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Like Daughter, Like Mother (Episode 1)

Phillip' s drunken mistake leads to a night of passion with his wife's mother...
Like Daughter, Like Mother

Episode 1

My wife and I had been promising to visit Anne, my mother-in-law, ever since the sad death of Don, my wife’s father, six months before. Claire and I knew that Anne had been deeply grieved by the passing of her beloved husband after a mercifully short illness, and yet circumstances prevented us from making the journey to Claire’s childhood home up till now.

Anne, at 51, was still an attractive woman, and in happier times my wife would gently chide me about the fact that I would mildly flirt with her mother when we’d all get together at Christmas or during the Summer vacation.

In truth, Anne really did remind me of an older version of my beautiful wife, the same raven dark hair, a similar hourglass body shape and a fabulous pair of natural breasts which were quite a bit larger than Claire’s cute 34 Cs. On more than one occasion as Anne might bend down to change a DVD or reach up to fetch another bottle of red wine, I’d catch a glimpse of pantie waistband or stocking top and have to hurriedly look away lest my wife or my father-in-law notice my interest.

Indeed, Don had been tremendously proud of both his wife and his daughter’s elegant good looks, frequently running an appreciative hand over Anne’s shapely ass as she passed or affectionately patting Claire’s thigh as she regaled him with tales of her work in TV production.

“My beautiful girls,” he’d say with a contented smile, “we’re very lucky men, Phillip…"

I missed Don, he was a guy you could share a brandy and a cigar with, and there was none of the awkwardness that sometimes exists between a son-in-law and his wife’s dad… And though I missed him I knew that both Anne and Claire felt that loss a hundred times more…

Claire’s family home was a rambling old pile in upstate New York, and as we pulled up in the Mercedes I thought of how empty the big old house must seem to Anne now… As we crunched to a halt on the gravel driveway the screen door opened to reveal my mom-in-law brandishing a bottle of champagne and three flute glasses.

“Welcome children,” she said, “I’ve missed you guys…”

She looked great, wearing a black cocktail dress with opaque nylons and heels and her hair shorter than I remembered. I’m ashamed to say that for a split second my eyes strayed to Anne’s impressive bosum but I stood back as Claire moved forward to embrace her mom.

“How’ve you been?”, she whispered, and I think Anne replied,

“I’m doing OK honey but it’s good to see you kids…”

I let them have their moment, touched by the fact that both of them had tears in their eyes…

“No sadness today,” said Anne. “Don would not want that, Phillip, come and help me open this wine…”

I took the bottle from her and popped the cork, both girls crying “Whoosh!” I took a glass from Anne and poured us all a drink. As we sipped our wine on the sunlit porch I let mother and daughter catch up…

Anne explained how she had struggled with her grief in the months following Don’s demise, unable even to sleep in the master bedroom they had shared she now slept in Claire’s old room, which she said made her feel closer to her daughter.

“At least on this visit you guys will have your own bathroom”, she joked, before moving closer to me and kissing me on my cheek.

“Thank you for bringing her, Phillip”, she said with moist eyes, “Now let’s go eat…”

Dinner at Claire’s old house was fabulous as always… After two bottles of Pinot Grigio with the food we retired to the conservatory at the back of the residence and sipped large snifters of brandy as I smoked a cigar. We talked of Don and times past and Anne told us how she had recently been taking an art class in an effort to keep herself occupied and busy. I watched as mother and daughter consoled and chatted with each other, and I felt priviliged to be a part of this family. Claire asked Anne if there were any cute men in her art class and both girls giggled as Anne said.

“Well, maybe the teacher, Steve, but I’m not ready for a romance just yet… Although I do confess I miss your dad’s attentions! I’m used to regular sex and your dad kept me very happy in that regard! I miss a man!”

As both of them collapsed in laughter I felt sure that some day soon Anne might indeed find a guy to love again, and only for a moment did I think of Don with a pang of regret…

“I guess they’re my girls now, dad”, I thought…

Again I remarked upon how very alike my wife and her beautiful mother were, more like sisters really, and as the wine and brandy took effect I noticed how Anne’s skirt had risen up to display a tantalising glimpse of white panty, visible through her black nylons. Claire’s suede-booted legs were by now drawn up under her bottom, affording me a lucious flash of milky thigh above the stockings I loved her to wear. At one point, knowing I was at this stage somewhat left out of the conversation she gave me an apologetic wink that I thought held a hint of promise. And it might have been my imagination but as Anne reached over to pat my thigh in apology for the girly tone of their conversation I thought she might have lingered just a tad too long to be innocent…

Hell, I was getting drunk and it was time for me to retire, leaving mother and daughter to their raucous chatter.

“Ladies, I’m going to bed,” I said, “I shall leave you both to your girly gossip.”

As I stood up I stumbled slightly causing both Anne and Claire to collapse once again in giggles. Embarassed I headed for the front of the house and the stairs.

“Don’t forget,” called Anne, “You guys are in the master bedroom where I’ve placed your bags, don’t fall up the stairs…”

I left, listening to the mischevious tittering of my wife and her mother…

I must have nodded off for a time in Don and Anne’s old bed because I was awoken by a rather drunken Claire stumbling into the bedroom.

“Are you awake, darling?” she whispered.

In the moonlight streaming through the window I could see that she had taken off her blouse and bra and stood at the side of the bed in just her skirt and boots. Her dark hair framed her pretty face and I saw that her upswept breasts were crowned by her delectable and very erect nipples. It might have been the autumn chill that caused the effect but I was hoping it was something else….

Without further undressing she slid into her parent’s bed beside me.

“You were so nice to my mom,” she whispered, “we needed to talk and you were really understanding about that… I was telling her how happy you make me and she said that you remind her of my dad when she met him at college… Baby I love you and my mom loves you and I really want to do something nice for you “cos you’re such a beauty…”

She hiccuped slightly at this point but I confess I didn’t really notice since she reached down and took my cock in her hand and began to gently caress me.

“Baby, if you’re too tired that’s okay but I kinda want you to fuck me…”

Apparently I was not too tired and my cock quickly began to stiffen under my wife’s skilfull ministrations. She kissed me deeply as her hand moved up and down upon my by now rock hard shaft. My own hand now snaked beneath her knitted skirt as I rubbed my thumb against the inside of her stocking top, teasing her by brushing my fingers against the front of her panties, which I could feel were already wet with her sweet juices…

As my lips moved from her mouth to her breasts I took first one, and then the other rubbery nipple into my mouth, gently teasing her tits with my teeth in the way I know she loves… She began to moan passionately as her left hand began to quicken her action on my steely cock. My fingers now deep inside her, her right hand crept under her skirt and began tearing her little panties down her legs, snagging for a second on her boot tops. She tore off the tiny garment and brought her soaked thong to hold under my nose.

“Taste how much I want you, darling,” she panted.

Claire really does have the sweetest smelling pussy I’ve ever encountered and I snatched her sodden panties to my mouth and drank deeply of her arousal. As I moved again to kiss her mouth I began to move south to dip my tongue in her pussy, my favourite, but it was not to be, at least not yet…

Grabbing my hair she cried,

“Just fuck me, Phil!”

Although I was dissapointed not to taste her hot honeypot I obliged. As I reached down to position my 9” cock at her entrance she wriggled beneath me pulling her skirt up to her waist with both hands as she raised her parted knees. Feeling her suede boots scratch the top of my thighs I entered my wife with a sudden thrust that, to my pleasureable amazement, caused her to come immediately. She bit deep into my shoulder as I began to thrust. Wet as she was, her tight pussy milked my rock hard rod and within just minutes I was pumping an extravagent load of come into my beautiful baby…

As my softening cock slid out of her, her pussy made a moist burping noise! She began to giggle under me, and indeed I too began to laugh as once again her tiny pussy made yet another meliflously moist noise…

“I’m so sorry,” said my Claire, though I wondered how sorry she really was as she was laughing uncontrollably by now.

“It’s because your pussy is tiny and my dick is huge,” I said, kissing her again…

“I do love you,” she said, and we lay cuddling, perhaps both of us thinking how lucky we were…

She was almost asleep when I asked her if she minded that I hadn’t gone down on her.

“Tomorrow, darling,” she breathed, “and I’ll suck your cock then too, Baby… But that was………” And by then my darling was asleep…. And I needed a cigarette!

My smokes were in my jacket pocket which I’d left in the conservatory. Not bothering to don clothes I crept carefully down the stairs so as not to awaken my wife’s mother and as I lit myself a Marlboro I picked up the brandy bottle and poured myself a strong one.

It was going to be a good week. My wife and I would share some quality time and help her mother to come to terms with her loss. I loved Anne as I had loved Don, and although I felt faintly guilty that we’d left it so long since the funeral to call to the house I knew that this vacation would be just what we needed to cement what we had as a family. Both Claire and Anne would be better for the time we spent together. I was a lucky guy to have such special women in my life. Feeling quite self-satisfied, I poured another brandy and lit another Marlboro….

Eventually, still naked, I padded up the stairs as softly as I could. I was half-hoping that I might wake Claire and ask her to provide that promised blow-job, or at least fuck her again before I went to sleep. I love fucking her when she’s already full of my come. It makes me feel that her pussy belongs to me.

I began to get hard even as I climbed the stairs. Realising I was by now quite a bit drunk I paused on the landing before the thought that I was about to enter the wrong bedroom made me reel back in horror! Jesus, what if I was to walk into Anne and Don’s bedroom with a hard on! This my widowed mother-in-law, gorgeous as she was, didn’t need to see! Especially as she’d been quite forthcoming about missing the attentions of a man about the house. So as always, I made my way down the hall to Claire’s old bedroom.

Claire was still asleep as I entered the room. I have always loved her old room, the posters on the wall, the cheerleading squad photos and the awards she picked up in high-school and college. I was always proud of her, but in this room there was the hint of the girl she had been before I knew her. I loved it when we came to this house because somehow I always came away knowing my wife a little better, and loving her even more.

In thae darkened room I could see that she was asleep in bed, her dark hair cascading on the pillow and the duvet mirroring her delectable shape. Careful not to wake her directly, I eased myself into bed beside her, my chest against her back and placed my hand upon her thigh.

Claire is a very obliging wife and is usually amenable whenever I want to have her. That said, she doesn’t normally relish sex in the morning, for example, and if I do have to awaken her from sleep if I want to fuck her I’ve learned to be very gentle about doing so.

I gently ran my hand up her long legs, stroking gently and pausing a little longer than necessary at the top of her thigh. I noticed that she’d changed into nylons, perhaps because of the cold, and I thought that it might take a bit of effort to get into her pants again at this late hour, but I was horny as hell for my girl. As my fingers began to concentrate on slowly caressing her pubic mound I was thrilled to find that she moaned softly and drew her legs apart to allow me better access. As my left hand reached under the pillow to stroke her beautiful hair, my right hand slowly found its way above the waistband of her tights and slipped beneath her panties to begin to stroke that delectable furry pussy.

As first one, and then a second finger entered her I dropped my other hand from her hair and positioned my middle finger by her mouth.

There are signals with most married people and this is one of ours. If she wants me, she will suck on my finger and basically feign a blow job, as my own fingers play with her pussy. This time, the greedy little bitch moved sideways in bed and practically swallowed my finger, at the same time opening her knees and pulling her nylons and panties off with one hand.

With her back toward me, I placed my hand upon her naked ass and between her legs, my thumb against her asshole and my fingers gently teasing her clit. By now, she was moaning sleepily but in no doubt as to what was about to happen to her, and as I continued to stroke her face with my left hand I allowed my thumb to slide ever so gently into her ass. As I did so, Claire gave a heavy moan and once again shifted slightly to move her bottom upward and give me more room to play with her tight ass.

Although my wife and I have enjoyed anal sex on more than one occasion, Claire insists that at 9” I’m a bit too large for her to enjoy comfortably, though, often when she’s a bit drunk or simply feeling particularly naughty, she will allow it.

Tonight seemed to be one of those nights.

By now Claire’s vaginal juices had soaked my fingers and I was busy massaging those juices into her bottom. Every now and again I would take my thumb out of her ass and copiuosly coat it with my saliva before inserting it back into her, all the while being careful to caress her clitoris with my fingers. As her legs began to shake, a sure sign that my girl’s on the way to a spectacular come, I impatiently moved her into a ‘doggie’ position and prepared to have her ass.

As I kneeled behind her I looked down upon my wife and again thanked my lucky stars at the beauty, and kinky beauty at that, that I had been lucky enough to capture . Her alabaster back facing me, her dark locks splashed across the pillow, her heart shaped ass raised high and ready for penetration I placed my thick cock-head at the portal of her exit and gently pushed. She was tight, indeed she was always tight but this time tighter than I remembered. And yet, as I pushed further, she moaned loudly with an “Oooooooh…” sound that I knew conveyed more pleasure than pain.

I slowly fitted myself into her until my swelling balls rested snug against her bottom cheeks as she panted obscenities into the pillow, crying,

“Fuck…fuck…fuck… FUCK ME!”

Her cries of passion set me off and I began to fuck my wife with gusto. Always careful of hurting her or harming her in any way, this time I pounded her asshole like a demon and as I thrust and fucked her like an animal her cries of passionate pain led me over the edge… The fingers of my left hand continued their rythmic stroking of her engorged clitoris while my right hand rocked her welcoming ass back and forth in time with my forceful pounding.

As my beautiful girl uttered a most unladylike wail into her pillow I worried for an instant that her cries might wake her mother, but then I felt her sphincter spasm against my swollen member as she enjoyed her second orgasm of the night. Aware that I was close to my own come I leaned back in order to spank her beautiful bad ass for the dirty trollope I loved her to be. Her muffled cries of “Don’t Stop. Fuck Me, Fuck Me, COME IN ME!” filled my ears as I filled her ass, a copious load as twice, three times, four times, five times I emptied my balls deep within my wife’s bowels…

Lying across her back, she spent, sated and exhausted, my hammering heart slowly returning to normal, I reached around to give my beauty a hug.

“My girl”, I whispered, “My beautiful girl…”

My hand crept around to cup my Claire’s perfect little breasts. And met them sooner then I was used to… Full breasts, with elongated nipples and areolae like cookies… I flicked and felt and explored… And then knew…

“Urggh, Christ,” I sighed, “Anne I’m so sorry, Please, I’m so so sorry…”

“I’m not, Phillip, I’m not sorry at all” she murmered, “nor should you be…… Son”….

Still murmuring my embarassed apologies I eased myself out of bed, pulling down the duvet as I did so, pausing to look back at my mother-in-law as I reached the bedroom door. With her ass still raised off the mattress I noticed she had turned her face in my direction, and though her eyes were closed I saw she wore a contented, knowing smile.

In the second before I opened the door to return to my wife’s bed I saw that Anne had placed two fingers between her legs and was wiping them in the creamy mess that was still seeping from her bruised asshole. As I watched, her eyes still closed, she brought her cum laden fingers to her mouth and licked them clean…

I stumbled back to my bedroom, the old master bedroom, in a state of shock. How could I have made such a huge mistake? Quietly opening the door I endeavoured to enter without waking my beautiful Claire. As I carefully and quietly closed the door behind me I turned to find the love of my life sitting up in bed wearing just her suede boots and her stockings.

“I owe you a favour,” she said, licking her lips hungrily…. “Come here with my cock….”

I tried to put her off, truly I tried… But she was determined to blow me…

“Baby, you don’t have to…” I said but by now she had reached out and taken my still semi-rigid tool in her hands.

“ I’m you’re naughty girl,” she whispered as one hand began to gently squeeze my sticky ballsack as the other moved firmly up and down my thick shaft.

Her lucious lips deeply enveloped my rampant cock and she began to suck on me like a thousand dollar call-girl.

The hand she had been using to fondle my balls now moved between her legs and from her cock-filled throat I heard the strangled little cries that told me she was bringing herself off with her fingers. Unable to hold back I came again for the third time that night, my semen spurting in gushes deep into my wife’s hungry mouth. Pulling back as she enjoyed her own shattering orgasm my final spurts cascaded down her chin and dangled in her hair. Still standing by the bedside I recovered in a moment and gazed down at my cum spattered darling.

Her beautiful face looked up at me with an adoring expression that hinted at how wanton she knew she had been just seconds before.

“I love blowing you just after you’ve fucked me,” she said, taking my hand and leading me into bed. She snuggled up to me and laid her pretty face on my chest.

“You know why, darling?” she asked. “It’s because then I can taste myself on your cock, husband…”

Gradually her breathing deepened and became regular and I knew she was asleep. My own eyes stared into the darkness as I listened to my beloved’s contented slumber. What the fuck had I done? More importantly, what the fuck was going to happen as the three of us sat down to breakfast in a couple of hours time?

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