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Just for Daddy - Part two

Just for Daddy - Part two

Daddy's girl gets what she wasn't expecting.
I’m thinking how boring school was today, as I ride my bike home. All they talked about was an earthquake that happened in California yesterday.

I know all about shock waves, like when I make my daddy cum or he makes me cum. And those are the only P-waves I’m interested in, you know, pussy and penis waves?

I rush home knowing that Daddy’s waiting for me so we can spend the weekend at our Mountain View cabin. “The whole fuckin’ weekend without anyone around, but me and my Daddy,” I say to myself, over and over.

Sunday’s Daddy’s fiftieth birthday, and I’m so going to fuck his brains out. I bought his favorite things for me to wear, white thigh highs with little pink ribbons and bows, and a pink ribbon choker. I’m freshly waxed on my legs, arms, ass, and, of course, my pussy. I just hope he doesn’t cum in his pants when he sees me.

I still have one major decision to make - hair up or down? My hair up makes me look older than seventeen, and down I looked much younger but then Daddy likes me either way. That’s one of the many reasons I love him so much, he takes me; however, I am.

I skid my bike to a sliding halt in the driveway in front of Daddy’s car. “He’s home,” I excitedly say to myself.

I quietly put my bike inside the garage and close the door. I apply my new red-hot lipstick, and fluff out my long blonde hair. Daddy likes me with red lips and when I go inside that’s all I’ll be wearing.

I strip off my school uniform deciding to leave on my turn-downed white lace socks. I’ll give Daddy his after school blow job, and then we’ll get on the road for the cabin. I’m so turned on that my juices are dripping down my thighs.

I hold a mirror to my pussy, admiring what Daddy likes so well. Not to be bias, but I definitely have a great looking cunt. My mound is high and firm and like my lips smooth and silky.

Daddy likes to see my mound make what he calls a camel toe so I think about leaving my tight panties on. I think the term is gross, so I tell him it’s my other smile for him. I decide, “Nope, no panties.”

Daddy says I have the perfect pussy for fucking because it’s like a pussy blow job. God, I’m really getting wet thinking about him inside me.

I put my fingers in me, and bring them out juicy. I slowly lick them clean thinking, “Can a girl be bi with herself?”

Opening the backdoor leading into the kitchen, I very quietly sneak into his office, but, he’s not there. I hear the toilet flush, and dash under his desk. I can’t wait to surprise him.

I wait and wait, “Where the hell is he?” I wonder. I whisper toward the door, “Come on, Daddy, I want your cock in my mouth.”

He’s coming closer, doing his cute little whistling, but so off key it makes me giggle. The hall phone rings, “For fuck sakes,” I say under my breath, “who the hell can that be?”

I hear him talking, but I can’t make out what he’s saying.

Getting hornier I play with myself thinking about gym class and the other girls. I slip my fingers inside me thinking there’s something so delicious about a girl’s body; not that I want to fuck them, but then I surely wouldn’t turn down the opportunity.

My pussy’s tingling wanting something done. My fingers move quickly over my clit, and in and out of me. I lean back against Daddy’s desk with my feet up against the other side, and spread my legs.

Playing with myself is nice, but it isn’t going anywhere. I say softly, “Damn it, Daddy, get your ass in here and fuck your little girl.”

I see his shadow approach, and I get on my knees ready to attack that big wonderful cock of his, but he goes on by. “Damn, fuck it all to hell,” I say.

Crawling over to the door to see where he is, I hear the back door open. The garage door goes up and the car starts.

“Now what the fuck?” I say.

I sit there on the floor, really pissed. I look at my nipples getting harder, and shout, “Shit, Daddy, I’m horny and you’re going shopping?”

Daddy will, I righteously decide, have to wait for his after school blow job. I start to go to my room to use my substitute daddy, Mr. Bunny, when I spy my old Barbie doll on the bottom shelf of his bookcase.

When I was little, Daddy let me have that space for my books and dolls. It made me feel special and grown-up. I crawl over to the shelf, and find my old Barbie, her hair long gone. For some reason I got mad at Daddy, and pulled all her hair out.

Smirking to myself, I move her bald head over my clit. “You go, Barbie, give it to me,” I say to myself. I lay back on the floor rubbing her head up and down my clit and into my pussy lips.

I get hornier thinking about fucking a real Barbie. I push her deeper inside me, “Nice fit,” I say watching her little head slide in and out of me. I think I see her smile get bigger.

Holding her arms, to make her fit all the way in, I dub her Juicy Barbie and drive her in deeper, and faster for a quick 1.2 on my orgasm meter. It’s okay, but not good enough.

Crawling back to Daddy’s desk, with Juicy Barbie inside me, I giggle, and say to her, “I wish Daddy would come in and see you sticking out of my wet pussy. Bet he’d feel sorry for me, and fuck me.”

I get under Daddy’s desk, put my feet up, and I fuck myself until I reach a shuddering 7.5 on my OM. Dreamily satisfied, for now, I roll over and drift off thinking about the weekend.

When I open my eyes the sun is going down, and I’m getting chilly. I crawl out and see a light on in the living room. I enter, but I don’t see Daddy, instead I get a surprise that I’m not happy about.

“So there you are, aren’t you a little under dressed?”

I fucking couldn’t believe it; it’s Sara. Daddy told me he had ended it with her a year ago.

I snap around and say, “Where the fuck is Daddy?”

Sara has a glass of water in her hand, and she casually says, “He’s gone up to the cabin, and if you dare speak to me like that again I will paddle your ass.”

Screaming at her I say, “What do you mean he’s gone up to the cabin? We were supposed to go together!” I’m really pissed off because she’s here and triple pissed that he’s left without me.

Sara throws her water into my face saying. “Now, bitch, and that’s exactly what you are. You’re your daddy’s spoiled bitch.”

I stand there dipping water and in shock.

“How long you been fucking him? Before or after I went to Chicago?” She says stepping right into my face.

“I’m not fucking Daddy, how dare you say that! You have no right to even be here, now get the fuck out of my house before I call the cops.”

She doesn’t move. I walk past her to the phone, and she, in a flash grabs my hair and yanks me to the couch.

Before I can react she has me across her lap and my wrists locked behind me with her extremely strong hand. Her other hand comes down on my ass hard, several times.

“You fuckin’ bitch let me up.” I shout, struggling to free myself. Her grip on my wrists is solid. I knew she worked out, but I didn’t figure she was anywhere near this strong.

Her hand comes down again, and again. My ass is stinging, but I won’t give her the satisfaction of crying. I shout at her, “You’re not my Daddy’s wife, who the fuck do you think you are to do this to me?”

She stops and says, “Now, are you going to respect me? Agree and I’ll let you up, otherwise I’ll give you more.”

I nod, and she lets me up. Standing there rubbing my sore red ass, I watch Sara rub her hand. She reaches for me, and I pull away.

“I just want to see your ass,” she says.

“Why, so you can abuse me again?” I say rubbing the stinging parts.

She tries to look around to my ass and says, “You’ve got a great ass, very firm. I can see why your daddy likes it so much.”

I protest, “I’m not fucking Daddy.” I start to say bitch but stop.

Sara stands, and leaves the room. I go upstairs to my bedroom.

I’m on my bed when Sara comes in with an ice pack. “Here, this will make it feel better.” I let her put it on me.

Sara sits on the bed, and says, “The reason I’m here is because your daddy said I could stay the weekend while my house was being repaired.”

“Oh,” was all I could come up with.

“And the reason your daddy isn’t here is because the caretaker who opened up the cabin called to say there was a nest of skunks in the cabin. Now do you understand?”

“Skunks, shit!” I look around to Sara, and she’s smiling. “Sorry, I overreacted.” I say.

Sara, laughs. “No problem. I reacted the same way when I was confronted by my daddy’s girlfriend.”

“You were fucking your daddy, too?” I say warming to her.

“Not were, still am. I had no problem with daddy fucking someone else, because he’d come home and tell me about it, and do it to me. Her mistake was she wanted an exclusive, and to get married.”

“What did he do?”

“My daddy’s pretty smart when it comes to knowing where his real pussy comes from, and he politely told her to take a quick walk in front of a speeding train.”

We laugh and high-five each other.

“But how did you know about me?” I stupidly say.

Sara picks up the icepack, runs her hand over my ass, and it feels good. I am suddenly horny.

“You don’t normally find seventeen-year-old daughters walking around the house naked, with just their little school socks on, and their school uniform on the garage floor.”

“Oh,” I say embarrassed. “I guess that did look suspicious, huh?”

“Just a little bit. Since I’ve fucked your daddy and my daddy, I can understand your attraction on two fronts. They’re both damn good in bed, and there’s nothing like the sweet taboo of your own daddy fucking you.”

Sara puts her hand between my legs, parts them and says, “I know that my daddy would love to fuck your young sweet pussy.”

“Your daddy?” I say intrigued.

“Why not? I’ve fucked your daddy, fair’s fair.”

We both laugh at that. Sara moves her hand over my thigh. I move my legs open for her, and she slips two fingers inside my cunt.

“Hmm, you’re a bit tight for my daddy’s thick cock, but you’d like it.”

“Uh,” I try to talk and ignore her fingers, “How old were you when …” Sara moves her two fingers deeper into me, her thumb plays with my clit; it’s getting difficult to ignore them and talk.

“It was on my seventeenth birthday that my daddy and I did it for the first time. We started to play around teasing each other when I was sixteen; you know silly flirty stuff. Neither one of us really sure if the other one were wanting to or not.”

Sara moves my legs further apart saying, “I was walking around the house in my panties, and a half T, like your pink one with the strawberry in the middle.” Sara smiles at me.

“That’s my favorite,” I say laughing, “it’s just tight enough to make my nipples hard when I move, and drive Daddy crazy.”

“When I first saw you in it I wanted to fuck you, too. When your daddy and I went to bed that night I had him eat me, so I could fantasize about you and me eating each others pussies.” Sara kisses my mound.

“So anyway I don’t have a bra on, and I see my daddy looking at me, with that look guys get when they want it.”

I smile, and knowingly nod.

“I pretend I don’t notice him, and I pull my panties to the side and scratch my pussy for a while.”

Sara licks my clit and I can feel myself getting very horny.

She continues, “He gets up and leaves the room. I wait a bit, and then go to his bedroom. I slowly push the door open, he doesn’t see me, and I say, ‘Can I watch you do that?’ He acts all surprised as though I didn’t know he jerked off."

“I know what you mean. When you came to live here last year on my sixteenth birthday …” I stop when Sara goes back down on me.

Sara sucks my clit deeper into her mouth, and kissing my clit she says, “I am sorry that I did that, but I didn’t know it was your birthday.”

I laugh saying, “I got over it after I fucked Daddy the day we dropped you at the airport.”

“You know, I suspected that’s when it happened, but he just said you were going through a rough time and needed some space, and asked me to move out until you could get use to having me around.”

Sara returns her fingers inside me, “Sorry, what were you saying?”

“Oh, right. After you’d moved in; I would crawl into bed with him when you were away. He was so funny trying not to wake me while he jerked off.”

Sara spreads my pussy lips and licks inside me saying, “Go on, I’m listening.”

I struggle to continue, “A few times he got daring and touched me, and even came on me thinking I was asleep. I loved it that he felt that way about me.”

Sara takes her tongue out and moves me onto my belly saying, “Yeah, men are so funny when it comes to their cocks. After I caught my daddy jerking off he finally said I could watch him, so I climbed on right next to him.”

Sara licks my ass where she spanked me saying, “I loved it when his hot cum shot out and hit my tits. I scooped up his cum with my fingers and licked it off like runny ice cream dripping down my fingers. My first taste of cum, and I was hooked.”

She parts the crack of my ass and licks my asshole with tiny butterfly like licks. I feel her finger go into my wet pussy then into my asshole. I squirm, and she continues with her story.

“It was exciting to see him cum, but I wanted more excitement, and more cum so I took his cock in my mouth and sucked on him.”

Sara’s other hand strokes my mound in circular fashion, I open my legs wider and say, “How old is your daddy?”

“Same age as yours,” she says. “I especially like your daddy because he’s a lot like mine, and it’s nice to find someone who can fuck me like my daddy.”

Sara rolls me onto my back, and sucks on my pussy lips, adding, “He’ll for sure like the way you taste.”

Sara stands and undoes her blouse and bra. I marvel at her pert firm tits and watch then jiggle as she wiggles out of her skirt. Her well toned body fills out her black lacy boy shorts. Her thighs are incredibly long and sexy.

“Like what you see,” she says, while she strokes her tits.

“Uh, huh,” I say.

Sara moves closer to me. I put my hand between her legs feeling her mound and slip my finger along her crack.

Without taking my eyes off my hand playing with her I say, “I’ve never felt a woman’s pussy before. I always thought it’d feel the same as mine, but this is nicer.”

Sara says, “Take them off.”

My fingers hook into her waist band, and I inch them down over her ass, and her mound, while she fingers my pussy.

“Still like what you see?” Sara says.

I nod, mesmerized by her smooth pinkish mound riding between her perfect thighs.

Pushing her boy shorts down to her knees I hear her say, “I can feel myself getting wet, can you see anything?”

A small sticky drop forms between her lips, and instinctively I run my finger up her crack, and put her moistness into my mouth.

Sara breathes deeply, “How’s it taste compared to yours?”

I gather more of her juices from deep inside her, she brings her hand out of my pussy and holds her fingers to my mouth. I lick her fingers, then mine.

“I think I need a bigger sampling of yours before I can compare.” I push Sara’s shorts to her feet, lay back, and watch her steps out of them.

Sara kisses me lightly with her hand caressing my breasts and says, “Ready for your first time?”

I shiver slightly, and nod. Sara puts her cool thighs against my cheeks, and I can smell a faint odor like green apples. I put my tongue into her and it is a creamy, sweet, and tangy taste.

My hands go to her ass, and I suck on her clit; her cheeks tighten.

She moans slightly saying, “You got it, right there.”

I push down on the top of her mound with one hand and trap her clit between my tongue and lips. I suck, and lick, and she tightens her now hot thighs against my cheeks.

When Sara moves herself against my mouth, I lose touch with her clit. I soon learn to take control of her ass, and to bring her clit in where I want it. Sara gives in, leans forward with her hands on the bed, and spreads her legs with her cunt right on my mouth.

Daddy likes me to play with his anus when I suck on him so I wet my finger in Sara’s thickening juices, and slide it into her puckered opening. She lets out a pleasant cry, and renews her attack on my mouth.

Realizing that pleasing Sara isn’t much different from what I do for Daddy I decide I want to make Sara scream out my name. I want her to beg me to do her again and again, just as Daddy does.

Still controlling Sara’s movements I suck away at her lips, and clit. My finger works her rear passage while my mouth takes care of her front. Sara settles into letting me please her, and please her I do. I completely forget about my own horniness.

When I feel Sara about to cum I move my mouth to her thighs and kiss, lick, or bite them. Once she relaxes I renew my frontal or rear attack, but never simultaneously.

I enjoy teasing her until she says, “Nice, but I want to cum.”

Daddy always begs. “Can I get Sara to beg?” I think.

Before I can find out Sara sits up, grabs my head and pushes me into her pussy. She forces a pillow under the back of my head and commands, “Now, bitch, make me cum!”

I like it; she isn’t weak. I suck her clit in, and urgently tongue it. Sara moves harder against my mouth, and I know she’s getting close. My face gets covered in her juices.

My whole mouth surrounds her lips, and I suck vigorously on her clit. Feeling her getting close I push a second finger into her asshole and she cries out, “Fuckin’ Jesus Christ, that’s …”

Sara cums in jolting waves for what I figure to be an OM rating of 10.5. She collapses along side me, panting out, “That’s the best I’ve ever had, damn, thank you.”

We kiss awhile, and Sara fingers me before she uses her mouth on my waiting pussy. Sara knows exactly how to make me jump with her tonguing and sucking. It becomes so that I can’t tell the difference between her fingers and her tongue, and I give up trying.

She asks me if I have a vibrator. I pull Mr. Bunny from my nightstand wondering what delights she has for me. Sara works me steadily with Mr. Bunn in the off position and then has me roll over with my ass up. She licks my asshole, while she plays the vibrator in my cunt.

Sara takes the vibrator out and sucks on my dripping cunt. I am very close to cumming when she turns on the vibrator and shoves it into my asshole. God-damn-fuck-it-to-hell my OM blows it’s top off!

Laying there twitching I’m damn sure they felt my P-waves in California. My thoughts turn to wondering what it’d be like to have Daddy fucking me while I ate Daddy’s cum from Sara’s pussy.

We shower together in the morning, grabbing and feeling each other up as if we’d never had sex before. Sara kneels before me with the shower massager and turns it onto my cunt. I have used it before, but it’s totally different in Sara’s hands.

When I am about to cum she puts the massager down, runs her hands to my tits pulling and thumbing my taut nipples. I arch to her and her hands go to my ass forcing me into her mouth.

She’s an expert at being meticulously direct with her lips and tongue. When I cum my knees buckle and I nearly pass out. Sara lowers me to the shower floor with my head against her breasts, and the warm water careens over us as though she’s birthing me.

We feed each other breakfast and experiment with the thickness of cucumbers. Later we curl up on the couch to watch cartoons, and lick milk from each others lips, and nipples.

Her cellphone rings, and she jumps up to get it. I trail behind her to the kitchen. It’s her daddy. I go down on her while she talks to him and tease her, only letting her get close to cumming. She forces my head into her cunt wagging her finger back and forth.

She says, “Daddy, sorry I can’t make it next weekend, but I have a friend that I know you’ll like very much.”

Sara looks down to me and says, “He wants to know whether you have ever been tied up and whipped.” I shake my head.

She returns to the phone saying, “No, but she’s looking forward to it. Okay, Daddy, I love you, too, bye.”

Sara leans against the refrigerator, and I finish her off just as my cellphone rings. It’s Daddy. He’s on his way home and apologizes for leaving as he did. He says he’s sorry he missed his after school blow job, and asks me if I’d like to spend the rest of the weekend at a hotel.

Instantly delighted that Daddy won't let our weekend be ruined by some stinky skunks I say, “Daddy, hurry home I want you bad!”

Sara rubs ice cubes over my nipples and sucks on them. She also smears my cunt with butter, and strawberry jam and sweetly licks me clean. We move back to the couch and hold each other.

I tell her that Daddy and I are going to a hotel and ask her to join us. She smiles and kisses me nicely saying, “No. Your time away with your daddy is special. We can get together another time.”

We shower again, and this time we only shower. We dry each other off and fight our urges to go at it again. Sara reminds me I need to save my horniness for Daddy. She says she will especially prepare me for Daddy.

Sara loves the thigh high stockings and pulls them on me as she caresses my thighs. She slowly ties them off and laughs when she sees me dripping saying, “Damn girl, wait!”

She kinks my hair halfway down and then parts it down the middle. Making bunches on both sides of my head she ties them off with pink bows. I start to put on the red lipstick, but she says no.

After doing my lips in light pink with slightly darker pink undertones she kisses me and says, “Reds for big girls, not daddy’s little girl.”

When I look in the mirror, I am ready to fuck myself. “Damn, I look hot!” I say to Sara.

Sara slaps my ass and laughs.

Daddy comes in to find me waiting for him. I have on my long pink coat, and our travel bag’s ready. Sara has left so I could have Daddy all to myself.

Daddy kisses and hugs me saying, “Sorry, I had to leave you alone with Sara. I do hope you two got along okay,”

I twist from side to side like a little girl and say, “We know each other a whole lot better now, Daddy, like kissing cousins.”

Daddy smiles, picks up the travel bag and says, “That’s a relief.”

Standing on my tiptoes, I French kiss Daddy and put my hand on his growing erection and say, “I have got the greatest daddy in the whole world.”

Taking his hand, I open the door, and smile sweetly saying, “Now, please, can we go to the hotel and fuck our brains out?”

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Thank you SB :-)

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Thank you again. I expect YOU will enjoy her meeting Sara's daddy ;-)

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I love the way they find each other. I'm especially looking forward to when she meets Sarah's daddy.

Posted 04 Feb 2014 20:38
Thank you Lone Wolf - yes there will be more to cum ;-)
Posted 01 Feb 2014 01:08
That was Excelent story. I hope for Part 3
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hope theres more
Posted 31 Jan 2014 12:49
That was one excellent HOT story. Like your style and the detail you add. 5+ Made me very hard and wet.
Posted 31 Jan 2014 11:44
very hot. Excellent story line. Hope you continue this.

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great story line more please 5+++
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That's fucking hot!!! Can't wait for the third in the installment!! V=5
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That was hot!!!next chapter please!!!
Posted 30 Jan 2014 23:43
i read both stories and enjoyed both, but you have shown gtreat improvement with part 2. i enjoyed the build up with daddy's girlfriend. and including her daddy in the future. lot's of places you can go and take us with you!
Posted 30 Jan 2014 22:51
Loved it, want more...
Posted 30 Jan 2014 21:00
Wow.. this is one of my favorite stories I've ever seen on here. I'd love to be her.. hehe

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