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Katie Gets What She Wants, Part 4

Cousin Grace joins in the fun...
The house phone suddenly rang. I sprung up to get it, but Katie had me beat immediately.

Grace grabbed me by the legs and somehow forced me down to her. Before I knew it, she had crawled on top of me and had her tongue in my mouth. She was more aggressive than Katie had ever been - she had pushed me to the floor, and I would have had to really resist to get her off of me. But I didn't want her off of me - she was fucking hot!

Grace pulled my shirt off, quite suddenly, and kept kissing me. I was between confused, resistant and turned on, but turned on was really the winning factor.

I slipped my hands onto her ass; that perfect, model ass, and got a great feel of it. She was letting out short little moans with each squeeze, and was pressing her chest against mine. Katie walked in then, and I expected her to be jealous or appalled, but she looked at us and grinned devilishly. Knowing she must have set this up, I got to work.

I kissed Grace's neck, then bit it lightly. She moaned loudly, so I bit a little harder, and she squealed with delight and a little pain.

"Oh God, Jack, I love that!"

I'd have to try that with Katie later. But for now...

Grace arched her back and moaned, and put her left arm around my neck. She put her other hand on my crotch, and started rubbing my dick through my pants.

Suddenly, the front door opened. Grace put my hands on her perfect little tits and had me give them a big squeeze before whispering into my ear, "We'll finish this later, big boy."

Grace stood up and walked off, swaying that ass with each step just to tease me. I scrambled for my shirt before mom found me, and picked Katie up right off the floor, running upstairs and into my room.

I closed the door behind us, and turned to Katie, who was playing with her tits.

"What the hell was that? You set her up to try to sleep with me?"

"No. I set her up to kiss you, but told her if you let her tongue in your mouth, all bets were off."

"I guess that's a fair deal. Wow, she is really fucking hot!"

"Oh, and I'm not?"

Katie wasn't really as pretty as Grace, though she still topped perfect. Grace was simply knockout gorgeous, Katie was above your average 10.

"Of course you are. You're really hot, especially those great breasts..."

"Oh, these?"

Katie simply tore open her top, almost ripping it in the process. Then she grabbed my arms and pulled me so my face landed directly in her cleavage. She enjoyed me enjoying them for a while, then pulled me out when I tried to go farther.

"We can't fuck now, mom's home!"

"I know, I just wanted you to know what it feels like to be wanting more. Speaking of which, what did Grace mean?"

"Oh, nothing. She just wants to sleep with you is all."

With that Katie left the room and did her signature disappearing act. I groaned and just about face-palmed after she'd gone.

Grace wanted to sleep with me? I mean, that sounded amazing, but what about Katie? Did she just not care? I'd have to ask her later...

After a couple minutes of thinking about how I could fuck with Grace, my mom called me to a real dinner.

She'd gotten a prepared rotisserie chicken, and had quickly heated up some leftover potatoes and beans. I loved the chicken, so I made a big plate and sat down at the table. We had eaten very little before - I guess Jake had asked my mom to stop for fast food when he had gotten hungry.

Grace and Katie kept giggling through dinner, but I was too happy to have my meal to care about what they were thinking - even if it was about me. Even if it was about having sex with me. Well, maybe I did want to know about that...

"What are you two laughing about?"

Katie turned to me.

"Oh, nothing. I'm just telling Grace how much you love my breasts. And that you think she's 'fucking hot.'"

Grace giggled again and sat down next to me, putting her head on my shoulder. Her hair fell down my shoulder and down the collar of my shirt, tickling my chest. Instant hard-on.

I guess Grace picked up on this, because she reached into my lap, and unzipped my pants.

"Aww, look who's awake!"

Katie giggled and came to my other side.

"He's a big boy, you know. Bigger than most dicks I've seen in porn videos."


Grace seemed really excited about that. Both girls had gotten my cock from my fly, and were playing with it together.

"Wow, it is big. How's it feel inside you, Katie?"

"It's fucking amazing. He gave me eleven orgasms this morning and he only came once!"

"Wow," said Grace, "I want some of that..."

I pretty much dumped the contents of my plate into my mouth and grabbed both the girls. I threw Katie over my shoulder and swept Grace into my arms, carrying them into the second guest room, where Grace was staying. I went there because that's actually the biggest bed in the house, the only King Size.

I threw both of them on the bed, and they started giggling in unison. Katie was quickly hushed as Grace climbed on top of her and pushed their lips together, causing Katie to let out a quiet moan.

Seeing the girls grind against each other, I got really turned on. I closed the door, making it fairly dark again, and removed all my clothes.

"Excuse me," I said, pulling a resistant Grace to the side, "but I think you're in for a demonstration before I get anywhere with you."

Katie smirked and wrapped her legs around me, guiding me to her. Grace sat back and watched, playing with her pussy quietly. Mom had gone back to working, and would go from there to bed, so we were safe as long as nobody screamed too loudly.

Not wanting to waste any time without Grace, I got to work on Katie right away. She pulled her shirt off, and I worked on her pants as she unhooked her bra. Before I'd removed her panties, she pulled me up to her breasts, and was putting my face in her cleavage.

I kissed her wildly, and each gasp and grinding motion from her turned me on even more. I leaned up and bit her neck too, lightly at first but then harder. She responded with pure ecstasy, quickly pushing me over, taking off her panties and getting on top of me. I heard Grace gasp, and saw her loving herself. I couldn't wait to get to that perfect little pussy, it was so tight and wet!

Katie started riding me, up and down, holding my hands against her breasts. I carefully squeezed them, rolling her nipples, but was getting tired of how slowly we were going. Deciding to give Grace a real show, I wrapped my legs around Katie and fucked her as fast as I could. Katie was being really loud, but not loud enough to wake or disturb anyone, so I bit her neck again and squeezed her tits hard. She had to push her mouth against mine in order to keep from screaming, as I fucked her at an incredible speed.

Grace was getting louder too, and as I felt Katie cum, I decided it was her turn. I rolled Katie off of me and, still hard, grabbed Grace and pulled her onto the bed. I entered her quickly, and knew just as quickly that I'd taken her virginity. Knowing it was her first time, I was gentle, but didn't plan to be the whole time.

I laid Grace down on her back and kept pumping in and out slowly, as she unbuttoned her top. I wasn't really fucking Grace like I had Katie, but felt more like I was making love to her. The sex was slow and passionate, but it was really hot.

Grace's pussy was super hot and really, really tight. I was afraid to go quickly or else I might hurt her, but as she pulled off her shirt and released her breasts, I had the urge to fuck her senseless.

Grace had really large tits - not as large as Katie's, but definitely satisfying. They popped out of her too-tight shirt, and the tempting cleavage turned to beautiful bouncing breasts quickly. She threw the shirt aside and wrapped her arms around my neck, pulling me close to her.

Her long hair was swept to one side, and her neck and shoulders and hair all smelled amazing. She let out a sexy little gasp as I started to unconsciously pick up speed, wrapping her arms tighter. She started to grind back against me for all she was worth, giving it everything for her first time.

I let my hands fall wherever, hoping she would guide them, but I ended up putting my arms on her lower back to support her. She suddenly let out a breathless little gasp as she reached her first orgasm, ever. She pulled herself against me, unable to say anything, and I pulled out before I came all over her chest and face.

Katie climbed on top of her and started licking it off her tits, and Grace laid there, still completely stunned in pleasure. She began to come to her senses, and snaked a hand down to bring herself to another orgasm.

"Nuh-uh," I said, pulling her hand away. "That's my job."

I put my face between her legs and flicked over her clitoris. Grace was in an orgasmic high, unable to even move. Her legs closed around my head, and she grabbed my hair as Katie started sucking her nipples.

"Oh my fucki- aah!" Grace was experiencing more pleasure than ever before, and didn't seem to know how to deal with it. She fell under the spell of another orgasm, and I plucked Katie, giggling, off of Grace. I flipped Katie onto her back and kissed her passionately. Once Grace settled down again, we were all done.

"Holy shit." Said Grace. "The girls in my school talk about sex all the time, but that was just... Better than anything I've ever had. I can't believe how good that felt."

Katie and I just smiled at each other, knowing Grace would definitely be in for more...

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Posted 28 Dec 2013 09:54
This story just keeps getting better and better keep up the good work
Posted 27 Dec 2012 00:07
Thanks for the feedback. I appreciate it. Ratings and comments will really be the key motivation for me to keep writing.
Posted 26 Dec 2012 21:22
Oh my!! This is good!!!! Enjoyed every part!!! Thank you!!!

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