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How We Made Out With Each Other Part Two

Two virgins, brither and sister come together and mom makes three

How We Made Out With Each Other Part 2

My sister Valerie lay naked beneath me. My cock had been well lubed by stroking it back and forth in her Valley of Love. It felt so good that I was between her pussy lips wet with her pussy love juice coating my cock. I made sure that every time that my cock slid back and forth that my cock head had kissed her clitoris.

Valerie had several mini climaxes. I asked her if she was ready for me to put my cock into her vagina for the first time so my cock would eat her cherry. She said she was very ready to surrender her maidenhead. I was also set to loose my own virginity as my sister was the first girl that I ever fucked.

I began pushing into her. She was so tight, it felt so good. The head of my cock was just inside her vaginal opening. I could feel when I touched a fleshy barrier that I knew was her hymen.

I was afraid that I was going to cum long before my cock had eaten her cherry and totally filled her love canal. I wanted my first load of sperm filled semen to be released against her cervix.

She moaned in pain as her maidenhead surrendered fully and was no more.

I pulled back out, I wanted both of to see her cherry juice on my cock. I made sure that the video camera could get a good picture of the evidence that it was my cock that had taken my sister’s virginity.

“Oh, Eddy, It did hurt, but not as bad like some of my friends said. Now, Please, I want to know what it really feels like to be really fucked. I want to be fucked my first time by my own brother. That seems so nasty to do.”

She whispered, “I’m so excited that it is incest. My best friend, Teresa, admitted to me that her dad fucked her and her mother didn’t care. She said that her mother was tired of sex and that her father could fuck his own daughter. It really excited me when she told me that. Now, I want my own brother to fuck me, I almost had a big cum as soon as your cock touched my vagina.“

And we fucked, sister and brother fucked over and over. Val began having vaginal orgasms. We continued to fuck until both of us were fully sated and exhausted.

We slept together and woke Saturday just before noon. On my bed sheet there was the undeniable evidence of a virgin blood spatter.

Our mother wasn’t due back home for another two days.

We didn’t even bother to dress as we moved totally naked around the house between fuck sessions.

We spent a lot of time viewing pornography on the computer. I had hooked it up to a large screen TV. We were both excited as we watched our own fuck video as we both lost our own virginity. We viewed it several times. We even watched a number of different pussies showing their hymens and the results of a cock removing that thin tissue barrier being removed as that pussy was no longer virgin.

Val was surprised when she actually saw a scene where a woman’s well used ass hole gaped wide open as she accepted a man’s huge cock.

I told Val, “Why would anyone what to put his cock up a dirty ass when a nice tasty pussy was so close nearby?”

We tried some of the various sexual positions that we had seen. We settled into the missionary and doggy styles.

It was late Saturday evening, Val and I were on the floor and were fucking doggy style while watching our own video. The sound was loud with all the moans and slapping sounds of two bodies connecting together fucking, both live and on the big screen video.

We were startled by our mother’s voice.

“Well, at last!” I was wondering when you two were going to join the rest of the family. No, please don’t stop, keep on fucking, I need to watch.’ It was our mother Jennifer standing there.

Val and I were not only startled, we were stunned. We both said in unison, Mom, what are you doing home?”

“Well, I am so happy that I decided that I needed to get home! How long have you two been fucking? Which of you initiated it?”

Val said, “It is all my fault mom. It all started Friday night after the Home Coming Dance. You had me on the pill and I was still virgin. I wanted Johnny to fuck me, but all he could think of was that he had played a couple minutes in the game. I tried to suck him off and he cum all over me and my dress and brought me home a left to talk football with his friends. I was so worked up that I went to Eddy. He was still virgin too. It’s all my fault mom!”

I broke in, “Mom, don’t blame Val. I have watched so much porn I had to find out what it was like to fuck. All I had done before that was to jack off.”

“Oh yes, Eddy, I know that you have been doing that. I am the one that has been washing your cum stained sheets and wiped up the cum spots on the bathroom floor. I have been waiting for you and Val to start fucking. It was inevitable, incest is in both Val’s and your DNA genes!”

Val and I were flabbergasted at our mother’s revelations.

Mom continued, “I am so happy that you even made a video. My daddy would have liked to have seen that, moma too. At least I can show it to my sisters. They have been asking me when the two of you would be joining the family incest.”

I said, “Mom, what do you mean?”

Val and I were both standing naked right in front of our mother. She was rubbing her hands up and down our legs. She was looking at the cum leaking from Val’s Pussy and at my erection.

Mom added, “I might as well tell you now the story of our family. You both are the results of incest. My moma and daddy were brother and sister. Moma had been fucked by her poppa and daddy had fucked his mama. We are all members of an incest family. So it was natural that my sister Mitzy and I were fucked by daddy. Your cousin Becky is really your half sister.

Our mom continued, "My sister has been waiting patiently and worried about you Eddy. You are the only male member of our incest family now. You are now expected to service Val, me, Mitzy and Becky. I know that it is a great responsibility. And Val, there can be no jealousy. We all must share Eddy among our family. Do you understand?”

Val nodded her head, “Yes, mom, but it is all so new.”

“Also, Valerie, all of us girls are expected to be bisexual, you will not only fuck Eddy, you will be expected to have sex with me, Mitzy and Becky. We have what my sister and I call a closed family, No outsiders."

Mom turned to me, "And Eddy, that goes for you too, do you understand? You will have all of the pussy fucking that you can possibly take care of. That makes it two women and your two sisters. You will be called upon from time to time to impregnate any or all of us.”

I was just sixteen and all of this information was hard to absorb all at one time.

Mom then rose and undressed. My cock immediately became fully erect. “Eddy, I believe that your big beautiful cock is larger in all ways than my daddy’s. I know that I am going to really enjoy you fucking my pussy. My sister will also be visiting us in a week or to. You will be taking your new sister’s cherry and enjoying my sister‘s tits and cunt."

Mom suggested that the three of us adjourn to her king sized bed. We stopped by my bedroom as we looked at the evidence that my cock had eaten the cherry of one girl so that I would be in expectation of adding another one.

In mom’s room, Val and I were taught the proper way of foreplay. I enjoyed the experience of my first fucking one pussy while eating another one. Val learned the ways of woman on woman.

The three of spent three days naked in bed in all combinations of sexual family incest. Val and I skipped school. We were in preparation for the visitation the next weekend of the rest of our incest family.

Watch for Part three.

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Posted 16 Sep 2012 11:17
Very hot! Love the topic very much too
Posted 19 Jun 2012 09:15
WOW! I can't wait for Chapter Three!
Posted 19 Jun 2012 05:42
lets get going on that part 3,,, family time cant wait!!
Posted 19 Jun 2012 05:23
Super Hot...")

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