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Incest In The Black Family-Part 2

Tags: mother, son, incest
Case 2-Mother/Son
Angela was a single mother of a handsome 20 year old son living in a nice middle class neighborhood in Hartford. She was living a dull boring life as a beautician at a neighborhood beauty parlor. When Angela discovered that she was pregnant, her boyfriend who was responsible for her condition flew the coup and left town. Stuck and left alone, Angela was nevertheless a very strong woman who was determined not only to have the baby but to raise him to be a good man and to make sure that he did not wind up making the same mistakes that she did.

The experience, however, soured her on going out with men. So she decided, while raising her son, that she would never go out with another man again. The experience of not only becoming pregnant but also being left holding the bag with an unplanned pregnancy in the process left her bitter and disillusioned about men.

So Angela decided that, despite efforts by her friends and co-workers to get her to go out more often, Angela decided not to go out on any dates and instead decided to stay at home to take care of the son she named Deandre.

And so for the next 18 years Angela stayed at home to devote her time and energy to raising Deandre. As Deandre grew he was becoming more handsomer and stronger. He went out for sports and made the varsity basketball team. He was also a very excellent student earning very good grades. Angela was feeling increasingly very proud of this fine young man and the way he was making his mother proud. Making Angela feel even more prouder of her was son was that he was about to graduate at the top of his class and that he was chosen to be the class valedictorian.

But before he was about to graduate from high school and begin a new life for himself at college, his mother was about to turn 45 years old on her birthday on May 23. 

A month before Deandre was about to graduate from high school and started college, Angela celebrated her 45th birthday. For this special occasion, Deandre gave his mother a special present that she would remember for a long time. 

"Happy Birthday, mom," Deandre said, "and for your birthday here is a wonderful gift that I know that you're going to enjoy."

"Why thank you, Deandre," Angela said.

And so Angela opened the special gift that her own son had just given to her. To her surprise and amazement it turned out to be a beautiful lingerie from Victoria's Secret. It was a beautiful lingerie of purple color with a beautiful see-through design.

"I hope that you like it," Deandre said.

"What is this?" a bemused and bewildered Angela asked.

"It's a lingerie, mom," Deandre said, "I think that a beautiful woman your age deserves something as sexy as this."

Angela was flattered but she couldn't understand why her son would want a 45 year old woman to be wearing such a thing when there were lots and lots of pretty young ladies at high school who would love to have such a thing.

Deandre was very surprised by his mother's reaction.

"If you want me to return it," Deandre said, "I'll be happy to."

"Don't worry about it," Angela said, "maybe a friend of mine would love to have this."

"Well, if you say so," Deandre said.

"Look," Angela said, "you meant well and it just didn't work out. Don't worry about. Just get to school before you're late."

"All right, mom," Deandre said.

And so as Deandre went off to school, Angela was left wondering what to do with that flimsy lingerie that she received for her birthday. At first she just ignored the gift that was sitting around the house. But after a couple of hours her resistance and her will power broke. Angela took off all of her clothes and tried on the lingerie. At first, the lingerie felt very smooth and comfortable. Then it felt very sexy. All of a sudden Angela was starting to gradually love the present that her own son gave her.

Angela wore the lingerie all afternoon while she was doing some work around the house. She suddenly decided why not keep it and if she wanted to go to the Victoria's Secret at the mall and buy another pair or two if she felt like being in the mood.

At 3:00, Deandre came home from school and when he entered the house he was shocked and surprised to see his mother wearing the very lingerie that he gave her for her birthday present.

"What happened to you, mom?" Deandre asked.

"I decided to try it on while you were at school and you know what? I love it," Angela said.

"You know what, mom?" Deandre said.

"What?" Angela said.

"I think that just by looking at you, I love you very much," Deandre said, "Happy Birthday, mom."

"I love you, too, Deandre," Angela replied.

As Deandre kept staring at his mother, he noticed that his cock was becoming especially bigger and bigger.

Angela noticed it and seductively approached Deandre and rubbed the huge cock bulge in his pants.

"My naughty little boy is getting quite horny for his sexy mom, isn't he?" Angela said.

Deandre said nothing. Instead he took his mother by her arms gently and began to kiss her. The kiss was so tender slow and beautiful. The two were aroused by a passion that was forbidden yet so beautiful and so tender. After the kiss, Angela went down to Deandre's pants and unzipped the zipper of his pants. There it was, the biggest, most beautiful and most gigantic cock that Angela had ever seen. Big and huge it was shaped like a baseball bat.

Angela then placed the huge cock into her mouth and began to suck it. The suction of her mouth was giving Deandre the biggest thrill of his life. Deandre was seeing how much his mother was truly loving him and was in a perverse sense thanking him for this wonderful birthday present.

"Thank you, Deandre for such a wonderful gift," Angela said.

"I'm glad you finally love it," Deandre said.

Then mother and son went into the bedroom where Angela took off her lingerie and Deandre took off all of his clothes. They climbed into bed where Deandre sucked his mother's beautiful black tits. Licking and sucking on those smooth nipples with such gentle licks.Then Deandre moved his tongue down through her chest and stomach where he began to tongue her slit. Deandre's slow and gentle tongue licking drove his mother crazy with absolute lust. Angela was increasingly becoming more excited as her son's tongue kept giving her pussy a slow tongue bath. 

Angela then returned to sucking on her son's cock in a 69 position. Then the lust ridden mother and son were about to experience the most thrilling moment of their lives: Deandre was about to fuck his own mother.

"Are you ready, mom?" Deandre asked.

"Ready for what?" Angela replied.

"Ready for me to fuck you," Deandre said.

"As long as you do it in my pussy and not in the ass," Angela said.

And so Deandre after initial difficulty finally placed his huge cock into his mother's pussy. For the next few minutes,Deandre was experiencing the joy of incestuous love. As he finally caught on, Deandre was experiencing the joy of hot mother-son sex. The thrill of fucking his own mother was causing him to get better and better. Angela on the other hand was enjoying the thrill of receiving the most beautiful present that a son ever gave his mother for her birthday. In the same pussy where 18 years earlier she received the gift of life when she gave birth to Deandre now her grown son's huge cock was in that same pussy fucking her with wild abandon.

"Oh my god, Deandre, give it to your hot momma!" Angela said.

"That's it, mom, keep on enjoying this. Happy Birthday to you!" Deandre shouted.

"And a Happy Birthday to me!" Angela said.

Deandre then took his cock out and Angela then put it back into her mouth for some more sucking.

Deandre shot his hot creamy load onto his mother's chest moments later.

"Oh mom!" Deandre shouted, "I'm going to come!"

Angela took her son's creamy load and then rubbed it all over her tits.

Angela the started to come herself.

"I'm coming, Deandre, I'm coming." Angela squealed.
The incestuous lovers then both collapsed onto what was now their bed, their arms together in naked embrace.

Angela and her son Deandre were now more than just mother and son. They were now full fledged lovers. The next day Deandre moved all his belongings into his mother's bedroom for they were now a couple and both decided that they would share the same bed.

Deandre graduated from high school on June 11 with high honors and later that fall he began his freshman year at the University of Hartford where he majored in political science. Instead of moving into a dorm Deandre chose to stay home and commute to class. 

And why not, both mother and son were now live-in lovers. Their sex lives were getting better and better all the time.

They were lovers. It was meant to be. 
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