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Lesbian Sister - part 2

Roxy and Lori continue their forbidden relationship, but their mom has met a friend online!

Lori’s heart was pounding as she emerged from her bedroom and tiptoed across the landing. Mom had left for work ten minutes ago. The teenager paused at her sister’s bedroom door, then turned the handle.

Roxy was lying on her left side, snoring softly. Lori gently peeled her blanket away, exposing her bare shoulders, her bare back, her bare buttocks. Lori wondered if her sister always slept naked. She wished they could sleep naked together.

She studied Roxy’s body, savoring every detail of her nakedness. A couple of days ago, she would have gladly murdered this older, bullying sibling. Well, maybe not murdered, but at least turned a blind eye should somebody else have performed the deed.

That was before Lori had discovered her sister was a lesbian and before they had tasted each other. Before she had discovered that she too loved pussy.

Dropping to her knees, Lori began licking her sister’s buttocks. Roxy stirred and murmured softly. Lori cruised her tongue over every inch of her soft, succulent globes, moving towards the ultimate juicy prize.

Still sleeping, Roxy rolled onto her back, left leg arched, right leg slumped. Lori kissed her pouting slash, nuzzling her pubic bush with her nose. Roxy spread her legs wider. Her sister inhaled her sweet musk, then gently slid the tip of her tongue over her warm, moist slit.

Roxy’s eyelids flickered and she moaned dreamily, but she didn’t wake up. Lori worked her tongue up and down the length of her slit, probing gradually deeper. When she felt her sister’s clit against her tongue, she buried her face between her thighs and sucked hungrily on the throbbing bud.

Roxy squeezed her eyes shut, her lower lip quivering as she moaned through clenched teeth. She humped hard against her sister’s face, urging her tongue deeper inside her hot, soaking hole.

At the end of an orgasm that rocked her entire body, she sat bolt upright and opened her eyes.

“Morning sis,” Lori smiled, licking her lips.

“I thought I was having a wet dream,” Roxy panted. “And what the …?”

“What the fuck am I doing in your room?” Lori finished. “After yesterday, I thought …”

“You thought you could just walk in here whenever you felt like it and lick my pussy. Even when I’m sleeping!”

“You’re not mad at me, are you?”

Roxy smiled. “Of course I’m not mad at you, sis. That was the best wake up call I’ve ever had. I wish we could sleep together like real lovers, then you wouldn’t have to sneak into my room.”

“I was thinking the very same thing,” Lori admitted.

Roxy spread her arms. “Come here, you sexy little slut. Let’s sleep together now.”

“I don’t actually want to sleep,” Lori said, as she fell into her sister’s embrace.

“Neither do I,” Roxy replied.

The sisters spent the next ten minutes kissing passionately, during which time Lori’s sky blue tee shirt and pink cotton panties found their way to the floor. Their naked bodies intertwined, pussies grinding against each other.

“Oh God, I’m so fucking horny!” Lori gasped.

“Me too,” her sister replied. “Let’s sixty-nine.”

The pair moved eagerly into position. Lori buried her face between her older sister’s thighs once again as Lori grabbed her buttocks with both hands and spread them wide. She tasted the sweet bud of her asshole, before sliding her tongue down to her eagerly waiting pussy.

While Roxy and Lori were enthusiastically enjoying each other, their mom was picking up a mutual friend.

“Hi, Mrs. C,” Sherri smiled, as she slid into the passenger seat of the car. “You look hot.”

“So do you, honey. And please, call me Janet.”

“Okay, Janet. Jeez, I still can’t believe this is happening! Where are we going?”

“I’ve booked us a nice, discreet motel room.”

“No problem getting the morning off work?”

“None at all. I’m the boss. So, are you sure you want to go through with this, in the cold light of day?”

Sherri nodded eagerly. “Positive! I spent most of the night awake, just thinking about you. ”

Janet steered away from the sidewalk.

“We’ll be there in five minutes,” she said. “I feel like a criminal.”

“Why?” the teenager demanded. “I’m over eighteen.”

“You’re also my daughter’s girlfriend.”

“Roxy and I just play around,” Sherri lied. “It’s not like we’re in a serious relationship or anything.”

“Does she know that?”

“Yeah. She has other girlfriends too. Well, at least one other.”

“Really? Anyone I might know?”

Sherri blushed.

“No,” she murmured. “Look, you’re Roxy’s mom and…”

Janet patted her bare knee and smiled. “I know. Her sex life is none of my business. I just need to know one thing, then I promise I won’t ask any more awkward questions.”


“Does Roxy use lesbian chatrooms? I wouldn’t want her finding my profile the way you did.”

The young woman giggled. “Imagine if that happened.”

“I’d rather not.”

“Don’t worry,” Sherri reassured her. “Roxy isn’t into…, well, you know.”

“Older women?”

“Yeah. And she doesn’t know I am either.”

“That can be our secret,” Janet replied.

“You’re pretty good at keeping secrets,” said Sherri. “How long have you known about me and Roxy?”

”Quite a while. A straight mom probably wouldn’t have suspected a thing.”

“But you’re not a straight mom? How does that work?”

“It works like this, Sherri. I was once in love with and married to a man. We had two beautiful children together, then we fell out of love and got divorced. I became a single mom and realized I no longer needed a man in my life.”

“But you didn’t come out of the closet?”

“No, I didn’t!” Janet snapped. “I don’t buy into this whole gay pride bullshit. Do the customers in my coffee shop care what I do in bed?”

“I was thinking of Roxy and Lori. What if they found out?”

Janet shrugged. “I can’t see Roxy being horrified. I’m sure she’s going to come out to me in her own good time.”

“What about Lori?”

“Lori isn’t gay?”

“Are you sure?”

“I think I would have at least suspected by now. I knew Roxy was a lesbian before she had her first period.”

“How?” Sherri demanded. “How can you tell just like that?”

“Gay men call it gaydar,” Janet replied. “I just call it feminine intuition. Think of it as a more subtle form of how we met online last night.”

“I logged into a chatroom for young women seeking older women.”

“You clicked on my profile, requested private chat and we took it from there. We are now approaching the motel, where we can turn those fantasies into reality. This is your last chance to change your mind.”

“I’m not changing my mind. I want you, Janet. I don’t care if you’re Roxy’s mom. So, let’s park the car and go to bed together.”

Janet smiled. “I like your style, Sherri. My daughter has good taste.”

“This is really bad, what you and I are doing,” Lori said quietly.

She was lying in her sister’s arms, savoring the closeness of her naked body and the aftertaste of her pussy on her tongue.

Roxy looked surprised. “I thought you liked it.”

“I love it, sis,” the younger girl replied. “What I mean is, it’s incest.”

“That is such a sexy word,” Roxy purred. “Especially when you say it. Do you care that it’s wrong?”

“No. Maybe that’s why it feels so special. I’d care if mom found out though.”

“Mom will never find out unless she either catches us in bed together or one of us tells her. And neither of those things is ever going to happen.”

“What about Sherri?” asked Lori. “Do you think she’d ever tell anyone?”

“No way,” Roxy replied. “Why would Sherri want to blow the chance of having two hot lesbian sisters to play with?”

“I guess you’re right,” the younger sibling conceded. “We are pretty hot together, aren’t we?”

Roxy kissed her. “We’re the perfect couple.”

Lori slipped her right hand between her sister’s thighs. Lori moved against her for a couple of minutes, before reluctantly rolling over.

“I start work at eleven,” she said. “So, I need to take a shower and grab some breakfast.”

“I’ll make breakfast,” Lori offered.

“That would be great, sis,” Roxy smiled. “But I was hoping you’d offer to join me in the shower first.”

Sherri gripped the posts of the motel bed, the pillow muffling her ecstatic cries. The teenager was bent over on all fours, with her short red dress hiked up around her waist and her peach colored lace panties stretched between her ankles. Janet’s face was buried between her thighs, her tongue swirling deep in her wet cunt.

The older woman was as good as she had promised. But it wasn’t just her skilful tongue that was making Sherri’s juices gush. The young redhead had now had her pussy eaten by all three members of her girlfriend’s family. It was just a shame she couldn’t have all three together.

“God, you taste good!” Janet panted, finally raising her head.

Sherri rolled onto her back. Janet kissed her, sucking her tongue into her mouth. Sherri wrapped her legs around her waist. Janet’s pinstriped gray slacks were already pulled down to her knees. Her cunt cream was oozing through her black lace panties. Sherri hugged her tightly, humping against her as their juices mingled. She was going to enjoy having Roxy’s mom sit on her face.

Roxy hugged her younger sister tightly, her entire body trembling violently as she climaxed yet again, with two fingers of Lori’s right hand buried knuckle deep in her pussy. The water from the shower streamed over their naked bodies.

“I love you so much, sis!” Lori murmured.

“I love you too, little sister,” Roxy replied. “I just wish I’d found out sooner that you were a lesbian like me. We could have been making love instead of fighting.”

“Call in sick,” Lori pleaded. “We can spend the whole day in bed together.”

Roxy considered for a moment, then shook her head. “Not a good idea. If my boss wasn’t also my mom …”

“I know.” Lori withdrew her hand from between her sister’s legs. “I’ll make breakfast.”

Janet’s eyes were shut tight as she rode Sherri’s face. Her daughter’s girlfriend was moaning softly as she slurped on her juices. It wasn’t difficult for Janet to imagine that the tongue in her pussy belonged to her older daughter. She saw Roxy in her pink tee shirt and white panties, casually strolling into the kitchen, opening the fridge and swigging orange juice from the carton. If only she knew what her mom was thinking as she stared at her, whilst pretending to read her newspaper!

Janet had given up fighting the sexual fantasies her lesbian daughter inspired. She knew it was wrong, but they both had their secrets. Roxy would come out to her “straight” mom in her own good time. Janet would love and support her, even while she was secretly going down on her girlfriend.

Roxy’s mom climaxed violently, gushing cunt cream over Sherri’s tongue. She buried her face between the young woman’s thighs and clung to the image of her lesbian daughter as she thrust her tongue into her lover’s cunt.

To be continued…!

This story is protected by International Copyright Law, by the author, all rights reserved. If found posted anywhere other than with this note attached, it has been posted without my permission.

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Posted 24 Aug 2013 13:33
Fucking right on!
Posted 28 Jan 2013 00:33
mmmm, liked it.
Posted 05 Oct 2010 05:33
Superb, especially if this story is going where it seems to be... I suspect Janet is about to discover some very shocking yet most intriguing news about her youngest daughter's sexuality. What use will she make of this knowledge...?
Posted 21 Sep 2010 12:34
So very effing hot. I can't wait for more. Hurry.
Posted 21 Sep 2010 00:02
great story, hope to get the continuation really really soon.
Posted 20 Sep 2010 12:53
Loved it! Great story
Posted 20 Sep 2010 11:51
I love this !!!! outstanding

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