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How We Made Out With Each Other Part 3

My sister Valerie and I were shocked when Jenifer, our mom, walked in unexpectedly two days early. She caught us both naked and fucking doggy style as we watched the large screen TV playing the video that we had made when we both lost our virginity to each other.

Now we were even more surprised as watched as our mom, Jenifer, completely undressed and was standing naked before my sister and me.

Mom was an almost exact copy of Valerie. Yes, she was an earlier edition of her daughter, but a very sexy and desirable addition.

Val was no more than maybe a large A cup and mom no bigger than a B cup with only minimal sag for her age.

I loved their small size tits. Large ones that I saw on porn internet always turned me off.

All three of us had looks of intense lust as we gazed at each others nakedness. Each of us had just one thought. We wanted sex, lots of incest sex with each of the other two.

My own mother reached out to me and firmly grasped my solid erection, “Eddy, I truly believe that your big beautiful cock is larger in all ways than my daddy’s. I know that I am going to really enjoy you fucking my pussy. My sister Mitzy will also be visiting to have you fuck her in a week or to. You will be taking her daughter that is also your half sister Becky’s cherry and enjoying both of their tits and cunts.

Mom suggested that the three of us adjourn to her king sized bed. We stopped by my bedroom as we looked at the evidence that my cock had eaten the cherry of one girl so that I would be in expectation of adding another one.

In mom’s room, Val and I were taught the proper way of foreplay. I enjoyed the experience of my first fucking one pussy while eating another one. Val learned the ways of woman on woman.

The three of usspent three days in bed in all combinations of sexual family incest. Val and I skipped school for two days with mom‘s permission.

Val and I were taught the value of foreplay in preparation for the visitation the next weekend for a four pussy and one cock orgy of incest with the other two partners of our incest family.

After mom made us go back to school, we all spent every night in a threesome.

I fucked my mom and my sister. I enjoyed the two of them joining together to suck my cock and my eating their pussy.

I was intrigued as I watched mom and Val in their lesbian couplings. I had viewed porn, but this was my mom and sister live, pussy and tits in the flesh.

I learned that mom loved my hot sperm mixed with pussy love juice directly from my sister’s cum leaking pussy. Mom also got Val to love tasting my thick semen from her own mother’s sopping cunt as soon as I finished fucking mom.

What a wonderful world of incest, pussy, and cock sucking mouths. What could be better for a sixteen year old male with a very high testosterone level and with two mouths and cunts that were ready recepicales to releive the over abundance of my sperm filled semen. The four mouth filling firm small tits to nurse on could not be forgotten either.

Friday night arrived along with Aunt Mitzy and cousin-sister Becky. Becky was just three weeks older than me

It amazed me how much they looked so much alike as mom and Valerie. The same facial and body characteristics.

As soon as they entered, Aunt Mitzy hugged me tightly. I felt her hand down between us, She was feeling me up, checking the size of my cock. It only took a minute for a full erection.

“Jen, you were right, Eddy has to be bigger then Daddy. I want us all to get naked so I can actually get a good look and a real good feel of what we are all going to get fucked with.”

Becky was standing there watching with an expectant blush as she observed what her mother was doing. She knew full well that she would soon be loosing her virginity.

It didn‘t take long for the four cunts and a cock to be stripped of any type of clothing.

Before any actual sexual contact was made by anyone, the two newcomers demanded to see the video of Val and me loosing our virginity together. It was watched twice.

Mitzy and Becky agreed that it was the best porno film that they had ever seen, especially a cock eating cherry busting one.

Mitzy told her daughter, “Becky, we have discussed why it was necessary for you to save your cherry for Eddy. That’s why I wouldn’t allow you to use a dildo or tampons. You have been on the pill since your birthday. I want you to get used to fucking before you decide that you want Eddy to get you pregnant. As for myself, anytime soon will be good enough for him to knock me up. I‘ve been waiting long enough.”

Jennifer said, “We should all go up to my bedroom and my king size bed for the big event of Becky being deflowered. I put on an extra clean sheet so that becky can have a cherry juice trophy to hang up in her bedroom just like Valerie has.”

On our way to mom’s room we stopped at Val’s bedroom to obseve the virgin blood stained sheet used as a wall hanging at the head of her now seldom used bed. Mom informed Mitzt and Becky that this was to be their room to use if they had to get a momentary rest away from all the others during their stay.

Mom had placed some chairs around her bed. The video camera was already set up on a tripod to record the Main Act when my cock would take Becky’s virginity. There would be an extra camera for someone to use for close ups. Mom started the first camera and picked up the second one.

Becky got on the bed first and I followed. Our naked bodies ready for the age old ritual of a virgin being deflowered in the act of her first sexual union with the virile masculine sex organ ready to enter her body for the purpose of depositing his sperm filled semen deep in her receptive vagina.

Mitzy said, “Becky and Eddy, I want a lot of foreply before any fucking. Lets see plenty of oral licking all over each others bodies. Then start a 69 sucking cock and eating pussy.”

Becky and I lay side by side as we started French kissing and lightly touching each other. It took a few minuts before I felt Becky’s hand touching my fully erect cock for the first time. I had been busy touching two beautiful small breasts with hard nipples that I had just started kissing and sucking.

Out of the corner of my eye I could observ my mom moving around with the second camera. She was zooming in and out to get close-ups of Becky and my sexual incest arousal.

We had been at it for some time in varions positions including a 69.

Betzy called out, “Eddy, I want to watch you fuck Becky! I need to finally see her cherry juice on that big beutifu cock. Then I want to see you all the way up inside her cunt and for you to cum in her.”

Becky lay on her back spreading her legs as her mother placed a pillow under her ass. My mom moved in to get a good picture of a virgin pussy shinny with my saliva and Becky‘s pussy love juice.

I then moved in to take my place between the beautiful spread legs of my sixteen year old cousin, half sister waiting to willingly give up her hymen to me. Everyone moved as close as possible to get their best view of this memorable moment.

Mom said, “Sis, remember the first time daddy fucked you?Mama had me use my thumb and fore finger so I could spread your pussy lips. Then daddy, mama and me, we saw your hymen. Then mama told me to use my other hand to rub daddy’s cock back and forth in your slit to make sure he was really lubed up.”

Mitzy added, “Oh, yes, Jen, I remember how you then aimed daddy’s cock at my vagina and guided it in. I remember that mama French kissed me as daddy‘s cock ate my cherry”

She turned to Becky and me, “That’s what I want to do!”

We were all looking at the fleshy tissue that just partly closed Becky’s vagina about an inch inside. Mom turned the view finder so Becky could see her own hymen as she was smiling weakly, she knew exactly what was about to happen. She was thinking of the video of Val and me.

Mitzy then added to me, “Eddy make sure as soon as you break her hymen, I want you to pull back out so that we can all see cherry juice on your big beautiful gorgeous cock before you fuck it all the way up her cunt and cum in her the first time.”

My cock was slowly fed into Beck’s vaginal love canal until she squeaked that it hurt as my cock head touched a fleshy barrier just a short distance in. I backed off a fraction of an inch.

I was enjoying the fact that it was my cock that was going to eat my second cherry in one week. How could a guy get so lucky. Even more so that this weekend I would have four different cunts to fuck to keep me fully occupied.

I paused for a moment. Betzy, mom and Val all cried out together, “Fuck her Eddy, fuck her!”

I thrust, Becky cried out, and I pulled out my cock covered with streaks of cherry juice amid cheers, laughter and Beck’s tears. She was no longer a virgin.

Mitzy fed me back up into her daughter’s pussy. I fucked slowly, her pussy seemed tighter than Val’s had the first time.

Becky would moan in pain as each time I hit her cervix. After about five minutes, she began to hump back at me on my thrusts deep into her responding pussy. We actually reached our orgasms at the same time.

There were cheers and clapping as I slowly withdrew my still engorged cock from Becky’s tight cunt. We all watched to see a creampie dribble out of her newly first time fucked pussy.

I was well pleased with my performance. I was ready now to take on my Aunt Mitzy. She was ready for me.

Mitzy had already cum several times before I finally pushed my cock head tight agaist her cervix and pumped a good load of sperm through it into her womb. Just as I had done to her daughter a short time before. My aunt said, “you’re right Jen, his cock is bigger than daddy’s was. I could really feel it when Eddy spermed me. I loved it.

Mom and Val got their doses of sperm during the night and next two days.

I found out that it could be a wonderful position to be in. Fucking four cunts was also a very demanding job, even for a very willing sixteen year old.

There were a number of times that I had to be content with just watching four cunts pleasing each other. I depertlyneeded to refill my sperm resavoir so that I could return to the family incest sex orgy.

I hope to return with another chapter.

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Posted 10 Dec 2013 01:21
ah, another virgin banner - and the feel of his big cock massaging those familial pussies - a fantasy of any male and some female readers - little more detail would have helped
Posted 28 Jan 2013 00:34
A real orgy.
Posted 26 Jun 2012 17:50
Great series of short stories but you need a proof reader/spell checker. (Some really shocking spelling) Apart from that - Loved it.
Posted 21 Jun 2012 07:57
The only thing that could improve this chapter is more detail
Posted 20 Jun 2012 13:28
Good Job.. Keep going.

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