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Know Thy Neighbor, Part 3

What happens when our parents return home.
The rest of the month went by very quickly for Beth and me. We spent most of our time in the nude with each other. We did oral sex in every room in the house; our bedrooms, our parents bedroom, all of the bathrooms, the living room, the dining room, the family room and even on the stairway.

There were days when Lavina would invite us to her house and we would skinny dip in the pool. On a few occasions Lavina gave Syndi permission to join us. I caught Beth staring at Syndi's breasts a few times.

When Beth and I were alone I asked Beth why she was looking. "They are just so big. I know they are fake but they must hurt her back. I wonder why she got them so large?" I wondered that also.

There was one evening when I walked passed Beth's bedroom and she was laying on her stomach, nude, reading a book. Her legs were pointed at the door and I had an unobstructed view of her ass. I just rushed into the room and spread her ass cheeks with one hand and started flicking the tip of my tongue over her asshole and probing gently.

"Bob, what are you do...... OOOH, oooooh, that feels good, don't stop." I slipped my other hand under her and started fingering her clit. I kept my tongue moving and soon she was hunching her hips upward. She grabbed the pillow at the top of the bed and I could see her clenching and unclenching her hands as she held the pillow. I could see that her pail butt cheeks were starting to turn pink and she was shaking. As I kept going, her cheeks turned a deeper and deeper shade of red. I think she may have even started chewing on her pillow when she buried her face in the pillow and screamed out her orgasm.

"That felt incredible and I really want to kiss and hold you, Bob, but you need to do something first." She looked a little scared when I asked her what she wanted. "You need to gargle with some antiseptic." She said it in a scared little girl voice and I just started laughing. I mean who does want butt breath, even if it is your hot sexy sister's butt?

On our final night before our parents' return we spent the night at Lavina's house. We were in the mirrored bedroom with the lights turned low. We had the covers pulled down so we could see ourselves in the ceiling mirror and it just felt so erotic with the wall mirrors making us feel like there were couples all around us making love.

We started kissing very deeply, our naked bodies touching. Soon I pushed Beth onto her back and I started kissing her ears. I always loved nipping her ear lobes. Then I kissed the spot just below her ear, where her neck and jaw meet, I sucked the spot and bit it gently while I held one of her nipples in my right hand and squeezed just hard enough to make her gasp. Soon I was at her breasts, licking, sucking and nibbling. She was trying to control her breathing, keeping her breaths slow and deep. I kissed lower until I got to her belly button and I just couldn't resist slipping my tongue inside of it for a moment. She giggled,"Bob!" and I moved lower.

I finally reached Beth's sweet bald pussy, Lavina had shown Beth how to keep it smooth and hairless. As I started licking and kissing Beth's clit I started talking to her. "I love you Beth. You are my Aphrodite, the goddess of love before which I kneel and worship at your altar. Soon I will give you my sacrifice upon your altar." I kept going on her clit and started licking and biting her lips as well. I could feel the heat from the blood rushing to her thighs and pussy as she was pushed to her orgasm. I felt her hands come down to my head as she spasmed uncontrolably in her orgasmic pleasure.

When she was done she pushed me onto my back and started kissing down to my erection. When she reached my cock she looked me straight in the eye and started licking up and down the entire length. "I love you Bob. You are my Thor, the god of thunder that hammers at my womanhood and to you I surrender myself. Your sacrifice will always be welcome and sought at my altar." She then took my entire length into her mouth and started bobbing up and down. She kept her eyes on my face with a look that said she loved me. I tried to hold off as long as possible but her sexy green eyes just sapped my will and soon I was cumming and she was swallowing my seed.

She crawled up next to me, I put my arms around her, I pulled the covers over us and we fell asleep. I then had the strangest dream.

Beth and I were standing in a banquet hall that was decorated for a party. There were brightly colored balloons and streamers all over except in one corner of the room where there was a dark doorway and a table set for one. The table had a small black cake, a glass of very dark red wine, a small black cardboard party horn and a black conical party hat. Our parents were dancing together to some very soft music. The look they had for each other left no doubt that they were still deeply in love with each other.

I went over by the doorway to look at the table. As I got there I felt a presence enter through the doorway. This being was completely covered with a dark cloak, including his face and had a huge scythe in his hand. "Oh my would you look at this? They have some cake, wine and party favors for me. Why is the cake always the darkest chocolate that can be found? And the wine? Does it have to be a Shiraz? What I wouldn't give for a vanilla cake that doesn't look like a fresh slab of asphalt and a nice crisp Riesling. I get the part about the death being bitter but honestly, does anybody ever think that I might like a change? All everybody ever thinks about is being ironic and never being origional. Well, at least the wine has alcohol."

The figure than sat at the table, put on the party hat, ate the cake, drank the wine and blew in the horn until he had everybody's' attention. "IT IS TIME!"

At that moment I woke with a cold shiver running down my back. Beth just snuggled closer to me and murmured,"Not right now Bob, I am half asleep."

The next morning we woke and Lavina had breakfast ready for us. Beth asked,"Where is Syndi? Doesn't she usually serve breakfast?"

"Syndi is off on some personal business and won't be back for a few months." That was all Lavina would say.

The two if us got cleaned up and went home. We wanted to make sure that everything was in tip top condition. Our parents called us every few days and also talked with Lavina to make sure we were fine but we still wanted the house to be nice when they got home. Beth and I would start fooling around a bit but knowing our parents would be home soon just kept a damper on things.

That afternoon Lavina drove us to the airport to get our parents. This was in the pre 9/11 days so we were able to wait at the gate were our parents were scheduled to arrive. I was wearing a nice pair of slacks and a Isod shirt. Beth was wearing a skirt that went below her knees, a blouse that covered her arms and the collar that didn't show any cleavage and a pair of clunky heeled shoes. She really did look like a nun wannabe except for the fact that I knew she had on a very skimpy thong and bra set that was made of white silk.

When the plane arrived and the passengers started exiting the plane we had expected our parents to be together. Our mother came through the gate first walking very quickly and with a very angry look on her face. She walked right passed us without even noticing us. Beth and I looked at Lavina for guidance but Lavina was as puzzled as we were. Our father followed a few seconds later and I had to admit that he wasn't looking very well.

Now growing up Beth and I had learned that when our parents were angry with us that as long as mom kept her cool that we were ok, no matter how upset dad was. If mom was angry, then all bets were off.

I asked dad why mom was upset. "She is upset with me right now but she is also upset at the universe. I will explained everything when we get home. Bob, could you get a dolly for the luggage, I just don't feel up to carrying any and I don't think you could handle it all on your own."

The ride home was very quiet, mom sat in the front seat while Lavina drove us home. Mom refused to look at Dad.

Lavina dropped us at our house and left once I got the luggage in the front door. "Bob and Beth, please sit in the living room. I have something important to tell the two of you." Dad had never looked so serious. Mom was sitting on one of the chairs that flanked the couch.

"Just before your mom and I left on this trip I had been having some medical test run. My doctor informed me that I have a rare form of cancer that spreads very quickly and I don't have long to live."

"And the big bastard didn't tell me until just before we got off of the plane!" Mom just burst into tears as she said this.

"I didn't say anything because I didn't want this trip to be a pre-funeral for me. I wanted to show you that I am still in love with you and always will be. I wanted it to be the best time we could ever have together." Dad looked really strained as he said this.

Beth broke into tears and went running upstairs to her room. I followed her and we sat on her bed where we just hugged each other and she put her face into my shoulder and sobbed. I wasn't feeling much better than Beth but I knew I had to be strong for her.

Several days past and we dealt with our emotions. Beth and I didn't do anything sexual with each other. We would go to Lavina's house were she offered us moral support and Mom was there as often as not. Mom and Lavina had always been good friends.

On my seventeenth birthday, which was in the middle of July, my dad gave me a straight razor with a bison horn handle, a razor strop and a badger hair shaving brush. "These belonged to your grandfather. He gave them to me on my eighteenth birthday. I wanted to wait until you were 18 but I am not going to make it." He proceeded to show me how to hold the razor and strop it and then how to shave. "Just shave your cheeks with it until you feel comfortable, then try your chin and neck." I took his advice. I did cut myself pretty good a few times with that blade but I have to admit that once I got the hang of it I have never gotten a smoother shave and Beth could always tell when I used it.

Dad had to spend his final days in the hospital on life support. He could barely breath on his own and I hated to see him like that. He was always so active. Mom, Beth and I were there the evening he went into his final coma. Mom looked terrible. Lavina was also present. Beth suggested that Lavina take Mom and me home to rest. Beth would stay at the hospital and call us when it was time.

Lavina drove Mom and me home. I got Mom into the house and upstairs to her room. She sat on the corner of her bed and she looked so lost. "Mom, you know that Beth and I love you."

"Thenk you Bob, I love you and your sister too. Sleep well Bob."

As I shut her bedroom door I heard her say "Dear, what are you doing here?"

"Mom, did you say something to me?"

"No, Bob, just go to bed. You are tired."

At 5 am the phone started ringing. It woke me and I answered it. Beth was calling and she was crying. "The doctors just told me that he will be gone soon."

"I will get Mom and we will be right there."

I knocked on the bedroom door. "Mom, we have to go now." There was no answer. I knocked harder,"Mom, are you alright?" Still no answer. I pushed the door open and I saw Mom, she was sitting on the same spot on the bed but had fallen on her back. She was pale and cold. There was no pulse. I called 911 and an emergency crew got there very quickly but she had been gone for hours and they could do nothing.

Lavina heard the sirens and came over, the sun was just starting to rise. She found me sitting on the step to the front porch with my head in my hands. I looked at her and said,"I have to go to the hospital to tell Beth that our mother is gone and she is going to tell me that our father is gone. What are we going to do?"

Lavina got me to the hospital, she followed the ambulance that was carrying Mom. No lights, no sirens, just quiet.

When I told Beth how I found Mom she burst into tears and I held her. Lavina was able to guide us to her car and took us to her house. Both Beth and I were exhausted, emotionally and physically. The autopsy on our mothered showed she had died from a cerebral hemorrhage. It happened so fast that she was gone before her head landed on the bed.

Lavina put us in the mirrored bedroom, we just undressed and crawled into bed. I just held Beth until the pain became too overwhelming. I looked at her and we started kissing. We needed something to distract us from the pain. These kisses were deep and lasting. Beth shifted so she was flat on her back and she pulled me over her. She spread her legs and I fit myself between them and kept kissing her. I felt my cock rubbing against her clit. Our breathing became labored as the passion started to dull the pain. We dry humped and then finally Beth said,"I need you inside of me."

I backed from her a bit and I felt the head of my cock nudge between her lips, she was very hot and wet. I felt her hand guide my cock into her. The head went passed her lips and I could feel her pussy trying to pull me into her. I slowly worked my cock into her until I felt my full length inside of her. We started kissing as I kept my thrusts slow and steady. I wanted to last as long as possible because that was the only way to keep the pain away.

I could feel her hands on my back and her calves against mine as she put her legs around mine. I kept thrusting and we kept kissing. I could feel her hands starting to clutch at my back and my ass cheeks, this was always a sign that she was getting close. I could feel her nipples against my chest and hear her breath becoming labored.

As she finally reached her climax, she cried out,"Bob, don't ever leave me, I don't think I could survive the loneliness."

I started cumming inside of her for the first time and I said,"I will never leave you, we have nothing but each other and I want you forever!"

We fell asleep after that and Lavina let us sleep ourselves out. The next day Lavina talked to us to let us know that we were not going to be on our own.

"Your parents always planned for the worst. The had asked me to be the legal guardian of you two if anything should happen to them. Now Beth you are 18 and a legal adult but I hope you will accept guidance from me. Bob, you have a little less than a year until you are 18 so you are my responsibility until then. Either of you can stay here or at your own home, the choice is yours. Your parents left me instructions on how they wanted to be buried. I will take care of all the arrangements. You two should think about what you want to do with your lives."

We both decided to stay with Lavina until Beth went away to college. Her school was about a 45 minute drive from us but she was going to live in the dorms. Between the money our parents had saved and their life insurance, we were fairly comfortable and we had enough money that without selling the house that we could pay for undergraduate studies, and any graduate studies we wanted.

Beth and I decided to take the next year to figure out what we were going to do with our lives. We didn't know what we were going to do with our house but we had my senior year of high school to think about it.

Next; Part 4-How Beth and I get on with our lives and where it all leads.

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well written

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A fantastic story clever one keep it up a definite fivers
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And thats lifes ups and downs enjoyed your story

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