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Little Sister Pt. 4: All Out in the Open

Some of Jared and Dani's family members discover their secret.
It was the last weekend before me and Dani’s planned escape. Everything was set. We had rented a big apartment in a city about six hours away, and had already moved much of our stuff there the previous weekend. The only thing standing between us and freedom was seven days—and the family reunion we were currently headed to.

Dani and I were sitting in the backseat of our family’s car, with our parents up front. We were trying to avoid showing any sign that we were in love, but this was difficult. The slightest glance became a staring match, and the slightest touch lingered for seconds.

“How long until we get to the state park?” Dani inquired.

“Less than five minutes,” said Dad.

We’d been coming to the state park for family reunions for years. Most of the family stayed in a small picnic area, but Dani, me, our two older cousins Melanie and Ted had always split from the group. After the main meal, we would wander off into the woods and not return until the sun came down and everyone else was ready to leave. This hadn’t happened since we were little kids, but I still loved the memories.

The car pulled in and Dani and I hopped out. We said hi to some relatives, but didn’t really want to spend much time socializing. We grabbed some food and picked a picnic table at the very edge of the open area, where it would be difficult for our relatives to see us. It was covered by a tablecloth which went over the edges, which made it difficult to see anything underneath.

“Remind me why we came again?” Dani asked.

“Because Mom and Dad would kill us if we didn’t,” I told her.

“So what? We’re leaving in a week anyway.”

I smiled. “We are, aren’t we?"

We exchanged a brief but firm kiss. Dani grinned naughtily at me. My little sister looked particularly hot today. She was wearing a short red see-through dress, under which her black bra could easily be seen, and black leggings. Her red-brown hair was arranged in a Zooey DeSchanel-do, wavy and with long bangs. I pressed my mouth against hers again, wary that any of our relatives could be watching.

“Oh, Dani,” I whispered in her ear. “We had sixteen years together. Why did I wait so long to fall in love with you?”

“I don’t know,” she said. “Just stupid, I guess.”

“Shut up, little sis.” No matter how much we had become lovers, we could never dispose of our original sibling bond. Dani was both my bratty little sister and the mother of my unborn child. These things were not contradictory: they reinforced each other. One kind of love grew out of the other.

Dani reached under the table and began unzipping my pants.

“What are you doing?” I whispered. She shushed me and instead pulled down my underwear and began giving me a hand job.

“Dani, we can’t be doing this here. Mom and Dad are here. Grandma’s here. What if someone catches us?”

“Fuck them,” she responded, just speeding up. We leaned towards each other, preparing to exchange another kiss.

“Hey, Daniella! Hey, Jared! How are you two?” Without warning, our cousin Melanie plopped down on the other table. Me and Dani instantly broke apart, although her hand remained on my unzipped pants.

“Melanie,” I replied, flustered.

“We’re great,” said Dani, completely unfazed. Slowly, she began rubbing my dick with her hand again. I went erect almost instantly.

“I haven’t seen you two in forever,” said Melanie.

Melanie was me and Dani’s cousin on both sides of the family: Dad’s older brother and Mom’s older sister had married. As a result, we saw Melanie and her older brother Ted at a lot of family gatherings. Melanie was now twenty-one years old and absolutely beautiful. She had long brown hair that was held in two braids behind her head and wore a white flowered blouse and a tan skirt. Her eyes were big and blue, and her cute little lips formed a smile.

“Yeah, Mel, how’s college going?” Dani half-grunted as she picked up speed on my cock.

“Oh, you know, it’s going. How about you, Jared? You’re a freshman, right? Having fun?”

“Oh, yeah,” I let out. Melanie looked at me confused, not understanding that I wasn’t replying to her.

“That’s…good,” she said.

I looked awkwardly at my sister, who stuck her tongue out at me and continued rubbing my cock fiercely.

Melanie glanced over our shoulders. “Ted! Ted! Over here!”

Melanie’s twenty-five year old brother joined us on Melanie’s side of the table. He was a soccer player and looked it: long (for a guy) blond hair, fit, and a little shorter than average.

“Ted! How are you?” asked Dani.

“Good,” he replied. Ted was a man of few words.

Dani intentionally knocked her empty plate off the table with her free hand. “Oops!” she said. “Let me get that.”

Wondering at her game, I watched my sister crawl under the tablecloth. She still kept one hand firmly on my cock.

“I can’t believe it’s October already,” Melanie said. “Doesn’t seem possible.”

“I know, time’s moving so…fast!” I practically screeched the last word, as at that moment I had felt Dani’s mouth close around my erect dick and begin to suck.

“You okay?” asked Ted, sounding concerned.

“I’m fine,” I responded weakly. I was terrified. How much longer could my sister pretend to be searching for her cup? I felt her red-brown hair brush against my private area, inciting my lust further. I reached under the table with both hands, pushing them against my little sister’s breasts.

A second later, Dani moved her mouth all the way to the top end of my dick, taking the entire thing down her throat. I couldn’t hold back any longer. A torrent of fluid splashed into my sister’s mouth. I hoped she was able to catch everything.

“Found it!” she declared, slurping up the last dribbles. She grabbed her cup and bounced up from underneath the table. Dani sat down and continued eating as if nothing had happened.

I noticed Melanie staring at my sister. I looked at Dani’s face and my heart froze as I saw the tiniest droplet of cum on her chin. I made a motion with my hand and Dani licked it up, but the damage had been done. Melanie was already looking between us in amazement, piecing together what she had seen. Dani was about to say something, but Melanie spoke before she could.

“Dani, want to go…talk about something?"

“Sure,” replied my little sister. For once, she sounded as scared as I felt. If Melanie ratted on us, it was over. Everyone would know. I wondered what happened to people caught in the act of incest? Seeing as we were both of-age and consenting? We wouldn’t get shipped off to jail, hopefully, but we might be sent to counseling, or split up forever. That thought was too much to bear. And what about our baby?

Dani and Melanie got up and walked away. Despite the dire circumstances, I couldn’t help but admire my sister’s ass. I hoped Ted didn’t catch me staring, but at this point it hardly seemed to matter. The two girls walked away, whispering together.

I chatted with Ted about movies for a few minutes as our sisters disappeared from view. I had a hard time concentrating on the conversation. My heart was pounding so loud I was certain that my cousin could hear it. After about five minutes, I saw my little sister return.

“Jared, come with me,” she said. She was smiling. I stood up and took her hand as we walked away from the open area, onto the wooded trails we used to love exploring.

“What’s going on?” I asked.

“Don’t worry,” she whispered. “Melanie’s cool with it. Really cool with it.”

I stared Dani in her big green eyes. “What do you mean, really cool?”

Dani looked back, making sure we were out of sight for Ted and the rest of the family. Then, she jumped on me. I fell to the ground as my little sister kissed me passionately. We devoured each other’s faces for a few more seconds, and then Dani released me.

“See?” she seemed to ask to a tree. “It’s great.”

Melanie stepped out from behind a tree. The look on her face was one of embarrassed interest. “Holy shit,” she said. “How long…?”

“Three months in a week,” Dani replied. “Hot, huh?”

“How far have you two taken it?”

Dani pointed to her belly. “Two and a half months pregnant.”

Melanie’s mouth fell open in a surprised, sexy O-shape. “Oh my God, you two… Dani, I knew you were crazy, but this is just…”

Dani smiled, not ashamed in the least. “Come on, Melanie,” she said. “You can’t tell me this isn’t hot.” Dani embraced me once again, gyrating ever so slightly against my body. I smoothed her hair as she pressed her lips against my neck, leaving a mammoth hickey. I reached a hand down inside her tights and underwear. She moaned and placed her lips on my neck once again.

“How…how did this happen?” Melanie asked softly.

Dani released her mouth but continued to sway with me as my hand explored her lower body. “Well, Jared was still whacking off in paper towels until last July, and I was messing around with Daddy but it wasn’t going anywhere. Then one day I just decided to seduce Jared.” She kissed me again on the lips. “Turns out he doesn’t just want to fool around like Daddy did. He put little David in me—”

“Ashley,” I corrected, grasping at my little sister’s stomach.

“Whatever. We’ve been practically married ever since, although we haven’t had the chance to tie the knot officially.”

“That’s crazy,” said Melanie, her pretty face turning red. “You’re crazy, both of you."

“Are we?” I asked. “Dani was the most important woman in my life before we started fucking, and she was the most important woman after. She’s my sister and my wife. The only thing between us is…well…everybody.”

“Just like Romeo and Juliet,” Dani purred, putting her face against mine.

“You do realize that Romeo and Juliet died,” said Melanie.

“Whatever,” said Dani, stepping back. Without her body to support me, I collapsed into the mud.

“You told me yourself,” said Dani. “You think incest is hot. You think your brother is hot. If you think this is so bad, why did you promise not to tell?”

“I don’t think I would ever…"

“Jared,” Dani commanded. “Make out with my cousin. Prove to her that incest is no different than anything else.”

Melanie looked frightened. “Dani, I don’t know…"

“Go to hell, Melanie. Jared?”

Scared and feeling profoundly awkward, I stood up and approached my cousin. “Dani, are you sure?” I asked.

“Do it! Come on!”

I looked into Melanie’s deep blue eyes and moved my mouth in for a kiss. She responded passively at first, but then gripped me. Our mouths pushed together for about five seconds, and then we pulled apart. Melanie hid her face in her hands.

“I feel so…” she began.

“Oh come on, you two. That’s not a real kiss. Step aside, Jared.” Dani pushed me away and grasped my cousin in her arms. She shoved her mouth in front of Melanie’s and they began to make out. Melanie resisted for a second, but then they pulled together, grasping each other. It was quite a show. I felt blood rushing to my cock.

Melanie started moaning as Dani undid the buttons on her partner’s blouse. She pushed my cousin’s shirt into the mud thoughtlessly and pulled her to the ground. The skirt was off next. Dani let up for a moment.

“I’ve never kissed a girl before,” Melanie said.

“I have,” Dani replied matter-of-factly. “I seduced my school’s head cheerleader Kelly and the two of us and Jared had crazy sex in a mall dressing room."

“Holy shit,” Melanie murmured.

“Jared,” Dani ordered. “Take my dress off.”

I complied happily, walking over to my sister and pressing my body against her butt as I pulled the red garment off. Next, I unsnapped her bra, freeing her tits. Grasping them with one hand, I used the other to pull her tights about six inches down.

“What do you say, Melanie?” asked Dani, as I pulled my sister into my arms. “Incest threesome? Even I’ve never done that before.”

“I…I don’t know,” Melanie said. “I’m sort of saving myself.”

“For marriage?” asked Dani scornfully.

“No, not necessarily.” Melanie pulled herself up. She was covered in mud and only wearing her underwear. Her brown braids were coming undone. “For Ted.”

“Ted?” Dani and I said together.

“I’ve been in love with him since I was a kid,” Melanie confessed. “But he had the same girlfriend forever, they only broke up a month ago. Since then, I’ve been looking for a way to tell him my feelings, but…”

“You want my advice?” asked Dani, as I fondled her breasts. “Fuck him now and ask questions later.”

“But what if he hates me?”

“You’re always brother and sister,” I told her. I flipped Dani around so she was facing me. She pulled off my shirt and pants. My cock was now poised an inch from her pussy. “No matter what happens. Trust me.”

“I’ll help you, even,” said Dani. “But right now, why don’t you join us? Jared doesn’t have to stick it in you to have some fun.”

“Well…okay.” Melanie unsnapped her bra and set it gently on the ground, as if she planned to simply pick it up afterwards. She did the same with her panties. My cousin now stood naked in front of me. Her shoulders were hunched together and her head was down, as if she was ashamed of her beauty.

Dani beckoned to her. “Come,” she said seductively.

Melanie walked over uncertainly. As soon as she was within range, Dani grabbed her and kissed her over her shoulder. I took this moment to shove my cock into my little sister’s pussy. Dani let out a moan as I pulled her to the ground with me, and Melanie came tumbling after.

“Oh fuck,” Dani moaned. “Shit…shit…shiiiiiiiiit!” I was now lying on the ground with my sister squatting over me, my dick deep within her pussy. I directed Melanie to move in front of my sister, so that my cousin’s pussy was directly in front of my mouth. I began licking and Melanie started moaning as well. I was now flat on the ground with my two beautiful relatives on top of me. I saw Dani making out with Melanie and suddenly began pumping with as much fury as I ever had."

“Dani…this is great…” Melanie managed to get out between moans.

“Knew you’d like it,” Dani replied. I reached up to my cousin’s tits and began feeling them. They were nice and large, but not too large: C-cups, perhaps. Her face was scrunched up as she screamed loudly in pleasure, completely out of control. I reached up and undid her braids, so that her long hair came tumbling down. My hands traveled down past her thin shoulders and her perky breasts, which I began massaging.

“Jared, stop I’m going to…” Melanie couldn’t finish her sentence. She squirted straight into my face, covering my eyes and nose. Her body collapsed on mine, and I found myself staring into my cousin’s belly button. I gave it a quick kiss and she let out a squeal.

Dani’s pussy was tightening around my cock, and I let out a loud groan. She grasped my sides and held on for dear life as we came together. My sister let loose a wild yell as my semen was flung into her and splashed all over our two bodies. I kept pumping, not ready to be finished yet. I kept licking Melanie as well, inciting further squeals.




The three of us looked up, Melanie pulling herself off me. Our expressions immediately turning to terror. There, ten yards away, were Mom and Dad, with Ted just behind them.

“What the hell are you kids doing?”

“Jesus Christ!"

“What the fuck? What the fuck?”

I felt Melanie lift from me, but Dani wasn’t releasing just yet. Me and my sister looked at our family, silent but faces defiant. I kept pumping her as hard as I could, waiting for it to be over.

“Holy shit!”

“That is just wrong.” Out of the corner of my eye, I saw my family approaching. Dani pressed her body against mine, and I creamed all over in her for the second time. We fell to the ground in an exhausted, incestuous heap. Melanie sat next to us, looking like she was in shock. Slowly, I got to my feet. I pulled my little sister up with me.

“What are you thinking?” I heard Dad shout.

I looked at Dani and knew that the same things were going through her head as mine. Without words, we pressed our naked bodies together and kissed. Our tongues met in the middle and we swapped even more fluids.

We pulled our mouths apart. “That’s what we were thinking,” I told him. “And if you have a problem with us, then we don’t ever need to see you again.”

Dad was beside himself with fury. I couldn’t tell if he was mad because of the incest, or because I had stolen his fuck buddy. Mom just looked frightened. Ted was clearly surprised but inscrutable.

“You two…are siblings!” he raged, stomping forward. “Jared, what the hell are you thinking? You’re supposed to be the responsible one! This is your sixteen-year-old sister dripping with your juices!” He was now standing just a few feet in front of me. “I can’t fucking believe this.”

He reached forward, as if preparing to strike me, but I was faster. I thrust my sister behind me and punched my father in the mouth, hard. He fell to the ground, clutching his face and howling in pain.

“Dani?” I said.

“Jared?” she responded sweetly.

“Let’s blow this joint. Melanie, you coming with?”

Melanie looked at us, terrified but seeming to accept what was happening. “I guess I don’t have much choice.” I reached my arm down and pulled my cousin up.

Dani leaned in close to Dad, who was still writhing on the ground. “Oh, and by the way, Daddy, congratulations! You’re going to be a grandfather.”

My father’s shriek echoed through the woods. My sister, my cousin, and I walked off together, with no one trying to pursue us. We didn’t look back.

If we had, I was told later, we would have seen Dad hobbling to his feet and shouting at my mother, who was simply staring at us, as if considering what she had just seen. Neither of them noticed that Ted had disappeared as well until later.

To be continued…

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