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Like Mother, Like Daughter (Episode IV)

Phillip pleasures his mother in law and wife together...
Like Mother, Like Daughter (Episode 4)

My mother-in-law rose from the settee and crossed the room to fix me a drink.

She was still wearing her late-husband’s white dress shirt which had gathered above her hypnotically swaying ass revealing a tiny pair of black lace camiknickers. She had unpinned her long, dark hair which was now curled around her narrow shoulders. She hadn’t removed her make-up and her eyes were heavily mascara painted and her pink lipstick shined wetly.

Returning to the sofa she sat down and drew her knees up affording me a tantalising glimpse of her long shapely legs and her satin encased pussy mound. She patted the cushion beside her in an invitation for me to be seated. Her dark eyes studied mine as I sipped the large brandy she had poured me. Still reeling with shock over my unplanned sexual encounter with my wife’s friend, Lauren, and her disclosure of my lovely Claire’s high-school whoring antics, I needed a drink.

“You look flushed, Phillip Dear,” said Anne. “Did you and Lauren get along?”

She arched an eyebrow in an expression that was both inquiring yet knowing.

“Yes, we did,” I whispered as if to myself, an image of my exploring mouth on Lauren’s cotton-clad pussy popping unbidden into my mind.

“She’s been lonely since the divorce, Phillip” Anne observed, patting my leg in reassurance, “I’m sure she appreciated spending some time with a handsome man and you know, Claire and Lauren have always been closer than sisters since they were little girls… What I mean is, if something happened between you and Lauren, Claire’s not going to have a problem with that, in fact, I think maybe she wanted her handsome husband to pay her friend some attention… Don’t feel guilty, Phillip.”

Leaning back on the settee I took a deep draught of my brandy. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing, was my wife’s mother telling me that my innocent wife had set me up with her friend? And was my mother-in-law in on this? What kind of people were these women who I’d previously thought were a perfectly normal family? And why had Anne still not mentioned the kinky and abandoned encounters that she and I had shared both the previous night and again this morning?

My mind was reeling with conflicting thoughts of puzzlement and arousal. I felt in my pants pocket for my cigarettes. My fingers enclosed on the Polaroid photo I’d taken from Lauren’s house, an image of my tiny wife as a high-school girl, grasping two engorged fat cocks in her outstretched hands as she beamed at the camera, naked but for a cheerleader’s skirt, her young pert breasts drenched in the glistening ejaculations of several boys.

On impulse, I thrust the shocking photograph into Anne’s hand. As I did so, Lauren’s soiled and torn panties fell onto the floor.

I was flabbergasted by Anne’s reaction as she looked at the Polaroid. Her face broke into a wide and almost proud smile as she laughed softly. Now she looked into my eyes with a strange expression.

“She was such a naughty little girl,” her mother sighed, shaking her head in amusement. “But then I can see that you’ve also been a very bad boy…”

Here she hooked Lauren’s ruined panties upon her little purple-polished fingernail and waved them under my nose, the damp and odorous cotton dangling from her fingernail. Observing my stunned expression Anne reached over and hugged me tightly.

“Don’t be such a prude, Phillip,” she whispered in my ear. “I KNOW you’re not a prude, Darling.”

Her hand dropped to my crotch and she gently squeezed my punished cock as she began to draw my earlobe into her mouth and nibble upon my ear. A moan of arousal escaped my lips as I felt myself harden yet again.

I helplessly pushed Anne back on the sofa with a forceful kiss as my tongue invaded her mouth. She kissed me back with a soft, sexy sigh. My hands hurriedly unbuttoned her shirt uncovering a perfect set of full breasts whose nipples were already enlarging in unmistakable invitation. Pulling away from her face I dipped my head to the breasts that had suckled my own wife and I took one hard rosy tip between my teeth. Her loud cry of passionate pain spurred me on in my efforts and I began to chew upon her tit, my other hand roughly kneading her other breast, pinching hard at her erect nipple. She cried out again and I felt a hot hand scramble into my pants as she gripped my shaft and started to stroke me firmly.

Removing my hand from her bruised breast I reached to pull my sweatpants down my legs. Releasing her glistening tit from my mouth I drew my head backward and saw that she had drawn her knees high up on either side of my hips, her satin-wrapped mound was shiny with the wetness of her moist pussy and I could smell the sweet tangy aroma of her dripping sex. Inhaling deeply I felt the scent of her fill my senses and I pushed my shoulders beneath her raised thighs as I pushed forward, raising her ass from the sofa.

Balancing her legs upon my shoulders I reached down to pull her panties from her bottom and I forced them up her raised thighs. Pulling them up her legs until they were stretched like elastic and directly in front of my face I felt her hands grasp my ears as she pushed her ass further up off the settee. Her action caused her hungry pussy to brush against my straining cock as I felt myself ease past her furry entrance and enter that tight honey-pot.

Falling forward I pushed my face into the centre of the soaked lace of her black panties, now stretched and straining between her parted legs as my cock also pushed deep into her raised pussy. For the first time, her-son-in-law’s cock entered Anne’s welcoming vagina.

Gripping the moist string of her knickers in my teeth I thrust hard into her depths and was rewarded by a low moan of longing. Anne’s hands now steadied herself upon the sofa and she pushed herself upward to embed herself deeper upon my straining cock. I gripped her hands in mine and pulled them above her head and clamped them together in a tight grip. Leaning forward, still clamping her panties in my teeth I forced her legs ever upward as my 9” shaft buried itself within her till my balls bounced against her high ass. Pulling out now until I could feel the cold air of the room on my thick cock I heard her scream loudly as I thrust my full length deep inside her.

I began to bang my mother-in-law with a vengeance, pounding her hard as the knuckles of my free hand rubbed roughly at the top of her sex. Her trapped hands, gripped in my fist above her thrashing head began to clench and spasm and I felt a rippling sensation along my shaft as she quivered in orgasm. Her cries of pleasure were matched by my own grunts of passion as I groaned through the drenched panties tightly held in my mouth and continued my now frenzied thrusts into the belly that had produced my gorgeous wife.

Anne cried out again as the head of my cock swelled further and began to pulse as I approached my own orgasm. I quickened my frantic pounding as I discerned words emerge from her panting mouth.

“Harder, Baby,” she panted. “Fuck me harder! Come in me, Phillip, fill my pussy, give me your come, Baby… Fill me up…”

Unbelievably, I felt her shake again and spasm as her pussy walls pulsed in another orgasm around my throbbing and thrusting tool. The sensation brought on my own come and I shot squirt after squirt of hot creamy semen into the centre of my mother-in-law. Falling forward and spent I released her captured hands and felt them creep under my tee shirt and embrace me tightly as her ankles crossed across my ass cheeks, pulling my softening cock further into her. I buried my face in her hair, listening to her deep breathing gradually slow.

“He’s good, Mommy, isn’t he?” said a voice from the corner of the room. “I told you he was big...”

I turned in horror to find my Claire, dressed only in a shortie nightgown, clapping her hands softly and gazing at her husband and her mother still embedded in each other on the settee.

“Well done you two,” she smiled. “And, Baby… I thought Lauren might have just worn you out… I should have known better… You got anything left for Claire?”

I felt Anne’s panties pop from my teeth as my mouth fell open and my wife approached the sofa with an exaggerated sashaying gait. What the fuck was going on? As Claire sat beside her reclining mother on the sofa with her back to me I felt my cock slide from Anne’s pussy in a flood of sticky come. Anne moaned throatily as she unhooked her legs from over my shoulders.

“Oh, Mommy,” whispered Claire as she bent her head and kissed her mother deeply upon her mouth.

I pulled myself to the other end of the sofa as I watched my beautiful wife and my hot mother-in-law share an unmistakably sexual kiss. Unable to think now, I merely watched as the girls continued to make out.

Fondling her mewling mother’s bruised breasts, Claire lowered her head and took one of her mom’s tender nipples into her mouth. Anne moaned softly as Claire began to suckle like a baby. Moving lower and between her mother’s parted legs, Claire began to drink from the flowing mess that was seeping from her mom’s puffy pussy. While she licked on Anne’s oozing cleft like a thirsty kitten, I saw her hand creep between her legs as she slid four fingers deep into her auburn thatch and began to fondle herself. Moaning now, her face bobbed up and down along her mother’s dripping vagina as she licked my offering mixed with her mother’s tangy juices from her mom’s just-fucked crotch.

Anne was again panting regularly now as her daughter continued her lapping action at her pussy and as I watched this unbelievably forbidden erotic tableau I felt my perverted cock once again stiffen. Now both women were crying out loudly and wildly as both fingers and lips endeavoured to bring about another come. I felt the settee shake as if in an earthquake as both women collapsed in a screaming mutual orgasm. My tool again pointed at the ceiling as the glittering and wet face of my wanton wife lifted from her mother’s parted legs and looked at me with a lusty look. In the background Anne was reclining with eyes closed and breathing heavily.

“Mmmmmm… “ sighed Claire while running the tip of her tongue over her shining lips… “A mummy-cummy cocktail…” she murmured, reaching forward and taking hold of my shaft. “Can I have one straight shot?” She asked, coquettishly, gazing at me with sparkling eyes.

Her mouth enveloped my sticky cock with a moist slurp and my wife began to work upon my familiar manhood with lips and swiftly stroking fingers. Just before my eyes rolled back in my head in ecstasy I caught a glimpse of Anne, fingers busy between her own legs as she watched her daughter suck greedily on her husband’s bulging tool that minutes before had been pumping deep in her womb. Her left hand had crept between her daughter’s legs and she began fingering my wife as Claire worked on my cock. My wife’s actions and the passionate moaning of both girls quickly brought me to yet another come as I spurted, more feebly this time, and coated my wife’s throat with a creamy coating of milky come. I felt Claire shudder on my lap as the fingering of her mom brought her to her own climax.

My eyes now tightly closed as I basked in this forbidden sensation, I felt Anne rise from the settee and bend between my legs to kiss her daughter’s cum-dripping lips.

“I’m going to bed, Sweetie,” she whispered, “You take care of our boy and I’ll see you both tomorrow…”

“Mmmm, mommy,” groaned Claire.

I heard Anne leave the room as my eyes opened. My wife was looking up at me with a stream of come leaking from the corner of her mouth and her friend’s torn panties in one hand and the creased Polaroid of her youthful indiscretion in the other.

“You wanna tell me about Lauren?” she cooed coyly, swinging her friends tattered panties in her fingers.

“You want to tell me about THAT?” I asked, nodding at the photo and reaching down to wipe her leaking mouth with my finger.

“ I can do better than that, Baby,” she purred. “Come into Dad’s study…”

She padded across the room as I followed her beautiful form with my eyes. She paused at the door and looked over her shoulder, her hair falling over her face.

“One of the football team videoed that party and I’ve got the tape… You wanna watch it?”

Picking up the brandy bottle and some glasses on the way I followed my beautiful wife out of the room.

To Be Continued. Please Comment. Thank you!

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Dear Stephanie,

I have just discovered your stories and enjoyed them a lot! Amazing, I like how you write, I adore the plot and, of course, can't wait to read more. You have done a superb job. Please go on. ...and don't make us beg too much for the following chapter.
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