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Little Sister Pt. 2: From Sister to Wife

Jared and Dani's sexual relationship continues to the next level.

When I woke up that morning, I was instantly confused about the naked body pressing against me.

Then I remembered: My sister Dani and I had fucked half a dozen times yesterday, and we had fallen asleep in each others' arms the previous night.

“Morning, sweety,” I told her in a half-joking voice.

“Sweety?” she asked. “I'm sick of you acting like we're husband and wife or something.”

“Calm down, honey,” I told her, hoping to get a rise out of her. I was not disappointed. She playfully slapped me.

“So what are you doing today, big bro?” asked Dani.

“I don't know, baby sis,” I told her. “Why?”

“I need a ride to the mall,” she told me. “I was thinking of picking up some new... you know... clothes.”

“Clothes? Honey, you haven't been wearing any clothes since yesterday afternoon.”

Dani gave me a cross look. “Stop calling me honey,” she said. “Honestly, Jared, just because you might have knocked me up doesn't mean that you have to treat it like we're married. Anyway, want to come to the mall with me?”

“Sure thing, little sis.”

“Alright,” she said. “I'll meet you downstairs in an hour.” I squeezed her ass playfully and she let out a squeal. “Not now, Jared!”

I went to the bathroom to shower and admired my reflection in the mirror for a few moments. Before I had started my relationship with Dani, I hadn't really thought of myself as attractive. But now I saw my thin but muscular frame, my dark hair, and my green eyes, and I maybe I understood a little of what my sister saw in me. Or maybe she was just a freak and I was kidding myself.

I threw on a dark T-shirt and jeans and headed downstairs. I had a quick breakfast and then waited for my sister. I wondered if she was pregnant. She had told me that it wasn't during one of her “safe times,” and we had fucked six times. What would we do if she was? I was eighteen- heading off to college in two months- and at sixteen, she was practically still a kid. Not to mention the fact that we were sister and brother. We couldn't just come out and tell the truth about our relationship, could we?

“Jared,” her voice interrupted. “I'm ready to go.” I turned around and was stunned by what I saw. Instead of her usual slutty skirt and tank top, Dani was dressed in a pink cocktail dress, and her dyed-red hair was pulled back, making her look much older. Dani may have been any number of things- sexy, hot, cute- but this was the first time I would have described her as beautiful.

“Jesus Christ, Dani, we're just going to the mall.”

She smirked.

“Dani... but Dani...”

“I know,” she said. She came the rest of the way down the stairs until she was standing right in front of me. It was all I could do to not grab her right there and fuck her for the seventh time in twenty-four hours.

“Shall we, then?” she asked. The two of us headed out to my car, hand in hand.

We walked into the mall. “Where are we going first?” I asked.

“How about the lingerie store?” she asked, smiling. “I could use some new bras and panties.”

“Fine with me.” We started walking and I slowly reached my hand towards her tits. She swatted me away. “Stop it!” she hissed. “People will see us!”

“What's the big deal, honey?” I asked. She grabbed my hand firmly in hers as we entered the lingerie store. Dani instantly gravitated towards the skimpiest bras and panties in the store.

“How do you think I'd look in this?” asked Dani, pointing to a tiny G-string.

“Gorgeous,” I told her. “As always.”

“Maybe I should try them on, sweety.”

“Maybe.” Our faces were now only about an inch away from each other, and we moved in for a kiss. Our lips were about to touch when-


I looked around, startled, to see the source of the voice. It didn't take long. Kelly Jackson was standing behind me, a look of surprise on her face. Kelly Jackson had been the hottest girl in my high school. She had medium-length light blonde hair, a cute freckled face, and nice medium-large tits. She was the head cheerleader and every guy in my school had wanted her.

“What are you doing here, Jared?”

“Buying some things for my gir- my sister, Dani.”

“Dani,” she repeated. “Brother and sister, huh? Picking out some new undies?”

“Uh, yeah.”

“Huh,” said Kelly.

“What are you doing here?” I asked her.

“I work here,” she said, pointing to a nametag located directly above her large, perky breasts. “Well, I'd better go. See you.”

“See you,” I told her.

“That was close, honey,” whispered Dani.

“Who cares?” I asked. “I hope she suspects.”

Dani sighed. “You're just not being realistic, Jared. What if our parents found out? What about our school? I'm not even a junior yet, you- STOP!” As Dani had been talking, my hand had been sneaking under my sister's dress and was now reaching into her panties. She smacked my hand out of her way.

“Sorry, sweety,” I told her, doing my best to sound not sorry at all.

She sighed. “I can barely bring you out in public.” She pointed to a black swimsuit. “Do you think I'd look good in this, Jared?”

“Nah,” I said. “You look the best when you're naked.”

Jared!” she protested. “If you're not going to be any help, I don't even know why you're here.” Slowly, I moved my hand closer to her panties. “I mean, when I ask you a question, I want you to at least attempt to give me a real answer. Jared, are you paying any attention to any... shit, Jared, don't stop.” I had reached into her panties and was fingering her pussy.

“What were you saying, Dani? I wasn't paying attention.”

Shit, Jared, keep it up, come on,” she whispered intensely.

“Jeez, Dani, people are starting to look,” I goaded. “Don't you think we should stop?”

You motherfucker, just keep it up,” she moaned.

After just a few seconds, Dani orgasmed, spewing hot cum all over my hand. “Yuck, look what you did,” I complained, wiping it off on the shoulder of her dress. “Come on, Daniella, control yourself.”

“You asshole.” She gritted her teeth and then flung herself at me. I looked around; there were people staring at us everywhere. “Dani, let's go to the dressing room,” I said. I dragged my horny sister into the closest one as she continued to force herself on me.

“Help me get this dress off,” she told me.

I reached behind her and unzipped it, and then started pulling it down. In such close quarters, I could hardly help but to feel her up a little. My boner sprang up instantly.

“Excited, big brother?” asked my sister as she felt my cock against her body. Her dress was now all the way off.

“Maybe a little,” I told her weakly.

As I unsnapped her bra and panties and pulled them off, she began to rub her body vertically against mine. “Oh, shit,” I groaned.

“Oh, big bro,” she said, licking my face passionately. Dani pulled down my pants and began to suck my cock.

“Oh, Dani!” I shouted. “Dani!”

My naked sister kept licking my cock passionately. “Jesus, Dani,” I groaned as she neared her conclusion. “Yeah. YEAH!”

Seconds before I cummed, I pulled out of her mouth. The amount of jizz that emerged was copious. It squirted all over my sister's face and body, her dress (now lying in a wrinkled and torn heap), and the floor.

“Shit, Dani, that was incredible.”

Dani's mouth was open, and she was looking over her shoulder, terrified. I followed her glance and saw Kelly staring at us. I couldn't quite make out the look on Kelly's face. Confusion, and horror, and maybe (or was I imagining it?) lust?

“Holy shit,” said Kelly finally. “You two were...”

“Yes, we were fucking,” Dani said.

“But you're brother and sister! That's just... just...”

“What's wrong with that, Kelly? Your older brother is pretty hot,” said Dani. “I would fuck him if I had half a chance.”

“You're disgusting,” said Kelly. “I'm going to tell your parents.”

“Go ahead,” I told her.

“Wait!” said Dani. “We can't let her do that.”

“Why not, sweety?”

“You call you sister 'sweety'?” asked Kelly. “You are just disgusting.”

“I know,” complained Dani. “He acts like we're married or something. Sad, huh?”

“Pitiful,” said Kelly. “I mean, I see why you're fucking him- he's pretty good-looking- but if he's going to act like that...?”

“Jared, why don't you get out of here for five minutes?” asked Dani. “Me and Kelly have some things to talk about.” I was about to protest, but then I saw Dani wink at me. What was she up to? Whatever it was, I wanted to find out.

“Fine, sis, I'll be back in five,” I said, gathering my clothes and leaving the room.

When I returned four minutes and fifty seconds later, I opened the door, and my jaw dropped. Dani and Kelly were both stark naked and making out.

“Oh here he is,” said Kelly in a singsong voice. “I thought he'd never be back.” With a vicious look on her face, she began to pull off all my clothes. Her blonde hair waved in her face, and she looked gorgeous. She pushed me onto my back and directed her body onto my erect cock so that she was soon sitting in cowgirl position. She leaned forward so that she was almost pressing her tits against my body.

“Ready?” she asked in a sweet, innocent voice.

“Ready,” I said, not knowing what to say. How had Kelly gone from hating me to suddenly wanting to fuck?

Kelly pressed her body up and down, gyrating her hips. “Oh... oh, Jared,” she moaned. “Oh, Jared, you're sooo big.”

I looked behind me, at Dani. She was smirking and her arms were crossed. She was still naked. I motioned her to come over.

Kelly was continuing, picking up speed. She was really good. Her hair was flying all around in her face and mine and her tits were bouncing up and down. I reached forward a little and started making out with her. She continued to moan into my mouth. I reached my arms up and felt around her perfect breasts, and she began to moan even more.

From above me, I saw Dani moving toward me. Pushing Kelly into a more upright position, she sat down on my chest, so that the lips of her vagina were directly in front of my mouth. “Eat me out, big brother,” she said intensely. “Come on.”

I couldn't believe this. The hottest girl in my class, who I had wanted forever, was riding me cowgirl style, while I was eating out my horny little sister. Both were moaning intensely, and I soon found it impossible not to let loose a few sounds of my own.

“Shit,” moaned Kelly. “Dani, your brother is great.” Dani turned around and started making out with Kelly.

“Oh, shit,” I moaned, still licking my sister and pumping Kelly as hard as I could. But the kiss sent me over the edge. I cummed into Kelly at the exact moment Dani and Kelly's pussies erupted with juices. My mouth and cock were both smothered, and all three of us fell to the floor, panting. Dani crawled her way over to me. I stared at my sister, dumbstruck. “What did you tell Kelly?” I asked.

“Oh, nothing,” Dani smirked. “I told her that maybe the best way to get you to stop acting so stupid was to introduce you to a new pussy.”

“That's it?”

“Well, I might have mentioned that you have an eight-inch cock, too. But I was thinking, Jared...” (she leaned her sexy body against me) “If I'm attracted to you, and you're attracted to me, is our being together really so bad?”

“Uh... no?”

“I didn't think so,” she said, pressing her lips against mine once again.

A Month Later

“Jared!” said Dani breathlessly, running into my room.

“What's up, honey?” I asked. Dani hadn't been feeling well lately, so I had been a little worried about her.

“Jared,” she said, “I've got some good news.”

“You're not sick?”

“Well, actually... no I'm not.”

“That's great.”

“Actually, big bro, I'm pregnant with our child. Isn't that great?”

I felt numb. I didn't know how to react. I was about to become a parent... and with my sixteen-year-old sister? “Oh,” I said. I didn't know how else to respond.

Dani kissed me on the lips. “I'm so excited, big brother! Now we really are practically married!”

“How... how are we going to tell Mom and Dad?”

“Dunno, you'll think of something,” said Dani. “You always do.” She grabbed my hand. “Oh, and by the way, we're going baby shopping on Thursday.”

“But I'm hanging with my friends on Thursday!”

“Not anymore, you're coming with me, sweety!” said Dani. “Being a real couple is so much fun!” She reached down and began to stroke my cock.

“Well,” I said, “I guess it does have its benefits...”

To be Continued???

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Posted 04 Apr 2012 06:43
love the story
Posted 23 Dec 2011 14:26
That was great! Love the new addition!
Posted 13 Oct 2011 10:02
Love that you introduced someone else
Posted 04 Jul 2010 04:24
"but im hanging out with my friends!"

what she said: “Not anymore, you're coming with me, sweety!”

what he heard: no the hell u not, you comin with me, yo life is over!

haha i laughed so hard at that part! 5 definitely for that part
Posted 25 May 2010 12:58
can't wait for part 3!
Posted 01 Mar 2010 14:40
that was so HOT! I enjoyed this story so for i hope that ther will be more parts with Jared & Dani keep them comming...
Posted 25 Jan 2010 20:27
This is another great story of a loving relationship. I know of a few brothers and sisters that have gotten married and had kids.....
Posted 25 Jan 2010 14:12
Hot. Love the story. Keep it up. Add on the cheerleader and her brother.
Posted 25 Jan 2010 10:30
Enjoyed the reading, looking forward to the sequel;-)

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