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I Want My Daddy - Part 2

Daddy said it was only for that one night, but I desire him even more! What should I do?
“Yes Daddy! Move those fingers! Move those fingers!” I spread my legs wider. Slamming my pussy towards my father’s hand. Grinding my pussy as his fingers go deeper.

He is moving his fingers in a frenzy as I thrash on the dining table feeling immensely good being finger-fucked by my father. His three fingers are stretching my teenage pussy while creating such delicious feelings between my legs. He lowers his head and starts suckling my sensitive puckered nipples that I cannot help but moan under his body. He continues to move his fingers in and out my sopping core. I beg my father to fuck me faster and to fuck me harder. Daddy bites my nipple hard making me scream with the pleasure and pain. I move my body following the rhythm of his fingers knowing all too well that I am nearing my orgasm. I beg my father for more and he obliges me by moving his fingers like a piston slamming in and out my wet pussy. I let out a scream as I come for the second time and I feel the tremor shaking my whole being and consuming me. My father keeps moving his fingers as my vaginal walls squeeze and quake around them. When my body slowly stop trembling, my Daddy pulls our his fingers and they are glistening with my juices.

“Erica, you’re so wet Baby.”

“I’m always wet for you Daddy.” I murmur.

“What do you want your Daddy to do now?” My Daddy asks as he rubs his cock head.

“I want my Daddy.” I whisper and get down from the dining table, give my ass to my father, bend my body forward and spread my legs.

“Fuck me from behind Daddy.” I gasp when my father spanks my ass. My ass burns with the pain.

“More. Please Daddy. Give me more!” I beg. I gasp even louder as my father’s hand spanks my ass again.

I wait for the next assault but I am so surprised when I feel Daddy kissing my ass. I gladly push my young supple ass so that my father’s face is smothered by my flesh. I giggle as he gently bites and nibbles, but the moment his fingers brush my clitoris my whole body begins to shakes. From behind, Daddy wraps one arm around my waist and with the other arm he slithers it down towards my clit. My knees nearly give in as he rubs my clit so hard and fast that I instantaneously come for the third time. He is relentless because he knows that I can come many times simply by rubbing my ever sensitive clitoris. He hugs my body tightly as I continue experiencing my orgasm. He kisses my neck giving it soft nibble while pulling and tugging my nipples as my body still trembles from my orgasm.

“Fuck my pussy with your thick cock Daddy. I’ve been craving for that cock for days now.” I tell my father. He continues playing with my tits ignoring what I have just said.

“Daddy? Are you listening to me? Please fuck me!”

“Grab my dick and slide it in your wet teenage pussy Baby.” I hear his voice.

I can feel my father’s hard dick nudging against my ass and I grab that cock with my hand. I spread my legs wider and raise my ass while slowly moving my hip as I feel his cock head spreading my pussy open. I gasp as my father’s dick inches into my awaiting pussy. I push my ass further back so that all of my Daddy’s thick throbbing white meat is deeper in my sopping core. His breathing is becoming more laboured and his hands continue to torture my tits and my pebble hard nipples. Finally, I have all of my father’s cock in my pussy. My young pussy is enjoying the thickness of my father’s cock and I begin by moving my body and I gasp with each pleasure that my father gives.

“Daddy... God... your cock is so good!” I say through my ragged breathing and soft moans.

Daddy pulls my nipples so hard that I arch my body. Daddy tugs on my nipples again making me scream with pain. He then bends my body further over the dining table, puts his firm grip on either side of my hip and slams his cock deep in my pussy. He then slowly pulls his cock out until his cock head is at the opening of my sopping cunt and rams his cock deep in me again. It is torment and yet he is giving me such delicious pleasure. Slowly and steadily, Daddy fucks my pussy faster and harder. I beg for more. He continues to ram his thick meat in and out my pussy. I try to keep up with him but he is just too fast. I moan and beg as he slides his dick incessantly in my body. I do not even realize that my feet are not even touching the floor as he continues to ram his dick in me.

I can feel how wet my sopping core is and I can also hear the sound that our fucking in the dining room. My father’s grip on my body gets tighter and I also notice that my orgasm is near. Daddy suddenly pulls out his cock and I instantly turn around to protest but to my surprise he is on his knees. He turns my body facing him and he puts one of my legs over his shoulder. My pussy is open for him and it is inches from his face. I call out for my Daddy so loud when his mouth suckles my clitoris while he inserts 3 of his fingers in me. I grind my young pussy to his face and fingers as I frantically try to find my orgasm. His lips on my clit were sublime while his fingers fucking my core were magnificent. I hump his mouth and fingers again and again. I moan so loud as my orgasm takes control of my body. I tremble and shake with the pleasure brought by my father. He continues teasing my clit as my body continues to convulse. After a while, he lay me on the dining table while still holding my left legs to him. He rubs my clit with his cock and smiles as my body still trembles every time his cock head rubs against it. I beg him to fuck me with his cock. He holds the leg firmly against his chest, tickles my toes with his tongue and rams his dick in my pussy.

“Feel your Daddy’s cock in you! Feel your father’s cock in you!” I can hear him saying.

“I can feel you Daddy! Oh God! I can feel your cock in me Daddy!” I say as my father rams his dick in me.

I cannot move my body as my father holds my leg tightly against his chest while he pistons his cock in my pussy. I feel my whole body shaking and moving as he moves his throbbing cock in me. With one hand holding my leg, his other hand squeezes and teases my tits. I rejoice the feeling of my father’s ministration on my body, but I want more. I want so much more from my father.

“More Daddy. Fuck me harder. Fuck me!” I beg. Daddy shakes his head and slows down the movement of his cock.

“No! Please Daddy! Please fuck me harder! I beg you!” He shakes his head still denying me what I want.

“God! Please Daddy...fuck me harder!” I cry and yet he only smiles. He then shakes his head. To my utter horror, he vanishes into thin air.

* * *

“Damn! It was a dream!” I whisper as I wake up from sleep feeling utterly disappointed.

I wanted to have sex with my father so I seduced him 3 weeks ago and I did fuck my father, the man who brought me into this world. It was the best thing that I have ever done in my 17 years of living, but it has also been 3 weeks since my father has sex with me. We fucked and I promised him that I would not ask him to fuck me again after that night. I came numerous times and it was more than wonderful. He fucked my pussy with his fingers. He ate my pussy until I screamed his name. He even fucked my pussy with his meaty cock and he came all over my face and body. Daddy made me felt so damn good, but now no more. I have been having these dreams of having sex with my father for the past weeks, but even in my dreams my father’s cock has never made me come like that night.

After that faithful night, Daddy seems to distance himself from me. Usually he would be home by 4 or 5 in the evening but now he seems so busy with his office work and will only be home after I have slept. In the morning, he would disappear even before I wake up. My mom as usual is busy with her own job leaving me all alone fending for myself. I don’t really mind fending for myself because my parents have taught me to be independent since young, it is that I just want my father. I just want my Daddy back in my arms. I want my Daddy back in my bed. I want my Daddy back between my legs fucking me like the night before. I miss him so much and I feel horrible because I crave for his touch more than anything. He has given me the best sex ever and I can feel that my mind and my body are desiring only him! I dream of him making me come again and again nearly every night! I want my Daddy so bad!

I am sitting in my bedroom right now waiting for him to come back. The clock shows 12 midnight. Mom is sleeping I guess, but Daddy is still home. I stare at the screen of my laptop, nonetheless there is nothing on screen that tickles my fancy. Even reading the erotic story by my favourite author has done nothing. I feel awful and I am so scared if my father will forever hate me or will forever distance himself from me. I will be the unhappiest person in this world if it would turn out to be like that.

Suddenly, I can hear his car coming into the driveway and I jump down from my bed and dash out from my room. I run down the stairs and wait for my Daddy in front of the door that connects the house to the garage. My heart is pounding like crazy and my heart too is full of apprehension with what my father would say or do when he sees me. I can hear him behind the door and I can feel my fingers getting cold from nervousness. The doorknob sudden turns and the door is slightly ajar, but I simply keep quiet because I don’t want my Daddy to know that I am standing so close to him. His hand is searching for the light switch and again I simply wait for him. The lights are on and the he pushes the door, but he is busy looking down on his cellphone.

“Daddy.” I call him. I can see how he freezes in front of me and it breaks my heart that I am the cause of his dilemma.

“Erica? Why aren’t you in bed?” He asks and fidgets nervously in front of me. His face shows how uncomfortable he is being around me.

“I want to talk to you Daddy.”

“Can we do it tomorrow? I’m so tired Baby.”

“No! You will head back to the hotel even before I wake up! Please Daddy. I need to talk to you.” I continue. I take a step forward closer to my father.

“Baby, it’s late. You’ve school tomorrow and I have work. Why don’t we sleep first?” He insists.

“Do you hate me Daddy?” I ask with my voice now straining with emotions.

“No! I don’t hate you Baby! God! I would never hate you!”

“Then why are you ignoring me and why are you always busy with stuff and why is it that I don’t see you anymore at home?”

“Baby.” He says as he touches my face. “I am busy. I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to make you upset.” He explains.

“Can we talk then? Let’s talk Daddy?” I beg.

“Erica, be a good girl and just let it be. Forget what had happened. Forgive me Baby.” He then kisses my lips and pushes me away.

“Daddy! Please! I need you!”

“Erica, nothing happened. Just... just let us be good father and daughter. I will never make the same mistake again.” I feel my world crumbles as he says these words.

“Go to bed.” He says. He then switches off the lights and leaves me in the darkness.

I cry and slump on the floor. I hate myself for making my father detests and loathes me. It disgusts me that I have made my own father hates to even touch me or look at me. I blame myself and nobody else for the grave horrible mistake that I have made. I simply sit on the floor and cry for God knows how long. I feel awful. I wipe the tears from my face and slowly stand up. I feel so miserable. I take my time as I walk up the stairs thinking how can I stand living in the same house with Daddy if I crave for him, for his body and for his cock every time I see him? I slide my hand under my panties and moan as I can feel how hard my clitoris is and how wet I have become even though Daddy does not even want me. Tears keep wetting my cheeks.

My senses suddenly are focused on the shower at the end of the hallway just next to my parents’ bedroom. I can hear water running and I walk towards it. I brave myself and turn the door knob to the shower and it is my luck that it is not locked. I can see my father’s delicious silhouette behind the thin glass panel dividing us. I push the glass door to the shower cubicle and my father is showering with his back towards me. I take off my cotton nightgown and stand there waiting for my father to turn around. I want my Daddy and I do not care what happens next. His wet body makes my mouth water because I want to lick every inch of him. I can feel my pussy pumping so much of my juices. I am so aroused and waiting for my daddy is excruciating.

My father suddenly turns around but his eyes were close as he washes away the shampoo from his hair. I take 2 steps forward and my body is now wet from the shower. My father opens his eyes and he is so shocked with what he sees. He staggers to the back and stops when the shower wall touches his back. My young naked teenage body is now soaking wet and my father’s eyes feast on it.

“This is what I do when you don’t want me Daddy.” I whisper.

I play with my nipples by grazing them with my long fingernails. I gasp and gaze at my father. His brown eyes are transfixed on my tits. I pull and tug on my nipples and let him see how puckered they have become. I push one nipple to my mouth and lick the nipple, suckling it in my mouth all the while whimpering trying to make my father want me and desire me. It does not take long for his wet thick dick to respond to me. I now focus my attention to my other nipple and start licking and suckling it. My father’s cock grows before my eyes. As I suckle my nipple, my hand slithers down between my legs and starts teasing my wet pussy. I murmur and moan begging for my father to suck my hard nipples and for my father to fuck my gushing core.

I then close the gap between my father praying all the while that he will not push me away. I continue rubbing and pinching my now slippery clitoris as I offer my wet C-cup titties to my father. My mind decides to tease the man I love and lust in front of me. As his face gets closer to my young teenage tits, I pull them back giggling with his surprise reaction. I offer them again and I can see hesitation in his brown eyes. I coax him to suckle and lick them again. Pushing my ample tits to his face with a wicked smile on my face. I am shocked when suddenly my father spank my nipples so hard that makes me cringe. The pain is searing and now it is my Daddy’s turn to give me a wicked devilish smile. I guess I deserve the nipple-spank.

I turn around and bend my wet body forward knowing all to well that my wet ass is rubbing against his growing thick meat. I wiggle my wet ass and rub it on his raging hard on. I gasp when my Daddy spanks my ass and he spanks my ass a few more times making me even more aroused than before. Then, I slowly bring myself around, kneel in the shower in front of my father and stare up to him. I give him such a naughty smile when I wrap his cock between my wet tits. I lick his cock head that protrudes between the soft meat of my ample wet breasts. My father groans and closes his eyes.

“Daddy, I don’t think this wrong.” I say as I start moving my tits on his cock.

“I am a good daughter. I love making you happy. Are you happy Daddy?” I ask.

“I am Baby. More than anything. Your tits are making your Daddy so happy!”

“You are a good father. You are the best father I can ever have!”

“I don’t know, what I know is the fact my cock aches for your young cunt every night and day. It’s driving your old man crazy!” He confesses to my delight.

“Daddy, tell me what you want.” I ask him as I stare up to him with his throbbing cock tightly squeezed between my wet tits.

“Oh Baby... make your Daddy come. Make me squirt all of my seeds all over your body.”

I start squeezing my tits around his hard arousal and move them. I am so happy as I am giving my Daddy pleasure. My pussy is dripping from my juices as I am giving my father a titty-fuck. I move my tits faster and my father voluntarily moves his body as he fucks his daughter’s tits. I lick and suck each time his cock-head reaches my mouth. God! I love my father’s cock. His cock moves easily from the warm water raining on our wet bodies in the shower. I have imagined fucking Daddy in the shower many times in the past few weeks and this is perfect!

I replace my titties with my hands moving it up and down his thick length. As I move my hands on his dick, I lower my face and lick his balls. From my father’s face, I know he immensely enjoys having his balls licked. I open my mouth and suckle one of his balls while my hand continues to move on his cock. I love the sound that my lips make on those cum-filled balls. I leave his delicious balls and I begin licking his cock from the base to the tip and I enjoy the feeling of his dick on my tongue. This is the cock that made me. This is the man that brought me into the world. Now this man is the one that is giving me pleasure and I will serve him in return.

Daddy suddenly pulls his cock away and holds the base of his cock. I look up without saying anything waiting for my father to make his next move. He then slaps my face with his cock saying that I am his cocksucker, his whore and his slave. I am very taken aback with what he is saying, but at the same time I feel elated with the images they conjure in my mind. I simply nods and say yes as my Daddy slaps my upturn face with his thick fat cock again and again. He pulls me up and ushers me to face the wall. He asks me to put both hands on the cold wall and use his knees to spread my legs. I moan as his knee rubs me between my legs nudging my sopping core and my clit. With the warm water showering over our bodies and my father’s knee teasing my pussy, I feel so good and I am really looking forward to be fucked by my father.

“Your pussy is so wet Erica.”

“It’s wet because of you Daddy.”

“Don’t be too loud. Okay Baby? We don’t want to wake up your Mom.” I nod my head showing that I understand even though my body and mind are actually screaming for my father’s dick to fuck my brain out.

I call for my Daddy the moment his cock head slides into my wet pussy. I have been craving for his cock for weeks and now I have his thick meat inch by inch sliding in my teenage pussy. He pushes his cock deeper in me and stops when he has finally inserted all of his throbbing arousal in my body. I feel my pussy wall accommodating his thickness and I do not even realize that my body is moving on its own accord. I start moving my hip, gyrating my ass and enjoying the feeling of his cock in my pussy as our bodies continue to be bombarded by the water from the shower.

I cannot help myself but fuck his cock by moving my body to the back. I love the feeling of my wet ass slamming against his wet body as I am trying to give my body more pleasure. I beg my father to fuck me as I keep moving and grinding my ass towards his cock. I want my Daddy so much and I think he can see and feel how desperate his daughter is. I beg my father again and finally he starts moving his cock while pulling and tugging my wet nipples. Daddy is squeezing them hard between his thumb and finger making me weak in the knees. His cock continues to exert delicious delights in my cunt.

“Yes! Oh Daddy! Oh God! Your cock is... ahh.” I cannot finish my sentence.

My father leaves my tits and his hands are now on my wet ass spreading my ass cheeks as he fucks my sopping core. I gasp when I feel him inserting the tip of his finger in my anus while his cock slides effortlessly in and out my pussy as I am so wet from wanting my father and from my arousal. I gasp even louder when my father inserts his finger deeper in my anus. As his cock fucks my pussy, his finger begins to move in my tight virgin asshole. It feels so damn good! I slam my ass to the back as my Daddy continues to ravage my pussy with his thick cock. I love the feeling of his hot meat spreading my core open and slamming deeper and faster each time. His finger in my anus too is creating pleasure that I never knew existed. My voice begins to fill the shower.

“You’re too loud Baby!” My father warns me.

“I can’t help it Daddy! Your cock is just so good!” I confess.

With my assertion, my father’s hand suddenly covers my mouth while he fucks me even harder now. His cock makes me scream with so much pleasure. If his hand were not on my mouth, I might have woken my mother up because I feel so wonderful that I simply don’t care even if I scream. My Daddy’s other hand finds my sensitive clit and rubs it like crazy making me convulse with the excruciating delight he is giving me. He moves his cock and fingers incessantly making me near my climax. I beg my father to fuck me harder and to fuck my wet teenage pussy faster mumbling through his hand that is covering my mouth. My father seems to read my mind as he heightens his movement as he fucks me in the shower.

I nearly fall when I come if not for my father’s arm encircling my wet body from behind. His hand is still on my mouth and as I convulse from the sheer pleasure of it. My father continues to pump his thick meaty dick in my pussy. I let out a scream behind my father’s hand on my mouth as his cock is creating an uncontrollable rapture between my legs that travels all over my body. My father’s movements are getting more insistent and stronger. I can feel that he too is nearing his climax. I move my body trying to give my father more delicious pleasure. His cock moves faster. He pumps his dick deeper and harder. Suddenly he pulls out his cock, turns my body around and squirt all of his semen all over my wet body. His face contorts and he groans as his hand squeezes all of his creamy cum. I use my hands to scoop his semen and lick my fingers. I try to drink every drop of my father’s seeds.

* * *

We clean our bodies together without saying anything. As my father rubs my body dry, his cock has sprung to life again. Daddy suggests that we head to my bedroom since it is quite a distance from his room and I agree. We enter the bedroom quietly, I close the door and when I turn around Daddy is sitting on my bed covered from the waist down with a towel. I walk towards my father and make myself comfortable. I straddle his body and let him lick and suckle my tits. I push my warm tits towards his face and gladly feed my father my soft flesh.

“Daddy, may I ask for a favour?” He stops suckling my puckered pink nipples, looks up and gives me a dirty look.

“You asking for favours is dangerous!” He answers and gives my right nipple a bite.

“Ouch! I just want to ride you.”

“Ride me? Ride me... how?” He asks.

“I want to ride your hard cock and be your cowgirl.” I reply while I let my hands roam behind my ass feeling his now engorged dick..

“Your cock wants me. It’s hard Daddy!”

“What am I going to do with you?” My father closes his eyes.

“Just fuck me. I won’t ask for anything else. Just let me ride your cock and let me make you and your body happy.” I try to rationalize.

“You have answers for everything just like your mother!”

“Does Mom ride your cock?” I ask mischievously.

“Careful! She’s your mother! Oh Baby... what are we doing?”

“Fucking, sucking, humping and cumming?” I answer and my father answers me with a spank on my bare ass.

“That’s painful! More please?” He spanks me one more time as I squirm on his lap.

“Erica, ride my cock Baby. Ride your father’s cock.” He suddenly says.

“Yes Daddy. Your wish is my command. And Daddy, I want you so bad and I think I will forever want you!” I whisper as I raise my body, guide his cock towards my sopping core and rub his cock head along my wet slit.

“You want this old man?” My father asks.

“I want... I need... I crave... I lust... for you Daddy.” I tell my father and I close my eyes as I gyrate my body when my Daddy’s dick finally slides in me.


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Posted 09 Apr 2012 11:27
great part see if you can make part 3 as good
Posted 01 Feb 2012 20:17
I am so ready for part 3...
Posted 20 Jan 2012 08:21
Gray story love the details
Posted 16 Jan 2012 11:38
if i did not want my daddy before i read this i would surely want him in me now....... licking my lips.... more plz
Posted 13 Jan 2012 15:09
Such a hot little slut. Excellent visuals. More. Soon. 5+
Posted 13 Jan 2012 04:26
looved reading every minute of it. keep up the good work.
Posted 12 Jan 2012 18:40
i love every detail...
Posted 12 Jan 2012 12:19
Another great story can't wait for more

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