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Incest Fantasy I

My daughter was as good as her word.
My daughter was as good as her word. The next time I went to her place for “lunch” she gave me a blow job. We did all the usual preliminaries. We showered each other and gave each other massages. Then I gave her an orgasm orally and then it was my turn. She have me one of the most delicious blow jobs of my life. She licked me up and down several times, including my scrotum. She took my testes into her mouth. Then she lowered mouth to my penis and took me in. The feeling of my daughter’s lips sliding down my penis was simply indescribable. She took me all the way in and pumped up and down several times. It didn’t take very long before I exploded into her mouth. She gently ran her lips up and down several more times to empty me completely and swallowed my ejaculate.

What about my wife? Had I been neglecting my wife before or since I began to make love with my daughter? The answer is that I had not. In fact, going to the massage parlor and having a lady get me off by hand only made me more eager to go home and make love to my wife. We made love two or three times a week before I started my affair with my daughter.

I should say a few words about my wife. She was and is basically an older version of my daughter. Her breasts had more sag, but she kept herself in good shape, as did I. We have two other children, a son who was at that time nineteen and a daughter who was sixteen. As I discovered when I first saw my grown daughter nude, her physique was very much the same as her mother’s – the same breasts, the same curvaceous hips, the same long legs, even the same perky nipples and the same curly brown pubic hair.

After I began my affair with my daughter, I went to her place two or three times a week, generally over the noon hour, and we had wild sex. The funny thing is that at about the same time, my wife suddenly wanted to make love more often, so we ended up making love three or four times a week. For a man my age, I was in a sexual wonderland.

I kept going to the massage parlor occasionally. I had usually gone there over the lunch hour but now I usually went there in the early evening before going home. My daughter had explained to the other ladies that she and I had started an affair, but not that I was her father.

The fact that the other ladies knew that we were having an affair led to my next big adventure. My daughter had told me early on that once in a while, the ladies got together with their husbands and boyfriends and swapped massages to take care of the men. She asked me if I wanted to go to such an event. I would require me to take an afternoon off. I asked her how it worked. She said, “Well, you will get a couple of massages from the other girls while I give massages to a couple of the guys, then we’ll fuck. That’s how it works, the couples swap massages, then the couples fuck. But it’s not an orgy. We go to different rooms for all this.” I asked her is the rules were the same, that everything was done by hand. She said, “Well, almost. It’s OK to give the guys a blow job if we want to, but not OK to fuck them.” I was taken aback and I asked her if she gave the guys blow jobs. She nodded, “Almost always, yes. Look, I wasn’t that sexually experienced when I took this job. I had only slept with a couple of guys. I had given a few more blow jobs, but only a few. Now, I’ve had at least thirty dicks in my mouth and I just love it. I love the way they feel and I love the taste of their cum.” I asked her is the other girls usually gave the guys blow jobs. She said, “That’s for me to know and you to find out.”

So, I arranged to have the afternoon off on the day of the event. When my daughter and I arrived there were four men and five ladies. One of the new ladies had volunteered, just as my daughter had done. I knew all the ladies except the new one, so obviously, I wanted to see her nude and feel her hands on my body and especially on my penis. I didn’t get that for my first massage because one of the other ladies said she had dibs on me. This was a masseuse whom I had often seen and who was one of my favorites. She was shorter and more voluptuous than my daughter with darker nipples. But what I particularly liked about her was that she had a wonderful patch of dark brown pubic hair that was somewhat scratchy so that I could feel it sliding up and down my body when she gave me a body slide. She would always spread her legs for me, but she had never let me get beyond her vulva or give her oral sex.

We went off to our separate rooms. There were four bedrooms and a family room. Now I had further fantasies about my daughter going off to get nude with a man I had just met and give him a massage and a blow job. She was literally doing this in the next room. And she knew that her fellow masseuse was going to give me a nude massage in the next room to her. This whole thing put me in a total sexual haze.

The lady and I went to our assigned bedroom and undressed each other. We had been nude together many times, but this time it was different. There was no money to be exchanged and it was her husband with my daughter so she knew that my daughter would be giving her husband a blow job. I was so excited, I was almost trembling. She gave me her usual good massage complete with body slide. But when it came time for me to massage her, she spread her legs wider than usual while she was face down and didn’t object when I slid my finger into her vagina. I cupped her pubic hair with my hand and made sure that her labia were well lubricated. When she turned over, she spread her legs even wider. I sat between her legs and leaned over to kiss her nipples, resting my penis in her pubic hair and sliding up on her tummy. Then I lay beside her and gave her an orgasm with my fingers.

Then it was my turn to lie on my back. She sat between my legs and stroked me for a few minutes. Then she leaned over and slowly, slowly took me in her mouth. After sliding down my penis and back up once, she raised her mouth off me, looked me in the eyes and said, “This is why I wanted to have dibs on you. I wanted to give you a blow job. I was hoping you would come to one of these parties so that I could do this.” After that, it didn’t take her long to get me to ejaculate in her mouth. She took it and swallowed it. For my second massage, I was in luck. The new lady came with me and another masseuse that I knew well. This other masseuse was not terribly good looking, but she did give a terrific massage. But it was the new lady I was really interested in. I always loved undressing with a new lady, exposing myself to a new lady and drinking in her body. The new lady was young and petite, with a perfect petite figure. She didn’t have a large bust, but her breasts matched her physique perfectly. She was looking straight at my erect penis as I took my underwear down. The older lady spent a lot of time teaching her techniques of sensual massage and I was in heaven. I had a skilled masseuse, for example, massaging my scrotum, then the younger girl with her petite hands doing the same. The older masseuse stroked my penis, then the younger lady did the same. She was the one who finished me. Her hands were so petite that she could wrap them around my penis one above the other. It was just a fantastic feeling. When I came, she giggled, took some of my ejaculate on her fingers and tasted it.

Afterwards, my daughter and I had our usual wonderful session. She whispered that she knew that the first lady had given me a blow job and that she hoped I enjoyed it. I told her I had and that I had given her and orgasm. She told me that she had given both guys blow jobs. She asked me about the new lady and I described the lady’s body and the massage to her. We were both so excited that we both had explosive orgasms.

On the way home, I asked her what she thought her mother would think about her job. She surprised me by saying, “Mom knows. I talked to her about it before I took the job and I’ve talked about it since. I told her exactly what was involved and told her I thought I would enjoy it. She has asked me all the same questions you asked me. Do I like being nude? Do I like looking at the guys? Do I like touching the guys? I’ve given her all the same answers. She even knows about these parties and she knows I give the guys blow jobs. The only thing I haven't told her is about us.”

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Posted 20 Jan 2013 09:50
Tell us more. "V=5++++."
Posted 03 Jan 2013 21:21
Great story... love the interplay between dad and daughter... the family dynamic has extra potential... 5+
Posted 30 May 2012 20:54
pretty good story. now if Mom finds out about husband and daughter, this could lead to some really hot family fun.
Posted 06 Oct 2010 16:15
hot story .. thanks
Posted 06 Oct 2010 07:19
very good story
Posted 06 Oct 2010 07:07
Good one.

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