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Leslie's Punishment, Chapter Two

Leslie is bound to her daddy's bed, waiting for the poker game to end so she can have him again
He walked from her room, naked and satisfied; physically at least. He felt a pang of guilt at having done what he’d done to his little girl, it was so wrong for a father to steal his daughter’s virginity and then pound her to climax before filling her with cum. But damn she was one hot little whore. He walked to his bathroom and stepped into the shower to wash away the sweat and residue of her cum and the spit from sucking him clean. Shudders swept over his skin as the pulsing stream hit his sensitized cock and he felt his body cringe at just how wrong it had been to fuck her, much less like it. After thoughts of her tight sultry cunt filled his mind he couldn’t help but know that what had begun in anger would continue with lust; she would know his cunning mastery of both body and soul before he released her from being punished.

Leslie sat spread legged on her bed, still panting from her own climaxes and huffing in gasps for air at having swallowed her daddy’s huge cock as she cleaned him of their mixed juices and cum. He told her that she would go and clean up and commanded she remain naked for the rest of the day. A twisted smile painted her lips as she thought of her first real orgasm, actually she couldn’t count how many times her daddy had driven her over the edge of cataclysmic eruption. She watched as he walked out of her room and looked down at her gaping maw of a once pristine pussy, “God I really am a slut,” she whispered softly seeing the reddened puffy lips of her stretched opening that had only an hour before never been entered even by her own fingers. Now, as her daddy had said, she was a woman. Not only that, but a woman who craved for her daddy to fuck her again and again and again until she couldn’t take any more. “That might take a bit of doing,” she giggled softly as thoughts of taking his massive dick into her body in every way she’d seen on the internet and any others they might think of along the way.

She turned on the bed and swung her legs over the edge, her butt slipping through the puddle of her juices a reminder that it was no dream, her daddy had made her cum like she’d never imagined possible. She stood up on shaky legs and made her way to the bathroom she used. She had to walk into the hall, the first time she’d done so without clothes, ever. As she turned on the water for a shower she knew her daddy was in his own, she thought about how he’d react if she joined him and giggled that her body needed to be pressed against his in ways no daughter should ever be with her father. But she was a slut; he’d said so, even calling her a whore in the slang term of ‘ho’. She stepped into the warm spray and groaned at the sensual brush of water over her sensitized breasts and abdomen. Her fingers slipped over her mound and she moaned at the tactile response of her cunt as it filled with ever more moisture thinking of how her daddy had fucked her so hard and so deep.

Her fingers slipped between the puffed petals of her labia and she knew he was right; she was now a woman, his woman, his slave if he wanted her to be. Pushing her fingers in far enough to feel the patch of flesh she knew only as her g spot she quivered and felt her belly tighten instantly as her mind flooded with memory of how good his cock had felt scraping over it. Her fingertips raked over the textured nub as her other hand descended and pinched her swollen clit. She whimpered out loud as her body convulsed again and her pussy squirted out her sweet cum to join the flow of gentle water that caressed her body so perfectly. She removed her fingers from her pussy and stood shaking from the onslaught of a joy she’d always denied herself, until her daddy made her a woman. The juices ran down her inner thighs as she recouped from her first masturbation’s release. “Oh daddy, I love you so much for punishing me like you did,” she cooed aloud knowing she was destined to be a slave to his masterful cock and commanding thrusts.

She turned and leaned her head back to wet her hair, long blond locks that had become filled with her sweat as she became a woman at the command of her daddy. Once wet she shampooed and conditioned her lush locks and wrung them dry before turning off the shower to get out and dry off. The towel felt more sensual than she had ever realized as she wiped her body dry of the soothing water, her fingers drawing it into the valley of her groin as her body reminded her of what had happened. Somehow there was no thought of wrong in fucking her daddy, the laws and moral beliefs of incest being bad just weren’t applicable to her and her daddy. She blow dried her hair into a smooth mane of glistening youthful perfection and looked into the mirror to see that somehow she was different than she had been that morning. Her breasts seemed fuller than before, her areola and nipples darker somehow. Her tummy no longer looked as if she had baby fat, now it was the sweet swell of womanhood that swept to her hips, her buttocks seemed fuller to her, and she smiled knowing her daddy had gripped those very orbs as he drove her over the edge to orgasm.

He climbed out of the shower and dried himself, his thoughts of Leslie in her shower could easily drive him to want her again even after fucking her senseless and cumming not once, but twice in her cunt and then throat. He walked into his bedroom and pulled on a pair of khaki shorts and polo shirt to cover his wanton flesh. His mind going to how she would react to his command of remaining naked for the day, a devious grin twisted his lips upwards at the thoughts of what his buddies would think if he had her stay that way during their poker game. “That isn’t going to happen,” he whispered to himself, “She’s all mine.” He slipped his feet into a pair of sandals and walked into the living room, sat down and clicked the channels to find something besides the cartoons his little slut had been watching when he’d called her to her room, to a fate he now had no regrets of in the slightest.

He heard the blow dryer as she turned it on in her bathroom, he wondered if she was still shaking from the massive climaxes she’d had and smiled at having provided them for her in her newfound womanhood. His cock swelled just thinking about how her muscles had gripped his thick shaft as he pounded into her now less than virginal cunt. He rose from the chair and walked silently to the bathroom door that stood slightly ajar to allow the steam to escape the small windowless room. He pushed it open and saw her standing, staring at her reflection in the mirror. His eyes raked over her as she turned to face him, her breasts so full and ripe for his wanton thoughts of suckling them as she moaned in ecstasy. Her mouth with full lips to suck him as she had done a half hour earlier drove his member to swell and tent the leg of his shorts without the restraint of briefs to restrain it. His yes dropped to the small tuft of hair that coated her mound with youthful pubic hair, soft and so inviting to be sure, but he wanted her to be his and his alone.

“You are one hell of a slut Leslie,” he said in nonchalant tones, “I’m hoping you are learning your lesson about watching porn on your computer.” She nodded and then bowed her head afraid that her daddy wasn’t finished with her punishments yet. In a way she hoped he would teach her another lesson, what it felt like to be fucked doggie style as he pulled her hair and drove her over the edge as she’d seen on the net that he seemed to delight in reminding her of. The very reason they’d become intimate, if she could think of being forced to take his cock deep into her virginal cleft an act of intimacy.

He stepped up behind her and slid his arms around her, his teeth nipping at her neck as he cupped her lush tits and pinched her nipples. She shuddered at the commanding touch and felt her body quivering as her pussy filled with wetness. “I’m going out for a while bitch. Remember, no clothes at least until I get back and if you choose to watch any more porn you will find my wrath again. In fact I kind of get the idea you liked what your daddy did to teach you a lesson. Did you slut?”

She heard his words as he whispered to her and knew that he wanted to punish her again even then. Her buttocks wiggled against his leg and she could feel his erection growing hard as he tweaked her nipples savagely. “Daddy, I know I’ve been a bad girl. When I was watching porn it was to learn about sex, but now that I have you to teach me I won’t need that anymore. Oh yes daddy, it felt so good for you to fill me with your beautiful cock. I can’t wait for my next lesson.” Her words were no more than a whisper as she confided that she had enjoyed the lessons he’d taught her; so far.

He felt her ass as she rubbed against his growing erection, it had only been a half hour since she’d felt his semen erupt into her cunt and then mouth, but damn she seemed to want it again. He replied in soft tones to sooth her, “Baby, you’ll have to wait a bit to get any more lessons. I have to go pick up the refreshments for the poker game tonight.” He turned her in his arms and felt her nipples, hard and aroused brush against his lower chest. Her height was a full foot shorter than his and he dipped his head to kiss her through the sweet scented freshly washed and dried hair. He couldn’t help but be aroused at her needful comment, but knew that his buddies would be there in a couple hours and he had to be ready for their arrival. “Set up the dining room for the poker game and then make sure the house is cleaned up. No masturbating slut, I’ll give you all you need when the time comes.” He released her and turned to walk out of the bathroom, wanting to lean her over the counter and drive her over the edge again, knowing she’d love it, and knowing there wasn’t time.

She purred as he vowed to teach her more, fuck her again when the time was right. She wondered why that time wasn’t right then, but understood his three buddies would be at the house for the evening and he wouldn’t want them to know he’d fucked his own daughter. “I’ll do it for you master,” she giggled teasing him with his new position as more than her father. She watched him walk away, figuring he’d be gone an hour or so and she could explore the net for other ways they could find to fuck.

He left to go to the store and pick up some beer and snack foods for the poker night he and his buddies had once a month at his house. He was the only one who wasn’t married so the guys preferred to have the run of the house and get as wild as they liked without the fear of pissing off their wives. So far Leslie had never even come out of her room; in fact none of them even knew what she looked like. He stopped at a traffic light while on his way and noticed a shop he’d seen a thousand times before and never given it a second thought. A picture of his little girl trussed up and naked invaded his thoughts instantly. The shop was named appropriately, “Adult bonds,” and he turned into the parking lot as the light changed.

He was going to teach his little slut what fetish sex was all about, not that he knew anything about it, but he’d make her behave if he could pull it off. He walked into the shop and was greeted by a buxom young woman of about 25. She was dressed in a skin tight leather cat suit, or so he thought it was called. She wore a collar of leather with large pointed studs sticking out of it all around except for the ring where her leash could be fastened. He smiled as she said, “Hi there, haven’t seen you in before. Are you new to the area or just new to the lifestyle?”

He chuckled as her lips twisted into a tight smile while her eyes grazed over his physique. He felt the blood pulsing into his cock and hoped she wouldn’t notice, but if she did, so be it. “Not new to the area, but yeah, I’d guess you could say I’m new to what kind of things you have for sale.” His eyes grazed over the buxom clerk and he noticed that her cat suit was totally different than he would have thought. Her breasts were obviously supported by the supple leather and quite stunning, but that held little consequence to what he saw a bit further south. The crotch of the leather was split, the way she was standing didn’t allow him to see, but rather imagine that her pussy was accessible should she happen to want to pleasure a customer with her wiles. He smiled and looked back to her eyes, sparkling with enticement as she noticed not only his fixated gaze to her pussy, but the nicely pronounced bulge in his khaki shorts.

She stepped closer and spoke in a voice that was nothing short of inviting. “What may I help you with fine sir?” she asked in a way that left nothing to his imagination. He gulped as she took another step and stood only inches away from him, her eyes glistening with some deep set lust.

“I,” he stammered nervously, “wish to teach a lady friend of mine to submit to my wants. Do you have any form of restraints that would invoke that mindset?” He looked straight into her eyes as she smiled with a provoking grin that caused his dick to grow even harder than knowing her pussy was all his if he wanted it.

“Certainly,” she said in equally seductive tones, “follow me if you would.” She turned and walked towards the back of the shop and he couldn’t help looking at the shapely curves of her oh-so-perfect ass as she sashayed away from him. He followed like a puppy in need of attention even though he knew deep down she would be a poor following to what his little girl’s pussy and mouth had provided him. She opened a cabinet that seemed more like a small room and he saw a variety of manacles, ropes, handcuffs and chains displayed. As his eyes focused on the array of bondage implements his eye focused on one in particular, a ball gag with a bright red ball to muffle Leslie’s outcries of pleasure.

She gathered up a pair of cuffs and two manacles, he knew exactly what they were for and smiled as she offered up an explanation of their use, “The handcuffs are padded so not to leave any marks on your submissive’s wrists and the manacles are equally covered with soft padding for the same reason.” His eyes darted to the ball gag and she grinned as she asked, “Is he or she particularly vocal when aroused?”

He hadn’t even thought about two men using bondage as an avenue to erotica, but since she’d asked the question he wanted to be up front and let her know in no uncertain terms that he wasn’t gay. “Yes she is quite loud at times and I feel that it would be best if her screams of orgasm are muted to some degree.”

Her eyes sparkled, she knew now he wasn’t going to be with a man, she glanced down at his now raging hard on and whispered, “There are many reasons for the gag other than to quiet one’s partner. A true submissive enjoys yielding control to her partner to one degree or another.” He took the cuffs from her hand and smiled, he wished he could stay and have a demonstration of the available wares as well as her obviously well tried cunt.

“I have a four poster bed to use as a platform for my adventure into bondage and, I guess, domination. Will that suffice to attach these two in order to restrain my lady friend?” Her smile was broad as she nodded and retrieved the ball gag for him to see more closely. His smile said it all, he would take each piece they’d viewed, but knowing so little about the lifestyle of bondage he had to ask, “Would it be prudent to have a blindfold as well, or a hood perhaps?”

She still smiled but her lips turned to a slight frown as she asked a question in reply, “May I ask if this lady friend of yours is aware of what you are planning for her? If not, the blindfold might well be the most important feature to employ.”

He grinned and replied, “She has no idea what is about to happen to her, only that she needs to be punished for something she did.”

Her lips turned to an oval as her voice cooed, “Oooh, I hope you know you are making me very wet just thinking about your plans. I can honestly say that if it were me I would be in ecstasy to be bound, gagged, blindfolded and then fucked by that obviously huge cock you’re sporting. Since you are new to the lifestyle of Bondage and Domination I would be delighted to offer my assistance. With the right timing she would never know you had help to punish her and if,” her words trailed off as she gasped and he saw her body shudder as if she were lost in climax.

“I think,” he said as her eyes opened again. She had indeed been lost in throes of pleasure just thinking about how she would love to feel the thrusting girth of his cock. “I think it best to leave that until she is more accustomed to my ways of punishing her with the addition of bindings and such.”

She smiled and clenched her thighs together as if she was trying to keep her pussy from gushing out her nectar onto the fine leather garment. She grabbed a satin head scarf that would blind his lover for his time of punishment and carried it along with the balance of his purchases to the counter. It cost him a fortune by the time she’d rung everything up, but Leslie was worth every penny. She added a bonus gift from the shop in case he wanted to really get her turned on and slipped it into the bag. He carried the large brown paper sack to his car and looked at his watch muttering about how much time he’d spent in the porn shop. He thought about her offer and patted his pocket with her card in it and remembered that she’d said to call her any evening and she would be glad to help him with his newfound lifestyle.

He made his way to the grocery store and picked up a couple of cases of beer and several bags of snack foods and hurried through the line to make it home in time. His mind raced at thoughts of what he was about to teach his little slut, almost wishing that it wasn’t poker night so he could satisfy his desires as well as hers, tenfold.

As he parked in the driveway he thought of going inside and finding his little girl, still naked and ready to learn her next lesson of being a woman. He knew in his heart she yearned to feel his cock driving in and out of her cunt like the slut she was, but also knew that there wasn’t time before his three buddies would arrive to satisfy her needs, or his own. He carried the two cases of beer into the kitchen and opened the fridge to keep them cold for the party and then returned to the car to gather the snacks and his other purchases, ones he hoped his little whore would enjoy as much as he would.

Leslie heard him drive up and quickly shut down her computer, she had done as he asked and made the dining room table ready for the poker game and then assured that the house was clean enough for the men who would in all likelihood be too drunk before the evening was over to care. She peeked around the corner into the kitchen as her daddy put the sack of snacks on the counter and knowing he was alone walked into the room, her body still fully displayed as he had told her it must be. “Hi daddy,” she cooed with a voice as sweet as heaven and nasty as hell. She looked him over as his eyes raked over her nakedness with an unmistakable desire.

He walked over to her, leaving the two bags on the counter for the moment to greet his little girl properly, under the circumstances. His arms surrounded her ribs and he dipped to kiss her in ways a father should never consider kissing his teen aged daughter. Her lips parted to greet his mouth hungrily, just as his fantasies had fashioned in his thoughts on the way home. Moments seemed to go on and on as his hands roamed her back and buttocks as she stood there drinking in his arousal and her own. She could feel his erection, stiff and thick with her in his arms as she made out with a man not only old enough to be, but in reality, her father. He moaned but pulled away, the glint in his eye should have warned her what was about to happen, but she was so ready for whatever he did to and with her that she simply followed him as he retrieved one of the bags and carried it to his bedroom.

He turned to her as they walked into what was once the room he and his wife had shared, the very room where Leslie was conceived. “Leslie, the guys will be here in a little bit and I don’t want them to know you’re here.” She nodded and listened as he continued. “Go get that nice sheer nightie and slip into it and then come back here sweetie. I have a surprise for you. I want you to bring your IPod with you when you come back.”

She grinned at the idea of his surprise, she couldn’t imagine what was in the bag, but knew she would find out when her daddy was ready to show it to her. She all but ran to her room, her sheets had been changed in case he wanted to fuck her again before the guys arrived; she wanted him to so bad it almost hurt to think about how good his dick felt slipping in and out of her pussy. She opened the drawer with her night gowns in it and dug the one he had commanded out to slip on. She knew he’d seen her in it a few months before when he came into her room; the frown on his face that day was nothing like the glimmer of lust in his eyes today. She slipped the nightie over her head and looked into the mirror, her long blonde hair falling in sultry waves over her shoulders and brushing over the upper swell of her breasts. She smiled and walked back to her daddy’s room, ready for her surprise.

As Leslie left his room he closed the door and made quick work of attaching the ropes to each post of the four poster bed. To those he fastened the handcuffs and manacles and tucked each one under the covers to where she wouldn’t see them when she reentered the room as he’d asked. He had just finished concealing her new jewelry when she knocked on the door, uncertain if she should just open it and go in. “Come in,” he said with a tone that equaled the invitation. The door opened and she looked at him, sitting on the edge of the king sized bed, the brown sack next to him, from what she could tell unopened as yet. He patted the bed beside him as a gestured for her to join him. She walked with a swagger of a lady wanting to be fucked and he knew what she craved. His idea was much more devious than anything she could have imagined, or so he thought as she sat beside him.

“Leslie,” he said in a calm but commanding voice, “I have told you I don’t want you to come out while the guys are here. The reason is simple, you are now a woman and might feel like teasing them and letting them know we have done something we shouldn’t have. So, I bought you a couple of things that will let you enjoy your evening while you wait for me to join you.”

She smiled and slipped her arm around him saying, “I’ll wait for you daddy, promise.”

He moved a bit to the side away from her and opened the bag as he said, “I want you to lie down on your back in the middle of the bed. Be my good little slut and do as I ask.” She giggled at his term of endearment and moved onto the big bed and sprawled out in the center of the bed, unaware of what he was about to do to her. He retrieved the satin hood and smiled as he said, “Put your ear buds in and turn on your favorite’s list, it’s going to be a while before the guys leave and I want you entertained.” She complied with his request, uncertain of what the black fabric he held was all about, but dared not ask. He turned and slipped the hood over her head and lifted her enough to fasten it snugly, effectively blinding her to what else was going to happen.

Once the hood was in place he noticed his little slut was panting, apparently eager to know what all her daddy was going to do to, or for, her. He lifted one of her arms and extended it towards the corner of the bed, the cuff clicking into place to restrain the first of four points that would keep her in his bed until he had the time to sink his cock into her and make her cum without the benefit of sight or sound. He fastened the other four points and reached for her IPod and turned down the volume so she would hear him speak. “Leslie, I know this punishment isn’t what you hoped for, but I know in the end you will understand the need. You are my slut, and only mine to command from this day forward.” He turned up the volume again to where she’d had it set and smiled as he looked over the spread eagled pose of his prime piece of ass.

He pulled the butt plug out of the bag and retrieved the KY he normally used to masturbate with from the bedside table’s drawer. Lubing it up and coating her sphincter with the slick gel he inserted it slowly as her body writhed and her voice moaned in grateful sounds of pleasure. Once the plug was seated he pulled the ball gag from the bag and forced it into her mouth to silence her for the evening. She struggled against that instrument to no avail and soon quieted as the stretching plug teased her ass with daunting feelings of twisted joy. He couldn’t help himself as he leaned down and licked from where the plug filled her virginal ass to her swelling clit. He felt her shudders of desire as her pussy leaked the essence of her womanhood. He really wished the three men weren’t coming over to play poker, he’d much rather play with his naughty little slut all night long.

The doorbell rang and he knew at least one of his guests had arrived. He looked down at his girl and noticed that her face was so covered and stretched with the gag even he could barely recognize her. He grinned and walked out of the room, closing the door quietly and leaving her to enjoy her music and the deprivation of sight, sounds other than her music and emptiness that the butt plug took the place of.

He opened the front door and greeted Bill, longtime friend who had stood by him during the time his wife had left him for a younger man, though not a better one from what he’d heard recently. “Come on in Bill. The beer’s in the fridge and there’s chips on the counter. How about we go break them out before the other guys get here?” Bill nodded and they made their way to the kitchen. It didn’t take long before the doorbell rang a second and then third time, chit chat ensued as they settled in around the familiar table to play cards. None of them were wealthy by any means, but penny anti poker never stole away very much from any of the equally skilled, or skill less, poker players.

The game began and talk turned to the mundane routine of the married guy’s lives. They all knew their host wasn’t getting any and seemed to revel in the idea of poking fun at him for his lack of pussy what with being a single dad. He wanted to tell them he had a woman blindfolded and bound to his bed, but they’d have wanted proof. A proof he didn’t dare provide even though none of them had ever seen his daughter and with the hood on none would know the difference. Frank, another of his longtime friends asked, “So, where’s your little girl tonight? She gonna fetch us beers as the game progresses?” They all laughed, except for their host.

“She’s got something going on tonight, you know how teen agers are,” he said in matter of fact tones they all understood. “Depending on how late we play she should be home be midnight, maybe you can finally meet her.” He wasn’t willing for any of the happily married guys to meet his little slut laying blindfolded, bound spread eagled and gagged on his bed. They’d have a fit at how kinky it was for any woman to endure, much less his daughter.

George, the one that had been married the shortest of the three remaining married guys confided that he was going through the same thing Jerry, their host, had. His wife was fucking around with some 19 year old stud and had filed for a divorce. The story hit home with Jerry, it was the same as his wife had done to him three years earlier. The only difference was that George was only 26, unlike Jerry who had aged to the ripe years of 37. An idea started to form in Jerry’s mind, one he thought better of, but was a possibility. The game went on, Jerry winning a bit and then losing a bit just like the rest of the guys. By 10:30 Bill and Frank were pretty well looped and begged off rather than stay and get too wasted to drive home. The game was for all intents over as they rose and made their way to leave.

As the door closed behind the two early departures Jerry asked George if he wanted to talk. He nodded, almost on the verge of crying over the loss of his wife. He didn’t have any kids, thank goodness, but he so didn’t want to be alone at his age. They made their way into the living room, beers in hand and Jerry knew that if George needed to stay he could crash on the couch. “Oh hell no,” he thought silently, “Leslie is tied up and waiting to be fucked.” The longer they talked, the more beers slid down their thirsty throats, the looser they each got. By 11:15 neither one of them were feeling any pain and Jerry blurted out, “You know those guys don’t know jack about me.”

George looked at him questioningly and asked, “What’s that supposed to mean?”

Jerry replied, “They think I never get any pussy. Those fuckers wouldn’t know a good piece of ass if it rode them all night long.”

George laughed aloud and looked at his friend as if he’d lost his mind. “So, you been going out and dipping some hot pussy Jerry?” he asked with a grin.

“Nope, I bring it home and bang the shit out of it every chance I get.” He was just drunk enough to not think about George’s reaction to his bold confession. “Hell, I have a real hottie tied up on my bed just waiting for you fuckers to leave.” He gulped as he heard the words escape his lips; he shouldn’t have said that, for sure.

“Really, I doubt that you old fart. How about you let me get a load of this sweet thing that lets you tie her up and wait all night to get a little of that big old cock we all know you’ve got hiding under your shorts.” George was sure he was being fed a line of bullshit, but he figured he’d call Jerry’s hand on it just to put him in his place.

Jerry’s lips twisted into a smile, he shouldn’t do it, but George was about to be single and needed something to cheer him up. What would it hurt for him to see his little slut? She’d never know he was there what with the IPod blaring in her ears and her eyes covered to where she couldn’t see. “Follow me, you’ll see for yourself,” he said with a twisted smile and a lust filled glimmer to his eyes.

He rose and led George to his room. Opening the door he let George peek in, his jaw dropped open and he pushed his way past Jerry to get a better look. “Damn Jerry, you really do have a woman tied up and ready for you to fuck her. Can she hear us?” Jerry wagged his head side to side to let his buddy know that his slave was deprived of all the normal senses. “She looks young man, you sure she’s legal? She a whore you paid for the night?”

“Do I look like a guy who pays for it George? Nope, she likes it, and craves my cock more than any woman I’ve ever known before.” He was proud that he’d shown his friend his prize, he’d never know it was Leslie, his teen aged daughter. George stepped closer to the bed and sniffed the air, a grin painting his face as he saw the anal plug and getting a whiff of the young woman’s pussy. Without warning his hand slid between the girl’s legs and a finger entered her pussy sharply to the hilt. Leslie’s hips came off of the bed as she murmured through the gag in acceptance of her daddy’s thrusting finger.

Jerry was in awe, not only had his buddy taken advantage of his bound slave, but that she enjoyed his finger in her pussy as he thrust it in again and again. “Give her a lick,” jerry whispered to his friend’s ear, “I doubt she’ll know the difference between your tongue and mine.” George lowered his face to the juicy cunt his friend had offered up, he thought it was really his lucky night after all, even losing his ass at poker. Jerry watched as George lapped over the quickly swelling petals as his daughter writhed in the onslaught of pleasures her daddy was giving her. Somehow he was doing it different, but she still loved each lick and dip into her flowery pussy. Jerry tugged at George’s shoulder and managed to drag his face away from the glistening folds of flesh. He could see her struggle to find his tongue again and smiled as thoughts of really teaching her a lesson came to mind.

He led George over to the other side of the room, not afraid of her hearing what he was about to say, but more to give distance to the thoughts of his daughter finding herself between two very adult men. “If you want to watch for a bit I’ll get her ready and we can both have her George. But this has to be our secret, the other guys can never know about us doing a threesome with my little slutty lady.” The grin on George’s face said it all, he would love to watch and then get his dick wet in whatever hole she was able to take him in, or whichever Jerry wasn’t willing to share. His six inch dick swelled harder than it has as he ate the luscious folds of the woman bound to the bed.

Jerry moved over by the bed and stripped naked, more so he’d be ready when she was, but also to give George the idea of stripping as well. He glanced over his shoulder as he climbed onto the bed and saw that George was already getting naked, his average penis swollen hard as a rock as his hand stroked it up and back to be ready when Jerry gave the word. Jerry lowered his face to the glistening folds and sunk his tongue into her pussy savagely as his fingers pressed against the butt plug to increase her arousal. She groaned around the ball gag and he knew she loved what her daddy was doing for her. He worked the plug in circles as his mouth devoured her cunt and sucked ruthlessly on her fully engorged clit. She grunted as her first climax raced through her body and flooded his mouth. He pulled the plug from her ass and replaced it with two fingers. Her back arched from the bed as he stole whatever air she had in her lungs and gasped in awe of how good it felt to be finger fucked up the ass.

He rose above her and whispered as he turned down the IPod so she could hear him. “I’m going to undo one of your legs baby, I want you to roll onto your side so I can take you to heavenly orgasms beyond anything you’ve ever dreamed. She nodded and he knew she was about to get a surprise she had no idea of ever happening to her. He unlocked the manacle on her left leg and then the cuff on her left wrist. It seemed a struggle but she rolled onto her side and waited to find out just what her daddy was going to do for her. Jerry waved George over as he was moving around on the bed to mask the extra body joining his little slut. When George was behind her Jerry stood up and lifted her free leg up and pulled it against his chest, his cock rasping over her pussy as he got it nice and wet with her juices. “Take her up the ass, but be gentle, she’s never been fucked there before,” he told George as he held his daughter exposed to two hard eager dicks.

George groaned as he pressed the head of his dick to her rose bud, he wanted to ram it in, but knew if this was her first time he had to take it slow. Inch by inch he rocked into her forbidden hole, his face flushed with the arousal of fucking such a wondrously tight cavity. As most of his dick filled her ass he felt it get even tighter, Jerry was starting his descent into the lush walls of her pussy. Leslie reeled at the feeling of both her ass and cunt being fucked, she didn’t know how to deal with it, and the pressure of two holes being filled somehow was unbelievable. Her hips fought against each as she felt as if she was about to pass out from the purely erotic joy of her daddy using a dildo in her ass as he fucked her pussy. As her pussy felt him sink deeper she could feel his balls against her thigh with each gentle push into her, and for some reason felt something brushing over the back of her leg as well. “Holy shit,” she thought wildly, “I’m getting fucked by daddy and one of his friends.” Her hips bound against each cock as she realized he daddy was sharing her with another man, her pussy erupted in a flood of juices like she’d never felt, not even when she’d been driven to multiple climaxes by her daddy earlier that day.

She felt it as the cock in her ass swelled the girth enough to drive her crazy as the pace increased to fervor. She bucked against whoever it was and hoped he’d give her what she so desperately needed, to be filled with man juice, to know he’d cum deep in her ass. It was so deliciously tight to have both her holes filled, she wanted even more, she wanted to suck a man while she was fucked in such a perverse and weird pose as lying on her side and held up by one leg while her pussy and ass were filled with cock.

She screamed around the ball gag as another wave of pleasure filled her with joyous release. “Daddy, oh God daddy fuck me harder. Fill my naughty pussy and ass full of your cum.” To his surprise Jerry heard her words as plainly as if she wasn’t gagged. He looked at George who was lost at the brink of spilling his seed into Leslie’s ass. He pumped harder to prompt his friend to be done. He felt it as George lost it and jerked wildly with each surge of semen that flooded his little slut’s forbidden hole. She screamed again as she felt the heat of his seed, bucking against the unknown man who had done to her what not even her daddy had. She and Jerry both felt his cock slip from her back door as the one she knew to be her daddy fucked her even harder and deeper than he had been. She screamed again as he unloaded his spunk into her womb with a growl of pleasure she felt more than heard.

George had heard what the woman said and figured it was just a term she and Jerry had shared, he was, after all, much older than the tight piece of ass they had both just fucked to multiple orgasms. He sat down on the side of the bed gasping for air as the feelings of heated greed passed and his breathing came back to normal. His eyes turned up as he heard Jerry howl in ecstasy, his buddy was shooting his load into the woman who seemed to really enjoy being double penetrated. He smiled and picked up his pants and pulled them on as Jerry panted through his ebbing release. He watched as she was lowered onto her back and allowed time to recoup as well. “Jerry, I better go before you untie her. I don’t think she was really ready for a double,” and chuckled as he fastened his waistband and tugged up the zipper on his pants.

Jerry looked over at the friend he’d now shared his daughter with, he had a feeling it should have never happened, but it had and he’d just have to steer George away from any thoughts of future adventures with the ‘woman’ he had tied up on poker night. Luckily it seemed as if George either hadn’t heard what she’d screamed out loud enough to be heard past the gag, or he’d figured it was just the ranting of one of the climaxes she’d been driven to. “Yeah, that might be best George. Remember, the guys don’t need to know about her, or what we just did.”

George nodded and walked over by the bed and held out a hand to give a hand shake in thanks. “I’ll take it to the grave Jerry. I figure if I squeal on you, I’m squealing on myself, not to mention my soon to be ex would love to know about us doing a three way. She’d hang me out by the balls over it.” He turned and without any need of guidance walked out the front door to go home and dream of what had just happened. Jerry was the best, and so was this mysterious woman he had fucked and never been introduced to. He saw a car going past his as he drove away and figured Jerry’s daughter was getting home. “Well, guess he has his own shit to deal with if she catches him with some slut tied up on his bed,” and laughed aloud as he drove on to his place. He did dream of the sweetest ass he’d ever been privileged enough to fuck, it was as if she really hadn’t ever had a dick in her rear, though it was doubtful that a woman could take the pounding he’d given her if she hadn’t.

Leslie was exhausted as her leg was lowered to the bed, she still couldn’t hear what was said or see what the two men were doing, but she knew she needed some rest. After being tied up, blindfolded and gagged for what seemed like forever she’d been driven to so many orgasms she didn’t know when one had ended and the next began. All she knew was that she’d loved every punishing thrust from both her daddy and whoever his friend was. She was glad that the man fucking her ass wasn’t as well hung as her daddy, but maybe now that she had found out it wouldn’t rip her apart she could take her daddy there as well. She felt it as he unlocked the other handcuff and manacle. She should be pissed off that he had bound her like a whore, but for some reason she had liked it, really liked it. The plug up her ass had been uncomfortable for only a few minutes after he left her alone, after that she’d worked her muscles to enjoy the fullness of it and actually found tremors of pleasure from it being lodged where she’d only seen woman on the net take anything at all. She smiled as he removed the gag at the thought of just how much her daddy had given her; and it wasn’t even her birthday.

He undid and removed the black head piece and looked into her blinking eyes. He figured she’d be really pissed off at his doing this, all of this, to her. Somehow she smiled and whispered through her gag swollen lips, “I love you so much daddy. You and your friend are welcome to fuck me any time.” She was so tired she rolled over onto her side wanting to go to sleep, he watched her and listened to her profession of love and knew she needed to soak in a hot tub of water to relax the soreness out of her pussy, ass and everything else for that matter.

He grinned and said, “I think my little whore needs to soak in the tub for a bit before she goes to sleep.” He stood beside the bed and slipped his arms under her shoulders and knees and drew her into his arms, carrying her to the bathroom and setting her gently into the tub. He turned the water on nice and warm but not too hot and settled in behind her to wash away the residue of what she, he, and George had shared. She winced as he pulled her legs apart and rubbed the warmth over her inner thighs and pussy. “Just relax baby, daddy knows just how to make you feel better,” he whispered as his hands worked on washing away the sweat and cum she’d been blessed with. She leaned back against him and felt her eye lids get heavier and heavier as his hands worked their magic on her sore muscles and swollen flesh. She quivered as he washed her sphincter but moaned as one finger slipped into it teasingly. “I think my little slut likes having sex a lot. Never fear, daddy will give you all you need and then some.” Her eyes flew open as he pulled his finger from her ass and settled his palm over her abused groin to sooth away the fatigue and strain she’d endured that day, her first day as a woman.
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Loved it Just love it
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all right,,,, what a good girl.. hope to hear more of these 2 maybe the one at the shop as a helper!!!

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