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How Jason Loves His Mother - finale

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Jason becomes a porn star and loves impregnating mom and virgins

I had the most satisfying job that a young man with very high testosterone hormones could ever dream about. I was featured in making a number of Porno videos for my mom’s best friend, Hilda. I was getting paid for fucking all those different pussies. Some of the older women requested me to make videos with them. They wanted see what a strong hard large young cock that could stay fully erect throughout a long photo shoot. They liked the fact that
I could cum multiple times an hour maintaining an erection as we sucked and fucked.

My senior year at school started in the autumn of 1980, I was able to partially fill my lust for a few girls my age that were actually still virgin. My cock was the one that ate their cherries. Hilda was able to talk some of them into loosing their virginities while several video cameras were filming. Close ups of their actual hymens were made and then of my cock actually doing the deflorations of these girl’s cherries. I fucked them for their first time on porn videos. I enjoyed the sight of bright red cherry juice as I withdrew my bloody cock from a girls pussy and putting it back in while the cameras rolled. I had the most wonderful feeling knowing that my cock was the first one they had ever had fuck them. Many of the other girls had fucked around with a boy friend and were no longer virgin. Several revealed that they were involved fucking with family members.

Darlene loved it when her sister, or mother, was added to make it a threesome. Later her mother married a wealthy older man and moved away. Her sister moved to New York and became a high priced escort and call girl. She also had success in bringing in her some of her more adventuresome girl friends. They were entranced having sex with another girl. She told me that she enjoyed being bi-sexual. She liked both cock and pussy in those threesomes.

I still enjoyed fucking my mom and Darlene .All the other cunts that I was able to have sex with were the extra frosting on the cake. I didn’t mind when Darlene was having sex with a woman, it was a real turn on for me, especially if I was invited to make it a threesome. I was getting very disturbed when she had to fuck some other guy in front of the camera. I considered that her pussy was mine alone, I was jealous. Mom and Hilda tried to tell me “What is good for you to experience is also good for her.”

It was very hard for me to accept. Mom asked, “You have all of the symptoms that you are in love with Darlene, is that so?”

I then knew that what mom asked was the truth. Darlene moved in with mom and me. We had a king size bed for the three of us. There was no jealousy between my two women lovers. Many times we were in threesomes together.

In June 1981, at age 17, both Darlene and I graduated from high school and started at the local university. All expenses were paid by Hilda. Darlene majored in education for becoming a teacher. She also minored in bookkeeping and office management per Hilda’s instructions. I majored in TV and Film production. Later, my Master was in computer science.

Mom and I still continued to love each other over the years. In 1982, I was eighteen, Mom and Hilda decided that the best birthday present for me was for me to impregnate my own mother. Hilda directed the porno film as we continued to fuck on video tape as her pregnancy progressed throughout the entire nine months. I can not express the feeling of exhalation and exhilaration I felt as her belly swelled up. I liked knowing that my sperm had fertilized my own mother. Shortly after I got mom pregnant, Darlene, also wanted to be pregnant for porno video. Within a week, nine months later, they each presented me a beautiful daughter. Mom, Darlene and I still enjoyed threesomes togethers in front of the cameras as well in our own bed.

I had the most satisfying job that a young man could ever dream about having, and getting paid for fucking all those pussies. I have continued making porno films. Now that I am older, I have never sucked on a pair of tits and eaten a pussy or fucked one that I truly didn’t enjoy. It was in the 1980’s that it was necessary to institute a weekly AIDS testing to ensure all of our girls and guys were totally free of that ,and other sexual diseases.

Hilda had incorporated a modeling and dance studio across town to ensure contacts with girls and young women. They were actually casting couch calls. The interviews were usually with both the mother and daughter. It was amazing, with the mother’s consent, how Hilda could guide them into nude photography so that the girls would earn much more money. Men’s magazines were good sources for selling the photos of naked females. Hilda suggested pornography was the most profitable way for them to go. At first, Hilda had me monitor the interviews in the next room via TV. If the girl or woman was really interested in doing porn and Hilda could get her naked, she would call me into the interview room. Almost every time, I would get my cock sucked and I would get to fuck the girl and sometimes including the mother as Hilda watched and video taped the scene.

I began sitting in with Hilda on some of those interviews where I would do the interviewing myself. What we didn’t tell the girls and their mothers was that the porno industry needed a continuous input of new and fresh girls. Customer demand required the quick turnover of new pussies and cocks. Mom, Darlene and I were the exception to the rule as we continued on in the business.

Hilda later gave all of her studios over to me as her health failed. In 2000, she gave me the entire control over the porno production, along with the dance and modeling studios to me. We started the production of DVD’s and almost phased out the video cassettes. I have been able to expand into the internet for additional income. Also the rules were enforced that all porn models had to prove they were at least 18 years of age.

Mom, Darlene and I still found, after all those porno films that I made with all the other girls and women, that I still had enough of my sperm filled semen as I impregnated my mother on my eighteenth birthday and again a year and a half later. I now have two sisters that are my also my daughters. Darlene became pregnant on her birthday and gave me three daughters over a two year period,, the last two were twins

They were all age sixteen when mom, Darlene and I introduced them to our incest world. They all willingly gave me their virginity. They all appeared in a few videos when they turned eighteen. Some of their best friends have also been featured sexually in a number of my videos.

Darlene and I both became 18 in 1982. Her mother had found a man of means and married him. Her sister, Karen, had moved to New York and was a very successful high priced call girl

As the years passed by, Hilda gave me more and more control of her porno business along with my mom and Darlene. They had given up being active in front of the cameras. They both became professionals as directors and the camera persons. Many times, one or the other were telling me what they wanted me to do with the woman. I was told when to suck her tits, let her suck your cock, or start fucking her now. I especially liked it when I was in a threesome with two pussies.

Many of the girls from the dance and modeling studios have eagerly given me their maidenheads as they reached their sixteenth birthdays. They were all given supplies of birth control pills. Some of them intentionally have given me children, My mom has been with me since our first fuck and Darlene soon after. They know of my sexual addiction and I am allowed to have sexual intercourse with any pussy I desire. In fact they have found new girls for me.

The three of us are now grandparents, Mom, now in her sixties still loves to fuck me, she is also now a great grandmother of our two daughters and Darlene our three daughters, the last two are twins. I had their full approval and help to take all of those ancestral cherries and impregnate all five of them.

I was very surprised, as I grew older, that I was so addicted to pussy that I had to, at least, fuck a different pussy at least three times a day, if not more to keep me sexually satisfied. I would run thru the whole gamut of my roster of pussies to keep up my lust for fucking pussy, as I grew older, I needed the younger ones to satisfy my sexual lustful cravings.

I put small portions of some of the real old stuff on the internet free porn sites. Newer videos were on pay per view or subscription. There were pop-ups advertising for women of all ages to make good money by appearing in our porn films. A phone number was the only thing listed. They needed to make an appointment to be interviewed. When they were called, they were asked to email a current photo and some information about themselves. They were required to bring their birth certificate and a blood test result taken no later than two days prior to the interview.

Now days, many high school and college girls think that appearing in a porno movie is the most sexy thing that they can do because their friends are also doing it. It is a way for them to experience sex with a number of other people, both boys and girls without any real commitment. I always get the chance to give them what they desire with my cock. The only real problem is now they get a hold of a camera and have sex with friends and put it on the internet themselves.

Whenever the economy is bad, there are a lot more young and older women applying to become involved in the adult pornography industry because it pays well. When I conduct my first interview with an interested female and they enter my office, they are informed that a video tape is being made of the entire interview and later will be given their own CD copy afterwards.

I invited them to sit on very large sofa. It was actually my casting couch. I am not running a scam like some on the internet that did not provide actual work for the women. I ask to see their blood test report. A few women had to cancel their meeting with me for failing by having some sexual transmitted disease (STD). It actually helped them to get treatment for a surprise gift that some lover had given them. I would ask why they were willing to go into the Adult Entertainment Industry? The answer was almost always, “Money!“ A few times, it was that they liked lots of raw sex like the saw in porno films.”

Teenagers graduating from high school were needing money for college tuition. I also get an increasing number of older women sometimes up to age seventy, or so. A number of them are married with husbands that are out of work. They are willing to appear on camera having any kind of sex to feed their family and pay the rent. They are willing to do sexual acts they would never allowed their husbands to have. They thought that it would be a lot safer than walking the streets as common whores.

In these poor economic times, many of the much older women are either divorced or widowed. They need extra income to supplement a meager income. I will take them through the interview the same as a teenager and give them a chance. I always give them a few video shoots, usually in incest videos as a mother or grandmother of a young stud. I found that most of them were grateful and willing to fuck and enjoy a big cock. Mine would be the first at the interview.

I had to ask the real young ones. "How old are you? You know that you need to be Sixteen to legally have sex and eighteen to appear in a porno film. Do you have a birth certificate?” I know a few of them are younger than what the sheet of paper says. “Have you had sex? Do you like getting fucked?" If they answer yes, I ask, "What kind of sex? Was it with a boy or a girl? Have you ever had an orgasm while having sex?"

I would then probe deeper and ask if it had been with more than one person. If I am given an affirmative, I ask, “With more than one at the same time?” I would ask if her partner or partners were older and how much older. If the answer was quite a bit older, I would tell her that she would be asked to fuck older men that you will call daddy, or grandpa, is that OK with you?’

"I want to look at you. Turn around for me several times. Now I want you to take off your blouse and bra and step over here.” I feel their tits. “Now I want you to take off the rest of your clothes, everything. I want to see you entirely bare ass naked. Now I need to know how often you masturbate? Are you fully naked when you masturbate? What do you think about when you masturbate, do you think about other boys or doing it with girls? We pay extra for lesbian porno, especially two pussies with at least one cock"

I then strip completely as I watched her reaction. “DO you like to have your pussy eaten,” I would ask as I knelt between her legs and began kissing her cunt out. I make sure that she has at least one good vigorous cum. "Do you suck cock and do you like it? Do you swallow sperm? There will be times that you will be required to swallow for the camera. Now, I want you to come over here, I need to see how good you suck my cock.”

"Do you like fucking and does it ever satisfy you to orgasm? Do you like the idea of fucking more than one guy at the same time and having them doing all those things to you? I want to see how you respond to my directions while I am fucking my cock in that beautiful pussy.”

I would normally schedule three or four interviews a day, I needed lots of various pussy to fuck. Today, I want to relate my latest interview, there was only one today. A eighteen year old birthday girl named Lorna. I informed her that a video was being made of the interview and told her a copy DVD would be given her, if she wanted it.

In the preliminary interview, she confessed that she was virgin. In the past, I had found that most girls had given up their virginity before they were seventeen. I asked her if she would mind if a third person would be present to operate an extra camera. I told her it would be a very much older woman. She agreed, so I buzzed my mom that we had an eighteen year old virgin to make a video. I licked my lips in anticipation that my cock would be eating a fresh young cherry. It had been some time since I had a real live virgin. Mom arrived with several cameras, one hand held and the other on a tripod.

Lorna said that her mother told her she should have an expert deflower her instead of some pimpled face grouping inexperienced teenage kid. She showed me a birth her certificate that confirmed what she said that today was her eighteenth birthday.

Her face was beautiful, as was her shoulder length brown hair with bangs. Her legs were long and shapely beneath a mini skirt. As she removed her shirt and bra, I saw a pair of gorgeous small tit’s. They were just the way I like them. She said, “I wish my breasts were bigger like other girls.“

I cup a beautiful small tit in each of my palms, “Lorna, if they were any bigger, it would just a terrible waste of such lovely tit flesh. I love them just like they are.” I used my thumbs to caress the nipples into hardness. I then kissed and sucked each nipple a short time.

“Lorna, please remove her skirt and panties.” Unlike most girls and many women that I see now days that shave their pussy bald, Lorna had a nice patch of brown hair on her pubic mound with a plump set of tasty looking pussy lips. She also had an ass to die for.

I quickly stripped and got down to business. I ate out her sweet tasty pussy as I enjoyed the wonderful youthful flavor and aroma of this young female’s most intimate sex. I spread her legs and began kissing and eating her and making sure that I kissed and sucked on her cute little sex button peeking out of its protective hood. She had several good orally induced orgasms.

I spread her pussy lips open to verify that she was actually a virgin. My mom got in for a close up of a genuine intact hymen that was actually there for us to see. Lorna was visibly shaking as she pulled my face back to continue kissing her pussy as she had cum at least twice.

When we got to the part where we would be fucking, I told her that I do not wear a condom and I always cum in the girl’s pussy. She agreed. Mom then zoomed just enough to show my

pre-cum ready to drip from my cock head as it touched her vaginal slit for the first time. I made sure my cock head gently massaged between her pussy lips that were now well lubricated with her pussy love juice and my saliva. I would make sure it would touch on her clitoris as I caressed and lubed my cock between those large plump outer and smaller thinner inner lips that were swollen with desire and anticipation.

I used my thumb and fore finger to spread her pussy lips. I was very careful entering her vagina for the first time. She was so tight that I was afraid that I might spill my balls way too soon.

There were three cameras filming as I entered her to fuck. My mom got in close with the one hand held camera. Lorna gasped as as my cock head touched her maidenhead. I pulled back a fraction of an inch and then I pushed through immediately. Lorna gave a sharp cry of pain, and tear drops formed in her eyes

I quickly withdrew my cock so my mom could catch the traces of cherry juice on my cock that indicated that Lorna had became a fully certified woman as she gave me her maidenhead. My cock was the battering ram that battered down the ramparts protecting her virgin citadel as I conquered her temple of love.

I asked , “Do you still want to continue?“

“Oh yes, Please, I really still want you to fuck me!”

I slowly reentered her and began gently pumping deeper and deeper. She lay passively until I held my cock head tight against her cervix. She softly moaned as I poured my load of sperm filled semen through her cervix and deep into her womb. As I started to move off of her sweet young body, she held me tight to her with her arms and legs wrapped around me.

“Please, I don’t want you to pull out of me. Please leave your cock inside me. I am sure it will feel better if you fuck me again in a little bit.”.

I now lay on top of her sweet female, no longer virgin body. I was feeling those small firm tits pressed against my naked chest. I savored my first virgin in a long time. We French kissed for a while as I was able to maintain my erection in her pussy until she was ready to have another go at it.

She actually began to respond by moving her hips to my thrusting my cock in her still very tight cum filled cunt as we fucked. She put her heels in the back of my knees and her hands were clenching my ass cheeks. I could feel her as she had a fairly hard first coital orgasm. After my second climax, filling her pussy and womb again with another full load of my very active sperm, I rolled off of her.

She surprised mom and me when she reached for her purse and pulled out a ready to use tampon. She quickly inserted it into her vagina, preventing any escape of my sperm.

My mom asked, “Why did you do that?”

She replied, “You may not remember my mother, but he had her cherry on her eighteenth birthday and got her pregnant with me. Now, I am fertile and he just knocked me up like he did my mother.” Turning to me, she added, “I really enjoyed having you fuck me, your sperm was perfect. You gave me my best ever birthday gift. It’s wonderful knowing my own father has impregnated me, Daddy!”

After she dressed and left, I told mom that I would pick up her favorite takeout. Darlene was away visiting one of our ill young grandchildren.

Mom and I then had one of our greatest lovemaking sessions in celebration. We were both elated knowing that I had just added another child to our generational lines with what had to be at least my twenty-fifth offspring. Mom said, “Oh that was so sweet, my baby’s sperm is making a baby right now in that girl. I like knowing that!”

Mom suggested that we view the video of me fucking Lorna’s mother. We were masturbating each other as we vied the scenes of that event. We also reviewed the one from today. We spent the rest of the night alternating between fucking and watching other memorable videos.

We were watching and reliving the happy times awhen I impregnated both mom and Darlene each time. It was a lust and incestuous filled oral and full intercourse orgy until my 67 year old mom and her 47 year old son finally fell asleep. Our bodies were still locked in a sexual embrace.

I always especially enjoyed the fact that I was in the act of creating a new life in a womb of a female that had requested me to do so. There is a number of children that mom and I know of, at least twenty five now. There could be more that were never reported to us. I have had a full and fucking good life, so far, to date.

At age 47, I am writing this account of my life to tell you, “How Justin Loved His Mother.”

This story is protected by International Copyright Law, by the author, all rights reserved. If found posted anywhere other than with this note attached, it has been posted without my permission.

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Posted 14 Dec 2011 18:32
I Loved the whole series but wonder, how did Justen become "Jason" in this last one?
Posted 17 Nov 2011 05:15
hey lot of dirty fucking but you could have further broken this part into 2 parts. Going to read other parts of this story soon

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