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Jenny and Jimmy

A longing fulfilled
Jenny and Jimmy A longing fulfilled

This tale is being told by both Jimmy and Jenny. I hope the readers can follow the story easily.

Hi there – my name is Jimmy and I am a 20yr old college student. I am home for my summer break at the moment and as I have my own apartment, I was just taking it easy that day. I stand at 6’ 2” and have the musculature of a Football player. I have dark brown hair and hazel eyes. Being a ball player, I keep very fit.

It was a hot afternoon just like any other. I lay on the long couch in my apartment sitting room with my shirt open, trying to catch as much air from my ceiling fan as I possibly could. My eyes were closed but I was far from being asleep.

I opened my eyes when I heard a knock on the front door. I wasn't expecting any visitors on that day – it was merely one of those days when I preferred being alone with my thoughts. I opened the door.

"Hi there, Jimmy," Jenny said. She was definitely a pretty sight around the neighbourhood, and on that day she was looking like someonr that had just stepped out of a modelling line up, the way her long legs stuck out of her denim shorts. The way her pert-looking breasts seemed like missile cones as they pushed themselves out of her sleeveless blouse, the sparking smile on her lips ... it was enough to make any man's tongue slip out of his mouth like that of a salivating wolf. A good thing that at that moment I wasn't in any mood to be moved by such.

"Hey there, Jen," I said. She always liked it when I called her that; it was our own personal secret.

"What's doing with you?"

She shrugged and said, "Nothing much. Just thought I would stop by and see how you're doing. It's been a while. Mind if I come in?"

I think that she really has tried to take care of herself. She was 46, and on the tall side about 5” 9”. She had long shapely legs and all the sports she played have kept her ass from falling. It's high and tight. Her tummy was flat and she even had a little six-pack when she tightened it up.

Having only one child has helped that I think. She had long brunette hair. Of course her best features, and the ones people noticed first, were her breasts. She had big ones, with big nipples, and they got bigger after her son was born. 

She had to switch between a DD and FF bra depending on the brand. They were all her and she had to have worked hard to minimize any sag. They were heavy, but I, and pretty much everyone else she knows, thought they looked great

After inviting her inside, she sat on the sofa facing me, and generally just talking generally about things that were happening round the neighbourhood. As she sat there, I had a close up of her long legs as she had stretched out on the seat. My eyes were drawn to the juncture of her thighs and I tried to think of a way to make a move on her.

Jenny thought to herself, “I would love Jimmy to run his hands up and over my legs and body. I wonder if I can seduce him? He looks so good sitting there. He can’t seem to take his eyes off me, so maybe I will get lucky.

“Would you like a glass of iced tea or something else,” queried Jimmy.

“ An iced tea, that would be great, thanks.”

When he came back with the drinks Jimmy put them on the coffee table and sat down beside me.

I thought to myself, this looks promising and stretched my legs further out in front of me. I bent over to pick up the glass, took a sip and then let my hand drop down between us. I wondered how far I could go? Jimmy reached down and took hold of my fingers and rubbed my wrist gently with his thumb. He turned to me and bent his head and softly kissed me on the mouth.

That is what I had wanted since I arrived at his front door. I raised my head to his and kissed him with my lips apart and his tongue met mine.

He looked at me with a smile on his face and carried on with the kisses for about 10 minutes.

“Oh Jen, I have wanted to kiss you for so long, you will never know how I felt about you for all this time.”

“Jimmy, I just haven’t been courageous enough to let you know how I felt either, but I knew that today had to be the day when we figured out where we stood .”

“Well Jen, with your consent, we are going to live out our fantasies. But I suggest we transfer a more comfortable setting.” He then proceeded to lead me into the bedroom.

Our lips locked again, and this time it stayed locked unto each other for a long time while our hands and body moved and rubbed against each other, feeling each other up. My right hand made its way under her blouse to grab a hold of her breast while hers travelled down towards the bulge in the centre of my jeans. I raised her blouse up and transferred my mouth to her breast, hearing her moan and at the same time nibble on my ear lobe while her hand tried fumbling for my belt buckle. I undid the buckle for her and pulled my erection out so that she could grab a good hold of it and then transferred my hand to feel the roundness of her ass that lay hidden under her skirt. When I was done with her left breast, I made a move for the other, my teeth playing hungrily with her nipple while she went on moaning and stroking my dick softly but firmly.

I stopped to push my jeans down my thighs and lay back on the bed while she leaned over and swallowed me up. She gave a long oan in her throat as she cupped my balls in her left hand, while her other continued to stroke my dick as she continued bobbing her head with her sucking motion. I felt myself surrender to the swirl of emotion; my mouth made gasping sounds from
 her sucking while my hand pulled her skirt up her ass as I then inserted a finger into her warm, wet cunt.

Jimmy then slowly worked his way down to lave at my Garden of Eden. Waves of heat washed from my crotch as Jimmy licked up and down my slit. Impatient, I pulled myself open. He slipped his tongue into my pussy and ate me to another orgasm. While I was still thrashing and screaming, he sucked my clit and finger-fucked me to an even more intense climax.

He kissed my lips and face tenderly as I lay on the bed, limp and exhausted. I recovered quickly. "Fuck?" I asked hopefully, gazing into Jimmy's warm blue eyes. He pulled me to the centre of the bed and moved between my legs. "Oh Fuck!" I moaned as his cock filled me. He knew how I wanted it. "That's right, Cowboy! Ride me hard and fast! Give it to me rough! Don't hold back, you won't hurt me!"

Jimmy drove into me with rapid strokes for several minutes, making me cum over and over. When I finally felt him getting close, I cried, "Baby, I need it! Give it to me now! Hot cowboy cum! Yeah! Shoot it! Oh Fuck!" I came again as his hot juice splashed my pussy walls.

Afterwards, he switched the lamp off, leaving the room bathed in bright moonlight. We lay in each other's arms, not speaking but simply basking in our shared joy. I matched my breathing to his and drifted away in a warm haze.

We drifted off to sleep at that point and later awakened as night closed in. Jimmy slipped out of bed and picked me up bodily and took me into the shower, where we washed each other and played with each other until our emotions began to overcome us.

I was dizzily aware of him towelling me dry and carrying me into the bedroom. The nightstand lamp illuminated the bed, leaving the rest of the room in shadow. Jimmy laid me on the edge of the bed and knelt on the floor with his head between my thighs. He moved his lips back and forth between the lips of my pussy. His mouth made slurping sounds as he lusciously continued to suck

I allowed her to fall towards the end of the bed and raised her right leg over my head. She made muffled sounds as I clipped my lips on the upper flesh of her labia while my tongue flicked back and forth on her clitoris.

(Jimmy dived in and I was surprised to find he really knew what he doing.) I wonder who taught him to eat pussy like that?

He kissed my inner thighs and slowly worked his way to my inner lips. He kissed those then flicked my opening with his tongue. He worked on me for ten minutes and hadn't touched my clit again. I was climbing out of my skin. I have to have him on my clit. He finally flicked it with his tongue, once, then twice, then three. He was teasing me and I grabbed his head and smashed it to my pussy. He sucked in my whole clit and I went over the edge. I started bucking off the bed. He nibbled my clit with his teeth. Involuntary spasms were running through me. Finally he sucked on it very hard and rapidly thrummed it with his tongue. I exploded, soaking his face and the bed with my juice. When he felt me slowing down he wisely releases my clit because it was too sensitive. He sat up and wiped his face on a towel. I look up and notice he is rock hard again.

He then raised himself so that he hovered over me.

“Do you want my cock, Mom?

Öh yessss,” I sighed. He then lowered his shaft into my eager opening.

The feeling of my own son's big cock in me was fantastic. He was big but it was like I was made for him. He began stroking in and out. He reached around with his hands and grabbed my ass, pulling my hips to him.

He adjusted the angle, trying to shove more of his cock in me. He bottomed out as it was. He started to speed up and I sensed his desire would overwhelm him.

Something I hadn't thought about somehow entered my mind. His father had a vasectomy a number of years ago. It had allowed me to stop taking the pill. Jimmy was not wearing a rubber and I was unprotected. I didn't think the timing was right but it was still risky. A baby would be hard to explain. The feeling of his big cock in me made me forget all reason.

Dan wondered? - His glans was pressed against her cervix. He knew where this was going. Didn't he remember that his Dad went through with a vasectomy a few years back and the reason was his Mom wanted to get off the pill. Was she unprotected? She didn't ask him to pull out.

When a guy hears that is OK to unload his semen into a woman, and she doesn't mind, it is an indescribable feeling. Somehow his cock swelled up some more and he stopped pumping. I felt a spasm move through it and he erupted. Wave after wave, rope after rope of semen and seed from deep within him hosed his Mother’s pussy down. It was his second big cum, but he managed to find more.

She cried out with delight each time I drove myself with force into her; loving the sight of watching her creamy pussy juice loiter on my dick each time it drove in and out of her.

Jimmy stopped and allowed her to turn herself over, resting on her knees and elbows while aiming her ass at him. I first came down on my stomach to lick her clitoris, loving the way her legs seemed to quiver from my actions, before rising to my knees again and inserting my prick back into her juicy pussy. I held her waist, enjoying the sight of her round ass hitting
itself against me as my dick kept pounding her from behind.

"Oh, Jimmy," she gasped between moans, "you fill me up ... oh, please, please don't stop ... don't you stop. You're killing me ... oh fuck me, Jimmy. Fuck me harder!"

Jenny’s whole body spasmed with her own climax. His cock was so big. Her pussy rippled and squeezed it. She had wanted this for so long. How could she even consider not doing this more and more. When we both began to relax and come down from our orgasm high, he laid his head on my breasts thanking fate that he had this chance. The chance to make love to his own Mother.

We both collapsed on the bed, her head resting on my chest, feeling our heartbeats return to normal. We held each other in an embrace, smiling into each other's eyes. I raised her head and kissed her. We were still lying there when morning arrived and rain began to splatter outside.

To me, it was the start of more good things to come
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Posted 25 Aug 2010 11:54
Love not lust you once said about your stories. Well Dee this one was lovely alright but plenty lusty too. Nicely done and begs for more.
Posted 02 Jun 2010 04:59
Great story, Jena. I liked the way you composed this story. Keep up the great work. Keep the story going.
Posted 01 Jun 2010 05:49
You're up to your usual great writing, Jena. Another well done story. Keep them coming. I hope we hear much more about these two!

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