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Kayla and Jared

A brother and sister share their love for one another.
"Did you bring it?" Kayla asked as she sat back on the bed propped up by a mound of pillows.

"Yes, yes!" answered Jared, her step brother who at eighteen was two years older than her. Jared held up the tub of melted chocolate and handed it over.

Kayla took it happily from her brothers’ hands and quickly pulled the lid off. Dipping her finger in, Kayla scooped up a good amount and slowly sucked the chocolate from her finger, taking great pleasure out of teasing her brother. Jared watched as she thoroughly sucked her finger and felt his cock harden, it was already half hard by the time his parents finally left to their dinner.

As she drew her finger slowly out of her mouth, she started shaking her legs causing her skirt to ride up her thighs. This action wasn’t lost on Jared, his eyes hooded with lust and he licked his lips as the skirt slowly started to reveal what was underneath. Damn, he thought, the little minx wasn’t wearing any panties. Kayla let out a little giggle as she spread out her legs revealing her hairless pussy, she shaved because she knew that Jared preferred it that way.

Jared groaned as he saw the slight wetness from her juices coating the soft pink lips of her pussy. He wanted so bad to just hurry up and bury his face between her legs but he knew that this was her game and he had to play by her rules or he was most definitely not going to be getting off tonight, or at least he won’t be getting off by Kayla.

Kayla dipped her finger back into the chocolate and smiled at her brother. “Would you like some?” she asked innocently. Jared shook his head yes and he watched as Kayla’s smile widened. She scooped out a small amount and held out her finger. Jared started to lean forward to suck the treat from her finger. “Unh, unh,” she said waving the chocolate in his face, just out of reach of his mouth. Jared stopped right away and waited to see what she was gonna do with it. He didn’t have to wait long. He stared transfixed at his sister’s finger as he watched her rubbed the chocolate over her pussy. Seeing this, Jared’s mouth began to water. Kayla brought her knees up and spread her legs and gave her brother a come hither look. “Now you can eat it.”

The groan that escaped Jared was borderline animalistic, as he quickly lowered his head towards the prize. Jared knows that Kayla loves to have her pussy eaten and he also knows that the better he eats his sister, the greater the chance that he has of coming in her tight pussy or down her throat.

With the first swipe of Jared’s tongue up her slit, Kayla let out a small moan. Jared was really good at eating pussy. He has been eating hers for two years now, ever since he needed to learn so he could please his then girlfriend, and what a better way to learn than to practice on Kayla. Ever since then, they have been playing their “special games”.

Jared already licked all of the chocolate off and zeroed in on her swollen throbbing clit. He held it gently with his teeth and flicked it with his tongue. Kayla went crazy over this, letting out sweet moans and gasps. Jared would never let her know, but her moans were the best moans he had ever heard. He loved pleasing his sister. He loved being with her, and not because she seemed so eager to be with him, but because he honestly and truly loved her. He loved her more than anyone else in his life and her pleasure was his pleasure.

Kayla scooped up more chocolate with her finger and rubbed it in her pussy again for Jared to lick off. He groaned and quickly licked up the entire treat and started to fuck her with his tongue. Kayla was so close to orgasm. She could feel it waiting for her. Jared, sensing that she was close, returned his attention to her clit and started sucking on it and rhythmically flicking his tongue. Her orgasm rushed through her as she held her brother to her pussy keeping his tongue to her clit. Jared greedily ate up her juices, she had the sweetest pussy he had ever tasted and he has gone down on quite a few girls, and continued to eat her pussy even as she started pushing him away.

“It’s too much.” Kayla gasped as she was trying to push Jared away. He finally stopped and looked up at her with a smile on his face. He always did look so smug every time he made her cum. “Come here,” she said and Jared went to her easily, fusing his mouth with hers. As his tongue thrust into her mouth, Kayla could taste herself on him and that always turned her on more.

“Lose the shirt,” Jared said in between kisses as he sat up next to Kayla. She quickly pulled the tank over her head and divested herself of her bra. She was still young and developing but she had a good size B cup. Puffy erect pink nipples pointed out towards Jared and Kayla quickly rubbed chocolate over each nipple. Jared dipped his head and gave each one a nice thorough suck. “Take the skirt off,” he told Kayla. “I want you naked.”

“You too,” she answered as she leaned up to unzip the skirt in the back. She watched as Jared pulled his gray t-shirt over his head revealing a smooth defined chest and wash board abs, and quickly divested himself of his mesh gym shorts. Kayla reached over and pulled back the black boxer briefs and watched as his eight inch cock sprang free and pointed up at the ceiling. Two drops of white pearly liquid seeped out of the slit. Kayla licked her lips as she fisted his cock with one hand and reached over for the chocolate with the other. She scooped up a glob and massaged it over his stiff cock bent over and started to lick it off.

Jared moaned, leaned back against the head board, and put his hand lightly on the back of Kayla’s head. “Fuck,” he whispered as she sealed her lips over the head and started to slide down. She couldn’t take all of him, his cock was thick and too long for her small mouth, but she could take half of him. Kayla sucked and bobbed her head up and down and jacked the rest of his cock with one hand and rolled his balls with the other. “Shit Kayla,” he said with a hoarse voice. “I’m gonna cum. If you want me to cum in your mouth keep going but if you want more then you have to stop.”

Kayla slowed her mouth and sucked hard on her way up. She squeezed the base of his cock and licked droplets of pre cum from the slit. She rolled her head to look at her brother as she continued to lap up his pre cum like a kitten drinking milk. “Do you want my mouth,” she asked and gave the cock head a good suck before popping back off. “Or do you want to fuck me?”

“I wanna fuck!” he answered. Then Jared grabbed her under her arms and lifted her up positioning her over his body. Kayla slowly sank down and lined up his cock with her pussy. The head of his dick pushed just inside of her pussy when Jared flexed his hips and shoved half of his dick into her waiting wet cunt. Kayla let a gasp of pleasure and continued to take the rest of Jared’s cock. Once she was seated to the hilt, Jared drew her mouth into a kiss. As his tongue began to fuck her mouth, Kayla started bouncing up and down on his lap. She started off slow and steadily began to pick of the pace.

With Kayla going hard and fast, Jared thrust his hips up to meet her every time. After a good ten minutes of Kayla on top, Jared gathered her close and flipped her onto her back. He then rose up on his knees and began to thrust hard into her. Over and over he went and Kayla met every thrust with one of her own. Soon, moans and groans filled the room.

Jared could feel the cum boiling in his balls and knew he couldn’t hold off much longer. “Oh fuck I’m gonna cum,” he warned her. “Are you close?”

“Yes!” Kayla screamed and Jared fucked into harder, giving her all that he had. “Yes, yes, oh fuck yes,” she yelled aloud. “I cumming!” she yelled and Jared felt her pussy tighten, squeezing his cock tight. The hot juices of her pussy gushed around his cock and he shot out, deep in her pussy. He didn’t worry about her getting pregnant; her mother had put her on birth control as soon as she started her first period.

“God, that was good.” He whispered in her ear as he lay lightly on top of her with his cock still embedded in her pussy and her legs slowly unwrapping from around his waist. Jared turned his head and looked in Kayla’s eyes. They were filled with so much love that every time he saw it, it always knocked the breath out of him. He raised his hand and slowly brushed back strands of blonde tendrils away from her sweaty face and smiled down at her. Kayla’s answering smile was all the confirmation that he needed to know that she enjoyed herself as well.

Kayla lifted her head and kissed him passionately. They laid there in her bed, bodies still joined, until they heard the garage door opening, signaling the arrival of their parents. Man, Jared thought as he hurriedly gather his clothes and walked across the hall to his room, it’s really going to suck going to college next year. Because he knew that he would only get to see Kayla on his holiday breaks. They just had to make the most of it before he left in three months.

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Posted 21 Dec 2010 08:26
Great story. What happens in the next 3 months?
Posted 18 Dec 2010 15:52
Welcome to Lush. Excellent 1st time story. Very Hot-I Love Chocolate!! I've used it over the yrs and it enhances the feelings. Tell us more, of their next 3 mths. V=5.
Posted 18 Dec 2010 07:54
Very Hot story. EXCELLENT WORK.!!
Posted 18 Dec 2010 04:33
If this is your first story, you deserve congratulations for writing something so hot and sexy. Excellent work.
Posted 18 Dec 2010 03:36
Very hot and naughty. Great first story. Well Done.

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