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Island Heat Pt.3

Lisa and I nearly got caught with my dick in her.


Two months ago I got a call from my sister Amanda, she wanted to have lunch, she had something to tell me and would rather say it in person. Earlier in the morning before I left for work, my other sister Lisa had given me the same call...two weeks before that Lisa and I nearly got caught fucking....

So I recently started having sex with my sisters. Amanda older than Lisa knows about it all, while Lisa thinks its just between me and her. I have been kicking myself lately thinking why didn't this happen earlier in my life? Now that I think about it, I have alot of time to make up for. I so wish that this would have happened when we were in our teens, but then again we would have gotten caught, being so young and stupid.

As I was saying, Lisa and I nearly got caught with my dick in her.

My family have a Monthly Movie Night at my parents house every first saturday of the month. All the adults watch their movie in the Lounge, all the kids watch kiddies movies in my old room, now turned into a mini lounge for the kids by my dad. Seeing as there is ten of us adults there is only enough chairs for eight people, so naturally the last in have to sit on the floor. My parents always get the Three Seater couch with the Centre view, while we all fought for the remaining couch and chairs. Amanda always sat between my parents, this was her place, it was custom. My wife and I always make it a habit to always arrive early to get the other three seater couch. James and his wife would turn up just after us. James would take the Lazy boy while his wife sat next to my wife who was next to me. This left one more chair and that always went to either Lisa's husband or Amanda's husband depending on who came first, the other two would have to sit on the floor. As it was, Amanda and Karl turned up first and he clapped his hands in excitement as he sat in his chair pretending he was a newly crowned king taking his throne. Lisa and her husband would have to sit on the floor.

Lisa and her Husband walked in arguing,

"It's not my fault! You wanted to stop off to get a Lotto ticket" said Lisa

"Well if you hadn't been driving like a old hag then we would have beaten Karl here!" her husband said

"Thats King Karl to you" Karl said

"Shut up you losers. Turn off the light and get your asses on the floor", Amanda said to Lisa and John.

Lisa's Husband walked over to Karl and said,

"Bro, I'll give you $50 for your seat"

"And where are you gonna get $50 from?" Lisa snapped at him.

We all laugh at him as Karl said,

"Show me the money and I will knight thee"

John (Lisa's husband) looks at Lisa then back to Karl.

"Keep your stinking chair!" he said as he grabbed a cushion and lay down on the floor infront of Karl. Dad had to tell us all to stop laughing and to start the Movie.

"Whats the Movie?" John asked.

"It's James's pick this month, so probly some girly flick" said Amanda.

"Snatch" said James.

"Oh sweet! I love that move" said Karl.

So there we all were in the Lounge in our seats under our blankets ready for the Movie.
 Just as the Movie was about to start Lisa needed to go to the bathroom and said to start the Movie without her. As she leaves I can make out the shape of her ass thru her skirt, the material is so thin and light that with every step, her skirt hugs her body. I can tell she is wearing a g-string.
 I could follow her into the bath room, lift up her skirt, pull aside her g-string and fuck her.
 But I don't have the balls to do such a thing with everyone here, and especially in my parents house.

Ten Minutes into the Movie Lisa comes back and closes the door behind her. She looks around and then walks over to our couch and looks at Lynn (Jame's wife), before Lisa could say anything Lynn said,

"Hell No! Last time you sat on me I got pins and needles in both my legs"

Lisa looks at my wife,

"Ew, you might squash me with your Fat Arse" my wife mocked her.

"You wish you had my arse you fat cow!" Lisa snapped back at her.

"Here you can sit here" I heard myself say patting my thighs through the blanket that cover all three of us.

What the hell was I thinking?
 Lisa lifts up the blanket without hesitation, turns and lowers herself onto my lap. She then covers us with the blanket and pulls it up to her chin. At the corner of my eye see Amanda looking at me, I turn to look at her and she gives me a dirty smile. I quickly turn back to the Movie.

 Not five minutes later Lisa complains at how uncomfortable she is and constantly reshuffling herself, my wife turn to face her and says,

"If you don't stop moving I'm gonna bitch slap you soon!"

"Shut up bitch!" my sister said, this is how they speak to eachother without hateful meaning behind their words.

"Both of you bitches shut up and watch the Movie",Lynn said.

I wasn't really focused on the Movie, I was more focused on trying to keep my cock down.
 Just looking around the room and seeing my whole family there was enough to keep my cock at bay though.

  Half way thru the Movie Lisa starts to shuffle again, this time she leaned further back and lay the back of her head on my right shoulder. She lifted her butt off my and I felt her hand slowly moving down between her butt and my crouch. She gave my cock a little squeeze thru my shorts, just that act alone woke the dragon in my pants. I can't believe she did that with everyone around us. My wife is sitting right next to us to my left!

"This is so uncomfortable" she moaned as she shuffled again, this time as she lifted her butt off me and reach back and inch my shorts down. I could not believe what she was trying to do. Is she fucking crazy? After five minutes she got my short to the bottom of my ass, but there would be noway she would get it down any further. I don't know why but I decided to help her, even though my brain was telling me this was a stupid idea. I waited for her to shuffled again, then I said,

"Wait sis, just sit up abit so I can move.... there! maybe that would make things better". as my sister lifted her butt off my lap I lifted my own butt and with my right hand I reach down and slid my shorts down just around my thighs, while still covered under the blanket.

"Yep, thats it. Should be ok better now", I say. My eyes quickly dart around looking at everyone without turn my head and see that they are all concentrating on the Movie, except for Amanda. Everynow and then she would look at us and smile, only I see her do this as my heart is beating faster then ever before in my life.

My cock is rock hard, mostly from the thrill of our situation.

 As Lisa sits back down my cock slides up the front of her pussy and I feel its wetness and its heat....

she doesn't have any underwear on!

She leans back, her left cheek is rested on my right cheek, both of us looking at the T.v.

"Its better, but I just need to.." as she says this she lifts her butt again and maneuvers her lips so that the head of my cock is at the enterance on her cunt, I fight with all my might to not cum.
 Without warning she slams her butt down on me and I feel my cock force itself deep inside her. The shock and pleasure of it all made me gasp. No one notices, well except for Amanda. The grin on her face had gotten bigger now.

My sister must have planned this out perfectly, on the T.v there is a pitbull trying to swallow a little toy, I can't really say what scene its from but all I remember is my sister cumming on me and saying,

"oooohhhh that dog's sooooooooooooooo cuuuuuuute"

This bitch is a fucking pro!

 "Ooooo my gawwwwwwwd!" she lets out a loud scream, as she cums again. The Situation really must be making her hot.

 Everyone looks at her. Calmly she says,

"oh my god. I can't believe that dog just swallowed that toy".

"Must hurt when you see your family hurting themselves like that aye?" said my wife

"Funny, kinda looks like you!" Lisa said.

I can feel her juices running down my balls, god I hope we don't leave stains on the couch. It was about five minutes later that my sister started to slowly moves up and down on my cock while my wife was cuddling me to my left. James, Karl and John are opposite us, all eyes on the t.v while my parents are on the couch to my right with Amanda perving at us, knowing exactly what is going on under our blanket.

Just as I was about to cum inside my sister. My wife stands up pulling the blanket off us and saying,

"Sorry guys I need to pee" as she rushes out

Both Lisa and I just freeze. No one is looking at us, they are all still eyes on the t.v. (Amanda didn't have to see, she already guessed what was happening and she made sure to look at the t.v as my wife left the room incase Lisa saw her looking at us)
 That was the most frightening moment of my entire life. That alone made me shoot numerous squirts into my sisters hot cunt. Thank god my wife went to the toilet, she would have felt me jolting and unloaded into my sister Lisa's beautiful cunt.
If anyone had been looking our way they would have seen Lisa sitting on me with her skirt slightly raised, they would have seen her naked butt sitting on me and also see my shorts down wrapped around my thighs, one could easily guess what was taking place between us.

 Slowly Lisa grabs at her sides and pulls down her skirt covering our semi nakedness, making sure no one noticed. Not a second later my wife walks back in, sits down and recovers us with the blanket. Lisa clenches her cunt around my cock and lifts away squeezing any left over cum out of my shaft. She has such amazing control down there I must admit. As she stands she says she too needs to go for a pee before she pees her pants and leaves, carefully covering me with the blanket.
I pretend to reshuffle and slowly pull my shorts back up, once my shorts are fully back to its original place I sink back into the couch and let out a big sigh of relief. My wife turns to me and says,

"Did that fat cow give you a dead leg honey?"

Actually she just emptied my cock for me I wanted to say, but

"Yea" was what came out of my mouth. "I'm so tired"

"Its ok honey the Movie is nearly over" my wife said.

 After the Movie we sat around drinking coffee and chatting, mum making sure we all knew what to bring for lunch tomorrow.

As we all get ready to leave for our own homes I walk past Lisa and say just loud enough for her to hear,

"I knew you were crazy...but that was just fucking ridiculous! I fucking love you!"

she giggles and says, "I love you too little brother" as she walks to her car.

"Mark" I hear Amanda calling my name. I turn and see her walking towards me. My wife is already in the car with our daughter, windows up.

"Mark. that was so fucking hot! I can't believe you guys did that! Did you guys plan that?"she said,

"Nope, that was all your crazy sister. I just sat there". I told her

"Oh my god I'm so wet right now. That BITCH!" she curse Lisa, " You are so lucky we have to go home right now. I would have raped you dry. Well I guess it looks like its Karl lucky night tonight, he will be fucking me while I will be pretending that its you" she laughs as she leaves.

"What did she want?" my wife askes

"Just to tell you that you should put more garlic in your garlic prawns or else shes gonna throw it out tomorrow" I lied.



Amanda rang me the next morning,

"You and me, today" then she hangs up.
 I don't know what is bigger right now? My cock or the smile on my face......



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where's part 4
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Damn very good stories cannot wait to read pt.4
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Another HOT chapter, can't wait for chapter IV, cheers...

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