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Incest In The Black Family-Part 3

Case 3-Father/Daughter
Donetta was an 18 year old student beginning her freshman year at the University of Hartford. She was an outstanding student in high school not only in her studies but also as an athlete. She was a member of the high school swim team and she hoped that it would lead to scholarship opportunities as far as college was concerned.

Donetta finally decided to attend the university of Hartford where she wanted to study political science. She had always wanted to be a teacher of history and give back to the high school that had been good to her for the past four years. In addition she hoped to tryout for the school's swim team.

When she finally told her father, Raymond, the good news about her plans he cried tears of joy for her. Unable to save for his daughter's college education himself, he could not help but feel pride and happiness at the heart, grit and determination that his beautiful daughter showed in wanting to make something of herself, to be someone and to do even better than he and her late mother ever could.

"I only wish your mother had lived to see this day", Raymond told his daughter, "she would've been so proud of you".

Donetta's mother had passed away in an auto accident when she was only 14.

"I agree with you right there, Dad." Donetta said.

The summer months were spent packing and moving belongings that Donetta was taking with her to the university. Donetta and her father then traveled in their own separate cars to the university where he was about to help his beautiful daughter get settled in for the semester. After the brought all of her belongings into her on-campus apartment, the two went out for their own walking tour of the campus.

Along the way, they walked past the sports center where the swimming pool and basketball court were located.

"Wow," Raymond told his daughter, "you could enter the Olympics training in a pool of this size."

"You bet," Donetta said.

After they walked around the campus, both father and daughter returned to her apartment where they had a nice meal consisting of Chinese take-out. Afterwards Raymond decided that it was time to go. And so he kissed his daughter good night and left the campus area for home.

That night, as Donetta went to bed, she was looking forward to what promised to be quite a semester for her at school.



One afternoon while on break from her classes, Donetta walked over to the pool at the sports center, changed into her swim wear and began her usual round of practices for the swim meet season that would begin any day now.

Donetta was swimming all along the length of the Olympic-sized pool very gently when she saw what she thought was a very familiar face to her. It was her very own father, Raymond. 

"Daddy, what are you doing here?" a very startled Donetta asked.

"Well, I went to your apartment and you weren't home," Raymond told his daughter, "so I decided to come over here and take a swim in the pool. I never thought that you were here also."

"I'm trying to get some practice in," Donetta said, "season is about to begin in a few days."

"I see," Raymond said.

Together, the father and daughter continued to swim together. As they went on, Raymond discovered something unusual was happening to his cock. It was getting bigger and bigger until it was starting to get completely hard. Raymond couldn't believe that his cock could react to his beautiful daughter in such a way. Donetta, indeed, was very sexy, very beautiful and very exotic looking especially with tits that were 35 DD. Raymond couldn't believe what was happening to him. He had to be sick and crazy to be thinking of his daughter in that kind of fashion. But here he was swimming in the cold pool with the biggest hard on he ever had and he was trying his best not to think of her in such a manner. Raymond climbed out of the pool hoping his beautiful daughter wouldn't notice.

But Donetta did notice. She immediately saw her father's hard-on as he was walking on the platform. Donetta then grabbed her father by the hand and immediately pulled him back into the water. When Raymond came up for air he noticed that Donetta was rubbing and feeling his swollen cock underwater.

Raymond suddenly stood helpless as his daughter kept massaging his cock.

"Wow," Donetta said, "what a cock!" 

"I-I didn't mean for it to happen," Raymond said.

"You don't have to apologize for it, Daddy," Donetta said, "you need relief as much as I do."

And with that Donetta took her father up close to her and together they kissed. The kiss was a very passionate one, something that neither one of them would ever forget. The kiss lasted for but a few minutes when Donetta went down underwater, pulled her father's bathing suit down and began to suck his big massive cock. The cock was as huge as she had thought.for it was so big that she had some trouble putting it onto her mouth. But Donetta gently placed the tip into her mouth and began to suck on it. slowly and gently.

Donetta kept sucking on her father's cock for a few minutes when she decided to come up for air. Raymond was especially surprised not only at his daughter's ability to suck such a huge cock but the fact that it was her very own father she was doing it to and that it didn't seem to bother her was very surprising.

"Daddy," Donetta confessed, "ever since I turned 18, I wanted to do this to you."

"What?" Raymond asked.

"Ever since I turned 18, I had a secret crush on you. I always wanted to make forbidden love to you. Please don't hate me for it."

"Why should I hate you?" Raymond said, "in fact I'm glad you came out and admitted your true feelings to me."

"Really?" Donetta said.

"Yes, really." Raymond said. "for I must tell you something."

"What is it?" Donetta said.

"When you turned 18, I had the same feelings for you, too." Raymond said.

"No!" Donetta said.

"Yes!" Raymond said.

Then without saying another word, father and daughter went back down underwater where Raymond removed his daughter's bathing suit from her exposing her beautiful body. And it was a beautiful body indeed. Beautiful DD tits and a sexy athletic figure combining to make her such a beautiful woman.

The two performed a 69 on each other for the next few minutes; Donetta sucking her father's massive cock and Raymond sucking and licking on her daughter's cleanly shaved pussy. Then another moment where Donetta performed more sucking on her father's massive cock.

The the moment both had waited for in some time, Both Raymond and Donetta got out of the water and, after placing the beach towel on the platform floor, Raymond then placed his huge cock into his daughter's tight pussy. For the next several minutes father and daughter were engaging together in some of the hottest most beautiful fucking they had ever experienced. It was something that both had wanted ever since Donetta became a beautiful woman of 18.

The fucking lasted for a good 15 minutes before Donetta started to come.

"Oh my goodness!" Donetta yelled, "I'm going to come!"

Donetta let out quite a scream as she came very aggressively.

"I'm coming!" Donetta yelled.

Donetta then sucked Raymond's cock once again this time going much faster than before. After a few more minutes Raymond started to shoot his load onto his daughter's beautiful body.

"Oh my goodness, Donetta," Raymond shouted, "I'm going to shoot, I'm going to cum!"

"That's it, Daddy!" Donetta shouted.
And with that, Raymond shot some of the thickest come that anybody had ever seen. The cum had landed all over Donetta's body, her tits, her chest, everywhere. Donetta took a huge chunk of her father's come and rubbed it all over her body; especially all over those huge tits that she always thought of as her special pride and joy.

"Wow," Donetta shouted, "you shot a really good load all over me!"

"Well, Donetta," Raymond replied, "how did you like getting it from your dear old dad."

"I love it. And I love you, Daddy." Donetta said.

"Good. Let's clean up and let's get out of hear and go back to your apartment before we get caught." Raymond said.

And so Donetta and Raymond after cleaning up and putting their clothes back on returned to their apartment where they continued to enjoy some of the best sex they ever had. 

For the rest of Donetta's freshman year, She and her father would engage in some of the hottest sex ever. They would do it all over the campus. In her apartment, in the pool, even in the dugout at the baseball stadium. Their love grew ever more deeper as the freshman season wore on.

When the season was over Raymond sold his house and moved into a bigger campus apartment with her. Everything was going smoothly and the sex was getting better. And then one day after another sex session together, Donetta began to vomit blood on the bed. A frightened Raymond wasted no time in calling 9-1-1 for the paramedics. Moments later they took Donetta to the hospital where after an hour of tests the doctor gave Raymond the most surprising news of his life.

Donetta was pregnant.
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Posted 17 Mar 2013 08:48
Good description of sex between father and daughter. Very hot and exciting. Could have done without the pregnancy thing, though.

Posted 23 Mar 2012 15:29
Incest In The Black Family....I love this series. I write black incest stories too. Your're great at what you do.

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