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Living with daddy Part VIII

Daddy and I finally made it home after our breakfast affair. This morning had left us tired and in need of a good nap. We had decided that we were going to go home, curl up on the couch and watch a movie. As much as daddy was my main love in life, I loved another man as well, and I was hoping that he would be home to join us in our afternoon.

Walking through the door, I threw my bag on the closest table and ran upstairs quickly. I had to go to the bathroom so bad, and I had this thing with having to use the one upstairs. Once I had used the bathroom, I walked into the room that me and daddy shared and changed into a short pair of pajama shorts, with no panties on underneath. I then took off my bra and slipped on a small black tank top. I was kind of sad that soon, non of this would be fitting me.

“We should watch a series type movie,” I said as I walked down the stairs and rounded the corner to the living room. “You know like lord of the rings or something where there are a lot of movie to it. That way it takes us all day.”

My dad was sitting on the couch next to Aaron. I smiled at them both and worked my way into sitting between them.

“That sounds good to me,” Aaron said with a nod of his head. I smiled at him and leaned over to give him a much needed kiss. I had not got to see him this morning, since he had some work he had to go take care of. I hate not getting kissed in the morning by my men.

“Awesome,” I said getting up and heading over to the movies. I saw the Scream series and smiled. I decided that today was going to be a scary movie kind of day. That way I could spend the day cuddling up next to my men and having them protect me with their big strong arms. Now that was a way to spend the day.

I put the movie into the dvd player and pushed play. I curled back up between the two of them and focused my eyes on the television. It took a few minutes but the movie started. I knew I had seen this movie before, but it did not make me any less scared. I was a little bit of a chicken when it came to all things scary.

The movie had not even been on for ten minutes when I was burying my face into my brothers chest. I could hear daddy laughing from the other side of me as be began to rub my back. Aaron laughed as well, causing his chest to shake.

“It’s not funny that I am scared,” I said in a little girl type voice. You could see the look in daddy’s eyes that he enjoyed that deep down I was still his baby girl. He pulled me into his arms and kissed me on the forehead.

“We are sorry babygirl,” He said with a smile, moving back to babygirl and away from calling me by my name. We had decided only to call each other by our names when we were in public. I liked that idea better then calling him Will all the time. “We will protect you.”

“Yeah,” Aaron said with a false concerned voice, leaning over toward me. “We will protect you, and make you forget all about the scary things.”

Aaron, being down by my legs pulled one up to his lips and began to kiss around my ankle. “Are you still scared little sister?” He asked me.

I looked down at him and nodded my head. I was not really that scared at the moment but I wanted to be a girl sister and play along with him.

Aaron moved from my ankle and began to kiss up my leg. I could not help but let out a slight moan. His lips felt so amazing against my skin. My whole body was in excited. I had my big brother kissing up my leg while I laid in my daddy’s arm. What could make for a better day?

Aaron moved from where he was so that he could make it further up my leg. I leaned harder into daddy’s arms and he wrapped them around me. Leaning my head back, to look up at him. I loved being wrapped so tightly in his strong protective arms.

Once our eyes had made contact, Daddy leaned forward and kissed me hard on the lips. I pushed back with mine with just as much intensity. I knew in this moment that we were not going to get to see very much of the movie, but that was the plan after all.

As daddy and I kissed, Aaron continued on his mission of kissing up my leg. He reached his mouth just between my thighs and kissed along the line where my shorts stopped and my legs began. He then moved up to my shorts and kissed my pussy through them. I could not help once again but to moan, this time into daddy’s mouth.

I placed my legs together to let Aaron pull my shorts off of me, revealing my pussy to him. He smiled up at me when I looked down. I could tell that he was pleased that he did not have to fight to get to my pussy through a pair of panties.

Once my shorts were completely off of me, I spread my legs again, revealing to him my wettening pussy. I ran a hand down my stomach and finally let it run over the top of my pussy, taking two fingers and spreading the lips apart slowly.

Aaron wasted no time, he leaned in and began to lick and suck at my pussy. His tongue bumping into my clit as he licked the entire length of my pussy over and over again. I let out soft moans into daddy’s mouth.

Daddy began to reach around and took my breasts in his hands. They were a little on the sore side but they wanted it. They wanted to be squeezed between daddys big strong hands and played with, with his long manly fingers.

I had then going at me from both ends and I was curious as to how I had not cum already, but I was okay with it taking some time.

Aaron sucked my clit into his mouth and began to lightly suck on it, his finger pushing slowly into me as he did this. I pushed down on his finger, taking more of it inside of me. This caused him to work another finger into my wet wanting pussy.

“I want,” I began to speak between moans, unable to find my words but knowing what I wanted. I kissed daddy hard and looked him in the eyes. “I want your cock in my mouth.”

Daddy smiled down at me and moved out from under me. He helped me lean back to where I was laying on the couch, this helped Aaron get his fingers deeper inside of me. I let out a scream and I could hear him moan against my pussy, enjoying his own tongue against his baby sisters clit while he finger fucked her.

I looked back over to daddy who was slipping out of his pants. He grabbed a hold of it and stroked it for a minute, letting it get hard in his hand. Watching him touch his cock made me want him so badly that I pushed harder down onto Aaron’s fingers. “Another one,” I moaned. Asking him to stick another finger in me, to which he did.

Daddy hovered over me on the couch, his cock hanging over my head. I reached up and grabbed it with my hand and stroked it for a minute. Daddy held himself up straight and moaned every time my hand made its way over the head of his cock.

After a minute of stroking daddy’s long beautiful cock, I moved my hands to his ass, grabbing it softly. Daddy moved back a small amount so that his cock was now at my mouth. I didn’t take it in my mouth right away. Instead I began to lick up the length of his cock and around the tip, which always drove him crazy.

“Yes babygirl,” he moaned, reaching back behind him and taking one of my breasts into his hand yet again. I moaned and felt myself push into my first orgasm.

“Oh my god yes,” I screamed, trying to lick daddy’s cock through my orgasm, but I couldn’t. Daddy did not seem to care. He just grabbed my breast harder as Aaron fucked his fingers in and out of my quicker, my body shaking around him.

“Mmm,” I heard Aaron moan, “look at that beautiful wet pussy.”

Daddy turned his head and looked back. I could tell by the angle of his head, he was looking at my brother pulling the juices out of my pussy.

“Fuck her,” I heard daddy’s voice say in almost a begging tone. This made my body shake again. I loved when daddy gave orders.

Aaron lifted himself up and got onto his knees on the couch. He wrapped my legs around him, holding my ass up in the air. Daddy watched Aaron as he slowly pushed the head of his cock into my dripping wet pussy. I heard them both moan in unison to the moan that I let out. It almost sent me over the edge.

Daddy watched as Aaron pushed his cock in and out of my pussy for a minute before turning his attention back to me. I had my breasts squeezed between my fingers, pinching my nipples through my top. Daddy smiled at me and moved his cock back to my mouth. I opened it gladly and he slipped it in.

Daddy moaned as I rolled my tongue over the tip of his cock and worked it all the way in. His cock touching the back of my throat. I fought a gag and continued to fuck his cock with my mouth. He helped by bucking his hips against my mouth.

While I was licking and sucking my daddy’s cock, Aaron rammed his cock deep inside of me. I pushed my hips up into him to meet his thrusts. Moaning loudly around my daddy’s cock and reaching up to play with his balls. Daddy moaned at this and threw his head back.

“I’m gonna cum,” I heard my daddy and my brother scream at the same time. My whole body tensed up and fucked into them both.

My mouth and pussy were both soon filled up with hot cum. Daddy’s cum hit the back of my throat and leaked out over my chin as my brothers cum filled up the inside of my pussy.

As both of them hit parts of my with their cum, I was sent into another orgasm, pushing hard around my brothers cock as it finished unloading its cum in me and licking my daddy’s cock clean.

Daddy crawled off of me as Aaron pulled out. I laid their for what seemed like hours. My body was trying to recover from the amazing orgasms it had been having.

I looked up to see Daddy and Aaron standing next to each other, looking down at my body laying there on the couch. I smiled up at them as I sat up. They both took a seat next to me and wrapped their arms around my shoulders. We turned back to the television, just to catch the end.

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Posted 03 Sep 2011 19:26
oh well, wish there was more,,,maybe it has run its course,,,hate for it to end,,,,,very erotic,,,loved it,,,
Posted 11 May 2011 15:15
love this series, makes me totally hot!
Posted 17 Feb 2011 00:16
I wanted to thank everyone for all of the comments. I am glad that you enjoyed this story.
Posted 14 Feb 2011 01:04
Yes, it's great to look down and see your cock sliding in and out of your daughter's pussy,but even hotter to see her getting fucked by another man. I like sharing my 15 yo daughter with other guys. It's great and she loves it.
Posted 13 Feb 2011 02:58
Oh so good!! wish I could give you a 10 for this one!!!!
Posted 11 Feb 2011 23:28
very well thought out. Hope the baby comes out allright. Waiting to see where this could possibly go.
Posted 11 Feb 2011 20:16
Gretchen, you are an amazing writer. I don't think you could ever lose your touch at writing.
Posted 11 Feb 2011 13:39
it was really hot keep up the good work
Posted 11 Feb 2011 10:37
very very good story keep up the good makes me wish i could be her father in the stories...

Posted 11 Feb 2011 07:17
great story again,you do good at this ,and it is a hot stroy to

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