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Living with daddy Part X

After my shower with my brother, I decided that I was going to try sleeping again. This time however, I changed how things were going around here. I did not like that I was sharing a bed with just my daddy and my brother did not get to be there as well. I told daddy this and he agreed with me. He told me that it was fine that brother slept with us, and that is what I wanted.

All three of us crawled into the big oversized bed and curled up togethers. Daddy was behind me, his arms wrapped around me, with his hand on my stomach and my brother was in front of me, turned to face me, out legs wrapped together, our eyes level with each other.

I smiled at him as I closed my eyes, pressing my back tighter against my daddy. I felt safe and warm and loved wrapped up between the two people I loved more then anything in this world. The only thing this bed was missing now was my mother, but I knew she would be happy for us all.


I had been awake for a while now, but I kept my eyes closed. I could feel that both my brother and my daddy were still surrounding me and I did not want to ruin that. I wanted to stay wrapped up between them for as long as I possibly could.

I felt my daddy begin to stir behind me and my eyes fluttered open. I turned just slightly, enough to turn my head and look behind me at my daddy. He smiled at me and brought his mouth to my lips, kissing me softly. I kissed him back as I pushed a little more against him, hinting to him that I wanted him. I was always so horny after I woke up.

“Mmm,” daddy moaned, moving his lips down to my neck as his hands searched for my tender breasts. He squeezed them softly as hip bit and nibbled lightly at my neck, causing my body to get covered in chills.

My legs disconnected from my brothers as I moved to be against my daddy. This caused my brother to slowly stir awake. I looked over to him as he sat up and I gave him a welcoming smile. He smiled at me and leaned in to kiss my lips as daddy continued to lick and bit and suck on my neck.

Daddy moved his hands down to my pajama bottoms and began to pull at them. I lifted up my hips to help him move them down. I worked then with my legs to get them completely off of me. He then lifted my shirt up over my head, leaving me completely naked.

Reaching back I grabbed at daddy’s boxers and he quickly removed them, brother took the hint as well and slipped his boxers off of his body. I smiled as they both moved to press their naked bodies against my own. I wanted them both so badly my body was shaking for it.

Daddy began to run his fingers down my sides and over my baby bump, causing my body to shiver slightly. My brother moved himself up and began to kiss and play with my nipples, sucking one into his mouth and running his tongue over it, while he flicked the other one lightly with his fingers. I moaned as his tongue rapidly brushed over my hard nipple.

Daddy’s hands began to wonder further down my body, his hand sliding between my legs from behind. I spread them apart enough to let him in. As he slid his finger between the slit of my pussy I let out another moan. He could tell by running his finger up and down the length of my pussy that I was already dripping wet.

“What do you want babygirl,” he asked, whispering into my ear. I turned my head up to him and kissed him hard once on the mouth.

“Fuck me daddy,” I begged, as I pushed down against his fingers that were now soaking wet, covered in my warm wet juices.

Daddy did not question what I wanted. He laid back against the bed and pulled my on top of him, my back to his face. Grabbing ahold of my hips, daddy lowered my pussy down around his rock hard cock. I let out a moan that continued until he was all the way inside of me.

Once I was around his entire cock I began to rock back and forth. He laid there, letting me be in complete control of what I wanted.

I leaned back, my arms against his chest as I began to lift myself up and slam myself back down around his cock.

My brother moved to be in front of us and moved his mouth towards my clit. He sucked it into his mouth and licked over my clit as I rode daddy’s cock.

My body was sent into a small wave of orgasms as his tongue flicked over my clit rapidly. I rode daddy’s cock as I pushed harder against my brothers mouth.

“Fuck me,” I screamed looking down at my brother, “I want you both to fuck me.”

I rode daddy’s cock a little harder for a few seconds before pulling myself off of him. Daddy reached for my hips as if trying to pull me back down onto his cock, but I would not let him.

Instead I grabbed his cock in my hand and rubbed it lightly against my sweet little rosebud. I felt daddy take a deep breath, I could tell that he was excited for what was about to come. My brother just looked at me with curious eyes, he had not yet caught on to what was going to happen.

I rubbed daddy’s wet cock against my ass, making my sweet hole nice and wet for him. I wanted to help it to slip in smoothly, though I was very aware that this was going to hurt a little bit. Right now I did not care about the pain, I just knew that I wanted both of them and I wanted them both now.

I lowered my ass against daddy’s cock slowly, I wanted to take my time the best that I could to get more comfortable. I wanted to ease his cock in slowly so that I would not change my mind. I wanted to want this more then anything else, so time had to be on my side.

“Oh fuck,” I head daddy moan as the head of his cock slipped into my tight ass. I felt his cock twitch just a bit as I pushed more against it. I took it in small amounts at a time. It took me a while and a little more pain then I expected but soon I was sitting fully down on my daddy’s cock.

“Fuck,” I cried out at how hard it felt inside of my ass. I was scared to move but I knew that I needed to.

Daddy grabbed a hold of my hips, he most have known that I was now scared and he wanted to help me out the best that he could. He lift me up about an inch off of his cock and then lowered me back down onto it. I let out a moan of both pleasure and pain as he did this.

For the next ten minutes daddy helped my ass get used to his cock buried deep inside of me. Each push was painful but it began to feel less and less painful as the time went on. After a little while longer the thrust were bigger and faster and the pain had completely gone away. I was now riding daddy’s cock in bliss.

“Oh fuck babygirl,” my daddy moaned loudly as he slammed me harder down onto his cock with his hands on my hips. “you ass is so fucking tight.”

I was screaming with exstacy as I rode daddy’s cock more steady and evenly. I was going just fast enough to keep a steady pace but not to fast as to ruin the moment.

I looked back over at my brother who was watching me ride our dad’s cock with my tight ass. He was stroking his cock and moaning slightly, his eyes fixed on my pussy that was available and dripping wet.

“Fuck me big brother,” I moaned at my brother as I continued to bounce up and down around my daddy’s amazingly hard cock.

My brother was no longer confused as to what was going on. He moved up against me, standing on his knees, his cock lined up perfectly with my soaking wet pussy. He grabbed a hold of my hips as he slowly pushed his cock inside of my pussy. It felt so tight it pushed me into my next orgasm. I screamed loudly and bounced harder on daddy’s cock.

My brother worked to match his thrusts with the ones that daddy and I were already making. He did not take his time with me, he just began to fuck me hard and fast. All of us breathing so loudly that you could barely hear the sound of skin hitting skin.

I completely let myself go to them. They worked to move me the way that they needed me. Daddy pushing his hips up to fuck me so that it was easier for my brother to fuck my pussy. They were both grunting and groaning as they thrust into me at the very same time.

“Oh fuck, I am cumming again,” I screamed as they fucked the shit of of my ass and pussy. “Yes fuck your girl, fuck me so good, fuck, oh my god, yes, fuck me.”

They both fucked so hard into me as I had the longest orgasm I had ever had. I could not pin point where it had begun and I had no idea when it was going to end. It lasted for what felt like forever as they thrust harder and harder into me. I could feel there balls slapping together against me.

“I’m cumming,” my daddy screamed along with me as he fucked one more hard thrust into my ass and held himself there. I could fill his cum unloading into my tight ass.

“Oh my god,” my brother screamed as he did the same thing against my pussy, “i am cumming too baby sister.”

They were both deep inside of me as far as they could go. I could feel there cum shooting deep inside of me and filling up both of my holes. My body was shaking and I could not hold myself up, I had to hold onto my brother.

Soon daddy laid still and my brother pulled out of me and we all collapsed on the bed, entangled with each other.

I tried to move but all I could do was close my eyes and fall back asleep.

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Posted 06 Jan 2013 23:19
I want a dad like that damn!
Posted 03 Sep 2011 19:58
hhhmmmmm, so very erotic and sexy!! love it!! more, more, more!!
Posted 08 Apr 2011 07:08
ill be your daddy baby
Posted 26 Mar 2011 00:36
Loved it can't wait for the next one
Posted 17 Mar 2011 16:00
cant wait for the next one
Posted 14 Mar 2011 05:43
Damn...this was a hot story and great writing as well. Keep up the good work.
Posted 03 Mar 2011 13:43
super story keep it up
Posted 28 Feb 2011 15:17
wow thanks , this is hot baby! got me hard as a rock!
Posted 28 Feb 2011 01:00
Im fingering my wet pussy..omg...
Posted 23 Feb 2011 23:13
I am soaking I loved it, mmmmmmmmm thanks xx
Posted 23 Feb 2011 09:52
your stories are Fricken Hot!!!
Posted 22 Feb 2011 15:21
Very good!! Gave it a five!! loved it!!
Posted 22 Feb 2011 13:16
Oh my god, i am cumming too Sweet baby .”
Posted 22 Feb 2011 05:52
Great job dear. You always leave me wanting more
Posted 21 Feb 2011 09:10
Great continuation of your story. Love all the juicy details. Keep up the great work!
Posted 21 Feb 2011 08:39
God, another hot story! I love to see you have written another one, they are always hot..
Posted 21 Feb 2011 08:33
best story i ever read
Posted 21 Feb 2011 06:50
That was extremely hot. Keep going with this series. Each chapter is hotter & hotter. "V=5+++."
Posted 21 Feb 2011 05:57
Ten outta Ten....very very good story as always keep up the good work and hope to read more of your stories

Posted 21 Feb 2011 05:17
wow!!!cant wait for the next one..keep up the good work
Posted 21 Feb 2011 05:07
your stories get batter all the time.
Posted 21 Feb 2011 04:50
dam girl u get better each one,,, keep em cumming!!!!
Posted 21 Feb 2011 03:21
Another homerun for you little one. You are absolutely the best writer on the site. Keep up the good work.
Posted 21 Feb 2011 02:58
very good and hot story cary on sweety
Posted 21 Feb 2011 02:53
still an awesome read at part x good going
Posted 21 Feb 2011 02:01
OMG!! another great chapter!! I loved it. You are so sexy and make me want to be your Dad!!

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