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Jayme, Her Mother And Her Grandfather Part 2

Jayme learns what it feels like having her grandfather's cock eat her cherry
Jayme, Her Mother And Her Grandfather Part 2

Both Lori and I were father and daughter lovers, also we certified sex surrogate therapists. Later that night, Lori and I were having a very physical love making session. We were interrupted by Jayme entering the room through the bedroom door that had been left open..

“Mom, Grandpa, what are you doing? Are two fucking? Do you have to make so much noise? What will the neighbors think if they hear you having sex? They know that there are only you and I are living here. They may call the police. I remember Mrs. Morgan in sex ed class said that a girl should never have sex with her father. It is incest.”

“Yes, Jayme, it may be incest as Mrs. Morgan said to her class. I remember her as a dried up, very cold woman that had been deserted by her husband. But Jayme, when you really love someone so completely, like I love my daddy, the best way for me to show him that love is for us to completely sexually satisfy both of our needs. Only my fucking my daddy will totally satisfy that need. We have been fucking since my mother died. Only daddy’s big beautiful cock pumping my pussy full of his hot cock love juice makes me feel totally loved.”

“Yes, Jayme, I need to fuck Lori to make her realize how much we love each other.”

Jayme rolled her eyes like only a teenager can do. She shrugged her shoulders and closed the door behind her as she left to go to her own room.

The next morning Lori made sure that her bedroom door was once again open as we again fucked up a storm. Lori was laying over me. She was watching and waiting for her 16 year old daughter to appear at the door once more.

Again Jayme stood at the open doorway as she watched her mother and grandfather in a 69 position. The girl was still in her almost transparent baby doll nightie. It was so short that we could tell that she wasn’t wearing panties this time.

“Mom, grandpa, do you have to make it so obvious? You were doing that last night and now again this morning.”

Jayme moved into the room to stand by the side of the bed just as Lori had hopes that she would. The girl’s eyes were glued to her grandfathers large erection as she saw her mother licking and sucking his cock. Lori then quickly moved to position herself astride her father. She then smiled at her daughter as she directed my manhood fully into her sopping wet and ready pussy. Jayme gasped as she saw grandfather’s cock easily and quickly disappear deep into her mother’s vagina. Lori let out a loud moan of sexual satisfaction as she began her up and down fucking motions.

“Oh mom, how can anything that big go up inside you? Doesn’t it hurt terribly?”

“No Honey, it is the most glorious feeling that I have ever felt. Knowing that I am having sex with my own father makes it even more wonderful. Loving incest with someone that you are very closely related to makes it feel so much better. It is true that my daddy is bigger than almost all of the other men that I have fucked.”

“Mom, you mean to say that you have fucked other men too?”

“As certified Sex Surrogate Therapists, I have fucked a number of other men and women to help them with their sex problems. I consider myself to be fully a bi sexual woman. I love eating a nice wet pussy as well as sucking and fucking a good hard cock.”

I was also certified Sex Surrogate . As for myself, I preferred pussy to cock. I seldom would take cases prescribed by a doctor if there the man was struggling with his sexual identity and wanting to have sex with a man while his wife was included. Usually, I had Lori take those cases.

In my years at Parks, a number of the coeds left with an AA Degree in the very liberal arts in one hand and a piece of my kicking and crying DNA carried next to her breast with the other. Also, as a sex therapist, some of the young second wives of other teachers at Parks also introduced my DNA byproduct as their husband’s son or daughter.

Lori added, “If it wasn’t for incest, you wouldn’t be here Jayme. It was my daddy’s sperm filled semen that got me pregnant with you. Because of incest, you are here in my bedroom observing daddy and me having sex, all be it incest, to show our love to each other. I love you verry much Jayme, and I love my daddy very much. Because of incest, my daddy is also your daddy.”

Lori shuddered in an ultimate orgasm as Jayme watched. She couldn’t help but stare at her mother’s pussy leaking my incestuous sperm. Jayme was now standing beside the bed. I rolled off Lori to lay right beside Jayme. Her eyes were wide as she gazed at my still erect and pulsing cock coated with her mother’s and my love juices.

“Mom, it is so big. Grandpa could never be able to put it up inside my vagina?”

“I wasn’t much older than you and I loved my daddy’s big cock taking my virginity and every time we have fucked since then. As certified Sex Surrogate Therapist I have fucked many men. They have had various size cocks but very few as big as my daddy’s. I love his the best. Oh Jayme, you would be surprised how easy it would be for him to slide it all the way up inside you. I know that you would love how good it would feel with my daddy’s cock fucking you.”

“Doesn’t it hurt the first time? I am still a virgin.”

“It may hurt the first time when his cock eats your cherry, but it fades away quickly. With me it was more like a momentary discomfort. Daddy will make sure to be as careful as possible. Daddy and I will both prepare you for your first fuck. We both will kiss you all over your body so that you will be begging for your first fuck. I know that you will really love fucking like I do.”

Lori reached over me and removed Jayme’s nightie without any complaint. My eyes devoured Jayme’s now naked body just inches from me. Her tiny tits were just the right size and the soft curly hair just above a nice pair of plump pussy lips that I could see were already moist with her preliminary pussy love juices. My cock was now throbbing in anticipation of eating Jayme’s delectable little cherry.

“Come on up on the bed, Honey. It is time for daddy’s beautiful cock to deflower your sweet maiden head. Time for you to give up your virginity to your father just like I did. Time for you to enjoy incest with your mother and father. Time to learn to enjoy sex withhis cock andmy pussy.”

“Mom, if you are going to have sex with me too, does that mean we are lesbians?”

“Definitely not, Jayme. I want you to become bi sexual just like me. I want you to love sex the way a woman should love sex. A girl’s pussy is a wonderful thing. After daddy fucked me the first time, he encouraged me to bring some of my girlfriends home. Daddy would fuck them and then I would eat his cock love juice from their nice juicy pussy. Then they would eat his cum from my pussy. I know that you will love the feel of daddy’s cock filling your vagina with his cum so that I can eat your pussy.”

Lori and I began kissing and licking all over Jayme’s beautiful body as she responded to such an incest sexual double experience. We could tell that she was getting very close to her first oral orgasm.

“Oh stop, please stop, I have to go pee. Mom, grandpa please stop or I will wet all over. I have to pee.”

“It is alright baby, let daddy keep kissing your pussy. You are about to have a cum, a climax, an orgasm. Let it happen Jayme, let it happen.”

She exploded as her body erupted in an exotic incest induced oral cum. First there was the violent trembling followed by going rigid as she succumbed to the wonderful sensational sexual release. I continued to gently tongue her clit as she was now having a series of mini orgasms. Finally, I relented and let her recover slowly so she could regain her normal breathing. She lay there not caring that she wasnaked and exposed to her mother and grandfather, her eyes closed and with a very contentedsmile on her lips in an after glow.

Lori now moved her hand to her daughters pussy like she and I developed years ago when I fucked some of her girl friends. She used a thumb and fore finger of one hand ro spread Jayme’s puffy outer pussy lips. She used her other hand to place my cock on her daughters pussy slit. My cock was manually rubbed back and forth to lube it with Jayme’s pussy love juice, my saliva and my copious pre cum. Jayme was now properly prepared for my cock to eat her cherry.

Lori now directed my cock head to our daughter’s vaginal opening. Slowly her mom and I directed it itto the very tight virgin sheath. It began to open as I entered her pussy for the first time. I became aware that my cock head was contacting a fleshy barrier as Jayme squeaked like a cornered mouse. I drew back a fraction of an inch.

Lori recognized my action. She said, “Do it daddy, do it. Fuck her, I want all of us to see her cherry juice on your cock. Let us see it before you fuck it all the way up inside her tight little cunt for her first fuck.”

I pushed into her and felt the virgin membrane give way as Jayme cried out as she was deflowered.. I withdrew my cock until the head lay between her pussy lips. It was coated with her love juice and my pre cum plus red streaks of her own cherry juice.

“That stung, mom, it really stung.”

“You will feel much better now that you are no longer virgin. That is the initiation fee that girls have to pay to become a woman. Now it is time for daddy to put his big wonderful cock all the way up inside your pussy and fuck you. He will fuck you until he fills your pussy and womb with his sperm filled semen. That is when you truly become a woman. We both hope that you will have a vaginal induced orgasm. Since your period ended day before yesterday, you don’t have to worry about getting pregnant. I will also put you on the birth control pill until you are older."

Watch for Part 3

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Posted 12 Feb 2013 06:42
Very HOT and enjoyable series. 5+ More cumin?
Posted 18 Jan 2013 18:23
Excellent. Nice way to teach your daughter the joy of sex. Tell us more. "V=5++++."
Posted 18 Jan 2013 12:15
Most enjoyable story. Loved it.
Posted 09 Jan 2013 04:15
Damn that's hot.5++
Posted 08 Jan 2013 19:34
Truly delicious story... loved the intensity, the genuine passion among all three... I hope there are further installments. 5+
Posted 08 Jan 2013 19:23
HOT 5+++++++

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