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Keeping it in The Family

Movie night will never be the same.
A tale of a loving family . . . maybe too loving?

My wife Tina and I moved to California right after college. We were married two weeks after our graduation, and with blessings, we had a pair of twins the next year. Our daughter, Kelli, has just turned seventeen, along with her brother Dave.

Let me tell you a bit about each of us. I’m an ex-jock: B- ball, tennis, and swimming are my favorites. I have been able to keep my physique (with lots of work) now that I have a desk job, but the workouts that Tina puts me through in the bedroom burn lots of the excess calories!

Tina is a living doll, she is 5'6" tall, about 120 pounds, long chestnut-brown hair that cascades to her mid back, and a rock-hard body that just doesn’t stop. In school she was the head cheerleader and a fabulous dancer. Her family encouraged her to participate in sports, she has become an excellent surfer, and that’s how we met.

She and her family were naturalists. Every summer, she was taken to nudist camps for the annual family vacation, along with her sister and brother. She still hates to wear a lot of clothes, and usually does not. Nudity is the norm in our house, it is not even mentioned among us, we just tend to hang around without clothes on.

Shortly after delivering our babies, she had some back trouble which led to her wearing a girdle to support her back muscles, now it has morphed into a fetish-sexual thing. She wears wasp-waist type corsets nearly 24/7. Her waist is an amazing 22 inches, with 36 inch tits that are so firm that they could put your eyes out and 37 inch hips. Wearing her corsets makes Tina unbelievably horny, she is ready to fuck on a drop of a hat, and I never complain.

Our daughter,Kelli is 17, about 5'9" tall, and barely 125 pounds, her tits are bigger than her moms, and her waist is only 24 inches, giving her a wonderful shape. She’s all leg, and has an absolutely beautiful face and smile. Her blue eyes and long, blonde hair shines like stars and her personality is disarming. She acts so naive, but is so very smart, that boys her age bore her to tears. Her mom has helped her learn how to shave her bush bare, and to do her makeup in a manner that simply says, “Fuck me . . . ” At least, it does to me.

She has learned to walk in 5- inch stiletto heels, and has amassed a wardrobe of sexy clothes, skin tight leathers, high-heel shoes and boots that amazes me.

Her mom, Tina, seems to support her, and gives her all the fashion help she needs to attain the super-hot look she seems to love.

Like her mom, she has become a wonderful surfer, and loves the water. She just found a company online, called “Wicked Weasel.” They sell bikinis that are so small they come packaged in a shot-glass! Just today, she received two of them, one hot pink, and the other is turquoise. She proudly put them on and pranced around the house, complete with a pair of her mom’s 5 inch heels and displayed them for us. They are no more than three small strips of spandex about an inch wide and some shiny string to hold them together. Wow! I can’t wait to see them when they get wet in our pool.

My cock almost ripped out of my pants when she strutted around in front of me, smiling and wiggling her hips. The bikinis cover only about one-third of her tits, and just barely cover her slit.

Dave is a normal 17-year-old boy. He is obsessed with girls and sports. He’s nearly 6 feet tall and well built, with an athlete’s body. He takes after me, and loves basket ball and swimming. Although he does not see it as a plus(yet), he already has a huge cock . . . it’s nearly 9 inches long when hard, and about 2 inches thick. The girls will love him, if he ever gets one to lie down. He is a bit shy, but we’ll cure that, I’m sure.

After a few glasses of wine, his mom has commented about the size of it, with comments like,

“If that cock was only on someone else, boy, I would jump on it, in a second.”

Like typical siblings, his sister does all she can do to embarrass him and make his cock rock hard at the same time.

Being a very progressive family, Tina has made Thursday nights, “Porno nights.”

She subscribes to an online film site that specializes in hard-core porn. Each week, we get to see the latest offerings that she has found. We all sit around the family room naked, or barely dressed enjoying the movies while we masturbate. Tina has recently purchased vibrators and remote control egg vibrators for both herself and Kelli; it’s a bit weird sitting on the floor with your daughter and wife buzzing themselves through multiple orgasms.

Tonight, Tina has dictated that show night will be a little bit different. The girls will give Dave and me their vibrator remotes to play with, I will receive Kelli’s, and Dave will get his moms. We guys are to be naked as well, and are allowed to masturbate as we see fit to do. This should be really weird!


“OK guys, put the dinner dishes in the kitchen, and let’s get started. I’ll get the film started. You’ll find our remotes on the coffee table. Kelli and I are going upstairs to get ready. We’ll be back down in a flash.” Tina said authoritatively.

Dave and I got up and did as ordered,

“We don’t want to piss off the girls now, do we?” I said to Dave.

We quickly finished up the dinner chores and went into the den. I dropped my jeans and Tee shirt in the corner of the room and Dave stripped down and threw his clothes next to mine. We stood there, buck naked, both with growing hard-ons. Dave looked a bit sheepish, he was embarrassed by his rapidly growing cock.

I smiled at him and jerked on mine a bit, to get it hard as well.

“You’ve got a great cock, son,” I said. “The girls in school will go wild over you when they find out how big you are.”

He just smiled and took a deep breath. I heard the familiar sound of stiletto heels coming down the stairs. Looking into the living room, I saw a sight to behold as my cock grew to full attention. Standing in front of us, at the entrance of the family room, were two absolutely beautiful creatures. Both had their hair puffed up, and set with wide bangs, covering one eye. Bright-blue eye shadow, and lots of black eye-liner made their eyes look like bright cat eyes. Long, shiny silver ear rings adorned their ears, and hung down nearly touching their respective necks.

Tina had her favorite, and most severe, corset made of bright-blue satin with black lace trim on. It made her waist constrict to only 20 inches! Her pussy was partly covered by matching blue satin and black lace crotchless panties. On the girl’s feet were matching pairs of black patent ankle boots with at least 6-inch heels and high platforms. I was amazed that they could stand, let alone walk.

Kelli was fitted with one of Tina’s corsets as well, it was the first time I ever saw her dressed in one, and she looked fantastic. The cincher was crimson-red, with hot-pink, lace trim. Kelli’s waist was now shrunken to about 21 inches. I could see that she was having a bit of trouble with the tight-laced garment, but she was not complaining at all. Like her mom, she was wearing matching crotchless satin and lace panties. The sight of her glistening wet slit peeking through the open crotch of her panties drove me to nearly cumming, just by looking at her.

“Like our necklaces?” Tina said. “Kelli and I picked them out specially, just for tonight.”

I looked and then saw that the girls were wearing thin, studded, leather collars adorned with nail-head studs, and silver metal lettering. Tina’s said, “CUM WHORE”

Looking at my daughter’s, it said, “FUCK SLUT.”

“Yes, I do like them,” I said, feeling quite brave, “I trust that we will get to appreciate them more as the night goes forth . . . ”

Tina just smiled and held her hand out, holding two pairs of silver-metal handcuffs.

“Come here, Son, and do me a favor,” she commanded.

Handing one pair to Dave, and holding her two hands together, outstretched in front of her body, she instructed him to cuff her hands together. He complied at once. I felt the electric charge of lust flow through my body. I had just seen my son handcuff his mother, who looked like she was about a minute away from orgasm.

Once she was cuffed, she reached forward and grabbed hold of Dave’s rock hard cock and pulled him close to her.

“Now, give these to your dad and let him take care of Kelli.”

She bent her body forward and gave him a kiss. He was a bit shocked, but stayed there, close to her. She bent her body forward once again, Dave reached toward her, wrapping his arms around her body, their tongues met, they kissed deeply, and soulfully. Eventually, they broke apart, red-faced and panting.

Dave gave me the second set of cuffs: I turned toward Kelli, she was standing with her hands clasped in front of her, awaiting her bondage.

I looked into her deep blue eyes and after some time, I asked her,

“Are you OK with this, Kelli?”

I continued, “If not, we can stop right here. I don’t want you to feel that you are pressured into anything that you are uncomfortable with, or not ready for yet.”

Kelli looked over to her mom, who was still wrapped around her son, kissing passionately, as she massaged his huge, erect cock with her cuffed hands.

Looking back at me, she smiled broadly and said, “No, sir. Mom and I have been planning tonight for so long, please cuff me now. I am ready for anything that will happen.”

She smiled broadly and I clicked the cuffs closed around her lovely wrists.

“Thank you, Master,” was all she said.

My cock was so hard that the pre-cum was dripping onto the floor. It took all that I could muster not to throw her on the floor and fuck her right then.

Instead, I placed my left arm around her shoulders, and pulled her close to me. I placed my right hand on her left tit and began to gently squeeze it. I drew her even closer. Her eyes closed, and our lips joined. A gentle kiss at first, then our tongues met and we were locked in an embrace that only new lovers ever feel.

It was as if our mouths were trying to consume each other.

Kelli was purring and moaning softly, as my hand slid down her body, resting on her pussy lips. The soaking wet labia were puffed up and so very hot, I slid a finger inside of her and started to manipulate her clit. She shook as I hit home. I think it was the first time she was ever fingered, and she loved it. Kelli didn’t take long to begin trembling, as her first orgasm began to rock her body. I felt her legs go weak, she became very quiet and softly purred in my ears,

“Please do it again. Do it harder and force me to cum over and over, I am a FUCK SLUT, Master.”

I withdrew, and then started to increase my insertions, two fingers, then three, then four . . . When I started to ram my entire hand into her engorged pussy; she let out a scream, and nearly fainted. I did not stop. I managed to get my whole hand inside of her precious young cunt. I was fist-fucking my own daughter!

Kelli was moaning so loudly, that Tina stopped, and looked over toward us, to see what was happening. Our eyes met. We smiled at each other, with the lusty smile of real lovers; I wanted my wife so badly . . .

But, I could see that Dave was busy on his knees now, licking and sucking her pussy like a real trooper.

She stopped Dave and said, “Get up right now and Fuck me, I want to feel your hot cock fill me with your cum!” Tina stepped back to the table and sat down on the edge, spreading her legs wide open. Dave obliged, he slid his cock deep into Tina’s hot slit and with a moan of delight, proceeded to fuck her like a stallion.

I looked at Kelli and slid my hand out of her, holding her tightly in case she felt faint again, but she was great. She had at least four orgasms from her finger and fist fuck, and was just getting started.

“OK, Princess, be daddy’s good little girl and sit on the table next to your mom,” I directed.

“Yes, Master,” she replied.

“Daddy’s going to fuck his little slut until she cums, then daddy is going to fill your hot little cunt with his cum, You want that, don’t you, you little whore,” I demanded.

“Oh yes, I need to be fucked like the slut that I am, Sir, Please be harsh with me, show me how to be a good little girl,” Kelli begged.

I took her by the waist, picked her up, and seated her on the table next to Tina, who was already in the throws of ecstasy. I took her legs and spread them wide open, exposing her soaking-wet slit to my view. Kelli bent backwards and arched her back. She placed her head on her chest so that she could see what was about to happen.

She screamed out, “Mommy, Daddy is going to Fuck Me, NOW!”

I pressed my cock against her slit and rammed it home; she shuddered and immediately started to move with me, making the fuck so much better for us both. I pumped and pumped away on her until I felt here squirt, she was cumming on my cock, and I loved it.

I did not stop, I pumped away even harder until I shot my load of cum deep inside of her. I just fucked my own daughter, and I loved it!

We collapsed against each other, fully spent. I pulled her body next to mine and kissed her so gently and passionately. She returned each kiss with even more love and passion. I brushed her hair away from her sweat-covered face and pulled my cock slowly out of her gushing pussy.

Tina, who was already sated by her lover, looked at me and said,

“I certainly hope that you are going to be a good daddy and suck that nasty cum out of your whore-daughters pussy!”

“Yes, daddy, please do,” she exclaimed.

Without a further word, I slid down her body until my face was at her precious, wet pussy and placed my lips against hers, and began to lick and suck her until she was fully cleaned.

Tina spoke up when I was finished and asked to be uncuffed; I found the keys and unlocked both girls’ hands.

“I guess it’s time for bed, it’s nearly 2:00AM,” I said.

“Good idea,” Tina acknowledged,”You sleep with Kelli, I’m taking Dave to bed, he’s not finished with his duty, yet,” she proudly exclaimed.

“Oh, Goody,” Kelli happily said, “I want you to fuck me in the ass, then I want to be 69’d when you get hard again.”

It’s going to be a long night, I think . . .

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Posted 04 Feb 2014 07:35
like store want more
Posted 04 Jan 2014 13:50
loved it .will thewre b/is there a part 2?
Posted 10 Jul 2013 00:30

Posted 29 May 2013 09:23
Great family, what happened to the vibrators? Loved the concept. On to chapter 2.
Posted 10 May 2013 18:20
Nice HOT story... good build up and dialogues... glad it was daughter daddy incest...and you did not forget to add cunnilingus...though it would have been better if dady had to copy the porno while they all were watching it...
Posted 01 May 2013 15:05
such a hot story! I loved it. a deliciously kinky story.
Posted 30 Apr 2013 04:47
Great story. Part two? 5
Posted 28 Apr 2013 12:05
I agree that it was a bit to fast. Also no mention about Keli being a Virgin, and if she was, was her cherry intact? Part 2 ASAP. "V=5++++."
Posted 28 Apr 2013 08:43
I want to be adopted into this family. lol

Posted 28 Apr 2013 04:38
That's a hot family, but I wish you had slowed the action down a little and described the debauchery more!
Posted 27 Apr 2013 23:43
Hell of a family wish it was mine....

Posted 27 Apr 2013 22:46
Love it very I was keli once

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