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Julie and the Military

Julie and the Military

Julie and the Military

By Woffen


(This is dedicated to my beautiful friend Julie.)

Being a military wife has its advantages and some disadvantages. The disadvantages include the pay and moving and the loneliness but there are some advantages. The closeness you feel to others in your same situation for instance. In some ways the military is like a big family. There is always someone to help out when you are in need.  

Take it when Jim, my husband, was sent oversees. He had been in training for 10 weeks then had 2 days off before he was deployed.   Jim is a Major and is up for promotion so he couldn’t refuse this assignment. He will be gone for almost a year.   I knew I could depend on my friends in and out of the military to help me. I am a stay at home mom with two kids very close together that I had at a very young age. Trisha just turned 18 a couple of days ago and a beautiful, sexy girl if I do say so myself. Travis is 18 and growing up to be like his dad. He is into sports and works out on a regular basis.

As for me, my name is Julie and I am a hot, passionate woman of 37 that has a hard time when Jim is gone. I love sex and I need it on a regular basis. I have been this way since I was a little girl just learning what sex was all about. I guess it’s in my blood and from the sounds around the house at night it’s in the blood of my son and daughter too.  

Jim on the other hand doesn’t have the sex drive I have. Don’t get me wrong there is nothing wrong with him its just that when it comes to sex once a week or every other week is OK with him. For me, I want it everyday and sometimes more than once a day if I can get it. But up until now I have been faithful and have resorted to fucking myself with my favorite dildos…. A lot!”

The 2 days Jim was home ended up being a flurry of activity. Phone calls, last minute packing, updating command, making sure everything else was ready took all his time. By time it came to me all I got was a wham bam thank you mame fuck and away he went. I didn’t have time to cum or even get warmed up before Jim was finished and out the door. That left me even hornier than if he didn’t fuck me at all.  

About 2 weeks after he left everything started to settle down. There are several social events I still must attend even when Jim is gone. Jim’s boss Jack is a Colonel and he started paying some attention to me at the last party. That was natural, after all he was the reason the Jim was deployed.   He make sure I had a drink in my hand at all times and he would ask me to dance on several occasions. When it started to get late he asked me to dance one more time. I agreed and a slow song came on. He pulled me close and make small talk about how I was holding up and did I need anything. As the song played he started holding me tighter and tighter. I could feel my nipples start to get hard. I was in desperate need of attention and the feel of this big strong man holding me along with the booze had me in need to be fucked.

It didn’t take long for me to recognize the feel of his big cock pressing into my stomach. I recognized this feeling immediately and I liked it, a lot! Jim wasn’t small but compared to this thing he was a boy.   I was getting so fucking horny that I knew that I had better leave before I let this get too far.  

The song ended and I said goodbye. The colonel asked if he could stop by sometime and check on us and of course I said yes. After all it was my husband’s boss.

I left quickly and knew on the way home that I would be fucking myself senseless with my 8 inch dildo very soon. I got home just after 1am and the house was dark. I knew the kids should be home so I opened the door as quietly as possible so I wouldn’t disturb them in case they were asleep. As I made my way into the house I could see lights flickering from the TV. I figured that one of them must be asleep on the sofa and left the TV on so I slipped off my shoes and quietly crept down the hall. I peeked around the corner and was shocked to see an X rated movie playing. A blond was getting fucked from behind and was sucking a big black cock at the same time. That should have been enough to shock me but as I looked over to the sofa I saw my son, Travis, jacking off his hard cock. I knew this is normal for a teenager but I never thought I would walk into this.

Travis couldn’t see me but I could see him as he continued to stroke his 6 ½ inch cock. It was a good size, slightly bigger than his father, but what got me was how thick it was. It must have been as big around as my wrist and the head was like a mushroom. I was already horny but the site of this big prick make me want to get fucked in the worse way.

Try as I might I couldn’t pull myself away from watching him as he continued to stroke his fat cock while he was watching the movie. Before I knew it I had slipped my hand down into my thong panties and was fingering my wet pussy. Travis kept pumping slowly and the blond was getting fucked. It looked like he was in no hurry to cum but I didn’t know how long I would be able to hold out. Then all of a sudden I heard him whisper at the TV.

“Yea…there you go. Shove that big cock up her ass. That’s what I like. Fuck her tight little asshole with that big fucking cock!”

I looked at the screen and the blond had her ass stuck up in the air with an 8 inch cock being shoved deep into her asshole. She was still trying to suck the black cock but I could tell it was difficult as the cock in he ass took her full attention.

Travis started stoking his fat prick faster and faster as more and more of that 8 inches of hard meat went deeper and deeper into the blond’s ass. I was finger fucking my cunt as hard as I could without getting caught. All of a sudden I heard Trisha calling Travis from her bedroom.

“Travis, you had better cut that off before mom gets home.”

I looked back at Travis and I could tell he wanted to continue. His cock was hard and purple but he looked over at the clock and noticed the time.

“Oh fuck! Mom will be home any minute. OK…OK…I’m cutting it off. You sure you don’t want to suck me off tonight?”

“No! You know I want to but it’s not right.”

“OK, if you say so but you don’t know what you’re missing.”

I quietly slid down the hall to my bedroom door and listened to my son and daughter talking.

“Travis, there is nothing more I would like than to suck that big piece of meat but I’m your sister.’

“Then what’s wrong with that? I’m your brother and I’m willing to eat that little pussy of you.

“I know and I want you to but I’m not ready.”

“OK sis, let me know when.   But when you say yes don’t expect me to talk you out of it.”

“I understand. Now come in here and let me watch you jack off. OK?”

“Are you sure?”

“Yea, I’m sure. I’ll even let you see me finger my pussy if you want.”


The next sound I heard was Trisha’s door closing. I was so fucking horny that I had to get some relief. I couldn’t deal with my children right now. I jerked down my thong panties and shoved my 8 inch rubber cock up my cunt as fast and deep as I could. I fucked my cunt hard for ten minutes before my first orgasm overtook me. I was oozing cum cream as I fucked myself into my second and then third orgasm before I feel asleep with the head of my rubber friend still stuck in my cunt.  

Chapter 2

The next morning I woke with this horny feeling as strong as ever. It seemed that my feelings had in someway been unleashed and the need to be fucked was stronger than ever. At the same time I started thinking about my son and daughter in a different way. It hit me that they are as sexual as I am and their needs are just as strong.

I showered and went to make breakfast. It was Saturday morning and the three of us usually make breakfast together. It was starting to snow and getting colder so it was a perfect morning to be with them.

I decided to see how strong my children’s sexual feeling were so instead of dressing in my old flannel gown I put on a short robe with nothing underneath. I tied the belt around my waste but it allowed the top to remain open and if you were at the right angle you could see my tits. The robe was short and I could feel my still wet pussy from the night before. If I bent over there is no doubt that anyone could see my tight ass and bald pussy.

As I strolled into the kitchen Trisha was already making coffee and Travis was sitting the table. I had good kids and now I also noticed they were sexy too. Trisha also had on a short robe. I had seen her in it many times but all of a sudden it dawned on me how sexy she was. Her nipples were hard and poking against the fabric and I didn’t see any panty lines when she reached up to get the coffee from the cabinet. As a matter of fact her robe rode up and I couldn’t see any panties at all!

I looked over at Travis. All he had on as a pair of running shorts and cut off tee shirt that showed his muscular arms and flat abs. Looking at those two make me hot and I wanted to see them fuck each other. I wondered if they had sex with each other last night. A vision flashed in my mind of Travis fucking his sister from behind on the dining room table while Trisha was eating my pussy. I could already start to feel my pussy heating up just thinking about Trisha sucking Travis or Travis shoving his cock up his sister’s cunt.

“Mom, are you ready for some coffee?”

I came back to reality as Trisha offered me the first cup of coffee. Her tits were full 36C’s and the nipples must have been over a half an inch long. My pussy was already creaming and even though I had never been with a woman I suddenly wanted to fuck this one.

“Sure honey thanks.”

“Mom is there anything wrong?”

“No honey, just have something on my mind.”

I looked over at Travis as he leaned across the table. I could remember the site of his hard cock from last night and I had to catch my breath as I could see the big lump in his shorts. No wonder he liked to wear those so much. It looked like he was carrying a hose in them.

            I started to get flustered and had to sit down. My pussy was already creaming and my nipples were hard as rocks.

            “Mom what do you want for breakfast?”

            I looked up at Travis. He was standing in front of me not two feet away. I looked down to see that lump in his shorts and wanted to pull them down and take that fat cock in my mouth.

            “Nothing honey. Just coffee. I’m not hungry right now.”

            “OK…let me know if you change you mind.”

            Travis walked over to his sister and whispered something in her ear. I couldn’t hear all of it but the little I did hear had something to do with him seeing my pussy. I had forgotten that I didn’t have any panties on with this short robe and the way I was sitting allowed anyone to see my wet pussy.

            As I looked over at the two of them I could tell Travis was getting hard. His cock had started to grow and get fat. Oh fuck, what was I going to do? I wanted to find out how sexual my kids were and now I knew.

            “Mom, are you OK?”

            “Yea Trish…I’m alright. Just a long night last night.”

            Last night, all I could remember was the Colonel’s hard cock pressing against me and seeing my son’s hard cock! Fuck! I need to get fucked!

            “Come on mom; let’s go in the den so you can sit down.”

            I let Trisha help me to the sofa. She took my coffee and placed it on the end table then sat beside me.

            “Mom, I know it’s hard when dad’s away. He was gone for weeks before his deployment. Can I ask you something?”

            “Sure honey.”

            “Is everything alright with you and dad?”

            “Sure it is. We’re fine.”

            “Mom, we’re not children anymore. We both know that you need, well, we know you need more sex than dad is giving you and besides dad’s not around much.”

            I looked at Trisha like I had been hit by a train.

            “Trisha, where did you come up with that?”

            “Mom, last night when you got home I know you saw Travis in the den watching his movie. Ten minutes before you got home I was in there with him. We both know that you went to your room and well, pleasured yourself.’

            I was dumbfounded. She knew, they both knew.

            “How did you…how do both of you…”

            “Mom we knew when you got home last night. I was holding off until you walked in and could see me.”

            “Yea mom, don’t you understand? We want you. Travis and I both want you!”

            Well fuck me! My children, my son and daughter set me up. Not only did they know I needed sex they wanted to see how much I needed it. How did they know I loved to be dominated in sex. How did they know that I needed to have someone tell me what to do and when to do it?

            “How did you know?”

            “Mom as soon as I walked over to you and saw your pussy and your nipples being hard I knew. Besides you don’t think Trisha would walk around the house with nothing on underneath her robe if she thought you were going to get upset did you?”

            I looked at both my children. I guess they had grown up. Everything got quiet for a minute as I looked at them. Then Trisha did something I never considered. She opened my robe exposing my tits. My nipples were still hard as rocks as she leaned over and lightly licked my left nipple. I almost fainted at the sensual feeling. Never had I experienced such a light touch on my breast.   

           I lay my head back as she started to suck on one tit and massage the other. My legs fell open as I allowed her full access to my breasts. The next feeling surprised me even more. I could feel my son kneeling between my legs pushing them apart. I looked down to see his smiling face as it inched closer and closer to my bare pussy. I was in a trance as I watched my son place his hands on my thighs and lean forward to lick my cummy pussy. The feeling of him sticking his tongue in my wet cunt was incredible. 

            “Oh fuck yea. Oh fuck that’s good son. Yea, lick your mama. Suck my pussy son!”

            Trisha continued to suck my nipples, first one then the other. Then the raised up and opened her robe for me to see her naked body. She slipped off her robe and leaned forward feeding me one of her beautiful tits.

            “That’s right mama. Suck it. Suck my tit. Suck the milk out of my fucking tit mama. Oh fuck I wish I was pregnant so you could drink my milk. Oh fuck yes… suck it mama. Suck your little girl’s tits.”

            Travis was still eating my cunt as my daughter force fed me her tits. She then reached down and took my hand and placed it on her hot juicy pussy.

            “Fuck me mama. Finger fuck my little virgin cunt. I’ve been waiting until I could fuck you to lose my virginity. I wanted you to be the first to fuck me and taste my tight little pussy. Oh fuck that feels so good mama. Fuck your little girl with your fingers. Shove them deep in my snatch. Deeper mama, fuck me deeper! Ahhhhhh….”

            I started fucking Trisha’s cunt with my fingers as she fed me her tits. The thought of her milking was driving me mad. Travis stuck his tongue deep in my dripping cunt.

            “Slide forward mom. Hang your hips off the sofa.”

            I did as I was told and slid forward. I didn’t know what Travis had in mind and I didn’t care. My mouth was full of my daughter’s tits and my right hand was shoved up her tight virgin cunt.

            All of a sudden I understood why my son wanted me to slide forward. It allowed him to shove all his cock up my cunt. He did so without warning so I went from having a tongue sliding in and out of my snatch to a hot, hard, throbbing cock. I tried to talk but my mouth was full of tit as I continued to finger fuck my daughter.

            “Oh fuck mom. Your fingers feel wonderful. Keep fucking me. Shove them deeper. Oh fuck your gonna make me cum. Faster, fuck me faster!”

            I tried to do as she asked but I guess it wasn’t fast enough. The next thing I knew she stood up and placed her cunt over my face. I stuck my tongue up my daughter’s cunt without really thinking about what I was doing. My attention was on the fat cock plowing in and out of my hungry pussy and my building orgasm.

            Less than a minute late Trisha announced that she was cumming.


            Trisha started cumming on my face. I never realized a woman could cum with such force and could cream as much as my daughter. I was drowning in woman cum. I kept licking and sucking as she continued to cum in my mouth and all over my face.

            I could feel my own orgasm build as my son was pounding his fat cock in my horny cunt.

            “Damn your pussy’s tight mama. I didn’t know a pussy could be this fucking tight! Fuck it is so fucking good!!”

            I started cumming but Trisha’s cunt was covering my mouth. I could only make moaning sounds as she continued to force her cunt over my face.


            Travis was pounding my cunt with all he had. Slamming his cock deep in my wet pussy.

            “Oh fuck mom. Your gonna make me cum!! AHHHH…I’M CUMMMING!!!!”

            With that Travis shoved all of his fat cock as deep in my pussy as it would go and he let loose all his cum deep into my cumming cunt. I could feel his shooting his cum against the insides of my pussy. It was hot and powerful and he filled me to over flowing.

            Trisha finally sat back on the sofa and was rubbing her swollen cunt. She had just let loose a big load of cream on her mother’s face and I loved every minute of it. Until then I had never tasted another woman’s pussy but I will never pass up that opportunity again.

            Travis sat back on the floor rubbing his semi-erect cock. I could tell from the look on his face that he was almost ready for more. I was temporarily satisfied but my lust had not been fulfilled.

            “OK Travis. I told you if you could make mom cum then you could have me.”

            I looked over at Trisha as she continued to rub her pussy. She was eyeing her brother’s fat cock as it got hard again.

            “That’s right sis. You did tell me if I fucked her and she came then I get to fuck you next.”

            I watched as Travis moved over toward his sister. She turned around and laid her head in my lap.

            “I hope you don’t mind.”

            “Not at all. Anything I can do to help?”

            “Sure, play with my tits. I always get hot when someone pinches my nipples.”

            I reached over and started rolling my daughter’s nipples between my fingers. As I did I could see her hips start to thrust upwards. She was right her tits did control her pussy.        

            Travis moved between his sister’s legs with cock in hand. Trisha pulled her knees up to her tits as her brother sat between them rubbing his hardening cock.

            “Like what you see big brother?”

            “Damn right sis! I think mom does too.”            

            “Mom, do you want to see your son fuck me and take my virginity?”

            I sat motionless as I looked at my daughter’s pussy and her brother looking down at her stroking his hard cock.

            “Yes baby. Mama wants to watch.”

            “Do you like what you see mom?”

            “Oh yes baby. Mama likes it! You’re making me so fucking hot.”

            “Would you like help too?”

            “Oh yes sweetie! What do want mama to do?”

            “Rub my little pussy mama. Get my pussy nice and juicy for my brother. His cock is so fat and I need to be hot and wet for him to fuck me. I want to be really wet for his fat cock.”

            “OK sweetheart. Mama will help.”

            I reached down running my hand down my daughter’s flat rock hard abs and down to her pussy. I spread her pussy lips with my fingers and I could hear her moan as my middle finger started to penetrate her outer pussy lips. I could tell she was still wet from the pussy licking I had given her as my finger slipped easily into her snatch.

            “Oh mama that feels so good. Fuck me with your fingers mama. Make me good and wet for Travis. I need him to fuck me! I’ve waited so long for a hard cock. Get me wet mama. Finger fuck your little girl!”

            I slipped one then two fingers into my daughter’s hot, wet, virgin cunt. I couldn’t believe how wet and tight her pussy was around my fingers. It didn’t take long before she was bucking her hips up against my hand as I probed deeper into her creamy cunt.

            “Oh fuck mama, keep fucking me with your fingers. You’re fucking gonna make me cum. Oh fuck that feels so fucking good!”

            I was fucking my daughter with two fingers sliding them in and out of her tight little virgin cunt as I rubbed her clitoris with the palm of my hand. I looked up to see Travis still stoking his fat cock waiting his turn. Trisha was pulling on her tits as I finger fucked her wet snatch. I sank my fingers in as deep as I could go and with each stroke she bucked her hips up against me wanting more. This was one hot fucking woman.


            I increased the speed of my finger fucking getting my daughter off. I could feel her pussy tighten around my fingers making it difficult to shove them deep into her cumming cunt.

            “I’M CUMMING MAMA!!!! I’M CUMMING!!!!”

            I could tell Trisha was cumming hard and it was time for Travis to take her. I looked up at Travis and I could see pure lust in his eyes. If I didn’t let him fuck her now he would jack off and cum all over his sister.

            “Now Travis! Fuck her. Fuck your sister. Shove that fat cock up her cunt and take her virginity. Fuck her and make her a woman!”

            I slipped my fingers from my daughter’s cunt as she was about to peak in orgasm. I spread my daughter’s cunt with my fingers giving my son a nice hot target to shove his cock into. Travis wasted no time in shoving his hard cock deep into her cunt all at once. Trisha fucking went off being invaded by her brother’s fat cock. She bucked her hips up against his cock as far as she could as her brother was shoving all his hard cock deep into his sister’s tight virgin cunt.


            “Fuck sis. Your fucking pussy is tight!”

            Travis started to fuck in and out of his sister with long deep strokes. Trisha reached up and grabbed one of my tits and pulled the nipple to her mouth. I leaned over and let her suck on my tit as her brother was fucking her hot little snatch with his fat cock.           

            “Oh mama, feel it. Feel Travis fucking me mama. Feel his cock sliding in and out of my cunt! Feel it mama! Feel my brother fucking me!”

            I reached down and ran my fingers through Trisha’s pussy lips and along the top of her brother’s hard cock. Her pussy was so wet I could feel the cum on my son’s hard cock. Travis was plunging his cock in as deep as he could get then pulling it out until just the head of his fat prick remained. I could see and feel his throbbing cock as he slid it back into his sister’s waiting cunt.

            “Fuck her Travis. Fuck your sister! Make her cum again.”

            I was getting hot from feeling my son’s cock slid in and out of his sister’s hot cunt. I needed to cum again and I wasn’t about to wait.

            “AHHHH….Ohhhhhh…. Oh fuck that’s good Travis. Yea, fuck me! Fuck my horny little pussy! You’ve been trying to fuck me since I was ten so give it to me you horny bastard! Give me that fat cock you motherfucker!!! Make me cum on that fat prick!!”

            I started to get caught up in the moment as I watched my son fuck my daughter.   I felt like I could cum just watching them fuck. The feel and smell of their incestuous fucking was incredible.

            “Fuck her Travis. Fuck the little horny bitch. Make her cum on that fat cock of yours. Shove that big piece of cock meat up her horny little snatch. Fuck her! Make her cum! Shoot a big fucking load of cum up her little virgin cunt!!!”


            Travis kept pounding his cock in and out of his sister’s cunt. If he hadn’t dropped such a load in my pussy earlier I’m sure he would have cum by now but he was just starting to build up steam.

            I was so horny that I had to cum. It wasn’t a matter of wanting too anymore, I had to cum. I slipped out from under my daughter and moved over her head lowering my pussy down to her mouth. I could feel her tongue slide up my cunt that was full of my son’s seed. I knew she was drinking a huge dose of cum from my dripping pussy.

            “Oh fuck yea Trisha. Suck your mama’s cunt! Slide that hot tongue of yours up your mama’s cunt and eat your brother’s cum!”

            Trisha reached up and took hold of my ass spreading my ass cheeks. I reached down so I could rub my pussy as my daughter was licking and sucking her brother’s cum from my cunt. All of a sudden Trisha stuck her tongue up my asshole. The feeling was so hot and incredibly hot that I sat back so she could get deeper up my ass. I had never had anyone touch my ass before let alone fucking it with their tongue. I almost had an orgasm as soon as Trisha penetrated my puckered brown hole with her tongue.

            “Fuck mama’s ass with your tongue! Oh fuck you’re making me CUMMMM!!!”

            I stared cumming as I felt more and more of my daughter’s tongue dig deeper and deeper into my virgin asshole. I kept rubbing my hot little pussy and dropping a load of cum on my daughter below me.

            As I was cumming Travis started pounding his fat cock in and out of his sister’s cunt with power and lust. I could hear his hips as they slapped against her thighs and the squishing of her cunt as his cock slid deep into her needy snatch.



            Trisha tried to talk but my ass and pussy muffled the sound as I forced her to continue to eat my tight little virgin ass.


            Travis shot a huge load of cum deep in his sister’s cunt. I could hear him moan as shot after shot of hot cum was deposited deep into her well used cunt.

            Afterwards I lay across Trisha out of shear exhaustion. Travis slowly pulled his cock out of his sister’s used pussy and laid it directly in front of me. I knew I had to taste his cream. I reached over and took hold of his semi-erect cock. Travis knew what his mother needed and gladly moved forward to feed me his cock dripping with his and his sister’s cum.

            “Ah fuck mom. That is so fucking hot! Your licking the cum from my sister’s snatch and my cock! That is fucking awesome!”

            Trisha raised her head and started licking the reminder of the cum from my pussy. I could still suck some of the remaining cum from my son’s cock before it went totally limp. I finally had to let it go as he slipped back to the end of the sofa and I rolled off onto the floor.

            “Damn mom, you are hot!”

            “Thanks honey. I think you and your brother are pretty hot too!”

            Nothing was said for several minutes while we all tried to collect ourselves.

            “By the way mom, dad’s boss called just before you got up. He is going to come over tonight. He said he wanted to check on us.”

            “Thanks for letting me know. I guess we had better get cleaned up and get the house in order. You know your dad is hoping for this promotion and we all have to do our part regardless of what it takes.”

            With that we all got up and went to clean up. We had company coming over later.

  Chapter 3

            Seven PM on the dot the door bell rang. The kids and I had gotten everything in its place just in time. I dressed conservatively in a short black dress but I decided not to wear a bra or panties. I figured that Jack wouldn’t notice and I was already feeling horny. As expected it was Jim’s boss Jack the Colonel. I greeted him at the door and asked him in. This wasn’t the first time that Jack was over but it was the first time without Jim being home.

            “Julie, I appreciate you letting me stop by. With Jim being gone I wanted to make sure everything was going well with you.”

            Then Jack and I walked into the den where Trisha and Travis were waiting.

            “Take a seat Colonel. I appreciate you taking an interest in us. It is always good to know that the families will be taken care of when one member is gone.”

            Jack and I made small talk for a little while. It didn’t take long before Travis and Trisha were getting a look in their eyes that I had seen earlier in the day. They had promised me that they wouldn’t do anything until after Jack had gone.

            A few minutes later Trisha interrupted and informed us that she and Travis had homework to do. They excused themselves and headed towards their rooms. I was not so sure what kind of homework they were talking about but hopefully Jack wouldn’t stay much longer.

            We talked for a little while longer and I was starting to get horny. The thought that Trisha and Travis may be in their room fucking was getting to me. I looked over at Jack. He was well build and kept in great shape as he required all the members of his staff to do. As he sat back in the chair I could see what looked like a huge bulge in his pants. It looked like a snake was growing down his right pants leg.

            “Colonel would you like a drink?”

            “Yes, thanks. A scotch rocks.”

            “OK, I’ll be right back.”

            “Julie, do you mind if I use your facilities?”

            “Not at all. Right through that door and down the hall on the left.”

            I headed toward the kitchen to fix the Jack’s drink while he headed to the bathroom.   Once in the kitchen I took a shot of whisky to calm my nerves. The site of Jack’s cock growing was starting to affect my better judgment. I was wondering how big that thing really was.

            I fixed Jack’s scotch, took another quick shot of whisky and headed back to the den. Jack was still gone so I put his drink next to his chair and sat back down on the sofa. After a few minutes I became curious. What could be keeping him?

            I decided to wait. Whatever was keeping him I wasn’t about to intrude. Almost twenty minutes passed when Jack reappeared from the hall. As he turned the corner I could tell something was wrong but wasn’t sure what it was. I knew the house was clean and everything was in its place. Whatever was bothering him had me concerned too.

            “Colonel is everything alright?”

            “Not quite Julie. I ran across something while coming back from the head but I’m hesitant to tell you about it.”

            “No go ahead. If there is a problem I want to know so I can deal with it.”

            “OK then, I saw your daughter sucking her brother’s cock.”

            I was swept into total fear. This could be the end of Jim’s career, the end of his service, the end of everything.

            “Now I don’t want to pass judgment right yet so lets just let put this aside right now. We will deal with this later.”

            I didn’t know what to do, how to react, what to say.

            “Look, I came over here tonight to check on you. I enjoyed our dance last week and I was sorry to see you leave. How about having another dance with me.”

            “Now? Here?”

            “Why not? You do have some music you can put on don’t you??

            “Yes of course.”

            “Then good, its set. Start the music and we can continue our dance from the other night.”

            I reluctantly got up and put on some music. It was a slow dance song one that I usually play when I’m working around the house. Jim got up and took me in his arms. This time he didn’t wait to pull me close. Almost immediately he pressed my tits into his well muscled chest and I could already feel his cock getting hard. The two shots of whisky were starting to relax me a little and after a few minutes I started to melt in his arms. He was strong and powerful and commanded attention. Besides he had the fate of me and my children in his hands.

            “Julie I’ve been wanting to do something for a very long time.”

            I looked up to see what he was talking about but before I could open my mouth to speak his lips were on mine and we were kissing. At first I wanted to struggle but the power he had over me was intoxicating and the feel of his hard cock against me was making me horny. I could feel the power of his arms, the passion in his kiss and the feel of his hard cock.

            Jack picked me up and took me over to the sofa. As he laid me down my skirt rode up and he could see I wasn’t wearing any panties.

            “Well, it looks like someone was expecting to get fucked tonight!”

            “No it’s not what you think.”

            “Oh no, are you telling me that you always go around without panties.”

            “No I always wear them but…”

            “But what? You took them off because you wanted me to fuck you tonight?”

            “No I never expected you to fuck me.”

            “Well if you always wear them and you didn’t expect me to fuck you then there is only one reason.”

            “What…what do you mean?”

            “You are expecting to get fucked tonight and if it wasn’t by me and your husband is gone then there is only one reason left.”

            “No…no you couldn’t…”

            “Kids! Trisha, Travis come in here!”

            I could hear scrambling coming from down the hall. Travis and Trisha were trying to get their cloths on to answer to the Colonel’s demand.

            “Now! Don’t get dressed. I know what the two of you have been doing. Just get in here!”

            Seconds later my son and daughter walked into the den with barely any cloths on. Travis had managed to get on a pair of shorts and Trisha had on a tee shirt but I could tell there was nothing on underneath it.

            The Colonel turned to the kids and I knew he struck fear into them.

            “I know what is going on here. I came by to check on all of you and what do I find? A family of fuckers! I know your mother was expecting to get fucked tonight and I know that the two of you are already fucking each other. I suspect that both of you are fucking her too. Well I have some news for all of you. Your mom is right, she is going to get fucked tonight but not by you. She is going to get fucked by me and both of you are going to watch! Do you understand me?”

            Travis and Trisha both nodded their heads yes.

            “I said do you understand?”

            “Yes sir.”

            “That’s better. Now Julie…”

            “Colonel don’t do this.”

            “If I don’t then I will have to report what I found out here. Is that what you want?”


            “I’ll tell you what.”

            Jack stood and dropped his pants. Hanging down between his legs was the biggest cock I had ever seen. It must have been 8 inches long and I wasn’t sure if it was fully erect yet.

            “Are you sure you don’t want to get fucked tonight?”

            I looked at that big piece of meat in front of me. I wanted it. I wanted to wrap my mouth around that giant cock and I wanted to stuff it deep in my pussy. I had never seen anything of that size and I wanted to be fucked by it.

            “I….I…It’s just that….”

            I couldn’t get the words out. How could I tell Jack that I wanted to sit on that big fucking cock and at the same time not have my children thing I was a total whore.

            “Well Julie? If you want I will put my pants back on and walk away.”

            “I….I don’t…”

            “How about you Trisha? Do you want a piece of this?”

            I looked up at Trisha and her eyes were wide open. Just that morning she had been a virgin but now she was facing a huge cock that was hers for the taking. Trisha looked at Jack’s cock then at me. I could see lust and pleading in her eyes. I knew if I didn’t take care of Jack then Trisha would.

            “No Colonel. I want it. I want you to shove that big fucker up my cunt!”

            “Good, I thought you might come around. Sit up and let me see what you can do with it.”

            I sat on the edge of the sofa and took Jack’s cock in my hand. I could feel it growing already and I hadn’t ever started sucking on it. I lifted the head up to my mouth and opened as wide as I could. The head was enormous and I had to stretch wide to get it into my mouth. I licked and sucked the head feeling it come to life. While I was sucking Jack’s cock he took the remainder of his cloths off. He was now standing nude in front of me with his donkey cock stuck in my mouth. It was totally hard now and must have been at least nine inches and as big around as my arm.

            “Oh yea Julie. Somehow I knew you were a good cocksucker. That’s it. Suck it. Jim always did say that you sucked cock better than any of the other wife’s on the base.”

            Then it hit me. Jack was telling me that Jim was fucking around on me. Now I didn’t care if Jim found out about me and the kids. He was fucking the other wife’s on the base and it was about time that this wife got her share.

            “Yea…That’s good Julie. Suck my cock.”

            Jack turned to Travis and Trisha and instructed them to strip. I could see them look at each other and then took off the little cloths they had on.

            “Get over here and watch your mother Trisha. You could learn a few things from her.”

            Both of them walked over to the sofa and took a seat. They were intently watching me suck the biggest cock I had ever seen. So here we were, Trisha and Travis naked on the sofa with their mom and their mom sucking a big cock for them to watch.

            “Trisha get over here and help your mom.”

            Trisha slid over on the sofa and took hold of Jack cock. She started licking the side while I continued to lick and suck the head. This cock was so big I didn’t know if I would be able to stuff it in my cunt but I knew I was going to try.

            “Damn Julie you suck good cock. I knew I was right about you. Fuck that’s good!”

            I continued to suck for a couple of minutes while Trisha dropped to her knees so she could lick Jack’s balls. His balls looked like two tennis balls hanging under his prick.

            “OK, that’s enough for now. Julie it’s time for you to stuff this piece of meat up your tight little cunt. Let me sit down and you get over me. Kids, your mama’s going to need some help so I suggest you get her ready. Trisha you keep sucking on my cock and Travis you kneel down and lick your mama’s cunt. I’m sure you know how to do that.’

            Travis looked at me. His cock was hard and ready for action but Jack had given a firm order so he dropped to his knees, leaned forward and shoved his tongue up my already wet pussy. The first touch of my son’s tongue on my cunt was almost enough to send me into orbit. That and the fact that I was watching my daughter suck such a huge cock was driving me nuts.

            I spread my legs to allow Travis better access to my cunt. His tongue was really doing a number on my pussy as he licked and suck me almost to orgasm.

            “Oh fuck Travis your tongue makes mama’s pussy feel so good! Ahhhhh…. Yes baby suck my cunt. Suck your mama’s cunt baby. Oh fuck that feels good!”

            After a couple of minutes Jack spoke up and told Travis not to let me cum. That was being reserved for him. I looked over and sat my daughter attempting to take the head of Jack’s cock in her mouth. She was making a good effort but she was still to young and inexperienced to make much headway. She did however keep Jack good and hard for me.

            “Alright Julie. Time for you to sink this prick up that tight cunt of yours.”

            I moved over to the sofa where Jack was sitting. Trisha was holding his cock up as I moved over top of him.

            “That’s it. Keep holding on to it Trisha. Your mom’s not quite ready. OK, now rub the head back and forth against her pussy and spread the pussy juice all over. She is going to need it.”

            Trisha slid Jack cock head back and forth between the lips of my pussy. Even this was about to make me cum. Just the feel of that cock was making me juice even more. My pussy juice was running down Jack’s cock and onto Trisha’s hand. She looked up at me and smiled.

            “Maybe someday Trisha but right now this prick is mine.”

            “I know mom. I don’t think I could take this big thing right now anyway but I sure did like to suck it!”

            I started to lower myself on Jack’s cock. I felt like I was being split in two. Jack reached up and began playing with my tits which set off an electrical spark to my pussy.

            “Damn Julie. Jim was right! You do have the tightest pussy on the base. Take it easy baby. I’m planning on fucking you for a long time so don’t tire yourself out too quickly.”

            I lowered myself until I had about six inches buried in my cunt and I didn’t think I could take anymore. Jack took hold of my hips and raised me up then forced me down shoving the remaining three inches deep into me.


            I started moving up and down on Jack’s prick. He was controlling my movements by holding my hips. He shoved me down hard when he wanted to drive it deep and at times held me about half way when he wanted to tease me.

            “Julie come here. Bend over so I can suck your tits.”

            I bent over so Jack could have access to sucking my tits. Jack then turned to Travis.

            “Travis get behind your mother and lick her ass hole.”

            I looked over at Travis and he had a look of surprise on his face.

            “It’s OK Travis. Do as the Colonel says.”

            Travis moved behind me and got on his knees between Jack’s feet. I could feel Travis place his hands on my ass so he could spread my cheeks to get to my asshole. Jack forced me all the way down on his hard prick. I felt like I had a steel pole shoved up me except this one was hot and throbbing.

            Travis licked my ass and I went off. I never knew being stuffed by a cock and getting your ass licked could be so good.


            I was stuffed with a big cock and had my son licking my ass and I was cumming hard. As my orgasm started to subside Jack started lifting me and slamming me back down on his prick. He was pounding my cunt for several minutes and I was cumming over and over. Then Jack picked me up and laid me down on the sofa. Travis and Trisha were standing beside me watching me get fucked by Jack.          

            Jack stuffed a cushion under my ass which raised it up so he could get better access to it. Jack was ridding in and out of me with long slow strokes when he stopped for a second.

            “Trisha I want you to sit over your mother’s face and suck your brother’s cock before it explodes.”

            Trisha had been playing with her pussy while she watched me getting fucked so when she lowered herself over my face she was dripping wet. I stuck my tongue up her tight cunt making her moan. She then bent over and took hold of her brother’s cock. Trisha was pouring forth a steady flow of cream into my mouth when Jack decided to start pounding my cunt.

            “It’s time for your tight little cunt to get a load of cum and I’m gonna fill that tight little cunt up!”

            All I could do was moan as Jack pounded my cunt for all he was worth. He was slamming in his cock as hard and fast as he could and I could feel his big balls slapping against my ass. I had never been fucked like this and I had never been fucked this long. His big prick was pounding my tight little cunt and I was wanting to scream but my daughter’s cunt was making my screams sound like muffled moans.

            “Take it you cunt! Take my fucking prick and make it cum deep in your cunt!”

            Jack kept pounding away at my cunt without mercy. I was totally under his control and I was enjoying it. I wanted him to dominate me and totally control me. I wanted him to use me and fuck me like I needed.


            I was cumming but I couldn’t get a world out with Trisha’s pussy covering my mouth.


            Trisha was taking all the cum her brother had to offer but most of it was spilling onto me.   I shoved my tongue deep into my daughter’s cunt when I felt her brother’s hot cum hitting me. This drove Trisha over the edge as a rush of cunt juice flooded my mouth. She was creaming and moaning as she came with her brother’s cock still shoved in her mouth.

            “AH FUCK!!! I’M CUMMING IN YOUR CUNT!!! AH FUCK!!!!”

            Jack’s load of cum was as big as his cock. I could feel being filled to the brim and it running out of my well fucked cunt and down in my ass. His cock had swelled to the point that I felt I was being split in two. His cum was hot and powerful. I could feel the shots blasting deep into my cunt. I was cumming but I had no power to express myself. My daughter’s cunt was plastered over my face and was spilling cunt juice into my mouth.

            When Jack was finished fucking me he pulled out and it felt like a post had been removed from my pussy. I lay exhausted as my daughter rolled off of me onto the floor.          

            “Well Julie, I think we can work something out if you are willing to submit to this, oh say, once a month?”

            I looked at Trisha and Travis then back at Jack.  

            “Jack, how about once a week?”

            Right then I knew I had his ass and all the perks that came along with it.  

The End



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Posted 07 Oct 2011 20:56
to be honest... i stopped reading when the colonel called her kids down to fuck her (or whatever)... i'm only into harem (1 male, 1+ females) anything more (more 1 guy) pisses me off to the extreme

other then that... amazing
Posted 22 Jun 2009 06:52
Nasty. So very Good and nasty.

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