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How Justin Loved His Mother - Part Two

Justin goes porno
It was now summer break from high school. Mom and I had commenced our long term incestuous love affair on that first Saturday. We hadn’t even bothered to dress because we kept retuning to bed. Mom began many more lessons in our incest orgy. She trained me on ways that I could use to sexually please girls and women in the wonderful world of satisfying sex for all occasions. During one fuck, we were side by side, facing each other. My cock was still hard and deep in my mother’s hot and wet pussy filled with my sperm. She had multiple orgasms and I had filled her twice.

Earlier that afternoon, I had asked if she was worried about getting pregnant. She said that she had been talking birth control pills in anticipation that we would start having sexual intercourse on my birthday the night before.

“Mom, you said that that my cock was bigger than my dad’s, how much bigger?”

“Oh sweet baby, I guess it is time that I should tell you the truth. Roger is not really your father!”

“What do you mean? If he isn’t my father, then who is?”

“My daddy is your father. Daddy was the first one to ever fuck me. My mother had a cancer operation that prevented her from ever having sex again. She knew that daddy was a very highly sexed man. To keep him from going to prostitutes, she gave him her permission to fuck me. I was the oldest of three girls. I was sixteen the first time, and I was virgin. As were the twins, Trish and Tina when they reached that age. He fucked them too. My daddy was so sweet and tender as he made love to us girls. Mama died just before I was eighteen. Daddy thought it best that I marry the guy he worked with twenty year old son, Roger. It turned that Roger was never passionate with me. I didn’t know it at the time, he would always rather hang out with men. Daddy was sorry that he had asked me to get married, especially to Roger. I think he had learned that Roger had sexual affairs with other men.

After that, daddy knew that I needed sex regularly as much as he did. He took care of my all of my needs and I took care of some of his need to fuck. Trish and Tina got married, but still found time to keep our daddy provided with enough pussy to keep him happy. Without any of our husbands suspecting, he got the three of us girls pregnant. The twins, I think twice. We all miss him so very much. He has to stay in a nursing home after that severe stroke he had last year. I have been able to get a few times alone with him to suck his cock, He says it feels so good, but he is unable to ejaculate”

I now knew how and why mom was so easily induced to incest with me. Mom taught me that I should never touch a clitoris with dry fingers. If the pussy wasn’t wet with passion, then I should lick my fingers and to softly touch the clit. She told me that as I grew older, I would want to fuck other pussies. Mom said that she would teach me all of the methods of seduction. That way I would be able to get some virgins. I learned that a virgin girl would have a hymen and where to look in a girl’s pussy to tell if the girl had her maiden head. I was instructed on ways to go about seducing girls. She wnted me to enjoy that my cock could and would eat virgin cherries.

It was several weeks later that mom brought home an older lady. She told me this woman was a very special friend, Hilda. I was told that the three of us were to spend the night together in bed. I not only fucked them both, I learned the many ways of how two women had sex together.

Hilda was very impressed with me, the size of my cock and the ways that I knew how to suck and fuck. She said that the next time that she came that her photographer, Camille would be taking photos and videos of me as I fucked mom and Hilda. It was to be as sort of a screen test. It was then that I learned that mom had been making porn video tapes for Hilda for several years. Mom then told me that she was prepping me for making pornography videos.

Hilda had some very special exclusive clients that were requesting real incest, or if both male and female were young, they could simulate brother and sister incest. The thought that I would be able to fuck a number of different pussies of all ages really excited me and really turned me on. I would become a Porn Star.

Hilda provided a number of video tapes for me to watch. Mom sat with me as we watched those tapes on our TV. I was surprised to see a few that featured my mom fucking both men and women. I was excited when I was told that I would receive a small stipend for my fucking females. I would be getting the oportunity and use of all those pussies for my fucking my cock. Hilda said I would be getting extra money if I would be willing to have sex with men.

Several months later, Bev asked me if I had gained any experience fucking a pussy. That afternoon, she was amazed at how well I was able to satisfy all of her sexual requests. That weekend after I told her she could earn lots of money and get lots of various cocks to fuck her. She joined me at Hilda’s studio. Bev and I made our first porn video together. Hilda gave me a bonus for procuring 17 year old Beverly. I was promised even more money if I could bring more girls into Hilda’s stable.

When school started in the autumn of 1981, I was able to partially fill my lust for girls my age that were virgin. My cock ate their cherries. That was while several video cameras were filming close-ups of my cock actually doing deflorations of these girl’s hymens. I fucked them for their first time on porn videos.

I had the most satisfying job that a young man could ever dream about having, and getting paid for fucking all those pussies. I have continued making porno films now that I am older. I have never sucked tits and eaten a pussy and/or fucked that I truly didn’t enjoy. In 2004 Hilda turned over the entire porno production to me. I have been able to expand into the internet for additional income. 

Mom and I still found, after all those porno films, enough of my sperm filled semen as I impregnated my mother on my eighteenth birthday. I now have two sisters that are my daughters, Jennie Sue. Mom presented her to me in 1982. She was sixteen when mom and I introduced her to our incest world in 1998. Linda Ethel born in 1983 gave her virginity in 1999. Some of their best friends have also been featured secually in a number of my videos. They were all eagerly giving me their maidenheads.

I have had a fucking good and full life, so far.

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Posted 10 Dec 2013 00:40
interesting how time heals, educates and provides, isn't it? Such a well done story - would be great if it were just a little longer and more details - am getting selfish - want More - lol
Posted 26 Sep 2011 11:58
not bad,not bad at all..
Posted 25 Sep 2011 14:25
Great story. Is there more? "V=5++5+."
Posted 24 Sep 2011 15:35
wow,,,you sure packed a lot into one short chapter,,,haven't digested it all yet!! ((lol)) very imaginative!!
Posted 24 Sep 2011 13:28
Good imagination. very cooperative family . Daughters are sisters. hmm , cant wait them to grow 18,lol
Posted 24 Sep 2011 11:49
Very good story

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