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Little Sister Pt. 3: After School Special

After leaving for college Jared returns to his high school to check up on his little sister.
It was late September. The fall breeze was rolling in off the nearby lake as I drove up to the high school. It was the first time I had come home since leaving for college, and I was preparing to drop in on my little sister Dani, who was currently a junior there.

I parked in the parking lot and rushed in. It had been three weeks since I had left for college and that long since I had seen Dani; it seemed much longer. We had spent the last six weeks of summer around each other constantly, so being separated for as long as we had been was almost agony.

The clock said that it was 2:50, there were still ten minutes until school let out. I couldn't wait that long. Remembering something Dani had said about Biology being her last class of the day, I ran off in the direction of the Social Studies department.

I peered into the window of the classroom of Ms. Kremshaw, my old Social Studies teacher. There Dani was- four rows back and one over, dressed in a pink T-shirt and a denim miniskirt. Her hair was in a ponytail. She looked incredibly bored. I swallowed nervously and then knocked twice on the door.

Ms. Kremshaw opened the door. “Jared, how can I...”

“My sister,” I blurted. “I need to talk to my sister.”

Dani looked up and instantly was alert. “It's okay, Ms. Kremshaw, I got my work done,” she said, clearly struggling to keep her voice even.

Ms. Kremshaw sighed. “Fine, you can go,” she said. “I'll see on Monday.” Dani practically sprinted out of the room, leaving her books behind her. She slammed the door and threw her body at me. Our lips met and we were kissing for the first time in twenty-one days.

Oh- did I mention that me and Dani are lovers?

We first had sex a little over two months ago. Back then, we were both virgins; now we were far from it. As I discovered just before leaving for college, I had impregnated my own sister and she was due to have our baby in seven months. We had not told anyone about this yet, and had no idea how to or when to. All we knew is that we were in love, and that we both wanted to keep it.

“I've missed you so much, sweety,” said Dani, thrashing her hips against me. Her hair, once bright-red, had not been dyed recently, so it had reverted a little to its natural light-brown color. It also fell further than it had when we had first become lovers- now it went a couple inches past her shoulders. On the whole, though, she looked the same. She was not far enough along in her pregnancy to exhibit any signs.

“So have I,” I told her. “Come on, let's get home so we can do everything we've been dreaming of doing to each other.”

“No,” she breathed. “I can't make it home. Let's find somewhere here.” She released me, grabbed my hand, and pulled me in the direction of the girls' locker rooms.

“Are you crazy?” I asked. “Someone will come in here and-” Dani thrust her lips against me and pulled me in. Within seconds, I had a throbbing boner.

I reached over and ripped Dani's shirt off, then her shorts. I left the scraps lying on the floor. Still making out with my little sister, I pulled my pants down and released my boner.

“Not wasting any time, are you?” Dani asked. I didn't reply, I simply lifted my sister up and shoved my cock into her pussy. She began thrusting against me. She was now completely off the ground. Her legs were in the air flailing behind my back, and her arms were fiercely grabbing my shoulders. My hands held her ass.

“Oh, God, Dani,” I whispered. “I'm not going to be able to last any longer.”

“Then cum in me, big brother,” she said intensely. “Cum in your little sister.”

Our bodies were moving so quickly that I knew we would be done soon. I was about to release my load when we heard voices. “Oh, shit,” I said, releasing her. “Where can we hide?”

Dani looked around. “In there.” She pointed to one of the full-height lockers. I entered and she followed quickly, shutting the door behind her. It was a tight fit. The locker was about six feet tall, two feet wide, and two feet deep. My cock was pressed against the small of her back, but the fear of someone entering had caused me to lose my erection.

“Shhhh,” I whispered to her.

The footsteps got louder and we saw three cheerleaders from Dani's class- Ashley, Megan, and Sara- enter.

“I can't believe we have to do sprints,” Ashley was complaining. Ashley was a tan brunette. “I mean, this is cheerleading, not, like, track.”

“Totally,” said Megan, a perky blonde. “I mean, Coach has been such a bitch lately!”

“I don't know what she's, like, thinking,” said Sara. Sara was a freckled ginger with long, gorgeous red hair. The three girls began to strip out of their clothes. Slowly, my boner began to get hard again.

“Put it in me,” whispered Dani.


“Put it in me.” I had no reason to argue. I inserted my cock between Dani's legs and into her pussy and began fucking her doggy-style. “Be quiet,” I whispered to her.

Outside the locker, Megan, Sara, and Ashley had finished stripping and were proudly displaying their respective D-cup breasts to anyone who cared to see. Dani had B-cups, which I had always found perfectly adequate, but the sight of these...

“Hey,” said Megan, “What's that?” The naked cheerleader pointed to the pile of Dani's clothes lying on the floor.

Ashley went over and picked them up. “Isn't this what that bitch Daniella was wearing today?”

“Well why are they all ripped up and on the floor?” asked Sara. “You think she's fucking someone in here?”

By this time, I was pounding Dani with a fury I never had before. The only thing that prevented the cheerleaders from hearing our bodies smack against the lockers was the loud overhead fans in the locker room. Dani let loose a moan, but I quickly covered her mouth and continued thrusting against her.

“She's getting fucked?” asked Megan. “Like, yeah right. Who would want her?”

“My boyfriend told me he thinks she's hot,” said Sara. “I thought he was, like, crazy.”

“She's such a little bitch, and so annoying, too.”

Ashley pulled the shirt and skirt on. They didn't fit well- Dani's hips were bigger than Ashley's, and her tits smaller- but they stayed on. I sort of gasped and released my load into Dani's pussy. It was the biggest load I had released in my life. It spewed into my little sister's pussy, around her ass, and all over the floor of the locker. I had to hold my hand over my sister's mouth to prevent her from screaming, but she still let loose an audible moan.

“Did you guys hear something?” asked Megan.

“Yeah, it came from, like, that locker over there,” said Sara.

Ashley went up to the locker me and Dani were hiding in. There was nothing we could do. Just as Ashley opened the door was about to open the door, we heard a yell:

“Ashley! Megan! Sara! Come on, hurry up!” came a voice from outside the locker room.

“Fine,” said Megan in a complaining voice. The three girls put on their cheerleader uniforms and headed out of the locker room. After waiting for thirty seconds, I opened the locker door. Me and Dani both tumbled out, panting heavily.

“That was too close,” I said.

“I thought it was pretty hot.”

I smiled. “Well I'm not denying that...

Dani leaned up against the locker. She was looking less like an awkward girl and more like a woman than ever before. Well, she was going to be a mother in less than seven months, after all.

“So what do you think for baby names?” asked my sister.

I shrugged. “If it's a boy, how about David? After Grandpa Dave?”

“And if it's a girl, let's name her Claire. I like that name.”

“Or how about Ashley?”

“Ashley? After that bitch who was trying on my clothes?”

“Well, she's damn hot. I want our daughter to be hot, too.”

“What?” asked Dani crossly. “Are you planning on fucking her?”

I shrugged. “I'll wait sixteen or seventeen years, if that makes you feel any better.”

My little sister smiled and punched me. Then her face became serious.

“Jared?” she asked. “Do you think we're going to be good parents?”

“I don't know,” I told her. “I'll have to drop out of college, probably.”

“And I don't know what I'll do about high school.” Dani sighed. “I don't know how much longer I can keep lying to Mom and Dad about this. They must know I haven't had a period in two months.”

I sighed. I had known the answer to our problems for a while, I just hadn't said anything. “We'll run away,” I told her.

“Run away?”

“We can find a shitty apartment somewhere. I'll drop out of college and work full-time. You'll have the baby right before summer, you can take care of it then and we can find a babysitter for when you go back to high school.”

“You'll really do that for me?” asked Dani, her eyes shining. “Drop out of college?”

“Maybe I can go back someday,” I told her. “But you're the most important thing to me. You and little Ashley.”

Dani smiled. “You mean David.”

I kissed my little sister on the lips. “You know I love you,” I told her.

She giggled. “Remember three months ago? When you were a socially awkward loser who had never made it past first base?”

“And you were a slutty freak who everyone hated.”

“Well, not everyone hated me.”

“Pretty close.”

“I made out with Pete Reynolds at the prom.”

“Pete Reynolds? He probably just wanted to get in your pants.”

“Who doesn't?” asked Dani.

Suddenly, I had an idea. I grabbed my naked sister's hand and dragged her towards the shower room. I pressed the button and one came on.

“Why are we showering, Jared?”

I grabbed her and kissed her. Then, I took a bar of soap, lathered it up in my hands, and began rubbing them down her body, beginning with her tits.

“Oh... oh Jared,” she moaned. She looked particularly hot in the water. Her medium-sized perky breasts shimmered, and her dark-colored nipples were erect. Her wet hair fell down around her shoulders. “Oh... oh, that feels good! Oh, Jared, don't stop, come on, yeah, fuck! FUCK!” I had reached her clitoris and was now moving my hands around it. “Oh, shit, Jared! I moved my mouth in instead and began licking it. “Oh! Jared! Jared! I'm going to...” She squirted her juices all over my face.

“Holy shit, Dani!”

Without a word, Dani grabbed the soap and began to scrub me off. She got my arms and chest, and then began on my crotch, giving me a vigorous hand-job. It didn't take me long to cum either. My load erupted all over Dani's face and tits.

“Did that feel good?” asked Dani.

“Oh, Ashley...” I groaned.

“Ashley?” asked Dani angrily. “The cheerleader?”

“No,” I said. “Our daughter. She's going to be so fucking hot.”

“Shut the fuck up. We're going to have a son named David, and I'm going to fuck him.

“What if we have both? What if we have a son and a daughter? Do you think they'll fuck each other?”

“I hope so,” said Dani. “If they don't, we'll have to teach them.”

I kissed Dani full on the mouth. Our faces were still covered with each others' juices.

“I don't know,” I said. “I want Ashley all to myself.”

“You have me all to yourself,” said Dani. “What more could you want?”

I rubbed my hands across her tits. “I don't know, D-cups would be nice.”

“You asshole! While we're at it, I wouldn't mind if you had a ten-inch cock.”

“And you could have long blonde hair, and be a supermodel...”

“I get enough looks from the boys here as it is!”

I began to rub my body against hers. She knew that I was only kidding. Dani was everything I could ever want in a girl. But we continued.

“And why don't you hit the gym more?” she asked. “You should cut your hair, too. It's getting in the way of your eyes.”

“Yeah, well your talking is getting in the way of our fucking.” Before she could reply, I reached down and inserted my erect cock into her pussy. She let out a loud moan as I pressed her against the shower room wall.

I fucked her as hard as I could, and it sounded like she was screaming for her life. I would have told her to be quiet, but I don't think I could muster the breath to talk. I just pressed my lips against hers as the climax slowly approached.

“Ready, little sister?”

“Ready, big brother.”

I released my load into her moments before her pussy filled with juices. I managed to hold her against the wall for another five seconds, and then we both collapsed to the floor, panting.

“Fuck,” I said weakly.

“Fuck,” she agreed.

After another three minutes or so, we began to gather up our clothes so we could leave the locker room. “So, Dani,” I said. “When do you want to run away?”

“Why don't we go to the Homecoming dance together?” asked Dani. “Then everyone will know that we're a couple. And then we can leave, and never come back.”

I considered it. I had never been to the Homecoming dance when I was in high school, mainly because I never had anyone to go with. Going with my little sister and lover seemed strangely fitting.

“Sure,” I said. “But that's in three weeks. You think you can hide little Ashley that much longer?”

“His name is David,” said Dani. “But of course I can. For you.” We finished putting our clothes back on. I took Dani's hand and led her out of the locker room. The cheerleaders were out there, just finishing their practice. They all turned to stare at us, whispering together.

“Do you think they suspect us?” I whispered to my sister.

She kissed me on the lips. “They do now,” she said.

I grabbed her hand, and walked out of the gym, hand in hand with my sister. It was hard to believe that in two weeks, we would be on our own, away from all of this, living as husband and wife. But, I thought, as Sara and Megan and Ashley stared at us, I really couldn't wait.

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Posted 04 Apr 2012 06:51
again great story
Posted 23 Dec 2011 14:28
That was awesome! Will there be a part four??
Posted 16 Sep 2010 09:02
Any decently written story of incest that includes intra family marriage and pregnancy is a winner with me.
Posted 04 Aug 2010 23:02
very good I actully feel the realism of the story u a ver good writer keep up the good work
Posted 27 Jun 2010 23:20
Thanks for the pointers Pasqi... usually I don't use an editor, maybe I should change that. At any rate, the fourth and final story in this series should be out by the end of the summer.
Posted 25 Jun 2010 14:04
nice series
Posted 24 Jun 2010 18:22
man this is the HOTEST one so far..keep up the good work.
Posted 24 Jun 2010 18:11
Hey The_Cow, Great series! I cant wait to read more. Just a note though, you may want to watch the mixing up of points. [i]Note the examples I have listed[/i]

Just as Ashley [b]opened the door was about to open the door[/b], we heard a yell:

Also it speaks of the home coming being in three weeks and running away afterwards. Then he says he cant wait to run away together in 2 weeks.

Not big issues but I tend to get pulled out of the story line by stuff like that.
Posted 24 Jun 2010 16:45
This is really getting hot! I love it that they want to teach their kids about "Family Love"......

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