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Know Thy Neighbor, Part 2

How Lavina guided us for the next couple of weeks.
Beth and I slept in our parents' bed that night. Of course we didn't really get much sleep. It was a very strange cycle. We would start out spooning each other and my cock would rub against her ass cheeks and become erect.

Then because I had my arm over Beth to hold her, I would start playing with her nipples. She would giggle and turn toward me and we would start kissing. The kissing would wander, we would kiss each other's mouths, ears, necks and nipples. Soon my hand would wander to her sweet sex as her hand went to mine.

I would feel her wetness and slip a finger or two inside of her pussy while I kept my thumb on her clit. Her hand would be stroking my cock. We would keep kissing until we both came and I would make a big mess over both of us. To get clean we would both get into the shower and clean each other until we came again and then back to bed to spoon and start all over. This happened three times before we fell asleep.

I don't know what time we woke the next morning but we just started the cycle over again after we each had a quick bathroom break to relieve ourselves and brush our teeth. We were getting very deeply into our sex play when the doorbell rang. I pulled on a robe and checked the door. It was Lavina. I let her into the house and she just looked at me and smiled.

"Call Beth down here. I need to talk with the two of you." Lavina was carrying an over night bag with her. I went and got Beth, she had put on her robe too. We sat down in the living room on the couch next to each other and Lavina sat in a chair. "Have you two remembered to have any breakfast?" Just then Beth's stomach growled. Lavina smiled and said,"Typical."

She pulled out her cell phone and we heard her side of the conversation, "Syndi dear, I am going to have two guests over for lunch so please prepare two of the meals to be high in protein."

When she was done with the call I did smile sheepishly and said, "I think I did get something to eat, I remember licking some chocolate syrup out of Beth's belly button last night." Beth giggled and Lavina gave me a bit of a sour look.

"I have some clothes here for Beth, I know how your parents have her dress like a nun wannabe. Bob, you get dressed and go over to my house, Beth and I will join you shortly for lunch."

I put on a pair of shorts, a t-shirt, and some socks with my sneakers. I walked to Lavina's house and rang the bell. When the door opened I met the maid Syndi. I was trying really hard to look Syndi in the eye as I introduced myself but it wasn't easy. Syndi stood about 5'2" tall and had blonde shoulder length hair and blue eyes. She wasn't wearing very much. She had on a pair of white stripper platform heels, a pair of white g-string panties and a white underwire bra and that didn't cover her breasts at all, just supported them. But it was her breasts that really caught my attention. Each was just a little smaller than a basketball. The aeroelas were about one and a half times the size of a silver dollar and the nipples themselves were the size of my thumb tips.

Syndi smiled at me and invited me into the living room and let me know that lunch would be served as soon as Lavina arrived. I sat in the living room while Syndi kept working in the kitchen. As she walked back into the kitchen I could hear her heels clicking on the hard wood floors. I watched her as she walked away. Between the noise her heels made and the way her ass flowed when she walked, the floors were not the only hard wood in that house. After a few minutes I went into the kitchen to talk to Syndi. She made small talk but I honestly can't remember the topic, I was concentrating so much on looking at her mouth when we talked and not her breasts. Looking at her mouth didn't really help me get ride of my erection because all I could think was what I would like to put in her mouth.

When Lavina and Beth arrived we sat on the back porch while Syndi served us. Beth looked completely gorgeous in her outfit. Everything was shell pink. She had on a pair of shorts that was made from some very soft material but clung to her body like a second skin. Every curve and dimple showed. Even the folds of her lips. She had a bikini top covered by a tank top made of a fish net material that left her belly uncovered. I just wanted to start giving her sucker kisses on her belly button. Her feet were covered with some heeled sandals.

"Beth, this is my maid Syndi. I see that Syndi and Bob have already met." Beth looked at Syndi and gave me a very dark look. We sat and Syndi served us and then left us to eat.

Lavina let us eat for a few minutes and then addressed us. "Beth, I saw the look you gave to Bob a few minutes ago and I think you two need to have an understanding right now. Are you two going to have an open relationship or are you two going to be exclusive? Think about this and talk about it."

I looked at Beth and saw the pleading look she was giving me and I suddenly knew why she gave me that dark look. I should have known the meaning the moment she gave me that look. I looked at Beth and saw the most beautiful woman in existence. I remembered all the thoughts I had about Syndi before Beth and Lavina arrived. If it was just going to be Beth and me then I had to make that commitment to myself as well as Beth.

"Beth, I want you and only you. When Syndi and I were alone I was looking at her, I would not be telling the truth if I said she didn't excite me. But my thoughts always came back to you. I want it to be just you and me."

Beth smiled at me. "I know what you mean Bob. I did feel jealous when we walked into the house and I would really like to keep you all to myself but I am not sure if I am ready for that. I think we are too young for something exclusive and we should keep our options open."

"So if we do keep things open, do we tell each other everything or nothing? I don't think I could really stand the thought of you being with another guy."

"And I don't think I could stand the thought of you with another woman. How about we keep things open but we don't throw anything in each others' faces. We can date other's but if one of us decides to end it between us the other must let it happen and all of this is open to renegotiation later. "

I bit my lip and thought about all of this. "Okay but I don't like the thought of losing you in any way. I guess there is just risk in any relationship."

"I see that you two have reached an agreement. Before we start today's lesson I have something to show you." We went into the house and Lavina called Syndi into the living room. "Syndi, be a dear and show them your little secret."

"Yes Mistress." Syndi just dropped her g-string and stood there nude except for her heels. Beth and I were shocked. Syndi had a penis and a pair of balls. They weren't very large, rather cute, in fact, but she was a shemale. Syndi just smiled at our shock and said, "Maybe the two of you would like to see how they work sometime?"

"That is enough Syndi, you may leave us now."

"Yes Mistress." she left us and went into the kitchen.

Lavina took us back to the bedroom we had used the night before. She sat in the chair and motioned us toward the bed. "Why don't you two get comfortable on the bed?"

I just took Beth into my arms and we started kissing and undressing each other. It didn't take long until we were nude and laying on the bed with our tongues in each mouths and our hands on each other's sex.

"Now it is time for your second lesson; Oral Sex!" Beth and I giggled as we kissed. "Beth Honey, I want you to lay flat on your back and spread your legs a bit. Bob, I want you to start kissing your way down her body to her pussy."

I really didn't need to be told any of this but I listened anyway. I started kissing Beth's ears and then her neck. I moved down lower and paused to make sure each of her nipples got a good sucking. I traveled down to her stomach and paused for a moment to get my tongue into her belly button that made her laugh with a "That tickles!". When I finally reached her pussy I looked at her lips and her clit. I tilted my head to the side and kissed her pussy like it was her mouth, getting my tongue inside of it. Beth just moaned. Then I licked up and down each side of her pussy running my tongue along her lips. Beth ran her hands through my hair and said "That feels so good, don't stop." Then I just went for her clit and started kissing and licking it. I would give it some very light nips with my teeth and whenever I did I would feel her body jerk involuntarily and she would give out a high pitched yip. I just kept licking and licking until Beth finally let out a scream!

"Are you okay Babe?" I has never been so scared in my life.

"I am more than okay. You just made me cum in an explosion!" She had a huge smile on her face and she pulled me up to her and gave me a huge kiss. "I love you!"

"Before we go on I need to tell you two that you can't have any pet names for each other like Babe or Honey or Sweet Heart." Lavina looked a bit concerned. "How would you explained it to your parents if you slipped and used a pet name like that in front them?"

"Well, I was thing more along the lines of something like 'Angel Tits' for Beth's pet name but I see your point." Beth elbowed me in the ribs for that.

"Angel Tits, really?"

"Will you two take this seriously? I don't want you getting into trouble with your parents." Lavina did look concerned.

"Okay, no pet names." We agreed.

"Beth Honey, it is your turn to learn. Bob, lay on your back and let Beth kiss her way down."

I just laid back and relaxed. My cock had been completely erect for some time. Beth started kissing her way down on me doing the same things to me that I did to her. When she reached my cock and balls Lavina started instructing her. Beth licked up and down my shaft while she lightly scratched my balls with her nails. She took each ball into her mouth and swirled them lightly. I was going crazy. I was able to watch Beth's reflection in the mirror on the ceiling. Finally Beth took my cock into her mouth and starting bobbing up and down on it. It all felt so good. I tried to hold back as long as possible but I could feel that rising feeling in my cock and balls. I started moaning "Oh Beth, oh Beth, oh Beth....." the moment I started cumming Beth just jammed her head as far forward as she could I my cum just went straight down her throat. I don't know how much I cum I had but she took every drop.

She crawled up next to me and we kissed and held each other.

"When you two are ready I think you should get dressed and go home. I know you want to practice this for a few days and don't forget to give 69ing a good try, I am sure you two will enjoy it. On Friday I will be taking Beth to my gynecologist for an exam and to get her a prescription for the pill. So no vaginal penetration until Beth is protected. You wouldn't want to explain to your parents that Beth is pregnant and you, Bob, are the father."

That helped us return to earth for the moment and Beth and I did get dressed and go home. We had fun for the rest of the month but when our parents got home there were two events that just turned our world upside down.

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