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Lesbian Sister

Accidentally finding out her big sister is a lesbian is only Lori's first shocking discovery.
Lori had not intended to eavesdrop on her sister's telephone conversation. But Roxette's bedroom door was open and she had instinctively glanced in as she passed. Her big sister was lying face down on her bed, dressed only in tiny white lace panties. Roxette obviously thought she had the house to herself, as she was normally very jealous about guarding her privacy, especially where her little sister was concerned. Though Lori had turned eighteen, Roxy still sometimes treated her like she was a child, despite the fact that she was only three years older. Even when she was very young, Roxy had always liked to pretend she was wise beyond her years.

Lori would probably have proceeded to her own room, had she not caught an intriguing snatch of her sister's conversation.

"Sherri, you know I'm crazy about you. And no, I don't give a shit about what happened between you and that empty-headed blonde bimbo cheerleader. I like to eat junk food too, but it doesn't affect my appetite for your hot pussy."

Lori stifled a gasp. She could hardly believe what she was hearing, though there was little space for ambiguity in her sister's words. Roxy was telling her best friend how much she loved to eat her pussy. This was the same best friend who sometimes stayed over for weekends, while mom and dad were home. Knowing what she now knew, Lori could only begin to imagine what really went on in her sister's bedroom, while her parents slept across the hall, blissfully unaware.

Roxy giggled. "Just my little white panties. The pair you gave me for Christmas. What are you wearing?"

Lori felt a warm tingling between her thighs, when she realized her sister was talking dirty with her girlfriend. Her eyes were drawn to Roxy's ass, even though she had never consciously looked that way at a girl before. Her panties were pulled high on her hips and into the crease of her buttocks, leaving most of the firm, round, creamy cheeks exposed. The shadow of her cunny was visible through the sheer fabric and it was obvious the hot conversation was having an arousing effect.

"Put some clothes on and get your sweet ass over here," she told her friend. "Yeah, the house is empty. Mom and dad are at work and my kid sister is out of the way for at least a few hours. Probably hanging out with her friends. Who cares?"

Lori gritted her teeth. This was typical Roxy - dismissing her "kid sister" like she was the family pet, not giving a damn about anybody but herself. Not for the first time, she longed to kick her ass, but managed to hold her anger in check. If the slut was having her girlfriend over for some secret lezbo loving, there might just be a better way to teach her a lesson.

"If you don't get here quick, I'm going to have to play with myself!" Roxy breathed down the phone line. "So, you coming over?" She moved her free hand over the slopes of her ass. "Great, see you in twenty minutes. I'll just go take a shower."

Lori tiptoed hurriedly back to her room and waited until her sister went to the bathroom. Then, armed with her digital camera, she stole into Roxy's room and concealed herself in the closet. She was banking on her sister not getting dressed again, before her friend arrived. If Roxy were that horny, it stood to reason she would have no reason to put on any clothes.

The closet provided an ideal viewing point, as she could see the entire room through the narrow slats in the doors. She wasn't too worried about being discovered. Roxy could be a mean bitch, but if it came down to a fight, Lori would be well able to defend herself.

Ten minutes later, her sister returned to the bedroom, wearing nothing but a bath towel. Instead of getting dressed, she busied herself with making her bed and tidying her room. In the process, she bent over several times, displaying plenty of what Sherri obviously found so appetizing. Lori might not be crazy about her big sister, but she had to admit she was entitled to take pride in her body. She wondered if Roxy had ever been fucked by a guy, or if she'd always been into girls. There was so much she had to learn about her sister and she had a feeling it might prove an enjoyable process.

The doorbell chimed and Roxy immediately rushed from the room. Lori waited anxiously in the closet, the seconds ticking by like minutes. She was beginning to think her sister was not coming back, when she heard laughter and voices from the stairs.

Roxy had lost her towel and stepped naked into the room, hand in hand with her friend. Sherri's shirt was unbuttoned and her large, pink lace cupped breasts proudly exposed. The pair had obviously come upstairs to continue what had already started in the hall. The tall, striking redhead was easily a match for Roxy in the beauty and body department. One look at the beautiful couple was enough to shatter all of Lori's preconceived ideas of lesbians as the kind of women who only turned to each other because they couldn’t attract men.

They did not even shut the door, before falling onto the bed and into each other's eager embrace. They kissed passionately, moving together like a pair of wrestlers, the bed creaking beneath them. Roxy tore at her friend's clothes, popping the straps of her bra, before moving her hands downwards, to pull her tight, thigh high black skirt up over her hips. The redhead's panties were little more than a G-string of semi-transparent pink lace. A pair of scarlet painted lips, puckering in a kiss, was tattooed on her creamy right buttock. Rolling her onto her back, Roxy grasped at the flimsy waistband of her underwear. Sherri raised her ass from the sheets, allowing her to slip the small panties down over her long, bare legs.

After Roxy had taken an appreciative sniff, both girls began licking and sucking the damp, cunny infused lace. Having never seen two girls even kiss before, Lori was astonished by the downright dirty abandon of their passion. She was even more shocked by her own response to their erotic show. She might have preferred it to be otherwise, but there was no disputing the frantic pounding of her own heart or the warm wetness that was spreading between her thighs.

However, her excitement was nothing compared to that of the two girls on the bed. Having spent several minutes feasting like starved wolves on Sherri's underwear, they were ready for a banquet of each other.

Had she been standing at the foot of the bed, Lori could hardly have had a better view. She savored the sight of the hot pair cunt to cunt, Roxy on top, grinding her shaven, full lipped treasure against Sherri's densely furred cunny. Both puckering slashes were wet with excitement, though Roxy was practically oozing love honey.

The darkened closet was starting to feel like a sauna and Lori was trembling uncontrollably. This was too much for a relatively innocent eighteen-year-old to take. Even though she knew she should not be seeing her sister like this, spying on an intimacy that was none of her business, there was no question of her looking away.

The young girl had no real idea where foreplay between lesbians ended and the real thing commenced, but she found out when Sherri eventually rolled over doggy style and presented her upraised ass to her girlfriend's lips.

"Oh baby, what a beautiful wet pussy!" Roxy gasped, crouching behind her, both hands on her ass.

"You'd better be hungry, lover girl," Sherri replied, looking over her shoulder.

The brunette responded by burying her face between her thighs.

"Yes...., yes,...ohhhhhhhhhhhhh, wow!" Sherri squealed, as her outstretched tongue delved into her fevered depths.

Lori was so excited, she was in danger of wetting herself. She had already put down the camera and was touching her breasts through her skintight tee shirt. Now, her right hand slipped below the waistband of her sweat pants. She was as wet and horny as either of the two girls on the bed, feeling like she was already part of the action. A small shudder rocked her body as she pushed her hand down the front of her panties and cupped her pussy. This was even more exciting than the party a few weeks earlier, when she had sucked her boyfriend's cock, while his best friend fucked her from behind. She had been drunk then, but right here in her sister's closet, she felt even more intoxicated. She had to bite her lower lip to stop herself from crying out as she eased her long finger between the wet folds of her pussy.

Roxy's head bobbed up and down as she made love to her best friend with her tongue, digging her fingernails into the soft flesh of her ass cheeks. Though her face was buried in the pillow, Sherri's ecstatic shrieks were still audible.

Lori's right hand moved faster inside her pants and she wrenched her tee shirt up over her braless breasts. In doing so, she accidentally tapped one of the doors of her narrow cell with her left hand. The closet door flew open, but neither of the girls on the bed noticed. Feeling like she was moving in slow motion, Lori reached out with a trembling hand to pull the door shut again. Unfortunately, Sherri chose that moment to raise her head from the pillow.

"What the fuck!" she screamed.

Roxy looked up and Lori froze, caught like a rabbit in the headlights of an oncoming car. Her sister took only an instant to respond.

"Lori, you dirty little bitch!" she yelled, leaping from the bed.

The young girl sprang from the closet, but her outraged sister was upon her before she could make it even halfway to the door. Her earlier belief in her ability to defend herself had vanished with the element of surprise. She screamed as Roxy tripped her, grabbing her by the hair as she tumbled to the floor.

"You'll fucking die for this!" the naked girl shrieked hysterically, drawing back her right arm.

She might have punched Lori's teeth out, had her girlfriend not grabbed her with both hands.

"Roxy, stop!" she shouted. "Don't hit her!"

"The bitch was spying on us," Roxy shouted back. "I'll tear her fucking eyes out!"

"No, I won't let you!" the redhead cried.

For a moment, it looked like a fight was about to break out between the lovers. Fortunately, Roxy snapped back to her senses, before any blood was spilled.

"You've got a hell of a way of coming out of the closet, little sister," Sherri quipped, helping the shaken Lori to her feet.

"My fucking closet!" Roxy snarled, still crimson and trembling with rage. "I can't believe you were spying on us like that!"

"Did you like what you saw?" her friend asked, holding Lori's wrist in a viselike grip.

"She was getting off on watching us, like some kinda pervert," Roxy accused.

"You were the one eating her pussy."

Lori's ill-advised retort bought her a stinging slap across the face. It would have been the first strike of a full-blooded catfight, had Sherri not managed to keep the two shrieking sisters apart.

"Will you two calm down, before I kick both your asses?" she yelled.

"Lori's the one needs her ass kicked," Roxy protested.

"Let's just forget this ever happened," the younger girl pleaded.

"That won't change what you are," Sherri replied gently.

"And what's that?"

The redhead smiled disarmingly. "A pussy loving, muff munching, clitty chewing lesbian. You didn't have to hide in the closet, you know. In bed with us would have been much more fun."

"Are you crazy?" shrieked Roxy.

"I am not a fucking lesbian!" Lori cried.

"Oh yeah!" retorted Sherri. "Is that why you were watching us and playing with your pussy?"

"I wasn't...!"

Before Lori could finish, Sherri raised her hand to her nose and sniffed her finger. "Smells like it to me." She pushed the finger into her mouth and sucked it for a few seconds. "Mmmmmmmmm, tastes good too. You've never been with a girl, have you?"

Lori shook her head. Before she could find any words to reply, Sherri kissed her on the mouth. Roxy gasped in astonishment. Lori tried to pull away, but her half-hearted resistance was no match for the other girl. She allowed her to push her tongue into her mouth as she glanced in the direction of her sister. For once, Roxy was speechless. She wasn't the only one.

Having been kissed breathless, Lori allowed herself to be led to the bed. There was no point denying it. She was hot for Sherri, and it didn't matter that her sister was naked in the same room.

"Such a sweet little virgin," the redhead purred, pushing her down onto the rumpled sheets.

"I'm not a virgin," Lori protested.

"Guys don't count," she smiled. "Ain't that right, Roxy?"

"Guys don't even figure," the other girl replied. "But my little sister should go find her own girlfriend."

"She's got two hot girlfriends right here," Sherri replied. "Come back to bed, lover girl."

Roxy didn't move. She was spellbound by the sight of her girlfriend and her kid sister together. Standing at the foot of the bed, she watched Sherri peel off Lori's tee shirt, baring her small, but perfectly formed breasts. It was fortunate she wasn't possessive, though this was one girl she had never envisaged sharing her lover with.

Lying on the sheets, electrified by Sherri's soft fingers on her skin and her mouth on her stiff nipples, Lori felt like little girl and horny slut rolled into one. She knew she should not be allowing this to happen, especially with Roxy present, but events had moved beyond her control. She wasn't a lesbian, yet her body ached for this beautiful girl who was making her feel so good.

Sherri's lips traveled sensually downwards. When the tip of her tongue was circling in the recess of Lori's navel, her fingers closed around the waistband of her sweat pants. Like a helpless infant being readied for bed, the young girl raised her hips. Sherri rolled her pants down over her legs and dropped them to the floor, leaving her in just her white ankle socks and panties.

Starting at her knees, she licked her way up along her legs, never taking her eyes off the dampening strip of white cotton that was molded to the mound between her thighs. Lori realized then what she had meant by her still being a virgin. The few guys she had been with had been like missiles programmed for pussy. Sherri's slow and tender approach was another league of erotic.

She nuzzled Lori's wet panties with her nose, then began kissing and sucking her juices through the damp cotton. Lori could withstand only a few minutes of this exquisite teasing, before her own hands were tugging at the elastic of her underwear.

Sherri helped her out of her panties and tossed them to Roxy, who caught them in her right hand and immediately buried her nose in them. She inhaled her little sister's sweet intimate musk, rubbed her panties over her face, then stuffed the damp portion into her mouth.

While she savored the taster, her lover was already on the main course, tongue darting in and out of Lori's wet pink slit, two fingers of either hand spreading the petals of her dark haired pussy. The young girl's inhibitions were falling fast. She moved her thighs wider apart, both hands twisting a fistful of Sherri's red hair.

"So, my kid sister likes girls too!" Roxy smiled, climbing onto the bed. "If only I'd known before."

"Wh......... what would you have done?" Lori whispered breathlessly, eyes roaming freely over her nakedness.

"Something like this."

Roxy kissed her, just like she had kissed Sherri and Lori responded like she was her girlfriend. The redhead's tongue in her pussy felt better than any cock she had ever enjoyed, the flickering tip teasing her clitoris, sending electric like currents of the purest pleasure shooting through her body. At the same time, her sister's tongue was halfway down her throat.

Two guys together had been fun, but two girls were even better. Sherri tongue fucked the young girl to the most explosive orgasm of her life. Afterwards, Roxy kissed her girlfriend, sucking Lori's honey from her tongue, before moving her mouth to the source of her sweetness. As she lapped the sticky dew from her slit, she straddled her so that Lori's head was between her legs and she was staring directly up at her pussy.

The wet pink slit pouted like a mouth in expectation of a kiss. The surrounding dark blonde hairs were dewy with love juices and the scent of her excitement caressed Lori's nostrils. She did not need to be experienced in lesbian sex to know what Roxy wanted her to do. She hesitated a moment, then grabbed her sister's ass with both hands and drew her down onto her face. Roxy shuddered as her hot hole welcomed her sister's extended tongue.

"Oh my god, this is wild!" Sherri squealed delightedly.

It took Lori about three seconds to decide she loved the taste of pussy. She tongue fucked Roxy as eagerly as she was being licked, bathing her face in her sister's copious nectar.

As she watched the most exciting lesbian show she would ever witness, Sherri played with her own breasts and fucked her own soaking cunt with two fingers. As far as Roxy and Lori were concerned, she was no longer even there. That was until she finally decided to join in.

Kneeling behind the younger sister, still finger fucking herself, she pressed her lips to Lori's puckering anus. She licked the sweet pink rosebud for a few minutes, before gradually easing the tip of her tongue into the virgin orifice. Lori's ecstatic shriek was muffled by her sister's cunt.

Some time later, bathed in sweat and love honey, the three girls lay naked on the small bed, wrapped in each other's arms.

"Why'd you never tell me you were a lesbian?" Lori asked, stroking her sister's hair.

"You never asked," Roxy replied.

"Why'd you never tell us you were a lesbian, you little slut?" Sherri retorted, her right hand cupping Lori's wet cunt.

"I never thought I could do it with another girl, until I saw you two together," Lori replied.

Roxy giggled. "Well, little sis, I'm sure glad you came out of the closet."

For once, the eighteen-year-old was in full agreement with her big, sexy sister.


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