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Katherine in the house of the Duchess

Very, very loosely based on Katherine Howard, this isn't historical fiction, just perverted fun.
I stood in the rain with my night gown clinging to my naked skin and waited to be let into the doors of my step-grandmother's estate. The Dowager Duchess of Norfolk wasn't known for her patience, her compassion, or her good humor. I had not a single possession on me other than my gown that I had been wearing when my father sent me out into the night. My mother had passed away and plans changed. What money and fortune we had passed with her, now I only had the name, Howard, to keep me from total ruin. Fortunately my tears were lost in the rain and washed away like my past. I stood with as much pride as possible and waited to be let into my new life. I waited all night.

I was let into the room of the Duchess completely naked and was told to stand in the corner until she felt like taking notice of me. I stood and watched as half naked servants helped her rise, washed her, dressed her and helped her to the table where her breakfast sat. I looked at the fruit and bread and cheeses with a hunger I had never known and tried to muffle the noises of my grumbling stomach. The Duchess finally took notice of me.

“What has this one done?” She asked.

“This is your step-granddaughter Katherine Howard, the first cousin of the Boleyn sisters and your new charge my Lady.”

“Come here young lady.” She commanded.

I did my best curtsy, the best that was possible in the nude, and quickly rushed to the Duchess's side. I stood with my head bowed and she sniffed the air. She didn't seem to be phased that I was naked but rather most interested in inspecting me while she took bites of her breakfast. My stomach rumbled again. She placed her wrinkled old hand on my breast and lifted first the right one and then the left one and she pinched both nipples and twisted. I had to bite my lip to keep from crying out. My nipples grew and this seemed to please her. She grabbed my tiny waist and tugged to make me turn around. She ran her hands over my rear and cupped each buttock and once again lifted and let fall.

“She has the tight little body of a young girl but the breasts of a woman, how is this possible?” The Duchess asked.

“She is completely of legal age to marry my Lady, from our understanding she is at least sixteen or seventeen years of age. It is always hard to tell with their families. You have sent most of her sisters on to fine homes my Lady.”

“Humph, they are all of legal age to marry when they come to me, all my family. Just like all her cousins that are already living in my house! If it wasn't for her breasts being so large I wouldn't believe she was old enough to do anything.” She ran her hands over my naked body and seemed to think, “ Seventeen. Seventeen. If she is really seventeen then I best check her. Bend over.” She commanded.

I almost hesitated and this was enough to get a firm and rough slap on my ass before I quickly bent over.

“Open your legs, I need to inspect you. If you have already lost your maidenhead like most of the harlots you call family then you'll spend the rest of your days in the kitchen. Seems like none of you girls can keep your legs closed long enough for me to get you properly educated and married off. Don't think I don't know what goes on down in those rooms! I know! But if you are still intact then I strongly suggest you keep it that way as long as possible. So let's see...oh yes...let us see.”

I felt her fingers glide over my cheeks and spread them open. She put a finger down over my asshole and slipped it down slowly until she parted my thick pussy lips. She moved her finger up and down enough to get my juices flowing but without much tenderness. As soon as she thought I was wet enough she inserted her finger forcefully which made me bite my lip once again. I turned back to see her butler watching us and I swear I could see the same desire in his eyes that I had seen in my fathers when he came into my room at night.

Her fingers moved around inside me until there was pressure and just a bit more pain than I thought possible and then I was surprised to find her moan softly and begin moving her fingers in and out of me. I tried not to move and held onto my ankles and continued to bite my lip.

“Her maidenhead is intact but I've never felt any girl as tight as this. If I were mistaken I would say this is the vagina of a girl half her age. Just look at her body. Just look at it. Breasts so large that she'll never go without notice and yet they hardly have weight. I'm going to try to educate you and with God on my side we may be able to marry you to someone of worth but the real question is, how long will you be able to keep these legs closed? You even smell sweet like honeysuckle in the morning.”

With this I felt something wet and soft press into my pussy. I looked up between my legs to see her pushing a strawberry into my open and dripping cunt. She pushed it until it crushed and red juices dripped down just in front of my face. I was so hungry.

“See how tight she is? I can't even get a strawberry inside her. Let me see if I can open her up a little bit. Are you gripping this young little hole closed my dear? How is it even possible for you to have a pussy so tight?”

I tried to relax as she pressed another strawberry against my thick pink-brown labia and more red sticky sweet juice dripped down, this time a little on my chin. I licked out and tasted it. It was sweet and filled my body with warm desire. The blood was rushing to my head now and mixed with the hunger and how tired I was, I was getting fairly light headed.

“Do you want a strawberry? I bet you are hungry and they look good don't they my dear? Yes, I bet they look so good. Do you know that you have two inside you now? Oh, they are crushed and ruined to the point where I wouldn't eat them but you, yes I bet you want them don't you? If you can get them to drop from your pussy to your mouth then you can have them. Yes, two fresh crushed strawberries would be quite a treat. More than your cousins rushing about their duties will have this morning.”

So I looked up and I could already see the second strawberry slipping down and about to drop to the floor. I was starving. I was dying to have it in my mouth. I could see just a little bit of my own juices clinging to my thigh and the strawberry. I didn't care. I opened my mouth wide and saw the old Duchess open her mouth in imitation of me. She was enjoying this. The strawberry dropped and it hit my chin but I couldn't get it in my mouth. I nearly wept as it slipped off my chin and hit the floor.

“Aww, too bad my dear but you have another there. I can see it just tucked inside those seventeen year old virgin pussy lips. Oh just a little push and you could have it out. Have you ever pushed with those muscles before? Try now. Push and you'll have a sweet little treat.”

I pushed and the strawberry dropped and this time I made sure to move ungracefully to assure that I caught it. The Duchess clapped when she saw it land on my tongue and I ate it.

“Oh yes, and here come some of your own juices. You certainly are a wet one.”

A long thin band of my own sticky cream dripped down and hung in the air above my head. It slowly extended until the creamy white rope broke and it landed in my mouth. I licked it up eagerly as it tasted like strawberries.

“Oh fun!” The Duchess said. She looked at her servant and said, “Get undressed.”

I must have looked shocked because she said, “Oh don't be afraid. I'm a Christian woman, I won't have you loosing your virginity to my servant. He is here to keep my interests happy, not yours. No, I want to continue to give you breakfast. You need a little cream with your fruit.”

He undressed and his body wasn't in nearly as good a shape as my fathers but being a servant and always working he was muscular and not unattractive to look at. I continued to stay with my legs spread and my head down but I was getting wobbly and I think the Duchess was enjoying it.

“Kneel down girl. Have you seen a man before? Oh, of course you have. I'm sure you were sucking your Daddy's cock before you were of age to do so. are a virgin so...perhaps. In any case this is a penis. Right now it isn't much to look at but see it starting to rise? That is the sin entering his brain. God rushing out and sin entering. It happens to all men.”

The Duchess snapped her fingers and two servants came running from corners of the room where I hadn't even noticed them. They were naked and dirty but the Duchess didn't seem to care. They quickly removed her clothing until the Duchess sat back down naked. Her breasts were small and not at all as unattractive as I would have thought they would be. My eldest sister's breasts were flat and hung down to her waist but the Duchess's breasts were still fairly pert and small and her hard nipples extended at least an inch in front of each breast.

“I know you are starving. We watched you stand in the rain all night. You were so cute standing there like a little girl almost naked and crying all night. I bet you are dying for just a little more of my fruit aren't you?” She asked.

“Well if you are, then you'll make me happy first.” She lay back on the bed and her breasts flattened out but the nipple still stood at attention. The servants helped her open her legs up and then they faded back into the shadows. The naked butler motioned with his eyes for me to go to her breasts.

“That's right. Suck on my nipples. My nipples are like little explosions of pleasure. I bet with those huge tits of yours you hardly even feel your nipples being sucked. Suck my nipples little Katherine. I'm going to have my pleasure and then if you make me happy enough I'll give you your fruit.”

I leaned down and I took a long nipple in my mouth and began to suck. Instantly it went up my throat and almost made me gag. I didn't think it could actually get longer than it already was but it did. I sucked and sucked and something started to fill my mouth. Not milk? Certainly it couldn't be milk. Could it? I sucked and she moaned.

“Yes, that's it. Suckle on Mommy's breast little girl. Oh yes. There you go. My sweet little girl. Just like all my sweet little girls. Suckle, suckle. Oh, go ahead and fuck me.” She commanded and I watched for the very first time as I saw a man put his penis inside a woman. I couldn't watch for long because she pushed my head back down and made me suck her milky nipples again. Her body rocked as he fucked her. She moaned louder and louder.

“Bring me your strawberry pussy! Bring it up to me!” She commanded.

I knelt on the bed and brought my hips over her face. She grabbed me and pulled me down to her with a hunger almost as strong as I had for the bowl of fruit still sitting and getting juicier on the table. Her mouth opened and her tongue went down inside me and I couldn't help it, I came. She knew exactly where to lick, how to suck my clit and how to make my pussy open like no one had ever been able to before. She grabbed hand fulls of my tight little ass cheeks and kneaded them as she sucked and licked my pussy clean.

She came and I heard the butler start to moan.

“No! Not inside me this time! No! I want you to cum there.” She said and pointed at the bowl of fruit.

He looked confused for a moment but he held out for a few strokes more until the Duchess had finished her orgasm and knowing just the right time he quickly pulled out and flung himself around the table until he was standing in front of the bowl. I watched as he stroked his smallish cock. The first jet of white cum shot out over the bowl with only a little landing on the fruit. For a moment I hoped that would be all of it but quickly he shot another jet out and his jizz landed firmly in the bowl.

“If you think he is done, you are mistaken. He will fill that bowl before he is done. That's what Mama's pussy always does to him. He is a good boy. A very good boy. Now you be a good girl and lean down and let him get a good look at those huge tits so he fills that bowl full.”

I leaned down and let my firm tits hang in front of him and this did have an effect because he stroked harder and came more! More and more and more cum shot from his cock into the bowl until the fruit was hidden under a white and sticky mess of cream.

“All done? Yes. Now doesn't that look yummy? Oh don't look like that. Consider this your first lesson. All men love to cum and they love for women to love their cum. The more you learn to love cum the happier you'll make a man. Nothing is worse than for a beautiful woman to make her face ugly while a man shoots his load into her mouth. Now eat. Eat it all!”

I dipped a finger into the bowl and picked up another strawberry. I popped it in my mouth and the taste wasn't at all pleasant. Cum and fruit do not mix well together. But I was starved and I didn't care. After that first bite I eagerly ate down the entire bowl until I was licking the edges. I held it up and tried to get every last drop.

“Very good. Very, very good. Now that you've had breakfast you can get to work. The first thing you'll do is go downstairs and meet your cousins. There is no one but family here and from this moment on I'm your mother. You will all address me with respect and you will talk when you are given permission to talk and never outside of that. You will curtsy when I enter the room and show proper respect. Right now you own nothing and you have to earn everything you get in this house including your clothes. Some servants never earn clothes. Which will you be? Because you are my daughter and not a common servant you'll sleep in the quarters with the rest of your cousins which are now your sisters. You'll address them as such. We are all family here. The door to the dormitory is locked at night and you'll not have men sneaking in at night.”

She gave me one more long glance and looked over my body. She smiled and motioned for her servant to come back over and took his cock in her hand and began lazily stroking as she spoke.

“You'll start earning your undergarments this week. If you are lucky you may be able to earn a see-through night shirt this week. But only if you are very lucky. Personally I would prefer to keep seeing you naked. Those breasts are going to make your sisters very jealous. I suspect they will not be happy if you stay nude for more than a week. Work hard little Katherine, work very, very hard.”

She turned and took his cock into her mouth and he motioned with his eyes for me to leave.

Outside the door I stood naked and sticky. I was a mess but my stomach had food and cum in it and that was obviously more than the naked servant that stood beside me. She was older than me with very tiny breasts. Her breasts were really nothing more than puffy nipples that protruded like the strawberries I had just eaten. She had a thick patch of black hair that covered her womanhood. She turned and led me down the hallway and down the stairs.

Finally we made our way to the main room where my sisters were going about cleaning and working. They looked up and I saw many different mixtures of emotions. Some seemed angry, some seemed happy to see a new face, some seemed indifferent to my nudity and some seemed curious.

“Katherine?” A pretty girl said and came over to me. She was wearing a full dress and corset. She must work very hard.

“I'm your cousin and sister Margaret. You look like you got something all over yourself. Come with me and we'll get you cleaned up.”

“No, leave her like that. The old hag will get pissed if you clean her up and you know it.”

The two girl stared at each other with anger and finally I followed Margaret to a small bowl in the kitchen where she and I got to know each other a little better.

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Posted 08 Nov 2012 18:39
interesting and sexy
Posted 31 Jul 2011 22:33
Loved it. Looking forward to more thank you.
Posted 12 Nov 2010 18:49
another sexy story ur a great author and i will read all your stories probably tonight ..... ty id love to be ur friend
Posted 06 Nov 2010 22:31
Very nice, I'm looking forward to the next one.
Posted 06 Nov 2010 12:29
I loved it.......I'm STILL hard!

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