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Hunting Samatha

This story is a collaboration between Lush_Lover_1913 and me. So if you like it, tell her too!
Samantha Lummis walked the parameter of her family’sproperty as she did every night. One of her duties on the ranch was to be sure everything was secure. She hugged her jacket tighter around her, the air was quite crisp, she could see the white puff of air as she exhaled. October in Montana and she could already tell this would be a hard winter.

As Samantha neared the point of the property that was furthest from her home, she noted that the large wooden gate was ajar. The fence that surrounded the property was typical ranch style, meant to keep their cattle within its confines. The gate wasn’t wide open, just set back enough for her to notice that it wasn’t latched. This wasn’t the first time either. It seemed to happen about once a month. Samantha re-latched the gate, shrugging off the occurrence and continued her patrol.

Samantha, or Sam as her dad and brothers called her, was about to be 18. Her long straight red hair was usually pulled back into a pony tail or braid down her back. Working on a ranch she had a toned build. Her most striking feature was her ice blue eyes. Everyone told her she had her mother’s eyes. She didn’t remember her mom, who died when she was about two.

Finished with her evening chores, Sam entered the large ranch home. She lived here with her dad, Thomas, and two brothers Daniel and Nathaniel. Being the only girl, and the youngest, she was more of a tom-boy. She liked to wear flannel shirts and worn jeans, having no idea how much they showed off her toned rear end. Hanging her jacket on the rack and removing her work boots she headed to the shower. Her dad and brothers weren’t around. They liked to go hunting in the evenings sometimes. “Hmmm,” she wondered. “I bet Nathaniel left the gate open.” He was the least responsible of the family.

She continued her evening routine and headed up to the shower. Knowing no one was home she stripped in her room with the door open. She looked at her nude body in the full length mirror. She loosened the braid in her hair so that she could wash it and then ran her hands down the sides of her body. She had smaller breasts, a large 34 A cup, but she didn’t mind, they fit her body well. She did acknowledge that something seemed to be changing in her over the last few months. Like her libido was out of control. She never had time for boys, all though they chased her like lost puppies. So she was a virgin, and fine with that, but lately… she couldn’t control the new impulses running through her and found that she wanted to explore her body and all its pleasures.

Sam continued to run her hands over her petite but strong body. The palms of her hands brushed ever so lightly over her erect nipples. Then she trailed them down her ribs to her taught tummy. Her hands were slightly calloused from the work she did, but the texture felt good and gave her goose bumps. She watched her hands move over her body in the reflection of the mirror. Finally her hands found themselves between her nicely tanned legs. She sighed as she very lightly brushed one hand over the outside of her outer lips. Because she shaved her self bare, she noticed that they were swollen and slightly pink, proving her excitement. She slipped her middle finger between those lips and grazed the top of her clit running the finger down to test how moist she was.

Oh yes, she was at the peak of arousal. She watched as her finger, almost as if on its own volition, dipped between her folds and penetrated her sheath. Her eyes automatically closed and her head titled back in pleasure. She groaned loudly just as her brother, Nathaniel, burst through the doorway. “Hey Sam! Come look…” He trailed off as he took in the scene. Her eyes sprung open and for a moment they just stared at each other.

“WHAT ARE YOU DOING?” She was finally able to scream. Nathaniel spluttered an incoherent apology and shutting the door, left. Sam took one last look at herself in the mirror; her cheeks now beat red from embarrassment, and got dressed. She stomped down the hall and knocked on Nathaniel’s bed room door before deciding just to enter. A quick glance told her he wasn’t there. Then she heard the shower running. Before knocking on the door she heard something from within. Was that a groan? She felt and involuntary tingle in her lady parts and was suddenly no longer angry, but very curious as to what was happening on the other side of that door.

Very carefully, Sam opened the door and peeked in. The small bathroom was full of thick steam and she couldn’t see into the shower from the current angle she was in. But she could hear. Oh yes, that was a groan all right and a moan and some grunts too. Now she had to see what he was doing. Confident that he was occupied in what ever he was doing she quietly slipped into the room. Now she could clearly see through the opaque shower curtain, the silhouette of her brother, franticly rubbing his hand up and down on his very large member. She had seen both of her brother’s nude before, but it had been a while and never had she seen one of them like this.

With out even realizing it, her hand had slipped down the front of her shorts and was rubbing her clit in time with his strokes. Somewhere, in the back of her head, a very small voice was telling her that this was wrong. She ignored it. The pleasure sensors in her brain had taken over and there was no going back. Her arousal quickly caught up to his. She fought to keep herself silent, but the few soft moans that involuntarily escaped her lips were easily muffled by his much louder groans. She continued to watch and knew that she was on the verge of climax. With out warning Nathaniel grunted very deep in his chest and she could see his hand milking his load from his cock. This sent her over the edge and she came… hard. This time she couldn’t help but moan. The curtain flew open as Nathaniel once again caught her with her hand between her legs.

They stared at each other, but this time was different. She had the post climax dreaminess about her and his face carried a wicked smirk. “So did you like what you saw lil’sis?” She could only barley nod her head in response. He stepped out of the shower and stalked towards her, still completely nude. She did note that his sizeable cock was still partially erect. Her eyes lingered on his well cut abs. Nathaniel was 20 and like her had worked on the ranch his whole life and that the muscles to prove it. The water dripped from his well tanned torso as he continued to walk the few steps it took to cross the bathroom and backed her against the wall near the door. He placed one hand on the wall, next to hear head and shut the door the rest of the way with the other, then placing it so that it mirrored the position of the other. Their eyes locked and he leaned in and kissed her full on passionately. She whimpered as she briefly surrendered to him. He tasted so good. Full lips suckled hers into his mouth. His tongue lightly danced with hers. The hand still on the door frame moved to cup her jaw line and trace his finger down her neck and to her collar bone. Just before that finger circled to cup her breast, through her shirt, Sam realized who it was she had been kissing. “Oh my god!” She exclaimed, pushed Nathaniel back and bolted out of the bathroom.

Instead of heading back to her room she ran out of the house and to her favorite hiding place, the loft in the barn. When ever she was confused or needed time to think things through, this is where she came. She sat huddled in the corner of the loft, her arms wrapped around her knees. Never in her life had she been more confused then she was right now. How could she possibly have been aroused by her brother? The image of that huge manly member kept returning to her mind. That and the way he had kissed her. She’d never seen that side of him. He was always the brother she joked around with and teased; the lazy irresponsible one. Now she saw him as a man, a very sexy man at that. Uncontrollably the tingle between her legs returned. She fought the urge to satisfy it.

“Eh hem.” A throat cleared. She lifted her head enough to see her dad at the top of the ladder. She wiped her eyes with the sleeve of her shirt, realizing that she’s been crying. “You ok Sam?” Her dad asked with sympathy. Her red eyes looked up at him, started crying again and she buried her head in her knees again.

“Nat told me what happened.” She did not expect that, at all! Why on earth would he say something to dad? She looked up at her dad again, the confusion obvious on her face.

“Ahh, my only daughter, you’ve grown up so fast.” He reminisced. “Sam, baby, there are some things that you don’t yet know about our family. But I promise, you’ll have answers very soon. Just please know that what you are feeling, what your brother felt, it’s all completely natural.” Sam just nodded to him feeling even more confused then she had minutes ago. He patted her on the head, gave her a quick hug and left her alone.

She must have fallen asleep there because the next thing she knew, warm rays of sun were streaming through the slats in the barn roof. Someone had covered her during the night, as her mother’s thick quilt was cocooned around her. She blinked off the sleep as the flood of memories from the night before waved over her. She groaned and stretched, stiff from the way she had fallen asleep. “Time to face the music.” She thought to herself and headed for the house.

She entered the kitchen where her dad and both brothers sat around a large dining table. The three gorged themselves on fresh eggs, bacon, pancakes and coffee. She sat down and made herself a plate. They didn’t even seem to notice that she had joined them. They talked amongst themselves, mouths full of food. “Business as usual I guess,” she mumbled to herself. When she raised her head to take a bite of scrambled egg her eyes naturally focused on Nathaniel. Though she hadn’t noticed, he was already looking at her. When their eyes met, he winked! He actually winked at her! She very nearly choked on egg. Not because of the wink, but because that small bit of attention he aimed at her sent a shock of electricity to her neither regions. So affected by the gesture, she could actually feel a wet spot forming on her panties. Nat grinned that wicked grin again.

Instead of freaking out, this time, Sam decided, two could play at that game. She looked Nathaniel in the eye across the table. She was still barefoot so she slid her long legs over to his. Starting with his foot she began to tease him with her toes. Subtle at first, gauging his reaction. There wasn’t any. He continued to shovel food into his mouth. Finally she went straight for his goods and placed her foot between his legs and began massaging his cock with her foot. He was already hard. So he was reacting, just not in a way that she could see. Very good… Her foot landing on his shaft must have surprised him. His fork was half way to his mouth when he dropped it and it clattered to his plate.

Her dad and Daniel looked over at Nat like he had lost his mind. Sam continued to tease his prick while eating her breakfast and talking to the rest of the family. She finished before them and pushed back from the table. “Since I didn’t get my shower last night, I’m off to take one now.” She knew as she walked away that Nathaniel’s eyes would follow her ass.

She turned the valves in her shower on to allow the water to heat up. Because she was the only girl in the house, her dad let her have the master bedroom with the private bath. Sam needed to wash away the guilt from the day before. Dad said it was natural right? She striped and entered the shower, ducking her head under the hot water. Like Nathaniel’s shower, the steam fogged up the room. She massaged the shampoo through her long locks and rinsed thoroughly, the suds running down the length of her body. She faced the shower and ran her hands over herself to rinse off. Somehow knowing it would happen, the shower curtain opened behind her and she felt hands on her hips. She closed her eyes as lips touched her neck. The lips traveled down and to her shoulder. The hands caressed her hips and thighs but stayed in that neutral zone.

Sam kept her eyes closed, wanting to just feel each and every sensation. Forever, it seemed, the hands explored her nakedness. She moaned, needing more. She grabbed his hand and pulled it to her breast. The fingers rolled her hard pebbled nipple and the hand cupped and massaged her entire breast. The other hand slipped around her front and between her legs. Sam opened her legs just enough to allow access. The rough hands made her tingle from her nipples to her toes. She moaned into the touch and rubbed her ass against his very large, very erect cock. His fingers grazed her clit but headed straight for her very willing hole. The fingers dipped in and swirled around to coat them in her honey. He slowly drew them out again and brought them to her mouth. When she felt the pressure she opened her lips and tasted herself for the first time. She very nearly came right then.

His hands slide back between her legs and his rough finger entered her again. First one finger, slowing pushing in and out, lubricating her well. Then a second finger, slowing pumping and massaging her from within. Finally a third finger to stretch and prepare her. Sam let him do as he wished. It felt so good that she closed her mind to everything except the exquisite pleasure he was giving her. His fingers caressed and stroked parts of her that had never been touched. He must have been able to sense her rising climax because he gently bent her over and slowly, rubbed the head of his cock from her pussy to her clit over and over. She was well lubricated when entered her virgin hole.

Very slowly and gently his large cock moved in and out of her, his hands on her hips. It stung a bit but she was beyond ready and at the peak of arousal so her body readily accepted him. She wanted more, needed more of him to fill her. She began to push her round ass against his pelvis, telling him of her need. He took the hint and started to pump her pussy harder and faster. Sam’s fingers found her clit and rubbed the hood frantically, on the verge of orgasm. Her lover was must have been as well because as his movements increased, so did his moans. Sam couldn’t hold hers back either and was glad she didn’t have to. Then it hit her. She exploded. She could feel the pulse of electricity from her toes to the top of her head. Never had she cum like this. Sam’s climax sent him over the edge as well as he grunted and held her steady their bodies shaking from the intensity.

Unable to stand steady bent over as she was, Sam stood and turned. Her brother, Daniel stood before her his eyes laden with post climax dreaminess.


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Posted 08 Mar 2014 07:44
great story loved the twist
Posted 18 Jan 2014 20:56
Very hot.
Posted 20 Mar 2012 12:34
Very erotic and sensually expressed..
Posted 27 Feb 2012 03:56
Amazing story, well told and fully representing the conflict between the joy and doubt of incest – Made me hard in no time!!
Posted 01 Jan 2012 08:28
Very good. Now on to part 2.
Posted 03 Nov 2011 07:34
I loved it, seems there is much room for another chapter or two. To me its the taboo of it that makes it so much more exciting..
Posted 16 Oct 2011 19:29
This is hot!
Posted 13 Oct 2011 13:47
I'll be riding into sunset waiting for more.
Posted 13 Oct 2011 13:47
Loved it made me super hard I need a shower lol
Posted 13 Oct 2011 13:38
Hot story, Thank you, Fred
Posted 13 Oct 2011 10:42
I cant wait for the next!
Posted 13 Oct 2011 10:30
Very well written. Hope you two collaborate some more.
Posted 13 Oct 2011 10:30
Hot story. Does Dad and Nathaniel get in on the fun too.5+
Posted 13 Oct 2011 08:57
I'm so sorry to my partner on this story. Her name is Lust_Lover_1913. Please message her too if you liked!
Posted 13 Oct 2011 08:50
very hot with a nice little twist at the end. i see a part II in your future with this story line. well done

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