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Incest In The Black Family-Part 1

Case 1-The Whole Family
Leroy and Valeda J. were a happily married couple with two children from Hartford, CT. Each summer the entire family would leave the sweltering heat of the city for the Gulf Coast of the family's home state of Alabama. Their cottage was located right on the Gulf of Mexico and has every modern convenience for today's family, including a satellite dish and a High Definition TV set . With such modern conveniences it's no wonder that the entire family looks forward to their annual summer get together.

Leroy and Valeda have two very fine grown children. Antoine the oldest just turned 18 and had just graduated from high school. He was looking forward to going to college in the fall. Lawanda had just turned 17 in May, she was also looking forward to going to college in the fall. 

The whole family arrived on the Gulf Coat by car on August 16. They spent most of the day setting up housekeeping and unpacking their belongings. After about two hours the family finally got into their swim wear and headed out to the ocean to unwind and to relax. The ocean water felt very fine and cool. It seemed as if the water had not only relaxed but also refreshed and reinvigorated them, for all of a sudden the entire family was looking at each other in a very strange way. Leroy was starting to look at his beautiful daughter as if she was a girl friend. Their eyes were locked into each others' gaze. The same thing was happening to Valeda and to Antoine. Mother and Son went up to each other and hugged each other.

But there they were together in the ocean water, the whole family, mother and son and father and daughter displaying intimate feelings towards each other. It didn't matter that they were a family and what they were feeling towards each other was considered incest. But something strange was happening to this family and before the day was over it was to get even bigger.

After their swim, the entire family had a nice shrimp gumbo dinner in the family kitchen. Remarkably the entire family left their skimpy swim wear on. As dinner progressed, Father and Son were staring at Mother and Daughter more intently, more deeper. Finally, Leroy went up to Lawanda and started to rub her tiny tits. This thrilled Lawanda very much.

"Oh, Daddy!" Lawanda moaned.

"You love this?" Leroy asked.

"Oh, I do, Daddy! Please keep on doing it!" Lawanda said.

"Oh, I will, I will!" Leroy replied.

Father and Daughter kept going at it until Lawanda succumbed to the inevitable and pulled her father's swim trunks down below and took her father's huge ebony cock and placed it in her mouth. Ever since her 17th birthday she had dreamed of doing something like this. Now that dream was coming true.

Meanwhile, Valeda removed the swim trunks from her son Antoine which also revealed a cock that was just as big and hefty as his father's. Dinner was suddenly forgotten as the entire family was now engaged in full fledged sexual heat. The vacation unlocked secret sexual desires that were building up within the family for some time. Now these incestuous desires we being fulfilled in a very special way.

After Mother and Daughter were sucking cocks together, Father and Son proceeded to remove the swim wear from the womenfolk. The two men proceeded to suck their tits very slowly going down to their chests and stomachs and finally licking their slits. The Black Family orgy was now moving along at rapid speed as the men were giving the women the most thorough tongue cleaning that the two women ever experienced.

The whole orgy was played out in the kitchen located where the ocean, which was after all a very public area, was located. Soon loud moans were to be heard all over the coast as the two women were about to climax.

"Oh, Daddy, make me feel good!" Lawanda moaned.

"That's it, Antoine, make your momma feel good!" Valeda shouted.

"You love your dad giving you a good time?" Leroy asked Lawanda.

"You love giving it to your momma, Antoine?" Valeda asked.

"Oh, Mom, you're the best fuck I ever had!" Antoine answered.

"Oh, Antoine, you're the greatest!" Valeda shouted.

But there was more to come Antoine placed his huge cock into his mother's pussy while Leroy would place his big black pole into Lawanda's pussy. For the next few minutes. the entire house reeked of sex as the Black family orgy was accelerating full steam ahead. Son fucking Mother, Father fucking Daughter, it was a moment that was a feast for the eyes. The fucking was to last for about 10 minutes before Father and Son would take their cocks out of the pussies of the two women and Valeda and Lawanda started sucking on those big monster cocks together.

The two women then came together a few minutes later.

"Oh my god, Daddy, I'm coming!" Lawanda screamed.

"Antoine, I'm coming!" Valeda said.

Antoine then shot his load on his mother.

"Oh, Mom, I'm coming!" Antoine shouted.

"Oh my god, Antoine, you've made momma feel so good!" Valeda said.

"Oh my gosh, Lawanda! You're daddy's coming for you!" Leroy shouted

"Oh, Daddy," Lawanda said, "you've just made your darling daughter feel so good!"

Both mother and daughter took the cum that the men just shot and rubbed it all over their bodies.

"Let's head for the bedroom!" an excited Leroy said.

"But what about the kitchen mess we have here?" Valeda asked.

"We'll get to it when we're finished with our orgy." Leroy replied.

"Well, alright, let's go into the bedroom." Valeda said.

And so the entire family went into the bedroom. It was the bedroom that Leroy and Valeda would sleep in for their entire vacation. Both Antoine and Lawanda had separate rooms for themselves.

Mother and Son and Father and Daughter were together on the king-sized bed at last. First, the two women were sucking the huge cocks of the two men. After a few minutes the two men would suck ever so gently on the women's tits. They then went down all the way to their pussies and licked their slits. Their slits were different then day and night, Valeda's was bushy while Lawanda's was more cleanly shaved, but they tasted and felt just the same.

Then the whole family began to fuck once again. This time the fucking was more aggressive and more intense then when it was done in the kitchen. Not only was it done in their pussies but Antoine fucked his own mother in the ass! Valeda felt a rush of excitement inside her as Antoine gave his own mother the ultimate fuck. After a sore start Valeda with time became more relaxed as Antoine gave what she felt was the best fuck ever.

A few minutes later, the two men pulled their cocks out of the two womens pussies and Valeda and Lawanda both sucked their men's cocks together.

A few minutes later the men finally shot their loads.

"Oh my goodness, I'm coming!" Antoine said.

"Here it comes!" Leroy shouted.

The two women themselves came a few minutes later.

"Here I come Daddy. Here I come!" Lawanda shouted.

"Oh my goodness! It's coming!" Valeda screamed.

When it was all over the whole family laid back and took a breather. When they finally got their breaths back Valeda said, "Wow! That was a great one."

Leroy said, "What a fun night this was."

The whole family then cleaned up in the shower and went back to the kitchen where they cleaned the kitchen up before returning to their bedrooms for the night.

For the rest of their vacation, the entire family engaged in some of the hottest incest orgies that anyone ever saw. For the next two weeks, Father and Daughter and Mother and Son engaged in some very hot family sex together. In time both Antoine and Lawanda moved their belongings out of their own bedrooms and moved into their parent's own bedroom where the entire family not only had sex together but also slept together in the same bed for some very blissful sleep.

Then one day while their parents were out for a nice drive in the country, Antoine and Lawanda went into the family's fitness room tgether to do some exercises together. Lawanda soon went up to Antoine and began to suck her older brother's large cock and Antoine returned the favor by sucking his sister's tits and pussy. When their parents returned home and they told them about it, Leroy and Valeda couldn't believe it. 

"When Lawanda graduates from high school next year you two should consider renting an apartment together." Valeda suggested.

"You know what, Antoine?" Lawanda said.

"What?" Antoine said.

"That would be a great idea." Lawanda said.

"I agree." Antoine said.

"Me too." Leroy said.

And with that, the entire family went into their bedroom for another night of hot family sex.

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Posted 10 Apr 2014 01:51
rob60 .not a bad story, no mention of condoms or the use of
the pill for birth control???.but still got you hard.
Posted 02 Jul 2013 04:01
not bad
Posted 20 Mar 2012 14:06
I gave a 4, but I really enjoyed the story. There was no "reason" or build-up leading to sex, but I forgave that. There was no visual imagery to speak of, but I supplied that. The writing wasn't of the highest quality, but I got a raging hardon anyway. Keep writing.
Posted 12 Feb 2012 20:40
Made me hard. Looking for more.
Posted 10 Feb 2012 19:39
very nice story, Told entertainingly , but definitely a sex story without any real love shown between the characters . Quite a good story, ptherwise and well written.

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