I'm not going to look! Just do it, alright?"

I turned up the TV, so I wouldn't have to listen as Jess started to masturbate.

"Ouh, mmhm, shit..."

I tried looking away, but Jess' sighs and moans were too loud and distracting. I glanced at her, and saw her face was screwed up, like she was going to sneeze. I was starting to feel really weird. I fought the urge to look down, but found myself stealing glances. My sister's pussy was practically dripping, as she fingered her clit. I breathed in, and the smell flooded my nostrils. Suddenly, I felt my cock start to harden. This was fucking surreal, watching my sister play with her pussy, with a raging hard-on. Eventually, I realized I was gonna have to get off, too. I pulled down my shorts, and proceeded to stroke my cock, as I watched my sister play with herself.

"Oooh, hmmm..." It was probably inevitable Jess would be alerted by my grunting. She opened her eyes, and saw me masturbating, and looking at her. "Bobby, what the fuck?"

"I can't help it, Jess! Believe me, I really hate myself right now."

"You fucking perv!"

"I know, I'm sorry!" I suddenly saw Jess craning her neck up, like she was trying to see something.

"Well, look, Bobby, if you're gonna stare at me, could you at least turn your chair around?"


"Turn to face me, so I can watch you, too."

This request confused me, but I nevertheless complied.

"Goddamn, Bobby. Did something bite you?"

Jess smirked, and again started her fingers deftly work her wet cunt, and I continued jerking it. As I watched, and smelled, I suddenly got a new urge. I wanted to eat my sister's pussy. These thoughts got me even hotter, until finally, I gave in. I got down off my chair, and crawled over between Jess' legs.

"Hey, hey, what're you doing?"

"Sorry, can't help myself."

"Bobby, watching each other masturbate is one thing, but if you eat me out, that's fucking creepy."

"You started this. Look, just relax, okay? I just wanna see what it's like. It'll just be between us two."

Jess sighed. "You'd better not tell anyone I let you do this."

"I won't."

"Well, c'mon, then. Do it."

I leaned in, stuck my tongue out, and licked her pussy. It tasted kind of sweet, and a little salty. I had a few more licks, then kissed it, and got into full-on eating. I almost instantly knew Jess was enjoying it.

"Ouhm...God..." I glanced up, and saw Jess tilting her head back, and feeling herself up. "Ffffuuuck...yesssss..." I opened her pussy-lips, and licked inside. "Oh, God...!" I glanced up again, and Jess was looking down, watching me eat her. I could tell by her voice she was close to orgasm. "Gonna cum..." she whispered. "Gonnacumgonnacumgonnacum..."

Her moans started to get more vocal. "God, Bobby, I can't believe how good your tongue feels!" I was now practically drinking up her pussy juices. My sister's chest rose and fell rapidly as her breathing got choppier and more rapid. Finally... "Oh, God, Bobby, I'm cumming! I'm cumming!" Jess' legs started shaking, as I pulled my head away.

Finally, she recovered. "God, sit down!"

I sat back in my chair, as she crawled over, then started running her fingers up the underside of my cock. She then sucked on my balls for a minute, before wrapping her lips around my shaft. "Oh, Jess, you're good at that."

She pulled my cock out of her mouth, and flicked the underside of the head, then put it back in. "God, that feels good." I had to admit, she looked pretty sexy, licking up the shaft, and wrapping her tongue around my swollen head. She eventually started sucking me fast and hard, like a piston. I felt my cock start to tense up, before letting go, as I started cumming in my sister's mouth. I could hear her swallowing rapidly, before sitting back.

"Aw, man, you tired?"

"Fucking exhausted."

"Hey, let's sleep out here tonight."

"What the hell, why not?"

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Posted 28 Oct 2013 12:32
Hot story !
Posted 25 Oct 2013 13:16
I agree with others...There should be a part 2.
Posted 20 Oct 2013 14:41
new thoughts... Prety impresve
Posted 20 Oct 2013 12:44
there HAS to be a part two!!!!!!!

Posted 20 Oct 2013 10:52
Outstanding story , I agree with the comment there should be a part two
Posted 20 Oct 2013 10:50
mmmmm i cant wait big bro ;-) x
Posted 20 Oct 2013 10:44
oww i agree with you my slutty little sister you wait till i get you alone
Posted 20 Oct 2013 09:40
damn thats some hot stuff. well done
Posted 20 Oct 2013 09:33
i hope theres a part 2

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