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Incest Seduction: The Romance Method

Incest Seduction: The Romance Method

Tags: mindfuck
After a long day at work a mother comes home to a romantic setting.
Authors: Jillicious & Joshua Strong

I pulled my car into the garage after a long day at work. In all reality all days are the same length but it takes a really special day full of shit being thrown at us from management that makes it seem longer. I sat in the driver’s seat for a moment allowing myself to take in a short respite before I had to attend to my motherly duties at home. I grudgingly opened my car door and lifted my tired bones from the car. I sighed loudly knowing what lay before me. “Let’s get to work, Gertrude,” I said aloud to myself.

I opened the door and much to my surprise the house lights were mostly out. I could see a glow of a dim light coming from my upstairs bedroom. This was all so different than what I normally saw. My son was always sitting on the couch watching television and demanding that I make him dinner the moment I walked through the door, but not today. “Maybe he went to his friend’s house for the evening?” I thought. 

Still, there was something different, something that was out of the ordinary. It was then that I caught its scent; my new candles were ablaze and working to share their sweet odor. I had always loved having scented candles in my house but I rarely had time to enjoy them anymore. There was another smell; one that I had recognized but that I hadn't smelt in a long time. I took in another deep breath through my nose and allowed the scent to tingle my nostrils as if it were a fine wine. “Roses,” I thought, “It smells like roses!”

The dim glowing light emanating from my bedroom was the only thing in my home that seemed alive. Of course I had to investigate. I had to find the location of the roses and the candle whose scent so sweetly combined with the flowers. I slipped off my heels and then I slowly walked up the stairs as the whole thought of the situation made me feel sensual, a feeling that I had been longing for. I poked my head into my bedroom, hoping that I would catch the guilty party who had made me feel this way. Instead I see my bedroom is also dark with the only light on coming from my bathroom.

The plot thickens, my sensual mystery has found another twist. I poked my head into the bathroom door just as similarly as I had into my bedroom door. I wanted to catch a glimpse at the person who has done this. I again see no one. I do see my bathtub full of toasty warm water; not a lot of steam but instead a small wisp would rise occasionally. The scent of roses came from my bath which had obviously been adorned with bath salts and rose scented essential oils. To top it off rose petals floated blissfully along the smooth surface of the water. My favorite candles adorned each corner of the bath which gave the room its flowery smell. My bones cried out for a long soak and I knew it would help my muscles relax.

I reached behind me and pulled the zipper down on my dress, letting it fall to the floor. I picked it up and folded it neatly before placing it on the bathroom counter top. At that moment I took notice of myself in the mirror. The sight of me standing in my silky black bra with the matching silk panties made me feel even more sensual than I had before. I slowly reached behind myself and opened my bra’s clasp. I let it fall naturally away from my body, its straps sliding down my arms, before I cupped my breasts in appreciation. “God may have given me some tough trials in this life,” I chuckled, “but at least he also gave me a fantastic pair of breasts.”

I wasn't so sensual or careful with my panties. I slipped them off as quickly as I could, tossing them into the clothes hamper before I slipped into the tub. The soothing feel of the water pressure combined with the bath salts and the aromas in the room had caused me to enter into a comatose state. With it all I had become caught up in my own thoughts and fantasies. I slowly ran my hands up and down my body trying to remember the touch of what once was. My hands massaged my voluptuous breasts and my full, motherly thighs. I caressed my stomach and even teased my slit a little as sleep began to tease my eyelids. Oh, I was tired and this relaxing bath was the thing the doctor ordered.

The growing discomfort of the slowly cooling water finally coaxed me to summon my strength to get out of the tub. I reluctantly stood up and pulled the drain on the bath water. It seemed like such a waste to let go of such a soothing substance down the drain. I reached for my towel and noticed that my towel bar was empty. I looked around to see that there were no towels to be seen in the entire bathroom. “Uh,” I said aloud. “Looks like I’ll have to get one out of the closet.”

I walked sensually out of the bathroom and back into the master bedroom. Something had changed in here. Not large changes but subtle changes that enhanced my feel of sensuality. My bedside lamp had been turned onto it’s most dim setting and rose petals now adorned my bed. This was becoming a curious mystery and one that I was determined to have solved by the end of the evening. "Who is catering to me like this," I wondered.

At that moment I felt someone standing behind me. In most cases I would run out of fear but in this case I felt comfortable, like I needed to stay. I was pulled tight up against another solid naked body. I could feel their rippling muscles up against my smooth and soft skin. I felt another, very distinguishable muscle rise upwards along the top of my rear and into my back. I reached behind and felt the soft warmth of a luscious penis. I gave it a slight stroke as my mind wondered about who it might be. "Maybe this is John from work," I thought. "He has been rather flirty lately. Or maybe its Greg from next door. He has always wanted to get into my pants." The mystery in my mind was beginning to push out the feeling of sensuality and I had to stop it. It didn't matter who it was. The only thing that mattered is that I was being sensually caressed by a man; a physical touch that I had not felt in some time.

There were certain things about him that kept me on my toes. He had to have been at least a foot taller than me. His arms easily reached over the top of me and held me tight while his hands gently caressed my skin. I felt so sensual, and more importantly so loved, that I couldn't’t even mutter a sound. Physically I want, no need, this to continue. Mentally I was becoming ever so enthralled with who this might be. I felt his hand slide slowly up my side; he started down low at my hips and ran his fingers up to my breast. A slight pause and a good, yet slightly uncomfortable, pinch of my nipple left me excited. His hand continued up by body on it’s way to my hair. The size of his hands against my neck was enticing and frightening at the same time. He entwined his fingers in my long strands of shiny brunette hair and used it as a handle to whip my body around.

For a moment I was in shock. I wanted to do something, anything, as his crooked smile beamed down at me. Instead I could only gaze into his bluish-green eyes as he slowly lowered his mouth onto mine. I was a slave to his dominant grasp of my hair as our firm, yet tender, kiss enveloped my mouth. I couldn't fight this. My mind wanted to run and hide but my body cried out for more.

Our kiss was prolonged while he supported me with his arm which let his other hand be free to explore my body. He tenderly caressed my erect and overly sensitive nipples. Our kiss became more deep which allowed his lusts to flow. I could feel his passion and desire surging through his body. I was amazed that this... this man felt so attracted to me. Our kiss began to make my knees buckle and he lifted back in response allowing me to nearly rest all of my weight on his strength. He slowly pulled his lips from mine and reluctantly let my hair go free followed with a few strokes of my hair.

I could only quietly stare back at him with the same lust that was beginning to fill my heart. He finally broke the silences and breathlessly whispered, “Hello, mother.”

I stared into my son’s eyes as he looked back with wanton lust. I was finally able to get my bearings and my wits about me. “Oh,” I started with a pause, “Oh, Steve, we can’t do this. I’m your mother!”

Steve pressed his erect cock up against my leg and pushed it into my thigh. I could not only see his zesty lust but I could also feel it. “Mom, don’t fight it. You know you want it.” I took in a quick breath in response.

“But son... what if somebody found out?”

Steve kissed my neck and nibbled at my ear before whispering, “It is our secret mother. Nobody will ever find out about this. I even have a condom.”

I relaxed hearing his comment, letting myself sit on the edge of my bed. I know my son meant it as a comfort to me but I couldn't help but see it as an innocent mistake, and a funny one at that. “Oh honey,” I said as I lay on the bed, “Mommy doesn't need condoms anymore. She is old enough that she couldn't get pregnant if she wanted to.”

Steve groaned in desire as he began to slither towards me. Our lips connected once again as his desires translated through my lips. I continued to back away slowly as he continued to crawl towards me. We kissed until my head bumped up against my headboard. My son pressed his lips tightly against mine before kissing down to my neck. I put my arm around him and let out a moan of delight. “I’m sorry sweetie,” I said panting, “I can’t let you do this with me.”

“Mother,” he said softly, “forget your guilt and spend the night with me, if only for tonight.” I pushed myself downwards into a more comfortable position so I could rest my head on my pillow. “Mom, where are you going?”

“Make it good before I change my mind,” I said.

A large grin came across my son’s face as he began kissing down my body, stopping to focus on the nape of my neck. Steve was right about one thing, I was struggling with my personal guilt over what we were doing. My heart wanted to stop, my emotions wanted to stop, but the physical touch caused my body to be weak. I allowed him to continue because it had been so many years since my body had been lustfully ravaged.

Steve began kissing further down my body until he focused his energies on my breasts. As he suckled my pert nipples I couldn't help but to have thoughts of him when he was a small babe. It had been eighteen years since my son had fed from my bosom. A mother’s loving sacrifice had now become a mother’s loving lust. Each gentle suck caused a slight shock to shoot towards my clitoris. It was during my thoughts of his previous feeding on my breasts that I began to realize, ‘yes, 18 years ago,’ I thought, ‘18 years ago today.’

That thought had brought upon me the motivations and reasons for why Steve was doing this. A young man who had always struggled with finding the right woman was, in fact, staring at her the whole time. Me, the woman who had given love, patience, kindness, a shoulder to cry on, and a woman to laugh with. I began understanding his romance for me.

My son kissed further down my body, pausing at my stomach to tease my sensitive locations, before he moved down to my pubic mound. I spread my legs wide open for him to allow him to explore the orifice that gave him life. I moaned aloud as his tongue teased the top of my clitoral hood. I held onto his head and helped guide him lower. His tongue made contact with my vulva and slowly tasted my slippery love juice. His tongue then licked widely up my slit which caused me to respond with a generous moan.

Steve’s mouth greedily began eating his own mother’s cunt. My slutty pussy, and I say slutty because I allowed this to happen, began pushing more and more lubricant from my love hole to satisfy his tastes. With each and every lick I became increasingly desirous to have his dick penetrate me. “Please,” I begged, “please fuck me.” I bucked my hips upwards against his face.

“Say it again mother,” Steve said, “let me hear it.”

“Please come fuck me, baby.”

“Whose cock do you want to fill you?”

“I...“ I paused for a moment, “I want my son, my own son, to push his dick into me.”

Steve crawled back up my body, kissing my aroused skin along the way, before he stopped with his nose against mine. “I love you, mom,” he said. “Not just for sex, but because of who you are. I love everything you are to me, my mother, my friend, someone who supports me, laughs with me, sets me straight when I am wrong, and now you will be my lover. I am in love with you.”

My emotions suddenly questioned my previous guilt and feelings of remorse for fucking my own son. His undying love and his heart belonged to me, if I so wished. “Put your dick in me before I change my mind,” I replied.

“As you wish,” he said. His thick cock pressed against my long forgotten fuck hole. My wetness dripped from me as his dick poked at my entrance. With one smooth push his manhood filled my womanhood and we had become one, together.

“Aaahhh,” I moaned, “that’s a good boy. Give it to mommy.” Steven pulled back and thrust himself deep inside me. Again and again he pulled his dick free and then filled my void. I hadn't been with a man for so long that I couldn't help but moan aloud with each thrust of his cock. “Oh... Yes... Fill... My... Cunt...” I yelled out.

Incest had never been something I had ever considered, especially with my own child, but now I was doing it and I was enjoying every bit. It was when Steve decided to moan back with his own appreciations that my orgasm really began to build. “Oh, mom,” he cried out. “Your pussy is better than I had imagined!”

I was on the edge of orgasm and my son began to thrust his hips faster and faster. I couldn't have held it back if I wanted to. My pussy began to spasm and the muscles all over my body began to twitch. I felt myself squirt, just a little, as my orgasm hit its peak. Throughout my entire orgasm my son shoved his dick in and out as fast as he could. Almost at the same instant that my orgasm had finally stopped, his began. I could feel the power behind his first load of cum. It slammed into my vaginal walls with noticeable force. His dick pulsed inside me as stream after stream of my son’s cum filled my void.

Steve collapsed on top of me breathless from our lovemaking. He rolled onto his back and I cuddled up under his arm. As he held me my thoughts considered our relationship. I was once the strong one, the comforter. It seemed that this evening those roles had been changed.

“I love you too, Steve,” I finally said.

“I’m in love with you,” he said.

I sighed aloud. “I’m not sure if I’m in love with the sex or if I really am in love with you. No matter what it is I care deeply about you.”

“I’m sorry if you feel like I made you do this,” he said.

“Nonsense,” I said, “I let you do it. It is just as much my responsibility as it is yours.”

“I've heard that women hit their sexual peak when they are about your age. As it just so happens I am also at the age of my sexual peak. It is a perfect relationship, if you let it continue.”

“I’ll have to consider that,” I told him. After all, his logic was quite sound. “I need to apologize to you. I forgot that it is your 18th birthday. But why did you treat me so well on your birthday?”

“No reason to apologize mother,” he said. “You have the rest of the night to sexually satisfy me for my birthday.”

I couldn't help but giggle at my son’s idealistic view of how things would turn out. He did get his way with me tonight. Our relationship might continue; if I don’t feel like the most terrible mother in the world when I wake up in the morning.

This story is protected by International Copyright Law, by the author, all rights reserved. If found posted anywhere other than with this note attached, it has been posted without my permission.

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Posted 24 Feb 2013 06:46
Posted 20 Feb 2013 21:34
as always your stories are greatthank you for your time and skills
Posted 17 Feb 2013 07:24
Great story, great build up. Thank you for sharing x
Posted 14 Feb 2013 10:46
great story
Posted 13 Feb 2013 22:54
Good story, very enjoyable read!
Posted 13 Feb 2013 06:05
Very nice buildup, I enjoyed reading this while I had an erection seeing the dark haired beauty in my mind.
Posted 12 Feb 2013 23:53
Beautiful! My wife and I loved it.

Posted 12 Feb 2013 12:46
Great story!!
Posted 12 Feb 2013 11:36
She gave her son the Best BD present he could ever receive. Well written, vey erotic with the build up of the smells, bath, etc. Was he a virgin before makeing love to his Mom?? Part 2 ASAP. The morning after. "V=5++++."
Posted 12 Feb 2013 10:43
well written well thought out plot and very plausible scenarios.. i would have given 5 if he had engaged in cunnilingus before penetration..
Posted 12 Feb 2013 09:52
Nice,well done!

Posted 12 Feb 2013 06:12
Nothing beats a great incest story. Well done.
Posted 12 Feb 2013 06:03
very good loved it well written

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