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Jenna and John: Kissing Cousins

Jenna and John, their first time.
From as far back as I can remember, my cousin John and I were inseparable from at least the age of 5. We spent a lot of our summers together, my aunt and uncle had an in-ground pool at their house and my parents often let me spend weeks at a time there. I loved those summers, and being a kid I was completely infatuated by John. He was just two years older than me, but he didn't treat me like he was. John included me in everything he did weather it was watching TV or hanging with his friends; John treated me more like a little sister, neither one of us had siblings so I think thats why we took to one another like we did. I wouldn't trade the time I spent with him for the world.

We didn't come from a big family, but being Irish, our family threw large parties for our favorite holiday, "St. Paddy's Day". I was especially looking forward to the upcoming party that year, it had been four years since I had seen John last. His parents had divorced and his mom moved him half way across the state, we kept in touch by phone and email but it wasn't the same; we had grown apart. He was 20, in college and working full time and I started to dabble a bit in the modeling field, so there really wasn't much time to talk or visit with each other. Thats why I was more than happy to take some time off and make this party, I really wanted to see John and spend some time with him.

I stood sideways in front of my mirror the night of the party and looked myself over head to toe. I decided to wear a denim skirt and a bright green shirt, that sported a big shamrock on the front. I traced the outline of my body, noting that my brown hair rested nicely at the tops of my C cup breasts. I continued down over my plump ass, saw how it made my skirt look shorter than it actually was, then grinned. I looked at my naked feet and decided to dress them with a wedge sandal, being 5'3, I wanted to add some height. I kissed my finger tips, like chefs do and said "perfecto." I thought I looked festive and sexy; that's what I was going for and I aced it.

I pulled up in front of my grandparents house, their house was always where the party was held. I could feel the excitement build in my body, I wanted to see John more than ever and I hoped he was already there. As I walked up the stairs to the screen door I noticed a guy, he had short dark hair and stood about 6 foot tall. I grabbed the handle and pulled the door open, It squeaked loudly as I stepped through the threshold. The dark headed man turned to look at me and I realised it was John. My heart sank into my stomach, his beautiful hazel eyes stared me down and for a moment I was lost. He had grown up a lot, I admired his muscular arms and chest through his tight, bright green shirt. I was surprised to see he was wearing the exact same shirt as me.

John walked over to me and wrapped his arms around me, I returned the gesture as I embraced his body against mine. He felt so good against me the feeling was unexplainable, I actually lusted for my cousin for the first time in that moment. John stepped back and looked me up and down, commenting on the good choice of clothes I made. We asked the usual 'how are you?' questions, but before we could really talk, I was bombarded with other family members by the same questions. I stood around for an hour catching up with everybody and finished my first beer; being part of an Irish family meant lot's of drinking, it was frowned upon if you didn't have at least one beer. I finished my boring conversation with my aunt and headed to the kitchen for another drink, I wanted to keep true to my heritage.

I walked into the kitchen and I couldn't help but think about my cousin, he was so sexy. I thought about what it would be like to have his hands explore my body, my panties got wet at the idea of incest. I felt disgusted for a moment and changed my thoughts to something else, I heard foot steps behind me and turned around. John was standing there looking at me, then walked passed me and grabbed four beers from the fridge. He asked if I wanted to walk outside with him and swing; my grandparents built a tree house with swing set years ago for me and my cousins. I told him yes, as I followed out the back door.

We sat on the swings and talked for at least an hour, catching up on all the details of our busy lives. We were both buzzed, so the seriousness of our conversation quickly turned to laughter and goofing off. Laughing at one of his stupid jokes, I leaned back to far and fell off the swing flat on my back. John jumped up and came to my aid, he sarcastically called me a dumb ass and reminded me swings don't have backs. I snapped back and called him an ass-hole as he helped me off the ground, I felt a flutter in my tummy when his hands wrapped around my arms. As soon as I stood up I slapped his arm and told him it wasn't nice to call girls names. John responded by grabbing my cheeks in his hand, he kissed my fore head and told me "awe poor baby". When he backed his head up away from my face, it was like his mind changed gears and he landed a kiss square on my lips.

My lips responded before my brain did and I slipped my tongue into his velvety mouth. His tongue swirled with mine for a moment, then reality hit and I pulled away. I didn't know what to say so I walked away quickly and headed for the house. John followed behind me asking me to wait as he ran up in front of me and apologized for the kiss. I stood there and stared at him, I didn't know what to say because I really did want that kiss. I grabbed his arm and walked into the garage where I knew we'd be alone, I felt I needed to tell him my true feelings.

I sat on the hood of my grand daddy's car and explained to John that I had a crush on him. He sat and listened as I told him that I thought of him in a sexual way and how I felt dirty because of it. What surprised me most was how he responded, explaining to me that he too was sexually attracted to me and had beat off to a few of my modeling pictures. We sat for a while and discussed the pros and cons of our incestious relationship. John and I had decided we were gonna go for it and express out true feeling for each other. I felt anxiety and pleasure as I prepared myself for this encounter.

John grabbed my knees and pushed my legs apart, making room for himself between them. he grabbed my face like before and kissed me again, much more aggressively this time and I could feel his bulge against me. I wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed him back, rubbing his tongue with mine. His mouth felt so good against mine as his hands made their way down my chest, taking my breasts into them. At that moment I wanted to back away, but I didn't, I broke away from our kiss and laid back on the hood of the car. We knew our family were still upstairs partying, so this was really no time for love making. John pushed my skirt up around my stomach and pulled my pink thong to the side, his tongue licked my snatch making me moan. I spread my legs as wide as possible and gave him more access, feeling my cousins finger enter my pussy.

I jerked beneath him as he liked and sucked on my pussy in a way I've never felt before. His fingers felt so big in my tight snatch as they entered and withdrew. John ate me for about ten minutes when I felt my orgasm hit, my pussy clenched tightly around his fingers. I slid my body up and down the hood of the car to meet his finger thrusts, I couldn't help but moan even louder this time. Johns hand gripped my thigh as he flicked my clit with his tongue, making my warm cum cover his hand. I wiggled a bit as he removed his fingers from within me and kissed the inside of my leg several times. He grabbed my hips, slid me off the car and turned me around. I felt my pussy juices run down my thigh as I heard his pants hit the floor.

I had no idea how big John's cock was until that moment, he rubbed his head against my pussy lips then up the crack of my ass. He found my slippery hole and his cocked ripped into me like I was giving birth, the mix of pain and pleasure was enough to make my knees buckle. He wasted no time filling me with every inch he had, which must of been at least ten or so. I could feel his cock in my stomach as he plowed me and bottomed out with each thrust. His hands made their way to my shoulders, giving him the leverage he needed to force me onto him. After about five minutes, the pain was gone and all I felt was the pure pleasure of my cousins cock inside of me.

John groaned and moaned as he stuffed me full of his meat, I moaned back telling him to fuck me. He grabbed a fist full of my hair and snatched my head back, asking me if I liked his cock. I expressed to him how much I loved it and tried to meet his thrusts, but I was slightly restrained by my hair. He kept talking to me dirty, he told me what a great pussy I had and called me his dirty little cousin. I wasn't turned off one bit by his comments, I felt dirty and wanted to be told so. I brought my hand down to my pussy and flicked it, John said he wanted me to come on his cock and I damn sure wanted to. I placed both knees on the bumper of the car to give us both better access as I braced myself with my free hand.

John's thrusts felt deeper with this position and he was hitting my most sensitive spots. I moaned out to him telling him his dirty little cousin was going to cum. He rammed me faster as I rubbed my clit harder, feeling my orgasm wave through my body with intense pleasure as I quivered. John released my hair and grabbed my ass cheeks, he used them for leverage as he slammed my almost limp body down on his cock a few times. He moaned out, "yeah, yeah, yeah", as his cock stiffened like a steel rod and filled my pussy with force. His body collapsed on top of mine while his thrusts slowed. He laid there for a moment and his limp cock fell from my pussy, letting his seed escape down my leg.

He pushed himself off of me so I could stand up, I grabbed 2 shop towels and threw him one so we could clean up our sweet mess. I pulled my skirt down and expressed how wonderful my experience had been, he agreed with me and pulled his pants up. We checked each other and made sure there were no signs of sex on either one of us, then headed back into the house for a few more beers. John and I spent the rest of the night outside on the swings, discussing the future of our relationship.

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Posted 15 Aug 2013 07:19
What a great beginning - I don't believe it could get any hotter than this!
Posted 01 Sep 2011 12:38
Totally wanking torrid!!
Posted 31 Aug 2011 21:21
great story!! very well written. wish i was in it
Posted 31 Aug 2011 18:22
GREAT story Now off to part two hehe KEEP up the GREAT work SEXY
Posted 31 Aug 2011 14:43
Made me wish I had female cousins.Great job!
Posted 29 Aug 2011 11:11
Terrific story. Very hot. More please.5+++
Posted 29 Aug 2011 08:24
Great story, wild sex, vividly described!

Posted 29 Aug 2011 07:43
Excellent story...5 XXXX

Posted 29 Aug 2011 06:05
Great Story and you did a wonderful job in telling it. It flowed easily in the mind and the character build up was great. and enjoyed that hot quickie in the garage

Posted 29 Aug 2011 04:25
And I thought stuff like that only happened in Tennessee or Vermont! Hot story!
Posted 29 Aug 2011 01:33
What a sweet pleasuring incest. The flow of the story is so wonderfully good and the heat of the moments described takes the reader along so nicely. The sexual part is fully explored and described in appropriate details.

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