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Jack and His Nan, Ch 2

Jack sends the panties to his grandmother
This story was inspired by another Lush reader who has an "interest" in her grandson.

Jack's orgasm was so powerful, it wiped him out. He folded up "Nan's" cum filled panties and laid them on the other pillow in the bed. He realized that he would have to wash them everyday. In order to keep the fantasy going, they couldn't have his scent in them. Better to have no scent at all. He didn't mind. He could pretend he was actually washing her panties for her. Then when they're finished he could envision her standing in front of him as she steps in to them. He pulls them up her thighs and over her ample bottom. He pulls them tight over her crotch. He puts his hand down there and feels her full thick lips through the material and says, "I hate covering up this beautiful pussy."

"Me too," she says and pulls him close and kisses him. He can smell how clean she is and her wonderful perfume.

All of a sudden, BANG! The thought went off in his head and he sat bolt upright in the bed - her perfume! "That's what I need, her perfume. I can't get her pussy smell in the panties, but I can get her smell," he said to himself. "At least they'll smell like her. Oh, this is perfect. Well almost perfect." He smiled and lay back down, proud and pleased that he had thought of it.

He was almost asleep when another thought interrupted him. "Wait a minute, what kind does she wear?" She had told him one time, but now the name escaped him. He was restless and slept fitfully, straining to remember the name. He thought it began with a T.

Morning came way too soon. As he showered, shaved, and dressed, he tried to recall the name of Nan's perfume. He ran through the alphabet numerous times, but to no avail. He opened a granola bar and sat down to eat it along with a glass of orange juice.

He flipped on the TV and clicked over to the National Geographics channel, just as the announcer said, "Next on NatGeo, Taboo, Sex in .." "THAT'S IT!" Jack jumped up and shouted. "Nan's perfume is called Tabu! Oh I can't wait." He vowed to pick some up at Dillard's after work. But first he had to clean up the juice that went flying all over the kitchen. He also missed the irony of the name.

Work ground excessively slow as Jack tried to hurry 5:00 along. He thought about going at lunch time but decided against it. The temptation to run to the house and experiment with this new aspect of his fantasy would be overwhelming. Besides, the anticipation was a sweet delight in itself.

Quitting time finally arrived and Jack raced to Dillard's. The location of the fragrance counter took him past the lingerie department. He saw Linda helping another customer. They waved at each other. At the perfume counter Jack asked the young lady for Tabu. She reached under the glass and produced a small bottle. She smiled at him and said, "Be careful, this stuff has a reputation."

He looked at her quizzically and asked, "What do you mean?"

"Oh, you'll see ... if you're not careful, that is."

He paid for the purchase and she put it in a small box. He shook his head as he walked away trying to figure out what she was talking about. He saw Linda waving her hand motioning him to come over. He walked over to her.

"Hi Linda," he said.

"Hello, Jack. How are you today and how is your grandmother?"

"We're both fine. Thanks for asking."

She was dying to find out about the panties. "Have you given those panties to your grandmother yet?" she asked.

"Not yet. She lives in Pittsburgh. I'll have to mail them."

"Too bad you can't deliver them in person. I'd love to be able to see the look on her face. When do you think you'll mail them?"

"Don't know. The timing has to be right."

"What do you mean?"

"I can't just mail them to her with a note, 'I bought you some panties, Nan. Hope you like them?' She'd wonder what I was up to."

"To tell you the truth, I'm wondering what you're up to also? I sense there may be more to this than just buying underwear for your grandmother, isn't there? And I think I know what it is."

Jack looked right at her, unable to speak. If he did he would blurt the truth out. And he wasn't sure he wanted her to know. But it seemed too late. She already did.

"You want to have sex with your grandmother, don't you?"

"Yes, but not just sex. I want to make passionate love to her. And I want us to cum together. That's the most beautiful expression of release for two lovers."

'Damn,' Linda said to herself. 'I'm getting wet again.' "And the panties are a way of letting her know you're thinking of her ... I don't know any other way to this, her pussy?"

"Except that she doesn't know yet. They're mainly a way of helping me fantasize about her."

Jack then proceeded to tell Linda about the video he saw and how the grandson tenderly removed his grandmother's panties and held them to his nose and sniffed the essence of her womanhood that had leaked into them. That so aroused him that he wanted to buy a pair for her, but it was primarily to masturbate in while he thought of her. He thought of sending them to her but decided against it because they would have been "used" and washed several times. And he wanted her to have a brand new pair.

"So, last night, did you "break them in", as it were?" Linda asked.

He thought to himself, 'Moment of truth, Jack. I've only known this woman 24 hours and now I'm gonna tell her I masturbated in the pair of panties I bought from her yesterday?' He felt compelled, almost like he couldn't withhold anything. "Yes I did. We were talking on the phone ..."

"Wait a minute. You had phone sex with her last night?!"

"Not exactly. We were talking, but not about sex. We were just talking about stuff. But I had "her" panties wrapped around my cock, slowly stroking."

Linda's lower lips were weeping.

"Then as we were ending our conversation, I started stroking faster. As we hung up, I came, spurting a huge load right into the crotch of "Nan's" panties."

Linda was breathing hard as she imagined this scene in her mind. She needed to grab her sign and race to the ladies room. Her pussy was pressing against her panties desperately seeking release.

"I realized that these I would have to keep and wash over and over. But I somehow wanted her scent in them. I couldn't have her female scent, but I could have the next best thing – her perfume."

"Is that what you just bought?"

"Yes. It's called Tabu. I'm going to put it on her panties so they at least smell like Nan."

Linda smiled as she realized the tremendous sexual irony here. "Such a fitting name," she said.

Jack cocked his head slightly and lowered his eyelids as if to try to squeeze the meaning out of what Linda just said. And then it dawned on him. He smiled too, "Taboo! I see it now."

"Do you think she might be sending you a message?" Linda asked.

"I never thought of it till now. Do you think she is?" he asked excitedly.

"Don't know positively, but it sure looks like it to me."

Meanwhile, a thousand miles away, Dee (Nan) was getting ready for her bath. The water was drawn and sprinkled with a generous portion Tabu bubble bath. The scent was intoxicating. She had only to remove her panties before stepping into the tub. She hooked her thumbs in the waistband and slowly pulled them down. She watched herself in the mirror. They slid off her ample bottom and down to her hips.

A little further and the crotch reluctantly peeled away from her pussy. It was as if her panties were saying, 'Oh please don't us away from those luscious lips.' Her panties were wet and sticky from thinking about Jack all day. She looked at herself in the mirror. She thought to herself, 'Some men think that a woman's panties pulled partially down is the biggest turn on. You can just see her pussy. I hope Jack thinks so.' Though she didn't know if she would ever find out. Dee could see her lips reflected in the mirror. They were puffy and filled with desire.

Nan dropped her panties to the floor. She picked them up and looked at the crotch that was heavy with her juices. She said, "I wish Jack could see this." She held the panties to her nose and sniffed. "Mmmm, I wish he could smell them too." She lay them in front of a picture of Jack she kept on the bathroom counter. With her left hand she stroked and pinched her nipples. With her
right had she reached between her legs. Her fingers slipped between her swollen pussy lips and rubbed her clit. She watched herself in the mirror. "I wish you could see me, baby. I wish you could watch me masturbate for you." She slipped her middle finger into her vagina and moved it in and out. She closed her eyes as she reveled in her self pleasure.

Suddenly she stopped as she thought about waiting to orgasm until after Jack's phone call tonight. She took her finger out of her vagina and just ran it up between her pussy lips. She had every intention of withdrawing, but when her finger touched her clit, her orgasm would not be denied. "OH MY GOD, I'M CUMMING!" she shouted as her climax convulsed her cunt. She shook for several seconds before finally coming down. She looked at herself in the mirror. She saw not only the image of a satisfied woman, but of a woman in want as well.

She stepped into the tub and lay down. The scented water caressed every inch of her. "Tabu," she said to herself. "Yes it is, deliciously taboo."

Jack decided to take the next step. Linda convinced him that Nan was sending a signal. "I'm going to do it. I'm really going to send her a pair of panties."

"Good. What color?" she asked.

"What color are you wearing?"

"Oooo, you naughty boy," Linda said smiling. "Asking the lingerie lady what color panties she's wearing. Well, I'm naughty too. They're baby blue." She was tempted to raise her dress so he could see, but decided against it. 'Stupid security cameras.' She thought to herself, 'One of these days, he'll not only see my panties, he'll be taking them off me.' She groaned to herself at that image.

Linda walked over to the rack and retrieved a pair of size 10 baby blue panties. She put them in a pretty box and wrapped them in tissue paper. "You should include a note." She handed Jack a flowery note card. On it he wrote, "Nan, I've been thinking a lot about you. I hope you like them. I hope you think of me when you put these on."

"That is so good. It's subtle and direct at the same time. She can't help but think one thing when she reads that."

"What's that?"

"The next logical, unspoken statement - 'I hope you think of me when you take them off.'" Linda was almost buckling with the need between her legs. She knew she would be changing her panties. Good thing she had her pick.

"Oh my, I hope she does," Jack said.

Linda started to close the box but stopped. "Wanna send her to the stars?"

"What do you mean?"

"Be right back." She disappeared behind one of the racks. Moments later she reappeared holding something behind her back. She pulled it out from behind her and placed it in the box.

"Oh my," Jack said with a gasp.

"Think that'll do it?"

"I hope so. I know it'll send me to the stars." It was a completely sheer pair of light yellow panties. Linda put her first two fingers in the crotch to show him. They resembled a woman's lips. "Of course, this will only work if she's bare. You don't know that right now, but I'll bet you'll find out."

"I hope so."

Jack's cock was about to burst through his pants as he looked at the sheer panties and pictured Nan wearing them. He could clearly see her sweet pussy lips through the transparent material.

Linda closed and sealed the box. "Give me her address and we'll get this on the next UPS shipment at 7:00. Should be there by day after tomorrow."

Jack gave her the address. "What do I owe you?"

"Nothing. I'll take care of it. On one condition."

"What's that?"

"You tell me how it goes when you get with her. I want to know everything from the first kiss, the first touch, the first lick, the moment of penetration. I want to know how she feels when your cock enters her cunt for the first time. I want to know how you cum, how she cums. I want to know how she sounds when she climaxes, how you sound. And most importantly, I want to know how she feels and how you feel when you spurt inside her for the first time. Here's my card. It has my cell number and my email address."

"Agreed. I'll tell you everything. But only if it's ok with her."

"I can accept that."

"Now I have to take my break." She reached under the counter again and pulled out her tent sign. 'Back in 5 minutes.' She scrawled something on a piece of paper and placed it at the bottom of the sign. It read, 'I need to masturbate.' Jack looked at her and smiled, "Really?"

"Oh god yes!" she replied. She snatched up her addition and threw it in the trash. As she walked toward the ladies room to do her pleasure, she looked back at Jack. She touched her fingers to her open mouth and blew him a sensual kiss, as if to say, 'I want you to taste my lips.' She disappeared down the little hallway that led to the restrooms. Jack started to walk out but turned instead in the direction of the restrooms. He got to the ladies room door just in time to hear a stifled moan and Linda's voice saying, "OH GOD, JACK, FUCK ME!" His cock was hard as steel. He smiled and said to himself, "Nan first, and only then if she says it's ok." He quickly walked out of the store to his car.

When Jack got home he decided to take his shower early. He retrieved "Nan's" panties from his room and took them into the shower to wash them and himself at the same time. His cock was still half hard from his visit with Linda. Now it stood at full attention as he washed her panties. He wrapped them around his cock and started to stroke. "That feels so good," he said to himself. "Too good. I need to stop. I want to wait until I'm on the phone with Nan." Suddenly he realized what he said. "Yes, on the phone with her. I'll cum while we're on the phone." He knew he would have to be quiet. He couldn't let on what he was doing. But he so wanted to cum while listening to her voice and smelling her in "her" panties.

He rinsed and stepped out of the shower. He dried off and wrapped the towel around his waist. He put the panties in the dryer while he heated up a bit of soup for dinner. He wasn't really hungry but he knew he needed something. He looked at the clock. He thought to himself, 'Hmmm, it's 7. The UPS man is picking up deliveries. I hope Linda is handing him the package. Well, it's on its way now. No turning back. She'll either be thrilled or disgusted with me. Either way, our relationship will never be the same. He had a moment of panic when he thought of that. Above all, he didn't want to lose the closeness and friendship that they currently shared. He would have been content with the fantasy, but now it was too late. In two days, the fantasy would end, for better or worse. He didn't know the delicious delights that awaited him.

Dee stepped out of her bath and dried off. She spritzed the Tabu body spray all over herself. She always felt so sexy and desirable when she bathed. She picked up the pink panties she had brought in with her. "A lady always wears panties," she said to herself. "Even if she's just going to masturbate."

She loved how they felt as she slid them on. She loved even more how they felt coming off. She adjusted the crotch and felt how puffy her lips were. The act of putting her panties on, the anticipation of Jack's phone call, and knowing she was going to be masturbating in them had her aroused. She put on a matching robe, poured herself a glass of wine, and lay down on the couch to await his call. Her hand kept wandering between her legs.

Jack finished his soup and put the dishes in the sink. He retrieved the panties from the dryer. He sat on the couch and pulled the bottle of perfume from the bag. He put a little on his finger and touched it to the panties on the outside just above the crotch. He didn't want to put it on the inside because that's where her pussy would have been. That's where her woman scent would be. And he was using his imagination for that. He dialed Nan's number, then started to stroke his cock.

"Hi baby," she answered. "I've been waiting for you. How've you been?"

There was something different in her voice. Something that sounded a little urgent. "I'm great Nan. How are you?"

"Fine, now that I can hear your voice. How was your day?"

Definitely something different. It was different alright. What he didn't know was that her hand was rubbing the outside of her panties. She was lightly caressing her lips. Tonight she had decided to masturbate while still on the phone with him. Previously, she had waited until they hung up. But, tonight she would give herself an orgasm while listening to his voice. And she would cum in her panties.

They talked of the typical things again. Dee told him how she had spent her day. He listened intently as he sniffed the Tabu-scented panties and stroked his cock. She asked him how his day at work went.

He was getting closer. He tried to mutter out a few intelligible words. But it was getting harder ... literally. He gritted his teeth to try to stifle the explosion emanating from his cock and his mouth. He started spurting. He wanted to say, but didn't, "Oh Nan, I'm cumming in your panties." Not all of his sound was silenced, though. She heard a slight groan.

"Jack, are you ok? It sounded like you hurt yourself."

"I'm ok, Nan. I just dropped something."

"Ok, but it sounded like something else."

He wanted so bad to tell her what he just did, but was afraid to.

As they kept talking, Dee could feel her own arousal peaking. She pressed the crotch between her swollen lips and rubbed her clit. She reveled in the sound of his sexy voice as orgasm washed over her. Rather than allowing herself to scream out, she let out a muffled sigh. Jack heard it. He thought he knew what it was. "Did Nan just cum?" he wondered to himself. "Surely not."

"Are you ok, Nan?"

"Of course, baby. Why?"

"I thought I heard a sigh."

"Oh that. Just the normal aches and pains of being a grandmother."

"Nan do you remember the surprise I told you I bought for you?"

"Yes, I do. Are you going to tell me what it is?"

"No, but I'll tell you this. I mailed it today. Should be there day after tomorrow."

"Oh, I can't wait." She giggled.

Jack thought to himself, "I hope she's this excited when she opens the package."

"You can tell me how you like it then. I have to work late tomorrow. So I won't be able to call. We're entertaining a client and the boss wants me along, part of the green thing."

"Well, I'll miss you."

"I'll miss you too."

"G'night, baby."

"Night Nan."

Dee began pulling her panties down. She felt a shiver of excitement as the crotch came out from between her wet lips. She couldn't resist smelling them. The aroma was sweet and musky. It was the scent of an aroused woman. It was the scent of a woman who had just cum. She wondered if she would ever have the opportunity to let Jack sniff her panties.

The next evening at dinner, the team entertained the client, Jon Wright of Latham Industries, and discussed the upcoming project. Wright made it clear he wanted the Architectural Green Initiative to be incorporated into the job. Jack's boss, Lee Simpson, tapped him on the shoulder and handed him an envelope.

"Jack, you're on a flight to Pittsburgh day after tomorrow, early. You'll be there for 2 weeks training on the Green Initiative. Here's your ticket, your boarding pass, hotel reservation, and car rental."

Jack took the envelope. he could hardly believe it. Pittsburgh. His grandmother. Would this be the chance he was hoping for? He almost told his boss that he didn't need the hotel reservation, that he could stay with his Nan. But then, if she didn't like her gift, she might not want anything to do with him. He'd keep the reservation, at least for now.

Jack was so focused on the possibilities, he hardly heard anything else. He couldn't wait to call Nan the next day.

That night after dinner, he went home and masturbated with "her" panties again. He fantasized she was lying in front of him with her legs spread and her pussy lips open. As he spurted into her panties, he said, "Oh,Nan. I'm cumming on your pussy, all over your beautiful lips." The orgasm was powerful. Between it and the long day, he was asleep in minutes.

At noon the next day, Dee's door bell rang twice. She looked outside to see the UPS man walking back to his truck. She opened the front door and saw a package lying on the porch. "Oh, good. This must be Jack's gift to me." She took the package into the bedroom, sat on the bed and opened it.

Her hands froze when she saw what was inside. She picked up the first pair. "Panties!!??" she said. "He sent me panties?" Suddenly her heart was racing. She saw the note. She picked it up and read it. "He's been thinking about me? He wants me to think about him when I put them on??"

She held them up. "They're pretty. And the right size. Not many men would get that right. Unless ..."

She noticed the second pair in the box. She picked them up. "Oh my! They're completely sheer. I can see right through them. And so could he, if I was wearing them. There's only one thing he could be thinking about me ... my pussy."

She felt her lips flush. "Is it possible he wants me? He sent me panties. He had to be thinking of my cunt. And if he is, then he wants to see me in these. And if he wants to see me in these, then he wants to see me out of these. Am I finally going to get to make love to my beautiful grandson? Am I finally going to get to touch him, touch his cock? Am I finally going to get to feel his cock in me, thrusting in and out of me. Am I finally going to get to feel him cum in me, filling me with his hot semen?"

She held the sheer panties in her left hand and imagined herself wearing them for him, knowing he could see her swollen pussy. She put her right hand in the panties she was wearing. Her fingers slipped between her wet lips and touched her clit. She came immediately and cried out, "Oh Jack, FUCK ME, BABY! FUCK ME!

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Posted 28 Jan 2014 06:53
ah, long distance romance and feelings so well done
Posted 05 Mar 2011 11:28
AWESOME story!!! When will we see part 3???? I cant wait!!!
Posted 18 Oct 2010 05:55
definately need to see more of this story got me creaming my jeans
Posted 05 Oct 2010 05:19
Hey Jack - now we get to the really exciting part eh!!!

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