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Know Thy Neighbor, Part 4

How the rest of our lives shaped.
Lavina took care of all of the arrangements for our parents. The only way that Beth and I could get to sleep at night was to just have sex until we were exhausted. When ever I tried to sleep I would feel a deep dark depression just waiting to swallow me when I was just laying there with nothing occupying my thoughts. I think Beth had the same problem. Sometimes we slept in my room, sometimes in Beth's room. We stayed out of our parents' bedroom, it just didn't feel right.

In the third week of August Lavina let herself into the house and woke us. She just marched right into Beth's bedroom and pulled the covers off of our nude bodies. "Alright you two, I know you don't want to hear this but it is time for the two of you to go on with your lives. Beth, you and I are going shopping for new clothes so you don't look like a nun-wannabe when you start your college classes. Bob, you have your first cross country practice at noon."

"I don't know if I can do this Lavina." I was sitting up on the bed naked. Beth had put on a robe.

"Bob, you don't have a choice. Life goes on and as much as it sucks right now you still have to live. Avoiding life won't make it suck any less. You know your parents asked me to be the guardian in case anything happened to them? Now Beth is 18 but you, Bob are only 17. You are my responsibility until next July. Now get your ass up and get to the high school and start your practice!"

She was right. I did go to the practice and I was exhausted when I got home. When Beth and Lavina returned from shopping Beth decided that she wanted to show me all of the clothes she had gotten. The outfits were a departure from the way she used to dress. She had short skirts, tight jeans, high heels and tops that showed cleavage. She looked really cute. Lavina had also taken her to get her hair and nails done. I started feeling a twinge of jealousy thinking about how she was going to be staying in the dorms at college.

After Lavina left Beth modeled the underwear she got. She showed me the silky bra and panty sets. All of them in colors that accented her red hair and green eyes.

That night Beth joined me in the shower. She just slipped her arms around my neck and we started kissing. I put my arms around her and cupped her ass cheeks and let my tongue slide between her lips. I loved the feel of her bare breasts against my chest as we kissed.

"Beth, I don't know what I am going to do when you leave for school. Loving you is the only thing keeping me sane." I had my hands rubbing up and down her back.

"I know, I am going to have the same problem without you. But I will only be about a 45 minute drive away and I will be home every weekend."

"I am just afraid that I will lose you to somebody when you are gone. I can imagine all of the guys hitting on you while you are away,"

"I will always love you and only you." And with that I felt her take my cock into her hand and stroke it as she kissed me very deeply. We kept kissing and feeling each other up for another few minutes and then went to my bedroom. I just laid her back on my bed and started sucking on her adorable nipples. I loved watching how her nipples would change from a pail pink to a dark red as they became erect. Through the summer Beth had developed a band of freckles across her cheeks and nose and another band on her chest across the top of her breasts. I thought those freckles were sexy as anything. She didn't know it but she had also developed a band of freckles on her back, just above her ass, it was like a natural tramp stamp. I just kept kissing her breast and fingering her pussy until she came. Her whole body just blushed red and she screamed into a pillow.

"Your turn Loverboy." She pushed me on my back and started sucking on my cock. Her lips and tongue felt incredible. She would look up at me and give my cock a sweet peck right on the head and then swallow the whole thing down. She would bob for a few moments the take her mouth off of my cock and lick the entire length, pausing to work the tip of her tongue into the hole where my precum was flowing. I know she would have let me cum in her mouth but I didn't want that right then.

"Oh Beth, I want to cum inside of your pussy so badly. I want you forever Beth." I pushed her back and mounted her, she was so hot and wet, I went right into her without resistance. "Do you think some day we may be doing this to have a baby together?"

She was breathing heavily when she answered. "We might but not now, not yet anyway. We are too young."

I kept thrusting and I could feel her becoming tense. I was getting close and I could feel that she was close too. I felt her hands on my back suddenly grip me as she let loose with a loud cry and I couldn't control myself anymore and gave her my load.

The next couple of weeks passed like that and school started for me. Then Beth left for college. I felt lonely in the house by myself so I spent most of my time at Lavina's house. Syndi hadn't returned yet so I think Lavina liked the company.

One day Lavina decided to tell me a story. "Did I ever tell you how there were only two men in this world that I liked and respected?"

"Not really Lavina, who are they?"

"The first one was your father. He married my best friend and I didn't like him for a long time. He was always nice to me because I was your mother's best friend but just before Beth was born he finally had enough of my snarky comments. I was at your house and he told me to leave until I learned to show some respect. I was mad as hell at first until your mom told me the same thing. She said I didn't have to like him but if I couldn't be civil to him she didn't want me around. She had chosen him and he was a very good person so at that time I just decided to keep my mouth shut.

"We finally became friends when you were about six months old. Your mom had had a tubal pregnancy and nearly died. Your dad was beside himself and I knew he really did love your mother. That was the only time I ever saw him cry."

"Who was the other man?" She had me curious.


"Me? What did I do to get you to like me?"

"When you were born I was angry that your mom had had a baby boy. Bad enough she had a daughter with 'that man' as I thought of your father but having a boy was unforgivable. One day your mom had to take Beth to a pediatrician. Your mom asked me to watch you. You were just starting to be able to lift yourself on your hands at that time. You were in your crib and I left you for a moment. When I cam back you were on your hands and knees and you looked at me with a big smile and my heart melted. You were just so happy and innocent. I picked you up and you put your arms around me and nuzzled my neck. I started singing to you and you fell asleep like that until your mom and Beth got home. Your mom saw us and smiled. I called her a conniving wench but she just smiled."

I started singing the song to her. I can't put any of it here because I am not sure how the copyright laws work.

"You remember the song I sang?" She seemed incredulous.

"I remember the incident but I didn't know it was you. I always wondered why that person was so cranky."

Beth was home on weekends like she said she would be. My friends wondered why I wasn't going to any of the football games on Friday nights. I just told them that I wasn't ready for bright lights and crowds yet so they let me be. The truth was that Beth and I were fucking up a storm as soon as we were alone in the house. Lavina was always nice enough to have a care package of food for us for the weekend. It sucked when Beth would leave on Sunday.

In November Cross Country started winding down and wrestling practice started. I had hit a growth spurt and went from 125 pounds to 140 pounds with out getting taller. It was all muscle too. Beth liked the change. Beth and I had Thansgiving dinner with Lavina. Syndi had returned and Lavina said that Syndi had a surprise for us. After dinner Syndi left the room for a few moments and returned completely nude. The surprise was that Syndi had had Sexual Reassignment Surgery. She no longer had a cock and balls but had a pussy and clit.

Beth returned home after her finals. She had done pretty well and had decided to major in elementary education. Something was bothering Beth. She was fine if we were alone but she would become either hostile or unhappy if Syndi was around.

A few days before Christmas Lavina gave our mother's engagement ring to me. On Christmas Eve I gave it to Beth. My cock didn't leave her pussy that entire night.

When Beth went back to school I was deeply depressed. The weather sucked, the holidays were over and school started again. Wrestling kept me going. My grades were good and the SAT's were coming up.

When Spring Break finally arrived Beth and I spent it together. Lavina would check on us and sometimes she sent Syndi to see how we were doing. Beth just seemed to get more and more hostile to Syndi as time passed.

It was Lavina that finally explained why Beth was becoming hostile. "Beth senses that Syndi is attracted to you. Beth is a little afraid she will lose you to Syndi. But what Beth doesn't know is that Syndi is attracted to her too. Beth has no idea how badly she is hurting Syndi with her attitude."

"I would never do anything to hurt Beth but how can I avoid hurting Syndi?"

"I don't know Bob."

Thing finally came to a head after I graduated and was accepted to the same college were Beth was. It was early June. Beth and I were skinny dipping in Lavina's pool. Beth had just gotten out of the pool when Syndi, stark naked, walked up to Beth and gave her a deep kiss. Watching Beth's cute little titties rub against Syndi's huge boobs nearly had me shot my load.

"I love you Beth, I love both of you. Please stop hurting me! I can understand if you don't accept me but stop hurting me!"

Beth started crying. "I am so sorry Syndi. I had no idea."

The three of us went to Syndi's bedroom. "Please Bob, this first time has to be just me and Syndi. You can stay and you will get your time alone with her but this is just her and me."

I watched my sister make love to another woman. It was so erotic the way they kissed. They kissed all over. They sucked on each others nipples and finally they locked themselves into a 69. They were on their sides with their heads between each other's thighs. Syndi came first crying out Beth's name. I watched as Beth tensed and started turning her orgasmic red. She screamed into Syndi's pussy when she finally lost it.

Beth decided that Syndi and I could have each other on my 18th birthday as long as she could watch. It was so hot the way Syndi's breasts moved when I got my cock between them. Fucking her tits felt so good. I could only do it for so long or I would shoot my load. Syndi and I moved into a 69 it felt so good to have my cock in her mouth while I licked her clit. But then Syndi told me she wanted me to take her virginity and cum in her pussy. I got on top of her in the missionary position. I went into her, she was ready for it. We fucked for what felt like hours. I kept kissing her everywhere I could. Her lips, her ears, her neck and her breasts. I finally started cumming and I kissed her as deeply as I could and she came too. I rolled off of Syndi, exhausted. Beth went down on Syndi cleaning my cum from Syndi's pussy. Then Beth licked my cock clean. We just degenerated into a hot, sweaty threesome for the rest of the night.

Beth and I decided on some changes since we were both going to school in the same place. We were going to sell the house and buy something closer to school so we could live together. That school year was going to be fun.

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Posted 22 Aug 2012 16:02
great job, awesome writing
Posted 22 Aug 2012 16:02
great job, awesome writing

Posted 04 Jul 2012 05:35
nice way to bring a story to a an end. You did a fantastic job here clever one keep up your writing you do have a talent for it
Posted 03 Jul 2012 15:08
Great finale....or segway? Whatever....I'll keep reading whatever you write, especially brother sister incest....for some reason I really like that.
Posted 03 Jul 2012 10:06
Great story. Where do you go from here?
Posted 03 Jul 2012 06:04
just great love it keep it up

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