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Lila Shopping With Daddy

What Lila does when she's home... (Same character from Grandbaby's grown up)
It had been two years since my daddy had taken my virginity. I was his to use and he was mine to use. Of course mommy didn't know but even if she did I would have something to hold over her.

I had caught and video-taped her, secretly of course, fucking Mr. Stewart who was her best friend's husband. My mom and I looked a lot alike actually, we both had striking green eyes, long hair and pale skin. We were also more on the petite side.

On the other hand, I had an advantage, my breasts were a cup size larger than my moms and I was younger which most of the men I've been with in the past year have said is what they love about me. My nine-teen year old youthful self.

I was currently walking down the cereal aisle with my dad and I was completely ready for him to take me right at that moment. The store was cold and I had been told not to wear any panties.

It was both thrilling and liberating due to the fact that I was in a short sundress. Dad was tall and looked young for a forty-year old man. He had thick black hair and delicious olive skin.

He pulled me closed to him as we walked, an arm wrapped around me and his hand cupping my breasts.

He bent down and bit the edge of my ear, softly tracing his tongue along it, "You wanna be fucked Lila?"

I could have melted then, "Yes, daddy."

"Then go find a way to show that man your nasty cunt, got it?"

His hand released me and I saw the man he was talking about, he had a slight gut and pitch black hair, holding a box in his hand. I pulled the bracelet off my wrist and dropped it in front of the man.

"Excuse me," I smiled shyly and began to bend down on the floor.

"No proble-"

My ass was in the air, revealing everything along with it when his sentenced stopped. I grabbed the object and stood back up.

"Sorry," I smiled and gave a small wave before turning back to my dad.

"Bend over and touch your toes," He ordered and I did, despite the man still watching.

Daddy unleashed his cock and slid it into my pussy, he fucked me over and over until I was finally on my knees.

"Harder," I moaned and felt his cock hit the deepest ends of me. Daddy released his third load into me and I hadn't even noticed we had gotten a small crowd around us.

An appalled manager stood before us, "You two! In my office now!"

I grinned and stood up once my dad pulled out. We walked to the mans office where he grilled us about public indecency but wasn't making a move towards the phone.

"What do you want?" My dad stated bluntly, "You want to fuck this slut? Make it even?"

The managers mouth snapped shut.

"Alright, I'll see you in the car Lila." My dad immediately left me and that's when the expression on the mans face changed.

He used unnecessary force and pushed me onto the floor, I just stayed quiet, in all honesty I liked it rough.

"What? You just gonna sit there or actually get something done?" I asked and took off my dirtied dress.

Stronger than expected he flipped me over and spanked my ass, "You are a dirty whore, you know that?"

"Mmm...that's right, spank me harder."

He slapped my ass until it began stinging and turned me back over, my warm skin touched the cold tile and he bent down, delving his tongue into my dirtied pussy.

I moaned and pulled on his red hair, he flicked his tongue against my clit causing me to squirm.

There was a knock on the door, "Jean...did you get her?"

"Yeah, it worked come on man." The manager responded before diving back down onto me.

I watched the new guy come in and drop his pants, he had a thick dick with large veins. I immediately opened my mouth and stretched my tongue out.

He laughed, "Look man she already wants it."

He shoved his cock down my throat and soon both of my holes were being pounded into. The managers own cock was larger than I'd imagined and smashed into my throbbing core.

I yelped in pleasure when one of them pulled on my breasts, then proceeded to suck on them. My nipples rang with pleasure as their tongue ran over the hardened pieces.

The new guy came first and pulled out, pouring the last of it on my lips and breasts.

I licked my lips and feeling the final thrusts of the manager, "Cum inside me."

With a cocky grin he did and shot an excessively thick load into me, glop's of cum strung out of my cunt.

"What a perfect cum-dumpster."

I couldn't wait to get in the car and tell daddy all about it...
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