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Katherine becomes a Lady

Based very, very loosely on the life of Katherine Howard, I thought I would just have some fun.
My father stood in the doorway to my room and through the bitter moonlight I could see he wasn't happy. His scowl had a way of sucking the air out of a room. We were all terrified of that scowl. I found myself wanting to do anything to make him not stand in my doorway with that look. My sisters rooms would be fine but mine, no way.

“Daddy?” I said .

He stepped into my room but the look didn't change. I felt tears sting my eyes. I was terrified! What had I done? What was he about to do to me? I froze under my covers and tried to keep my body from trembling.

He sat on the edge of my bed pulling my covers tight over me. His eyes were focused on the floor by my bed for a moment and then they moved up to me. He didn't look into my face but at my body. I watched his eyes. They moved over my breasts and down my stomach and to my legs. Slowly they moved back up my body to stop on my breasts again where his gaze lingered. All men lingered on my breasts. My breasts were large for a woman of almost 18 years and had started to blossom at the early age of 16. When my mother first saw the swell that I could no longer hide behind crossed arms or extra layers of clothing, she nearly wept. She told me that now my life would be twice as hard. She told me that now the only thing I would be destined for was a life of sex. At the time I didn't even know what she was talking about. But the looks from men quickly changed. Before I had gone unnoticed but after my breasts came in I found men stopping me to ask questions. They stopped me walking to shops. They stopped me walking home. They stopped me with calls, with questions, with offers. The attention came from all directions. It was intoxicating.

My father's attention came quickly thereafter. The first time was at the dinner table when I saw his gaze focused on my breasts for much of the dinner. My mother's anger was palatable. My older sister, before she was sent away to nunnery, frowned and looked a little sad. My father just watched my chest through the dinner. After that I found him looking at me when I walked by. I found him finding reasons to come into my room in the morning, after my chores, and always at night. He had never seen me naked and he had never asked to. I would never have suspected that he would want to see me naked except for the night my sister came into my room crying and her nightgown torn. I asked her what was wrong and between sobs she told me that father had tried to undress her. She said she resisted because it was the respectable thing to do. I asked how her gown had torn and she told me that she had torn it running from the room. She was terrified that father would come into the room looking for her. He never did. The next day everyone looked serious and soon after my sister left the house with the Nuns and never returned. If there was a lesson to be learned, I learned it.

So now as father's eyes peered through my sheet and mentally exposed my breasts. I wondered how long he would wait before trying to undress me. I wouldn't struggle. In fact I didn't share my sister or mother's view at all. My body had never been a curse. In fact I found that more good came from the attention than bad ever had.

“Tomorrow you need to move on to becoming a woman. You are old enough.” My father said and paused to let his words sink in. I trembled in fear. My entire body shook uncontrollably. I think father could see this and it brought the barest hint of a smile to his lips. He placed a hand on my stomach. My small stomach. So small that his hand could nearly wrap around my waist.

“It is up to you how I make my choice for my second daughter. Daughters are unfortunate for a man in my position. I'm forced to either send you to a convent where you'll be a bride of God and as a result a burden on the church or I must train you to become a lady in the hope that you may marry a Duke or Lord or at the very least a man of nobility.”

“Oh please father, please let me become a lady...”

“Quiet! The first thing a lady must learn is when to shut her mouth and listen!”

I lay quiet but felt his hand move up. His heat of his fingers were just under the swell of my breasts now. I could feel the sensation of them against the underside of the tender flesh. My thin nightgown and the sheet over me offered very little barrier between us.

“So...” My father said leaning closer and pressing his body over mine. “So I have two choices before me. One I send you to your Aunt and you become a servant in her house where you will learn the skills and manners of a lady or I send you off with the nuns. I gave your sister this same choice the night before she left and she made her choice.”

My father moved his hand back down my stomach and slowly he pressed down to my crotch before moving his hand to the side and trailing down my leg and then back up quickly to stop just under my breast but not without tucking the sheet firmly under so my breasts protruded without obstruction.

“The choice is easy my dearest little Katherine. The way you answer is simple. Are you a Nun?” He asked and withdrew his hand from my body. I gasped. “Or are you a Lady?” He asked and put his hand directly on my breast.

I didn't resist. I couldn't tell him this but he was not the first man to touch my breast or my body. His hand moved around the firm swell of white creamy flesh hidden under folds of sheet and gown. My nipple firmed and grew to life with his touch. Slowly he peeled back the cover from my body and exposed the night gown.

“Your mother will tell you that all Lady's are chaste and pure, saving themselves only for their husbands. That's how it is taught but not how it is. Our society sets up one set of rules but under those rules are the ways that true men do business. A smart woman knows how to use her...assets, to move ahead in the same way as a man uses his power and money. Your mother lost her ability to use these assets long ago and she poisoned your sister with a message of idealistic bullshit. So she made her choice, now it is your turn to make yours.”

He slowly moved my gown up to expose my naked private mound and I sat up to make it easier for him to pull my gown over my arms and off. I was eager to prove that I was not destined to be a Nun like my sister. He dropped the gown to the side of the bed and then he grabbed a handful of my breast and kneaded it eagerly.

“Your mother used to have breasts like these. God they are so firm, so big and so perky. Your breasts are better. Your breasts are perfect. I knew that they looked perfect from all the times you teased me with them around the house. Can I suck your nipple?” He asked.

The question took me by surprise. He had never asked anything of me before. He had always just given orders in that was he does with all people. Now, looking at my naked young body, he seemed weaker and less in control of what he might do. Hunger showed in his eyes and in his movements.

“Yes Daddy.” I said.

His warm mouth covered my nipple and he sucked deeply. He moaned and made noises of pleasure as he sucked. Then he nibbled and I felt my body heat up. He moved from nipple to nipple. He was impatient and it sounded like he whimpered slightly, like a small puppy.

“Oh God, so perfect. So perfect. I haven't had breasts this young and perfect in so many years. Oh God. Mmmm. Katherine. Oh please let me show you how excited you have me. Please let me show you.”

Was this why my sister ran? Was it not because of the force my father used but because of how servantile he had become? I found myself getting excited by what was happening but unsure how I thought of this new man before me. He wasn't my father really but he was.

“What do you mean?” I asked.

“I mean you've made me so hard. I'm stirring with excitement and nearly about to burst from these trousers. The tip of my manhood is wet with excitement. You must see it Katherine, my little Katherine.”

I didn't say a word. I had heard of a man's penis from my friends who had moved out of home earlier than I and some had even explained to me what a man does with it but I had never actually seen one. Once when I allowed the Duke's son to caress my body through my dress he had pressed himself against me and I had felt a stiffness there. It felt a bit like a small sausage or a finger sized french baguette. I was thrilled to actually be seeing one in the flesh.

Daddy stood and opened his front to reveal a much larger, much thicker rod of thick firm flesh that he held and stroked in front of me. It didn't point straight up as my dearest lady friend had told me but out and at a big of a side slanted curve.

“See little Katherine. I'm hard. My manhood is thick and hard and dripping wet. Show me you are a Lady and take it in your tiny hand.”

I reached out and touched it and it was far softer than I expected with thick veins and a head a bit like a odd mushroom. I moved my hand around it and up and down it and my fingers trailed over the tip of it and around the protruding fleshy bit there. Father had been right, it was very wet at the tip. Very sticky wet and more was coming out as I moved my finger over it.

“Yes, that is it. Yes sweetheart. My little girl. Yes just keep doing that. Daddy loves how your finger feels rubbing the tip of his dick.”

I continued to do this rubbing and he continued to get wetter and wetter and the rod grew. It sprung to life in small jerks that sent it rising higher but never quite high enough to point to the heavens. The only thing I couldn't imagine is putting this thing inside me. Almost as if father had read my mind he said, “Lick it.”

“Lick it?” I asked.

“Yes. I need you to lick it and I need you to take it in your mouth and run your tongue all around it. I need you to move your tongue all over it as much as you can and move it in and out of your mouth. If you do this enough then it will get very wet. If that happens I need you to keep it in your mouth and I need you to swallow as much of the wetness as you can until it is all gone. Do that for me and tomorrow you'll be on your way to your Aunt's house with the promise of a future as the wife of man with money instead of rotting away behind a wall of chastity.”

So I licked it. I licked the thing all the way to the top. The sticky stuff at the tip didn't taste like anything. It was a little tiny bit salty but not much else. I licked it and then I took it in my mouth and ran my tongue over it. Daddy grabbed my long black hair and pulled me into it. I gagged quickly and nearly spit up all over him but he thought this was just funny. He did it again and again I gagged and more saliva and such poured from my mouth.

“Fuck yeah! You are a good little slut.” Daddy said.

He pumped it in and out of my mouth and I felt my own wetness dripping down my leg. The wetness clung to my thigh and I put my hand down there to wipe it up.

“Are you touching yourself? Is my little girl a masturbator too? Are you even a virgin at all? God, all this time I've thought you were such a little good girl and you have been in here masturbating. Were you thinking of Daddy all the times you were touching yourself?”

“Wha..? No...I...”

But he didn't wait and pushed me back on the bed and put his fingers on my little slit. My lips are thick and the flesh is extremely sensitive. I have masturbated but that wasn't what I was doing then, only trying to keep from making a huge wet spot on my bed. He pushed his fingers inside me and I moaned and lifted into them.

“My lord! You are tight. You are as tight as a virgin. Let me see if you taste like a virgin.” He said.

His mouth covered me and I have never felt such a sensation. It was like warm heaven. His tongue danced around my little tingle nubby and when he sucked on it...I almost lost it with an orgasm like none I've ever had! I rocked my hips into his face and covered him in my cum.

“My Lord! My Lord!” My daddy said.

“You are a little tramp. I'm going to have to see if you can take my cock but first I want to fuck those huge tits of yours. You can't believe how long I've wanted to push my cock between those mammoth mounds of yours. For one so young, you are so huge. Press them together around my penis. I want to feel them surround me and open your mouth.”

Daddy knelt over me and pushed his thing between my tits and I pressed them around him. He moaned and pushed and fucked my breasts. The sensation for me was nothing but the look on his face was absolute pleasure. I never knew there were so many ways that a man could get pleasure without putting it in you. My friends had never shared this. Was it because they didn't know?

“I think you are wetter Daddy.” I said.

He was. He was getting wetter and wetter. More and more leaked all around him and between my breasts. Then suddenly I felt a spray of wetness on my chin and face. Another quickly followed before I could even make sense of it. Daddy was grunting and moaning. He pressed and pushed and more and more shot on my face and across my chest and neck. Soon I was thick with it.

Daddy stopped and he pushed the head of his penis into my face and smeared the sticky goo around my face and lips. He kept pushing on my lips until I opened my mouth and my tongue exploded with the taste of salty wetness.

“Damn it. I wanted to dump my cum inside that little tight cunt of yours but you are too good of a whore. I came all over that pretty little face of yours. Was I the first to cum on that little pretty face?”

I didn't have time to answer because he pushed my thighs open and he pressed himself between them. He was so big and he was trying to get his wet still somewhat swollen member inside me. It wouldn't fit.

“Damn. Damn. Damn.” He said.

“I'm sorry Daddy.”

“It is ok. It is best that I don't take that chance. Thank God you'll be gone tomorrow. If you stayed then we may have a problem of another child on our hands. As it is, you'll be off to your Aunt's tomorrow. I suggest you begin packing now. You need to be ready to leave first thing in the morning. Your mother has no doubt heard your moans of pleasure and she'll not have you staying another day in our house.”

Something about this made me a little sad. My mother and I had never been close but still to be rejected and know I could never return. Ah but a Lady. Life as a Lady would offer things I never dreamed possible. I smiled and tried to scoop up the sticky goo from my face and wipe it on the side of the bed. I lay back in the bed and touched myself. My little slit opened and I felt the wetness left from Daddy's penis. I rubbed it into me and in only moments I came.

I didn't dress and went to sleep in the wetness of our passion.

Daddy's cum still on my lips.

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Posted 26 May 2013 13:33
Very very good story
Posted 01 Mar 2012 07:14
You are a very good writer. This is hot and made it impression on me!
Posted 17 Feb 2012 19:26
its not quite the way to write an erotic story
Posted 02 Oct 2011 11:27
excellent,,,,very well written,good descriptions and story line!! a 5 of course!!!
Posted 31 Jul 2011 22:30
Excelent story and a good read but wish it had been longer still gave it a 5.
Posted 16 Jan 2011 07:36
Wow that was a great story.
Posted 05 Jan 2011 11:18
Great story, love your imagination.
Posted 21 Nov 2010 19:25
Love your voice.
Posted 21 Nov 2010 19:25
Thank you. More please.
Posted 09 Nov 2010 22:18
Excellent , good story , compelling reading . I could have gone on reading and reading .
Posted 05 Nov 2010 01:46
Very good story, hope the next one is a bit longer. Well written.
Posted 04 Nov 2010 19:49
Very good story. Thanks, Reeb

Posted 04 Nov 2010 10:27
Quite brilliant! A 5! x S
Posted 04 Nov 2010 09:31
Ah, the "curse of the tit" affects so many teen girls. Wonderful how the author expanded the theme.
Posted 04 Nov 2010 00:40
Not a bad story, it seemed a bit short though. Any ways I enjoyed reading it. Thank you for sharing this, and it's nice to see that you are back.

Posted 03 Nov 2010 23:48
As in the Catherine Howard King Henry VIII marries as his fifth wife?

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