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Katherine's Initiation

Loosely based on the life of Katherine Howard, this isn't historical fiction, it's just fun.
Completely naked. I was to spend my daycleaning and working completely naked! I was horribly embarrassed to be forced to walk in front of everyone with not a stitch of clothing on. Perhaps it wouldn't have been so bad except that I garnered the attention of everyone who passed me. I was horrified to have to bend over and expose my private region to every male in the house. The men were horrible. They stared. They made noises. There groins swelled and they bulged in places they shouldn't. I felt like nothing more than a common serving wench. Then I noticed a girl staring at me. I ignored her for most of the day but she found ways to get close to me. At one point she touched my side in a soft way that implied familiarity.

I was dumbfounded as to who she was. I managed to get a closer look at her and there was something familiar in her face. Where did I know that face from? She was older and wore the low cut dress so popular these days with a tight waistline that showed off her soft full breasts. Her nipples were clearly visible through the white fabric as were most of the girls working at the estate. She was certainly attractive. She saw me staring at her and she smiled coyly. Flirting? I couldn't tell.

The end of the day was welcome. My muscles ached in places that I thought were impossible to hurt. I no longer cared that I was nude and exposed to everyone. I only wanted sleep.

All of the girls slept in the east wing of the estate. Our beds were standard for the time, just simple bundles of straw with course blankets thrown over them. We were not fortunate enough, nor wealthy enough for anyone to have pillows. Those were a luxury for our time. It was heaven for me and I quickly dropped to a bed.

“Just who do you think you are?” Someone said.

I quickly jumped up from the bed and apologized. The rest of the girls gathered round. They were all dressed in simple nightgowns that did little or absolutely nothing to conceal all the young teenage bodies. The girl from earlier today stood to the side and looked nervous. What was going to happen to me? I covered myself as best I could with my hands feeling suddenly more naked than ever before.

“Time for initiation.” Someone said and I was lifted up and dragged naked across the long dorm to the balcony.

“Do you know what is down there little Katherine?” One of the girls asked.

“No.” I said. My sore muscles screamed. I pulled at my arms but the other girls giggled and held me. I was too weak and too tired to really protest and somewhere inside I found no will to resist. I also found that I was getting excited. Dear Lord! I was getting wet. I was terrified that they would notice and this only made me more excited.

“Gentlemen are down there. Real gentlemen. Men with money and do you know what they do with that money?” I shook my head no. “They buy things for the girls they like. Nice things. But only for ladies who know how to tease and flirt and drive them wild. Do you know what would happen if we walked you out to the end of this balcony?”

I shook my head no again and felt the moist warmth of my little pussy intensify.

“You would be known as the easy one, the easy target. Because you are new you have a choice. You can either become the easy one and get a reputation that may never leave you or you can do what we want and we will help you. We can educate you on what men want. We can teach you how to tease and how to use them. Men are easy, they only want sex. But the secret is how to keep them always wanting more. So what do you say?”

I stood there with my arms pulled behind me and held down so my chest was pushed out. My large breasts heaved up and down with my heavy panting breaths. I crossed my legs but I could feel the wetness coating my thighs and my excitement must be making my cheeks flush.

“I'll do anything.” I whispered. I was barely able to speak. I had never felt so vulnerable and so excited.

“We want those gentlemen to come in here but do you know why they can't come in?”

“Because the door is locked.” I replied.

“Yes, because the door is locked. And you know why the door is locked?”

“Because of me?” I asked.

“She is smart this one. Very, very smart.” The girl grabbed one of my breasts, lifted it and let it drop. Hands caressed me from behind. All over me I felt the heat of my young cousins pressing into me. Another girl moved in and leered at me while she fondled my breasts. I closed my legs tighter but the wetness was running down. Certainly they would notice, even in the dark.

“She does have an amazing body for one so young.”

“Yeah, we should just give her to the men down there and be done with this. She'll be the notice of every gentleman no matter what. Maybe she'll even get over the reputation of a common whore.”

She leaned in close to me. Her cheek pressed against my cheek. I could smell her hair and it was soft and I wanted to touch it. She whispered, “Is that what you want? Are you even still a virgin? I can see the excitement dripping down your sweet little thighs.” She pressed her lips to my cheek and I felt her hot breath against my skin. My skin erupted in excitement and I would have done anything at that moment. Anything.

“Katherine is family and we don't treat family like that. We are ladies and a lady must have dignity. Katherine, you will earn your dignity by helping us have our fun. It is your fault that we aren't having fun yet and because of that you are going to fix it. You will get the key to the door and return here. If you can do that without alerting our dearest mother, the Duchess, then we will not only welcome you into our sisterhood but we'll even give you a nightgown so you aren't naked in front of gentlemen.”

“If she keeps the nightgown on is the real question.

Everyone laughed.

“So little girl, are you going to be a sister and get the key or do we have to tie you up and lower you to the dogs out back and let them have their way with you?”

“No, I'll do it. I'm sorry I made them lock the door.”

Moments later I found myself climbing the stairs to the Duchess's room. The halls were creepy and I knew ghosts were about. I saw them at every corner. The girls told me that she keeps the key in a box under her bed and that the best way to get to it was to crawl on the floor and never let her see you enter the room. Cold night air gave me goose bumps on my goose bumps. I heard creaking and laughter from the ghosts that I knew were waiting to take me to the grave. I was positive that my heart was beating so loud that it would wake everyone.

I found the Duchess's room and dropped to the floor. I crawled slowly toward the bed. The room seemed to grow. The box seemed further and further away. I stopped under the bed and grabbed the box and made to turn and crawl out of the room when I heard her snort and turn in her bed above me. I quickly crawled under the bed.

I didn't dare move.

Then I heard something and had to throw my hand over my mouth to keep from screaming. A face was there in the darkness with me! When I realized it was a real person I did scream but put my head down and kept my hand tight over my mouth! I felt a naked body press against my naked body! It was a man or a servant boy, hard to tell in the darkness. The cad was already erect! His stiff and very large cock pushed between my tiny ass cheeks. A common serving boy was pushing himself against me! I wanted to cry out! I wanted to run! But above me I heard the Duchess moving things around. She was awake!

Anger flared but what could I do? I tried to start crawling out of the room in the hopes that she wouldn't notice me but the naked boy grabbed me and pulled me back under. I turned and slapped him. It wasn't much of a slap because we were both pressed flat under the bed. He put his hand over my mouth and motioned above. He was trying to tell me that she would find us. As if I didn't know! Was he another of the old Duchess's play things? He was certainly fit and muscular. His cock was magnificent, that I could tell just from how it felt against my bum. I was trapped.

I thought perhaps I could just wait this out a bit and the worst that would happen is that his wonderful big cock would remain pressed against my little ass. But he had other plans and he wasted no time taking advantage of the situation. He licked his fingers and put his hand between my legs and pushed inside me. I was dripping wet so his dirty fingers sank down into me with a sticky ease that made me ashamed and eager. I couldn't move. I couldn't get away. He moved his fingers inside me with the roughness I would expect from someone of his grade. First just his middle finger but quickly he realized that I dripped with excitement and he slipped another finger in. I was sick inside. I felt shame and fear and revulsion rise. But I also pressed my hips back into him, into his magnificent throbbing tool. Oh dear God forgive me but it felt wonderful. His fingers felt wonderful. I moaned into his hand that still covered my mouth.

Would I loose my virginity to this common servant? No. I couldn't. I would scream first. I would run from the room as fast as I could and hopefully the Duchess wouldn't be able to tell who was in her room. But his thick, long, throbbing cock felt wonderful pushing up and down my ass cheeks. He was slipping in more and more. His erection was hot. I was dripping wet and the sticky sounds of his fingers fucking me were getting louder and louder. I didn't care as long as that fucking naked boy behind me kept doing it. He moved his fingers down and in a swift motion I couldn't anticipate, he slipped his finger into my tiny little anus. My eyes flew open! My mouth flew open! My voice was lost in the tight grip his hand had over my mouth. I gripped his hips and tried to push him away but it was no use. He was solid muscle and his body was as hard as his cock.

His finger penetrated my little anus and the sensation was unreal. Pleasure wouldn't be the right word. It was like nothing I could have imagined. Soon I was pushing back into his finger and his cock. Oh that huge cock was still there. Pushing into my little tight ass cheeks. His finger slipped out of my little hole and he grabbed his tool and to my extreme horror and secret delight, he pushed his thick round head against my puckered little tiny anus.

I made a sound into his hand that was a mix of terror and pleasure.

It was huge! His thick head pressed against my little virgin anus and tried to slip down inside but I was too small. Didn't he know there was no way that huge cock would ever fit inside my little tiny butthole? Certainly he wouldn't try to get it in. Certainly he wouldn't stop. Oh yes, I wanted it inside me more than anything. My labored breaths must have been filling the room because his hand tightened over my mouth. I bit down on his fingers but not in anger, but in passion. Fuck me, I thought. Fuck my little ass you servant! Fuck me any way you want to fuck me but just do it now!

Then his head penetrated! The sensation was absolute heaven if heaven is pain and pleasure! His huge cock slowly pressed into me and then he pushed harder. I screamed into his hand because there was pain, oh yes, but also there was pleasure. I pushed back into his thick rod that never seemed to end. I was dripping wet and I put my hand down on my own little pussy. His thrusts were fast and furious. I was moaning and screaming into his hand. Certainly the Duchess would wake? He didn't seem to care and fucked me. Fucked me hard. My poor little anus spread and gripped his manhood. Oh I was being torn apart and I loved it. Oh yes I loved every second of the sensation of having something huge inside me.

I felt his release of cum into my anus. Warm and full, he filled me. Wave after wave of hot cum shot inside me. He held my mouth shut with one hand and with the other he grabbed my breasts and kneaded them. My own finger was pressed firmly on my tiny clit. I circled it and rubbed it and quickly brought about my own wave of orgasm. We rocked together like this for just a few more moments, enjoying the sensation of a secret enjoyed.

I opened the box and took out the key and pulled away from the servant. His cum still warm and leaking out of me. I would have to clean up. I couldn't leave this mess. But first I had to get the key to the girls. They had been waiting. How long had I been gone? I crawled and slowly made my way out of the room. I looked back once and saw that there was very little evidence of my entry in the old Duchess's room. I couldn't see anyone under the bed. Had he gone? Was there another way in and out of her room?

When I walked back into the room with the other girls there was no evidence of my adventure under the bed. I had stopped and cleaned myself up but the sensation of having a cock in my ass still lingered. I felt the soreness and the tenderness. They wanted to know what took so long but they were all more happy I made it with the key than concerned about the time. In moments the door was open and several older gentlemen were coming into the room. Fortunately I had been given an ultra-thin nightgown that helped to hide my body but certainly didn't conceal it as I would have liked.

The men brought in food and drink and gifts. My cousins threw themselves into their laps and in moments there was kissing and fondling and laughing. I shyly backed into the shadows, happy to be forgotten. Then the strangely familiar girl from the day walked up to me. She could tell I was hiding and she put her finger to her lip to show she wouldn't betray my location. We backed into an empty room and she pushed her body against mine. She was slightly taller than me and her breasts were as large but they hung down more. Her nipples were large but not erect and clearly visible under the thin fabric, as were mine.

She smiled and brushed a strand of hair away from my face and tucked it behind my ear. It was so sweet that I couldn't help but feel a little burning inside me. She kept running her fingers over my face and she slipped an arm around me and pulled me closer. I had never been seduced by another girl before and I didn't know that I would enjoy it. I was enjoying it. I was so tired. My mind was slipping away. Her touch and her caresses seemed more dream than reality. So I leaned forward and I kissed her soft lips. She tried to pull away from me. I grabbed her and pulled her back to me. I didn't understand her resistance but I wanted her lips against mine again.

“What are you doing?” She whispered.

“What? You don't want this?” I asked.

“I...I...I just don't...I...” She was searching for the right answer.

“You are absolutely beautiful and I just thought after all day that you wanted me to kiss you. I'm sorry. I just thought that it would be wonderful to touch you and kiss you and hold you.”

“But...well...I mean...but we are sisters.”

“I know, we are all sisters here but we aren't really sisters.” I said.

“No Katherine. Don't you know me? I'm Mary. I'm your sister! Really, has four years been so long that you've forgotten?”

I awoke from my dream state suddenly to realize that the beauty standing before me had been just a girl when father had sent her away. Now I was the same age as she had been when I last saw her. I had ten sisters. I saw all of them rarely and spent time with Mary even less. I remember her from my youth when she would take care of me but she was a grown woman now. Beautiful and right here in front of me.

“No, I hadn't known it was you! Oh Mary! Mary! My sister. My family. It is so wonderful that it is you.”

“So do you still want to kiss me?”

“Oh yes! Now more than ever! Please sleep in my bed tonight. I'm not sure I can stay awake much longer.”

“I will my little sister. I will.”

Mary closed the gap between us and we kissed again. Her tongue entered my mouth and I put my hand around her neck. We touched. Our bodies touched. She moved me to the bed and she put her hand over my sex and she kissed me more. My sister was touching me. My own dear sister was kissing me.

I fell asleep in heaven.

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Posted 31 Jul 2011 20:19
Very nicely written gave it a 5. Bated by the ending and looking forward to part 2
Posted 13 Feb 2011 04:31
I was captivated...
Posted 13 Nov 2010 00:16
A definite 5 and a extremely pleasurable read. Always waiting for the next story.
Posted 12 Nov 2010 20:09
Another clever, well written, intriguing tale. hanks Miss!!
Posted 12 Nov 2010 17:57
im so happy that i picked this storie to read , it was wonderful and i really would like to read all of your stories and get more if u have them
Posted 12 Nov 2010 08:41
Good writing. Very nicely done. Looking forward to more.
Posted 12 Nov 2010 07:54
Very nicely done. The pain, pleasure, realization of her feeling all, and reuniteing with her sister. Excellent. a 5 for sure.
Posted 12 Nov 2010 05:49
You've done it again, Sweetie........this was even better than the Dutchess!
Posted 12 Nov 2010 04:30
That was one of the best comments I've ever read! Thank you.

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